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Happy Easter

e woke with the sun this morning. JD and I hurried from room to room getting ready for an early church service, leaving the scents of soap and cologne with each passing. Our church is an hour from our home, so we have to plan things in advance—especially for Sundays like today. Sundays where dresses are worn, the smell of coffee ripples through the congregation, and hugs are given as if they are the last. A typical Easter at church in East Los Angeles. Days like today make me happy to be alive and thankful for my life.

The remainder of the day was spent balancing time between our families hunting for Easter eggs and barbequing carne asada…then holding our bellies in happy remorse. Days like today make me happy to be alive and thankful for my life.

It was a warm afternoon, so JD, my mom, and myself sat on my parents’ porch and talked the day away. Life. Business. Dreams. Days like today make me happy to be alive and thankful for my life.

I hope you are having just as pleasant a day as mine…Happy Easter and God Bless!
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New York City Wedding Photographer - Is it just me do these two look like they could be related?   04.08.08 - 8:46am
Oana - You are a very talented writer!  03.26.08 - 7:40am
Lydia - Jasmine, you are such a natural beauty! And that tie is the coolest!  03.25.08 - 1:33pm
Amber Dawn - Ahhh! Happy Easter Jasmine! God Bless you guys!  03.25.08 - 9:42am
Jane - That is one rockin' tie! Not very many guys could pull it off! :)  03.25.08 - 9:06am
Joanne - it was by no chance that i was introduced to your photography! you are the inspiration i needed: ) god bless you and your family!  03.25.08 - 9:01am
Mallory - Such gorgeous pictures! The bouquet is fabulous!  03.24.08 - 11:43pm
Chris - J*, i just love reading your blog and your work amazing! You are truly gifted! Happy Resurrection Day! Blessings to you both!   03.24.08 - 8:19pm
ksen - happy easter to you, JD & yours! you two are so stinkin' cute!!!  03.24.08 - 8:12pm
angel swanson - love the tie, too!! nice work, jasmine ;-)  03.24.08 - 3:17pm
Cesar Perez - STYLIN!  03.24.08 - 1:57pm
Jasmine* - LOL!! Thanks for the comments!! For the record, I didn't intend to wear a dress that matched with JD's just happened that way! :) Also--because I'm a glory hog!--I picked the tie! ;) Thanks for making my day!  03.24.08 - 1:09pm
Kelley Frese - I LOVE that you coordinate :) I hope you enjoyed a joyful resurrection day. blessings  03.24.08 - 1:01pm
allie - what a great post. great message and you two are adorable.  03.24.08 - 12:57pm - happy belated easter ... and sweet tie!  03.24.08 - 12:56pm
kymberli q. - It was a beautiful day all around! J.D.'s tie is rockin'!!  03.24.08 - 10:35am
Ruby Rideout - Happy Easter to the both of you. Beautiful post~  03.24.08 - 10:05am
cassandra m - Happy Easter...May God continue to bless you, your family & your business! awesome outfits there ;)  03.24.08 - 8:53am
Erika - Could you two BE any cuter!? :) Happy Easter!  03.24.08 - 8:06am
Tanya Perez - You guys looked HOT! :) Happy Easter Jas!   03.24.08 - 7:48am
ScotWharton - I just wanted to give JD some props on the shirt/tie combo and the sweet Windsor knot! -- Happy Easter to you both  03.24.08 - 6:52am
Melli - Happy Easter!  03.24.08 - 3:25am
mercery - Happy Easter Jasmine! :)  03.24.08 - 12:26am
Mallory - Happy Easter!!! I hope your dinner was yummy--maybe next year James and I will make carne asada as our contribution to Easter dinner, sounds yummy!!  03.23.08 - 9:47pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Happy Easter you two!!!  03.23.08 - 9:42pm
Gena McMillan - Happy Easter! I'm diggin' JD's style! Did he pick out his tie or is that one of your stylish picks?  03.23.08 - 9:04pm
david & kimi baxter - hope you and JD had a blessed and happy easter!   03.23.08 - 8:56pm
mark Brooke - Easter is totally a great day to "be happy to be alive and thankful for our lives" :)   03.23.08 - 7:37pm
Alyssa Lang - Happy Easter Jasmine!!  03.23.08 - 7:30pm
kerri mcconnell - happy easter to you as well! jd's tie is awesome!  03.23.08 - 7:15pm
jen harris - Happy Easter Jas!!! hugs :)  03.23.08 - 6:57pm
WeezerMonkey - Pretty pic...but what I really wanted to say is JD's tie is killer!  03.23.08 - 6:46pm
erin. - Happy Easter & God Bless your entire family too! You & JD look like your all coordinated in that photo. Glad you enjoyed a day on the porch with your family-they are the best days ever!  03.23.08 - 6:42pm
Regina - Ah! We have snow here.... But have had an awesome Easter with family and Enchiladas...  03.23.08 - 6:32pm
Dawn - HAPPY EASTER! I wanted to tell you have a new reason for loving your blog. I have been talking about getting a shootsac ALOT. My husband decided he wanted to surprise me with one, but couldn't find the website (he thought it was spelled Shootsack). As a last ditch effort, he googled you. You had an add for it on your blog and now my shootsac is on its way.-Thanks  03.23.08 - 6:28pm
dawnhaas - Love to see that there are other relationships out there where the couple actually LOVES eachother. My husband and I are still Best friends, I am glad to see you two are too!! Happy Easter  03.23.08 - 6:10pm
Tish - Happy Easter! Just wante dto tell you I browsed your archives and read some posts about your mom's cancer. My mom was just diagnosed with cancer, and it was an encouragement to read your words...and see her healthy now. Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your life. ANd your posts about your marriage are so he is the anchor and you are the sails!   03.23.08 - 6:07pm
Tiffany - Happy easter!!!  03.23.08 - 5:57pm
Kelly McCormick - Jasmine, I've been following your site for a while now. Since I noticed an empty comments section, I thought it was meant to be that today is the day for my first comment on your blog. Anyways, I kept an eye open for you at WPPI. I wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate your ability to showcase your perseverance, vulnerability, and faith in God on your blog. Congratulations on your success! Happy Easter!  03.23.08 - 5:56pm