03.28.08 Personal

A Million Times Over

It happened sometime while I was in Las Vegas during WPPI. And, more than anything, I’m humbled by the interest in my life, work, and passion.

Last week, my blog passed the 1,000,000th visitor…!

I seriously couldn’t believe it. Life has changed in so many ways for me and I’m incredibly proud that I can look back at my life less than a year ago (this blog debuted in May 2007) and see how far I’ve come. As a girl, and as a professional photographer.

I want to thank you—all my faithful readers and friends—who visit daily, weekly, or monthly. It means a great deal to me that you share your valuable with me. It is an honor and something I truly cherish.

Thank you.

In honor of this milestone, we're getting dressed and having a night on the town...Polo's even wearing his favorite tie! ;)

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New York City Wedding Photographer - Congrats Jasmine. I see everyone is dressing up :P Now that is what I call an all purpose photographer :) peace, parris whittingham New York City Wedding Photography  04.16.08 - 2:14am
Dani Van Steelandt - Polo looks very serious in a tie, he's all business. How adorable!!!  04.05.08 - 1:33pm
Shelley - O my what a handsome guy he is! Congrat's to you! Hope you had a great time!  04.03.08 - 11:31am
aps - congratz! and the countdown to the next million billion zillion begins!;)  04.03.08 - 3:35am
Noelle F. - Polo looks too cute!   04.01.08 - 10:13am
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography - holy molyee that is the cutest one yet!!!  03.31.08 - 9:33pm
Susan Han - OMG!! Polo is too cute! Miss you Jas! Hope everything's well with the family.  03.31.08 - 3:30pm
Trista - Congrat's Jaz!!! Polo is TO DIE FOR cute in this pictures...I hope JD has a matching tie/sweater vest!!??  03.31.08 - 12:04pm
brooke b - what an adorable little man! this totally makes me want a dog..."you are getting a baby" is what my husband will say! Congrats on all your blog lovin'.  03.31.08 - 11:53am
Nataly - Polo is the cutest! Congrats on the 1,000,000th visitor!   03.31.08 - 11:04am
Ali - Cutest dog EVER. Congrats!  03.31.08 - 10:44am
Ana Contreras - I love Polo's tie so cute...Congrats on the 1,000,000!!!  03.31.08 - 9:11am
Laurie Peacock - Polo is adorable!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!  03.31.08 - 9:08am
BarbaraM - Too bad Polo is a boy cause my Toby needs a girlfriend.... badly!!!!! LOL he is too cute!!!  03.31.08 - 8:53am
Deyl - Congrats Jazzy!!!  03.31.08 - 8:25am
Mary Jane - You are one in a million! xoxo  03.31.08 - 7:42am
Erica Ferrone - haha, my yorkie, Tucker, has that tie too! The best part is I found it in the cat section at Petco!   03.31.08 - 6:15am
Bobbie - That is HUGE! Congrats! Also, I love the picture of Polo!  03.31.08 - 4:03am
amelia Lyon - Congrats girl....that is an amazing accomplishment!  03.30.08 - 11:06pm
Ann - Congrats, Jazz!! That sure is a big accomplishment and you have reason to be proud ... but you are OVER-the-TOP with little Polo. hilarious. He does have great fashion sense, though ;-)   03.30.08 - 10:40pm
MattDJ - Awesome news Jasmine!!! And that dog is just too cute for it's bad self!! :-)  03.30.08 - 10:39pm
Papi - That's is the most ugliest dog I've ever seen in my entire life!!!! Well, compared to our future grandchild! :) Dada  03.30.08 - 9:57pm
Kristin - CONGRATS! That is a BIggggggg number! That dog tie is killing me. Too cute!  03.30.08 - 7:00pm
ashley parsons - jasmine, congratulations, girl. what a huge honor, and how inspiring to see where you've come, especially after looking back to the beginning of your story. thanks for being the proof that there is so much hope to be found in following your passions. oh, and polo is so stinkin cute i want to give him a kiss on his little black doggie lips. ;)  03.30.08 - 6:26pm
Ginger - That's a huge deal! You've likely worked your butt off to get where you are. Congratulations! UM... Your dog is WAY too cute in that tie! LOL!  03.30.08 - 5:56pm
