Jane and Kevin : Wedding

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ane and Kevin closely sat next to each other as their Maid of Honor toasted their love. She made it a point to express she worried Kevin wouldn’t be able to handle Jane’s feisty demeanor upon first meeting him, but over the years noticed Kevin held Jane in the palm of his hand. Not gripped, nor clenched, but, rather, with his fingers loosely facing heavenward. Kevin loves Jane so evidently and knows she needs a lover who will surround her heart with devotion and support, not merely words. Their Maid of Honor acknowledged this, but it’s something everyone already knew.

Their wedding day was filled with fun, joy, and gorgeousness. Basically—as Jane so aptly described her wedding—it was feroche. Surrounded by their friends and family at Seven Degrees—one of Orange County’s most fabulous wedding venues—their special day was spectacular. The wedding was coordinated by Jeannie Le and her assistant, Nite, and nothing was left unbeautified…they were nothing short of amazing! The florals were designed by Flower Allie the event was captured by the ever amazing videographer Kyle of Elysium Productions. Every vendor was a dream to work with and I was truly honored to stand beside them and document this wedding.

Jane and Kevin…I think you’re so feroche (I’m going to use that words as many as times possible in this post!) and truly amazing. From the minute we met, I knew we’d become friends…and I felt so blessed to be photographing your wedding day! I know you’re in Paris right now and have been patiently waiting for this post, so I hope it does the love you share justice. More than anything, I wanted to capture your joy and laughter…because that’s what makes your relationship so special to me. Have fun in France and eat a chocolate and banana crepe for me! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Here's Jane looking gorgeous with makeup done by Sherry from On Location Beauty while starting the day at The Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach...

Jane and her bridesmaids have been friends since elementary school...I can't say enough nice things about this group of girls...I want them to be MY friends too! ;)

Compliments of Flower Allie...

Showing off her bling! ;)

The groomsmen...

Last minute words of encouragement before the couple's First Look

Jane and Kevin decided to see each other before the ceremony...which is something I can't stress enough! I absolutely LOVE the extra time allocated for pictures and while they weren't initially going to do it, they opted for a First Look. Yay! These images were taken just moments before Jane and Kevin saw each other for the first time on their wedding day...

The First Look...

Jane and I are TV soul mates...she watches America's Next Top Model and Project Runway (she's my little Feroche Coutura!), so she knew just what to do in front of my camera! I love expressive brides and I believe Jane embodies everything I desire for a girl to be on her wedding day...Fun, Fabulous, and Confident!

Wedding details at Seven Degrees...

Immediately following the wedding, there was a Tea Ceremony...

Jane really worked hard on finding the perfect personality fit for her reception details...I think she did wonderfully! :)

During toasts...

The First Dance...

