W Magazine and The Part Time Paparazzi

couple days ago, I received a pleasant surprise in the mail: the newest copy of W Magazine! My best friend, Brianna, ordered me subscriptions to some of my favorite magazines…which was the bestest random gift I’ve received. Every so often our friends give random gifts (thanks, Mel, for the Mac makeup duster!) and it seems like Bri’s gift is the gift that keeps on coming…I LOVE it!

I often find inspiration in fashion magazines, and W is no exception. Here are a few photos that I hope to recreate sometime this year during wedding season...

Stuart Weitzman

Bottega Veneta (because I cut it out of the magazine, the mid section is missing...I failed my scissors class in preschool!)

I make it a point to always look at non-wedding photography. It helps me hone my skills and develop an eye to see art on an otherwise traditional day. I clip these photos from the magazine and place them in a notebook to look through when I’m feeling kinda, sorta blech about my work. I love feeling challenged, so seeing stunning imagery makes me want to be better and try harder.

Please note that while I attempt to make my couples look and feel good, I—on the other wrinkled hand—don’t give a flying fig about how I look. Obviously. Thanks to my friend, David Jay, I was able to see myself through his lens. Which is arguably more painful than one may think. We had such a nice time shooting Shelley and Brett’s Wedding, but I didn’t know he’s also a part time paparazzi! :)

I don't remember what I said at this moment, but I want to use this as proof...

From: Your comedian of a wife, Jasmine*

I'm off to pick JD up from the airport. He's been gone (again!), but he'll be home later tonight...hollllla!