Tiffany - Congrats Jas! Oh, and Polo looks fierce...I want to put polo in my lil pocket!  03.30.08 - 4:41pm
Amy Martin - Work it, Polo! Work it! ;)  03.30.08 - 3:32pm
Donna - Wow Jasmine that is just wonderful! You are awesome and that's just the way we let you know by stopping by Congrats!!!  03.30.08 - 1:39pm
mark Brooke - Polos cloths just keep getting better and better. :)  03.30.08 - 12:37pm
inga - Ok, Polo is sharp girl!  03.30.08 - 11:26am
BarbaraM - I also visit three or four times daily. It's part of my routine to read your blog-It''s great and congrats!  03.30.08 - 11:22am
Amanda Harris - Polo looks very dapper :) Congratulations to you@  03.30.08 - 7:33am
jeanette sanchez - I wanna say! Congratulations, you have worked so hard all year long. Be blessed.  03.30.08 - 1:26am
Joshua K - Congrats Jasmine! God is so good.  03.30.08 - 12:49am
gabriel.ryan. - it looks like polo even groomed himself for the special occasion. polished.  03.29.08 - 11:59pm
sandra p - awww, such a cute little furry guy, how did you get him to sit so still??  03.29.08 - 9:59pm
mella - wow. you're really trying my patience for dogs in people clothing... lol. you're lucky i still love ya. xo  03.29.08 - 9:53pm
Danielle - Congrats Jasmine! Glad to know there is sooo many others out there that enjoy and appreciate your blog as much as I do. :)   03.29.08 - 9:29pm
Akil Bennett - Congrats Jasmine!!! Your blog being so awesome is the reason many of us keep visiting. Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the good work.  03.29.08 - 8:59pm
Joanne F - CONGRATS!!!! You are awesome & we love ya! I confess, I sometimes visit more than once a day too! *smooches* P.S. Polo looks divine!  03.29.08 - 7:00pm
Alicia - I'm guilty of about 9,028 of those visits. Yes...I visit your blog more than once a day. CONGRATS!!  03.29.08 - 6:43pm
cassandra m - perfect picture for such an meaningful post! POLO is AWESOME! congrats on 1,000,000! thank u for sharing your passion and your is truly inspiring more than you know!  03.29.08 - 4:42pm
Jenn Best - CONGRATULATIONS JASMINE!!! May there be many more and even greater milestones!  03.29.08 - 4:38pm
Ken Burg - Congratulations Jasmine. Such a meteoric rise in such a short time (that's probably redundant.)  03.29.08 - 4:38pm
Jasmine Marie - Happy 1,000,000th! Polo just keeps getting cuter and cuter...  03.28.08 - 10:13pm
Dennis Urbiztondo - Very NICE :0)  03.28.08 - 9:05pm
Dennis - Isn't he handsome  03.28.08 - 9:03pm
Dianna - Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing.  03.28.08 - 8:49pm
ksen :) - WAHOOOOOOO! congrats!!! congrats!! that is so awesome --- & so are YOU!  03.28.08 - 8:47pm
Amanda Donaho - Wow! That is so awesome!! You have MUCH to be proud of girl!  03.28.08 - 8:38pm
carlie renee - i think gabriel literally had to pick my jaw up from the floor. you have no idea how bad i want a polo!! ok well maybe you do.. but seriously can this be any cuter?? i think not.  03.28.08 - 8:25pm
Meredith Williams - Congratulations Jasmine! And thank you again and again and again for all the inspiration you send out to all of us. Well deserved :)  03.28.08 - 7:58pm
ScotWharton - Congrats J*....and to think just 6 months ago, I was the 2,000th visitor!  03.28.08 - 7:48pm
brianna - you're such a rockstar! love you.  03.28.08 - 6:40pm
Lisa - Oh even the dog has style! You are too much. I love love love the tie!  03.28.08 - 6:35pm
Rebecca - 1,000,000 people adore you? So NOT shocking at all! I love checking your blog! Thanks for being you! Good Luck!  03.28.08 - 6:15pm
Araxi - Congrats on such a wonderful milestone. Thank YOU for sharing so much of yourself, your work and your passion with us. You rock and polo is so dang cute. Hes Maltese we are all cute lol ;)  03.28.08 - 5:53pm
Suzanne - I haven't posted yet but want you to know that I do follow your blog and think your work is truly outstanding! You are an inspiration to many of us!!   03.28.08 - 5:49pm
Debbie Bolton - our puppies need to play together now that mine is well. But I think Polo dresses better and I'm not sure how my little girl would handle the competition! I'll keep checking your blog and soon you'll reach 200,000,000  03.28.08 - 5:43pm