For more images of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Kay English - Omg! How did you get that off camera lighting at the reception? Was that a part of the reception lighting or did you bring a video light?  08.06.09 - 9:04am
Kym March - Jasmine - Do you happen to know where this bride got her bridesmaids dresses? They are awesome! Love the pictures too...they are beautiful as always.  07.17.08 - 4:02pm
Andrea - This couple sure can party : D  05.30.08 - 9:33am
New York City Wedding Photographer - What an amazing looking wedding. The couple is so lovely. Thanks for sharing! peace, parris whittingham New York City Wedding Photography  04.16.08 - 2:19am
Sherry M - Jasmine, these are gorgeous!! Jane looks like a supermodel :)  04.06.08 - 6:37pm
Kyle Nalley - that was such a fun day!! loved working with you Jasmine!! hope to see more of you this summer  04.03.08 - 12:16pm
Nelly Chung - Hi Jasmine. I am Kevin's cousin. I wasn't able to meet you and JD but wanted to let you know I have been an admire of your work for a long time. During the tea ceremony, you photographed the back of my parents head. I showed them and they laughed hysterically. My mother commented that she needed to do a better job dying her hair next time. She also wanted to tell you, you are an "excellent photographer". No joke! You captured all of Jane's happiest moments. You'll be hearing from me if I get popped the question someday. Take care!   04.01.08 - 1:34pm
Natarsha N. Wright - Hi! I am an aspiring photographer and I found your site/blog through another photographer. I love your pictures! The are breathtaking...May God continue to bless you!  04.01.08 - 5:50am
Cezanne - Hi Jasmine, Beautiful pics! So glad to finally meet you & JD at Kevin & Jane's wedding! I noticed that you met an old friend of mine at WPPI, Scott Robert Lim. What a small world! Saw a picture of you on his blog. Take care!  03.27.08 - 10:16pm
Lia Supatra - WOW Gorgeous! Looks like a fun wedding and you captured beautiful images as always Jasmine!   03.26.08 - 7:54pm
Regina - Dang Rockin Photos... Girl you is off the heazzy.   03.26.08 - 6:55pm
ashley parsons - each one is stunning, girl. way to work your incredibly mad skills. the world is such a more beautiful place with your perspective in it!  03.26.08 - 2:08pm
Frannie - WOw!! Again!! You did such an awesome truly are blessed! :D  03.26.08 - 12:06pm
Steph - beautiful! i especially love your detail shots! ;)  03.26.08 - 10:01am
Erica Ferrone - You get the coolest weddings! These pictures are awesome.  03.26.08 - 6:18am
Karen - Beautiful. =] Haha, and those grass cool.  03.26.08 - 3:06am
denise - Wowie!!! Love these...fab fab!  03.25.08 - 10:52pm
TonyaPeterson - Amazing as usual! I love the bridesmaids dresses! they are KILLA! Great wedding  03.25.08 - 5:03pm
Trista - Beautiful! I love all the vibrant colors they used! Such a sweet and fun couple!  03.25.08 - 4:32pm
Nataly - Beautiful images, like always! I love all the detail shots!  03.25.08 - 2:12pm
Melanie Watson - Holy gorgeous... I love love love all the flowers and the girl's dresses and the everything! I want to redo my wedding now! ;)  03.25.08 - 1:53pm
cassandra m - girl you are FEROCHE..ha.ha. These shots are amazing. Colors and details beautifully captured and you can feel the happiness at this wedding. great job~!  03.25.08 - 12:53pm
Marlin Munoz - Love the necklace shot!! Beautiful as always!  03.25.08 - 12:31pm
Amber Dawn - Wow! These images are beautiful! I really LOVE the veil shot. It's so fun! Great work!  03.25.08 - 9:41am
Candice Lanning - how do you get such vivid color? is it your lenses, editing or just great lighting? I'm so curious! :)  03.25.08 - 8:01am
Jollence - Another great work jasmine  03.25.08 - 6:29am
Erika - Gorgeous Jasmine! You are such an inspiration!   03.25.08 - 6:06am
Kenzie Shores - what a gorgeous reception! and I love the shot of the groomsmen looking out the door, there's just something about it...   03.25.08 - 4:08am
Stephanie C (bridesmaid) - Jasmine, you guys are absolutely AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN!! The pictures are gorgeous - I don't know how you do it. And I love love love your blog!   03.25.08 - 1:16am
Brian Khang - Seriously sick details at the reception. Great job Jasmine!  03.25.08 - 12:47am
MattDJ - Every time I want to comment here, I try to think of something different than what has already been said...but I can't help it and end up not commenting at all. So, I better comment before I bust! :-) ...absolutely fantastic Jasmine!!!   03.25.08 - 12:25am
Gena McMillan - Hey Jasmine I was just wondering if you ever used a tripod or Mono pod when you taking your reception photos. I know you said earlier that you use your 50mm 1.4, 1600 but that still sometimes means a slower shutter speed. Just Curious...Thanks (and beautiful as always, I love her bouquet)  03.24.08 - 10:35pm
Sara - Tell us Jasmine, does it make it so much easier to do your job always getting to work with such gorgeous couples? Seriously, they all look like models! Great job on this wedding(and all the others!). I wish you could shoot a wedding everyday because I so look forward to the next set of photos!  03.24.08 - 9:44pm
Ginger - These are stunning, Jasmine! Really beautiful!! It was great to meet you in Vegas! (Met you next to Jessica's shootsac booth!). Stay that sweet always!   03.24.08 - 9:34pm
James Day - Love the bridesmaids dresses, very interesting! JD ( a different JD)  03.24.08 - 9:24pm
wac - i'm inspired by your photography....  03.24.08 - 8:32pm
Alicia - I love the reception colors! That bright pink just POPS! Way to capture their day!  03.24.08 - 8:28pm
ksen - um, yeah... can we say GORGEOUS!!!? all of it, loooove it. beautiful work as always jasmine*!  03.24.08 - 8:13pm
