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Christina : Anytime

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had the pleasure of meeting with Christina of Simply Modern Weddings to capture an updated photo for her website. She’s a lovely wedding coordinator and her personality is the benchmark of her blossoming business. If you’re a bride and looking for someone to make your day stress free, enjoyable, and memorable, give her a call and she’ll take very good care of you.

As a sidenote, I LOVE when my brides hire a wedding consultant because it frees me to focus strictly on photography and leave the logistics to a professional who truly knows the ebb and flow of such a special day! If you’re a J* Bride and want wedding coordinator referrals, be sure to check out J'Adore Details for all your planning needs!

Now onto the wonderful and sweet, Christina…and in case anyone is wondering, I intentionally blogged fierce pictures because, really, she looks stunning. I'm sure she'll choose an image that's a little more profesh, and a little less diva for her website...but it's my blog and I'll err on the side of fabulousness because inside every girl is a model in hiding! ;)

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christina LeMar - These are beautiful!! I love the crispness of the pictures and the soft colors!! Stunning work!! Everything you do is just gorgeous!!   02.23.08 - 6:14pm
Jasmine* - @Ruben: The 5D is awesome at WB and I have it set at Auto all the time. The light was simply gorgeous when I shot Christina, so nailing the exposure was easy and made her look radiant! :)  02.22.08 - 2:56pm
Ruben E. Sanchez - Those are really awesome pics! I love the white balance...they look so...creamy. How did you get such a WB? It's eye pleasing! Any insight on WB?  02.22.08 - 1:15pm
scott westerman - What wonderful images, Awesome !  02.22.08 - 5:12am
cesar perez - what a beauty! Looks like you had some amazing light! Great job jasmine!  02.21.08 - 11:57pm
Marlin Munoz - Beautiful images, I love them all!  02.21.08 - 11:21pm
Caitlin Domanico Photography - beautiful!!!  02.21.08 - 10:02pm
Trista - Christina looks gorgeous in these pictures!!!  02.21.08 - 8:48pm
kymberli q. - I'm with some others - that last image ROCKS!  02.21.08 - 8:15pm
david & kimi baxter - love that last image. absolutely beautiful.  02.21.08 - 6:57pm
jonilyn - Love them! Christina... you look so beautiful!  02.21.08 - 3:38pm
Lesley - The last one is my fave  02.21.08 - 3:30pm
Tiffany - the one of her sitting on the table...sassy...I like it!  02.21.08 - 1:11pm
Rachel Brooke - very classy.  02.21.08 - 12:20pm
Jasmine* - @Alicia: I just fixed the link...sorry for that! :) @Brianna&B: You know my number by heart. Use it. And then I'll make you work it! Love you! :)  02.21.08 - 10:13am
allie - GORGEOUS images!! :)  02.21.08 - 10:06am
B - Bianca: Anytime. Bianca and Brianna: Anytime. Twin Sister: Anytime. Womb Mate: Anytime. Best Friend: Anytime. Are you catching my hints? : )  02.21.08 - 9:26am
Tanya Perez - Gorgeous!   02.21.08 - 9:08am
alicia - great shots jasmine! but i tried to go to the Simply Modern Weddings page and the link didn't work?   02.21.08 - 8:58am
Kien - These shots are WONDERFUL!!! Love the second to last shot.  02.21.08 - 8:50am
Simply Modern Weddings - Ohh...j*, I LOVE them! Thank you so much, I had so much fun hanging with you.   02.21.08 - 8:20am
brianna - Brianna: Anytime. I'm just sayin'. btw...I'll be in town Friday. Love you. oh yea...these are great.  02.21.08 - 8:15am
amber dawn - These came out really great! The first one is my favorite I think....but I really like the yellow and her cute smile! Great job!  02.21.08 - 7:54am
James - Those pictures are amazing.  02.21.08 - 7:51am
brooke - stunning as always!   02.21.08 - 7:48am
Melissa Koehler - These are beautiful. I really love the last image  02.21.08 - 7:39am
gabriel ryan - carlie and i miss you! if not before, we definitely need to hang in vegas...  02.21.08 - 7:33am
Michael Norwood - Awesome shots Jasmine! Don't you love shooting at The Camp?  02.21.08 - 7:19am
Michael Norwood - Awesome shots Jasmine! Don't you love shooting at The Camp?  02.21.08 - 7:19am
Shawn Kloster - Great shoot! She reminds me of Maya Rudolph from SNL.  02.21.08 - 7:17am
Jenn Stevens - Ooooo...that second to last shot is FABULOUS!!! She MUST pick that SCREAMS "I'm fantastic and you know it, and you know I will make your wedding day perfect!!!!!" (No does! LOL!) LOVE it!  02.21.08 - 6:50am