Lauri and Mike : Engagement

hey held each others’ hands as dawn slipped inside the taxi through the lightly frosted windows. Lauri spoke about their wedding and Mike nodded in happy approval—she found the perfect wedding dress (happy nod), they chose their first dance song (happy nod), they were excited for their engagement session on the Las Vegas Strip (slightly happy nod). It’s just that we’re a little nervous for this shoot, Lauri quickly explained. At this, Mike laced his fingers around Lauri’s and gave a little squeeze. His love and devotion for Lauri is evident in the way he listens her to every word. As if they were dipped in honey. He loves her that much.

Mike loves Lauri so much he agreed to have their engagement session begin around 6:45AM. Apparently, words dipped in honey can never be denied ;)

Lauri and Mikey have a totally rad wedding planned for this August in Philadelphia and I couldn’t be more excited to meet their friends and family. Okay, aaaaand try a real Philly Cheese Steak (without the meat of course!). I’m also stoked to run up the same steps Rocky Balboa did…I shall pump my fists with glorious victory! Lauri and Mikey are some of the coolest and sweetest people one could meet and I’m honored to be documenting their wedding day!

I was able to snap a few frames amidst the piles of junk before getting kicked out! Woohoo! :)

We ended the engagement session at The Bellagio Hotel and the morning light was just beautiful!