Caitlin Domanico Photography - POLO! OMG. He's so dapper!  03.28.08 - 5:34pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Polo is sooooo darn cute with his little suit and tie! :-) Congrats on this milestone...I am sure you will hit 2 million soon ;-)  03.28.08 - 5:19pm
Crystal - what a handsome little baby!  03.28.08 - 5:18pm
Jane Lok - My Louie and Polo would be BFFs. I just know it.  03.28.08 - 4:53pm
Jessica Strickland - oh my HEART just melted!!! that could be the cutest thing on the planet!!!  03.28.08 - 4:51pm
WeezerMonkey - Cutie patutie!  03.28.08 - 4:45pm
Amy - Woohoo! Congrats! That pic is so cute!!!  03.28.08 - 4:44pm
Wayne Toshikazu - Awesome, just awesome. And polo? LOVE the outfit!  03.28.08 - 4:22pm
Joanna - I love Polo! He is something else : )   03.28.08 - 4:22pm
justin . lyon - CONGRATS JASMINE!!!! That's sooo amazing. Amelia and I are super excited for you and your business. You truly are a RockStar and have been a good friend too. We can't wait to hang with you and JD. When can we take you out to celebrate???  03.28.08 - 4:13pm
michelle white - oh! Jasmine!!! this photo is TOO CUTE!!! where ever did you find that cute tie and vest? you know, i've never met you but i enjoy your daily blog postings. I hope to one day meet you!! If you're ever in the ATL please let me know!! you are such an inspiration!!! THANK YOU!!   03.28.08 - 4:03pm
Julie Avina - congratulations Jas. The Lord has given you such a wonderufl gift and has truly blessed you!   03.28.08 - 3:59pm
Melissa Koehler - Yeah, congrats to you girl. You are a SUPERSTAR!!!!  03.28.08 - 3:32pm
Shannon Post - Congrats, Jasmine! I'm pretty sure I have contributed to that number getting so high! (Hi, I'm Shannon and I have to check Jasmine's blog every day - Hi Shannon says the crowd). ha! Can't wait to see where you are this time next year!   03.28.08 - 3:31pm
Maggie - Congrats, Jasmine! My daughter just took a look at this picture, chuckled and said, "Dogs don't wear suits!"  03.28.08 - 3:21pm
Paul Kremer - I think that your millionth hit was definitely me! Thanks for thanking me! You can reward me with a night on the town too! :) Just kidding, of course! I love checking out your blog, especially your engagement sessions!  03.28.08 - 3:14pm
Lindsay - Oh, I just want to squeeze his adorable little cheeks!!!  03.28.08 - 3:00pm
Yuliya - Polo is so proud of you :-)  03.28.08 - 2:56pm
Tish - congratulations! BTW i made it through the archives on the old blog and am wondering if somewhere i missed a post about how you and JD met. i did read that it was when you were 17.   03.28.08 - 2:56pm
Cathy Crawley - Congratulations Jasmine! There are a million reasons why people keep coming back and they are all because of you!   03.28.08 - 2:45pm
Carly McCray - He is too cute!! I love checking your blog and will admit that I'm one to check multiple times a day. Your work is fabulous, and I'm not surprised you've hit a million! Congratulations!!  03.28.08 - 2:38pm
Meg - Well isn't he adoooorable!!! :)  03.28.08 - 2:38pm
jen - first the flight jacket, now this...TOO CUTE!! congrats on a million, jasmine!  03.28.08 - 2:32pm
Rachel Brooke - How ironic!!! We just bought this tie and I had just made a post about it last night.   03.28.08 - 2:27pm
frannie - Congrats!! What God has blessed will only continue to flourish!!! You are just such an awesome girl and I pray that God will take you further in your passion. :D Thanks for sharing YOUR love of photography with US. *xoxo* Ohhh and look at him!! Now that's a doggie I'd cute.  03.28.08 - 2:26pm
marlene - Congratulations! I'm happy to be among your grillion blogstalkers :) Your dog is ADORABLE!   03.28.08 - 2:26pm
jess@studio3z - Your little guy is SUPER cute!! Congrats on your success :) Well deserved.  03.28.08 - 2:21pm
Julie - Ahh! I LOVE his tie! Too cute.  03.28.08 - 2:12pm
Erin Kelley - He is the example of perfection!!! I want one for my little one...haha   03.28.08 - 2:03pm