Lauri - WOW!!! These are all just so gorgeous! I feel like I'm friends with Jane and Kevin now - you captured who they are so perfectly! Just beautiful. :-)  03.24.08 - 8:02pm
Simply Modern Weddings - BEAUTIFUL wedding and amazing photos. You totally rocked this one j*!  03.24.08 - 8:01pm
Chris - Amazing! You have such a wonderful eye for details!   03.24.08 - 7:59pm
Michelle Ellis - You did it again!! Totally rocked this wedding. Beautiful!  03.24.08 - 7:41pm
brianna - ooohhh...i am SO stealing that word. Feroche. Love it.  03.24.08 - 6:55pm
MsB - AWESOME recepton shots! And, thanks for responding about your specs [to another reader] because I was just going to ask the same question! You rock, Jasmine!  03.24.08 - 6:02pm
Ashley Brockinton - She has such great style. Great job capturing the event with the same fun and stylish flair. My favorite is the one with her veil up in the air and her laughing.  03.24.08 - 5:37pm
Lindsey - Most blogs I go to and simply look at the pictures, but whenever I see a new post from you I can't wait to see what you wrote. Your writting is absolutely amazing. I feel like I am right there in the story. I forget that I am even reading! Maybe you should write a book...  03.24.08 - 5:19pm
Tiffany - way to caputre the reception pretty!  03.24.08 - 5:05pm
Jane&Kevin - Merci beaucoup!! I love them ALL. You are SO beyond feroche, words can't even describe. This puts the perfect cherry top on our honeymoon. You're fabulous - thank you for making our day look amazing for all posterity. =)  03.24.08 - 4:33pm
Andrea - The bride has such gorgeous skin! Breathtaking images, as always :)  03.24.08 - 4:28pm
Joanna - Beautiful work per usual for J*! Your work is a dream!  03.24.08 - 4:25pm
Laurel Housden - You have such an amazing eye!! I love your detail shots. And moments...boy what moments you get! Thank you for sharing and be so open and giving!  03.24.08 - 4:24pm
gabriel.ryan. - so rad... i'm glad to season wedding season is gearing back up. you rock!  03.24.08 - 4:21pm
Jasmine* - The First Dance shots did not have any flash elements to them. Seven Degrees has killer rotating spotlights, so I just had to wait for the perfect rotation. The colors rotated from red, green, blue, and white, so I just had to wait for the white light and position myself appropriately. Hope this helps! :)  03.24.08 - 4:18pm
Brienne Michelle - Hey - can I just say I love how feroche coutura you are! and your room shots are ALWAYS my favorites. I always struggle with that part personally, so I love looking at how you capture the reception details and the room. Beautimous - as always. ;-)   03.24.08 - 3:53pm
ricki ford - These are beautiful as allways. You can tell a couple in love and the way you capture them it shows even more. Rock on J*  03.24.08 - 3:51pm
Heather Kincaid - Jasmine, these are amazing! What an absolutely stunning reception...a photographers dream. Now for a geek alert-- did you use your own off-camera lighting for those First Dance photos, or was that the reception lighting? Love!  03.24.08 - 3:37pm
April - This is one of my favorite weddings that you've photographed! They just seem so happy & natural, not to mention FUN! Love, love, love the decor & lighting at the reception. gorgeous...  03.24.08 - 3:22pm
angel swanson - these are so much fun!! i love how you can feel the joy by looking at the bride and groom's beaming faces. ;-)   03.24.08 - 3:16pm
Alyssa Lang - Gorgeous! How fun do those bridesmaids look? What a happy bunch.  03.24.08 - 2:34pm
Yuliya - Paris- so romantic place for honeymoon! I tried to look slideshow but link doesn’t work….  03.24.08 - 2:28pm
Carly McCray - These images are feroche!! What a gorgeous wedding. You captured so much life in the images. Just beautiful!  03.24.08 - 2:23pm
Cathy Crawley - I love the first dance photos Jasmine, the lighting is fabulous. Did you use your soft box set up on the dance floor?   03.24.08 - 2:14pm
CESAR PEREZ - Dang girl! Love everything about this wedding....I love your detail shots!  03.24.08 - 2:03pm
Jane P - Beautiful, as always...not sure how I found you (Trash the Dress or Don't Box Us In blog??? I honestly can't remember!) but your blog is almost as equally amazing as your photography. I love your use of natural light...I'm an amateur-but-wanting-to-be-professional-portrait photographer someday. I'm also getting married this June so all these wedding photos are exciting glimpses of things to come :) Thanks for the inspiration!  03.24.08 - 1:52pm
Jasmine* - @Sylvain&Courtney: No, I usually don't use a flash when photographing details. I think it loses the truest sense of the reception. I simply used my 50mm, 1.4, 1600, and metered accordingly to the ambient light. Hope this helps! :)  03.24.08 - 1:50pm
Sylvain Gentile - Awesome work as usual Jasmine! I too was wondering if you used a flash during the reception... Thanks in advance :-)  03.24.08 - 1:43pm
kara pennington - These are gorgeous!! I love all the details - great job!  03.24.08 - 1:36pm
dapotato - beautiful work! feroche, indeed. jane looks so happy and radiant as well. :)  03.24.08 - 1:35pm
Courtney Craver - Amazing work! I really enjoy keeping up with your blog... you have some really good poses and ideas. I was wondering if during the receptions shots if you used a flash? They look like you didn't, so I wanted to know how you pulled it off. It looked like a pretty dark room... Anyways.. and advice you can give would be great! Courtney  03.24.08 - 1:30pm
WeezerMonkey - Fierce! Fierce! Fierce! :D  03.24.08 - 1:28pm
Lindsey Marie - Wow! What beautiful Reception Colors! Dancing pics are Fantabulous! WOOHOO!  03.24.08 - 1:18pm
makeupbynora - Such a beautiful wedding .Great images. I love her center pieces and the pink gerber daisies. Great Job Jasmine Nora  03.24.08 - 1:16pm