Happy Saturday!
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kay english - omg! You are so bad*ss!! It's so awesome you are wearing heals! :)   07.30.09 - 2:02pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - Seeing yourself at work can be a bit weird. Remember that tongue thing Micheal Jordan used to do when he was in the zone...Not sure he was the biggest fan of seeing all those pics.  04.08.08 - 8:56am
michèle - i just can't get over the heals. so cute. so painfully cute.   03.10.08 - 8:23pm
christian - I like your dress on these photos! No need to feel pain. And I really had to laugh when you try to convince your husband you are funny. So tell him this as one more proof. blessings  03.10.08 - 7:54am
ricki ford - these are some of my favorite post the ones of you in action.  03.04.08 - 5:14am
david & kimi baxter - ah, you look fabulous! i must say you are pretty funny!  03.03.08 - 7:42am
Meg - Okay Jasmine... so besides our business cards both being black and square... my "inspiration" binder must mirror yours as well! I just tore BOTH of those ads out of my enormous Spring issue of Vogue for this years wedding season! :)  03.03.08 - 7:12am
Lindsay - I would have to agree with everyone else, you always look amazing! & I always love your clothes and those shoes, I so could not do that all day! Take care!  03.03.08 - 6:58am
Annie - Jasmine, I think you always look stunning! I would not be able to pull off those shoes on a long shoot either...  03.03.08 - 5:51am
inga - Girl, stop it. You always look flawless in your photos! And um, that outfit you have on is way too fabulous for you to be all on the ground/dirt like that (lol). But I know that is what it takes to get a great shot. :-) Beautiful photos!  03.03.08 - 5:51am
Lori Wong - I think you look great! I had a client say to me once, "Wow! I bet that will be a great shot!" I pulled away from my camera and asked why and she said, "Well, look how are you sprawled but twisted out on the dirty ground to get a picture of us!" I turned red instantly! :)  03.02.08 - 9:05pm
marlene - whatever Jasmine! you look great! (I, on the other hand, can't wear cute shoes when I shoot. I've tried though. It was slightly reminiscent of Agador from the Birdcage. Black pumas or shelltoes all the way for klutzy me :)  03.02.08 - 7:40pm
wale - lol. nice capture. seems like u do some flex exercises before you start shooting.   03.02.08 - 6:51pm
Kristin - I want to start taking clips from magazines too! Great idea. P.S. I just mentioned your Blog on my Blog :)  03.02.08 - 4:03pm
Katherine Bowman - Did your feet hurt after shooting in those all day? :) It's neat seeing pics of you at work!   03.02.08 - 3:44pm
Aimee - Aimee: Hi J*! Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE your photographs and your blog. I literally spent a few hours going thru most of your OLD BLOG, can you believe it? I feel like I already know you, it's wierd, but I love the stories you tell about you and JD. I can only hope to someday find someone as sweet as he seems. You should do a blog on when/how you met.. how he proposed, etc! I appreciate that you add details of who did the floral arrangements, cake, etc when you blog the weddings. I must take note to someday use in my wedding! Thanks a lot!  03.02.08 - 3:33pm
Simply Modern Weddings - you are the paparazzi shots!  03.02.08 - 2:47pm
Dawn Gioia - Ok Jasmine, I am the one that told Lindsey she holds her camera weird. I see now that you do it too! How can you take a picture like it? She also flips the right side of her camera down and uses her thumb when she wants a portrait stile picture. Do you do that too? You are both AWSOME photographers so I guess great minds think alike.  03.02.08 - 1:21pm
LIndsey Turner - I was looking at the pictures of you and something caught my eye, literally, you take pictures looking through your left eye! I do the same thing and everyone keeps telling me I'm doing it wrong. I just thought that was funny to see someone else do it. I am right handed so I'm not sure how that happened! Great pictures by the way!  03.02.08 - 1:06pm
Alicia - You, missy, look FABULOUS in all these pics!  03.02.08 - 11:36am
Michelle Ellis - I am a random gifter! It seems more special to me than when you give at expected times.(which I love to do as well) Love the candids of you working.   03.02.08 - 9:54am
Rochelle - Awww..I wish my friends bought me presents! :) lol...K! So, my question is-- What's in ur shootsac? xoxo  03.02.08 - 9:53am
Jamie Delaine - I don't know what you are talking about. You look gorgeous! I'm impressed with the heels as well. Could you give a link to the pair you are wearing? I'm a little obsessed. :)  03.02.08 - 8:25am
brianna - yay for magazine subscriptions that come a year after you order them!!! better late than never. :) see you in a little while best friend!  03.02.08 - 7:58am
Melissa Koehler - Yeah for friends and random gifts. Look at you workin it! I can't believe you wear those heels all day at a wedding! Wow!!!  03.02.08 - 6:59am
erin. - love your shoes. I cracked up about the scissor skills class-- I'm a teacher & even I failed that class. Hope your weekend is spectacular!  03.02.08 - 6:33am
Jessica C. Moritz - Hey Jazzie, I love coming to your blog. I am so "proud" for how far you have come in such a short time. The other day, I went back to your old blog, reading the first entries... it was and continuous to be an amazing journey! Thank You for taking us along!  03.02.08 - 6:14am
Daniel J Pesta - That is too funny. What I want to see is the ones you did not post on the blog. I also love to look through all types of art to get inspired. This blog has been one of the forms of art I have enjoyed. Your helpful information is a daily visit now, thanks for sharing yourself in ways to help others out. Very helpful, Peace, Daniel  03.02.08 - 5:47am
MsB - How do you shoot in stilettos??? I tried this for one wedding; but, after eight hours -- and finally taking them off -- I about died from the pain!  03.01.08 - 10:32pm
Rachel Brooke - All I can think of is a little jingle....."'re on candid camera!" haha  03.01.08 - 9:37pm
Charise - I was going to say the same thing about the heels...OUCH, your a brave woman to shoot a wedding in heels! Although its sounds like there was a method behind the madness. :) And of course the heels obviously didnt get in the way of you doing your normal kick a$$ image making.  03.01.08 - 9:10pm
Jasmine* - Okay, the heels were worn only because I knew it was going to rain...NOTHING is worse than sloshing around with wet pants! So the heels did just the trick! But I totally paid for it on Sunday! :( @Tawsha: Woohoo...isn't it totally hot?!? @Wayne: Heeey, who's side are you on?! ;) Since this is MY blog, you can only leave compliments in MY favor, not JD's! ;) @DJ: Miss u! Have FUN in Germany with Allie! Eat some sauerkraut for JD!  03.01.08 - 8:48pm
Tawsha - I also cut out the same Bottega Veneta picture, I love it!  03.01.08 - 8:36pm
Wayne Toshikazu - Hey, how do we know that they're not laughing AT you, as opposed to WITH you? LOL. :-) Great idea about the notebook!  03.01.08 - 8:29pm
DJ - You are so awesome! I was AMAZED at your use of natural light! Seriously! I couldn't believe what you came up with in those situations!   03.01.08 - 8:21pm
kymberli q. - I love this post! I bought that "inspiration" journal that you inspired me to buy and I have yet to put any "inspiration" in it, except my 101 list! I'm going to put some 'inspiration' in this week! Oh, and you are funny - when you slipped up on some words at Starbox Lunch 3 and then acted like you were spinning music, it was HILARIOUS! We were all laughing! :)  03.01.08 - 8:08pm
Shelia - I was thinking the same thing about the heels!! You rock!  03.01.08 - 7:42pm
ashley - wow i cannot believe you shoot weddings in heels! OUCH. that is hardcore. :)  03.01.08 - 7:33pm
WeezerMonkey - Ooh la la to that Stuart ad!  03.01.08 - 7:12pm