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Katrina - The lighting in that last one makes me swoon! Great shots!  09.23.10 - 7:26am
Kay English - <3 this!!! When were you in Vegas? that's soooo cool! I heart the last one!  08.06.09 - 9:07am
Jean - Jasmine, these photos are incredible!! These two look GREAT (as always)! What perfect light and what perfect subjects. I am THRILLED to meet you at the wedding!! Lauri absolutely chose the perfect photographer. :-)  05.24.08 - 2:17pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - VEGAS : LOVE peace, parris whittingham New York City Wedding Photography  04.16.08 - 2:16am
Lydia - I can't wait to watch the video to see how you took all of these awesome pictures!  04.04.08 - 1:21pm
Kyle Nalley - Oh man--that last one is a killer!!  04.02.08 - 11:49am
Jenn - I come here all the time and never comment but I just adore that last photo! So cute... I love the colors.  03.31.08 - 8:21pm
daniel galang - hi jasmine! i was first led to your blog by a friend of mine, jasmine marie, and have been following along for a little while! I loved this shoot and just wanted to add that your work is absolutely beautiful and particularly inspiring to me... very much so.. =)  03.31.08 - 2:34am
Frannie - I love these! They're just so sassy and cute. :D  03.28.08 - 11:28am
Danielle - LOVED the slideshow! THe edgy music set such a different tone for this shoot!  03.28.08 - 8:36am
amy blackburn - your pictures make my eyes happy. :)  03.27.08 - 10:09pm
sandy - girl, you make junk yard look good!! great job!!  03.27.08 - 9:49pm
Charise - You ROCK Jasmine!! The lighting is so great!!!  03.27.08 - 3:20pm
Marlin Munoz - They kicked you out at that early in the morning?!?! Some people just have no appreciation for art!! Wonderful images!  03.27.08 - 11:54am
ohana photography ~ david & kimi b - don't you hate that you always get kicked out of the best places to shoot!! love the junk yard image! love it!  03.27.08 - 10:52am
Nataly - I love the shot with wedding behind it! Great images, like always :)  03.27.08 - 10:36am
Ellen - This pictures are gorgeous!!!  03.27.08 - 10:15am
TonyaPeterson - hmmm...hoe will you ahve a cheese staek without steak! LOL. These pics are amazing! The lighting is so beautiful. Nothing beats morning light!  03.27.08 - 9:46am
therese - oh, they're gorgeous! love the back lit ones, fabulous as per usual, well done  03.27.08 - 9:10am
Charmarie - I love the second to last photo of them on sitting next to the fountain. The time of day was perfect and I like how she's leaning into him. Stunning photos!  03.27.08 - 8:59am
Maegan - OHHHHH!!! That would be a FAB idea, Starbox lunch in Philly. I'd even drive down from Toronto for that one.   03.27.08 - 8:57am
Sandra - OOOO Pats & Geno's are great...but Im sitting here trying to figure out how you go about having a philly steak without the steak....Oh and don't forget to try to philly soft pretzles... I hope you will love Philly when you get here. Hopefully you can do a starbox lunch philly style ;-)  03.27.08 - 8:56am
Maegan - ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE LAST ONE IN THE SLIDESHOW!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Jasmine you are such and inspiration and I only hope that one day I can show this much love and passion in my photographs. I guess no longer a blog stalker either. Great work.  03.27.08 - 8:51am
Alyssa Lang - You mean to tell me you actually did work while in Vegas? lol They are gorgeous. I love the heart one in front of the Vegas sign!  03.27.08 - 8:48am
Mary - absolutely beautiful... no big shock there!   03.27.08 - 8:39am
Kenzie Shores - These are just BEAUTIFUL! I love the morning light!   03.27.08 - 6:14am
Donna - She is ADORABLE! At any rate, it wasn't that warm during WPPI. I'm impressed they don't look cold!  03.27.08 - 5:58am
ricki ford - these are great, that moring light is beautiful.  03.27.08 - 5:57am
YazyJo - Awesome as always!! You are sweet, true to others, awesome writer and photographer :) Thanks for all you do.  03.26.08 - 11:09pm
cassandra m - Love the shoe shot in the slideshow. awesome. what a great did you fit that in with WPPI?   03.26.08 - 10:21pm
Fred Egan - I ALSO love the WEDDING location :D  03.26.08 - 10:18pm
Leah Simmers - THese are cute, I really like the one with the heart on the ground, fun!!  03.26.08 - 10:14pm
kymberli q. - These are soooo cute! Great job, Jasmine!  03.26.08 - 9:55pm
kimberlee - lovin that shot in front of the bellagio- the shadow from her heels is freakin' awesome!!! :)  03.26.08 - 9:37pm
Lezlie - These are super fun. The last one is stellar!  03.26.08 - 9:14pm
Katie Thurmes - love that "wedding" shot...very vegas, very fun. great seeing you!  03.26.08 - 8:57pm
Mikey - When Lauri called me at work to tell me that the engagement pictures were up I couldn't wait to rush home and look at em. The pictures are absolutely perfect, they couldn't be better. I love the way you captured Lauri's beautiful big eyeballs, her eyes are amazing. Thank you so much and we are so looking foward to you shooting the wedding!  03.26.08 - 7:32pm
katherine Bowman - great photos, fun location!!  03.26.08 - 7:15pm
Michael Blanchard - Please tell me your kidding me! ...ABSOLUTELY breathtaking. This is the first thing I've seen from everyone's week at wppi that made me wish I had gone too...   03.26.08 - 7:00pm
kate - wow - her eyes are so beautiful! great job Jas :)  03.26.08 - 6:51pm
kerri mcconnell - simply beautiful. these 2 are gorgeous for 6:45 in the morning. such yummy light!  03.26.08 - 6:15pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Great lighting on these photos! Yummy for philly cheese steak now....mmm mmm! :-)  03.26.08 - 6:00pm
Melissa Koehler - Jasmine, these are so fabulous! I am loving all of them. Amazing as always! xoxo  03.26.08 - 5:37pm
Dennis Urbiztondo - Very NICE :0)  03.26.08 - 5:07pm
Meredith Williams - So beautiful, I especially love the flare shot too.. and of course the vegas signs, really amazing captures!  03.26.08 - 5:06pm
andrea - These are fantastic! My favorite is the third one down from the top -- it totally captures Lauri's personality. Jasmine, I'm so excited to meet you at the wedding! --Andrea (Lauri's sister)  03.26.08 - 4:44pm
Shannon P - What a beautiful bride to be and a couple that looks very thrilled about their upcoming date! Gorgeous colors and pictures, like always!  03.26.08 - 4:42pm
christina LeMarr - Gorgeous!! As always!!  03.26.08 - 4:33pm
gabriel.ryan. - you rule! i wish you'd take some pictures of me & my wife... oh wait... ;)  03.26.08 - 4:31pm
Melissa McClure - Gorgeous Jasmine! Love the junk yard shots! I shot a wedding in downtown Philly last year - it was awesome! :)  03.26.08 - 4:21pm
Alissa - Lauri and Mikey are two of my favorite people and seeing them on your blog is extremely exciting! You've really captured the essence of them! Beautiful work!  03.26.08 - 4:11pm
Leo - Love the pic's. I love the light in the background. Did you use a reflector at all for fill light for their faces? Keep it coming.  03.26.08 - 3:49pm
Gena McMillan - Jasmine I was looking forward to this post soo much. How did you all decide where you wanted to shoot? Or was it kind of a fly by the seat of you pants shoot? I love the last one. She has such amazing eyes!!  03.26.08 - 3:46pm
Akil Bennett - Great shots jasmine! You've just made me reconsider shooting early in the morning because the lighting is great. In the end it's worth it, nice job!  03.26.08 - 3:19pm
Katie - These are awesome!!! Lauri and Mikey, you guys look so cool and hot!!! Jasmine, you've captured their personalities perfectly. :-) Also, when you come to Philly, I can direct you to a super delicious vegetarian cheese steak place. I'm obsessed with it. Gianna's on South and 6th. Yum, yum.   03.26.08 - 3:15pm
Lauri - OH MY GOSH!! I absolutely LOOOOVE them all! You are AMAZING! Seriously. The last one above with the flare totally rocks!!! I want it printed out giant and on our wall forever! :-) Thank you so so so much! :-)  03.26.08 - 3:12pm
kara pennington - these are great! love the junk pile shots! :)  03.26.08 - 3:11pm
Alicia - I just love your knack for flare! It adds a special kick to the sparkle that is already in their eyes. Love it!  03.26.08 - 3:06pm
jeanette sanchez - Love the Vegas sign and the heart shot is too clever!  03.26.08 - 2:58pm
Noelle - i love how often you post! its great, some blogs just get so stale! they go weeks with no posts! your a constant blogger, and i love it, i give you mucho props for that lady! not to mention your work is absolutely stunning!  03.26.08 - 2:41pm
Ben & Laura - Great Shots ... they are fun and full of life! We love your work by the way :)  03.26.08 - 2:34pm
Donna Carbone - Jasmine, I LOVE the pictures! Lauri and Mike look so cute. You captured them perfectly! Thank you!! - Donna Carbone (Lauri's mom)  03.26.08 - 2:31pm
B - Sorry... I had to comment on the slide show. Uh, you need to go to Vegas more often. You were truly inspired. I just fell in love with this couple and I don't even know them! The shots are killer.  03.26.08 - 2:28pm
Jason - Nice work, Jasmine! Getting kicked out of an area is fine after the shots are taken, right?! As Becker has mentioned in the past....get the shot and then ask for forgiveness if needed! Looked like a beautiful morning....  03.26.08 - 2:13pm
B - These are fabulous! I just had to look over them again... and again. Woo hoo for scrap metal and great models =]  03.26.08 - 2:13pm
Cathy Crawley - Wow, these are great! And what commitment to be ready for a shoot before 6.45am! I really love that first shot. ;)  03.26.08 - 2:13pm