Roseann and Jerry : Wedding

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he waited on the balcony of her hotel room. She watched as the bridal party trickled into the lobby and delivered salutations perched from the large bay window. Roseann was slightly nervous to be marrying Jerry, but masked these emotions with laughter and smiles. She recounted hilarious stories of her life with the Los Angeles Police Department and the role Jerry played as the man who swept her off her feet while training in the Academy. Little did Roseann realize her career choice would forever change the direction of her life.

Jerry fell in love with Roseann’s beauty and infectious smile, and Roseann fell in love with Jerry’s cheeks. They were just so rosy and cute, I wanted to pinch them! Strangely enough, the desire to pinch him morphed into the desire to kiss him…which morphed into the desire to marry him.

Their wedding was held at Calamigos Equestrian Center and meticulously planned by Roseann…and nothing was left unnoticed with help from Tana, the onsite coordinator. Wedding day hair was beautifully done by Karina Vega and makeup fabulous applied by Aimee Jakes. All the florals were designed by Shirvan Designs, and the party was kept bumpin’ with help from DJ Bandoma (this guy was seriously AWESOME!). These uber fierce vendors made my day SO enjoyable and I loved working with them!

Rosie and Jerry…where do I begin? How can I express how much I love you guys without getting mushy and unprofessional? We’ve become friends throughout this process and I was privileged to document your wedding day. I didn’t feel like your photographer, I felt like an honorary member of your bridal party and—more importantly—a true friend. JD and I loved every minute of your wedding and couldn’t think more highly of your love and devotion for each other. Have fun in Thailand and don’t forget to kiss while eating pad thai! ;) Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Roseann's dress had something like 2,983 buttons down her back, so it took everyone in the room to make her look just beautiful! ;)

Roseann and Jerry opted for a First Look and I couldn't have been more happy! Because of their great decision, we had A LOT of time for pictures at their hotel as well as at their venue. Here's Roseann's reaction to seeing her husband-to-be...

Before leaving the hotel, we went to the rooftop and found this awesome lounge area by the pool...LOVED it! :)

The light was just beautiful on Saturday at the Calamigos Equestrian Center, so we had more fun shooting more wedding photos around the lush grounds...

I wish I could take credit for this shot, but JD worked his magic and caught the girls hanging out before the ceremony...

The Grand Entrance...

Reaction during the toasts...

The First Dance...

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Sean McLellan - Great lighting on the getting ready shots  04.20.08 - 2:38pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - What a beautiful couple. I love the green bouquet. peace, parris whittingham New York City Wedding Photography  04.16.08 - 1:56am
Rachel Brooke - Once again, I'm speechless! You perfected it, being there for the magic moments, and making those oh-s0-creamy images!  04.14.08 - 4:47pm
Natarsha - Amzing! They look so happy!  04.14.08 - 2:05am
Regina - Awh! These are so awesome!   04.13.08 - 6:34pm
Stacy Cross - Jas - just here again for my Saturday morning inspiration! :) These pictures are awesome!   04.12.08 - 11:11am
Cynthia - Heeeeeelppp.....I was not able to find the music icon...well I did but it directed me to iTunes? p.s. AWESOME PICS! =)  04.12.08 - 8:16am
scott - Thanks jasmine, you really are a star ! scott.  04.12.08 - 3:10am
Ann - Love these, Jas! Great job :)   04.11.08 - 9:36pm
Connie - Hi Jasmine: I was one of Rosey's bridesmaids and must say, you did an amazing job not only at capturing all the details that I missed (!), but also at capturing the couple's unique personalities. Rosey's a goofy one, for sure, and I love how that was reflected in your work. Kudos.  04.11.08 - 7:42pm
Lydia - I love your backlighting! It's my ultimate goal to be able to do it so beautifully someday!  04.11.08 - 2:49pm
Alicia - Jasmine, you don’t even know how excited I am to have you as our photographer. Your eye and your spirit - truly amazing. These photos are gorgeous!!!  04.11.08 - 2:39pm
Jasmine* - @Scott: I don't usually persuade my clients into one thing or another, but I do encourage them to consider the layout of their wedding day. If they'd like to enjoy and relax taking pictures, get the prettiest light available, and allow enough time to get the type of images they see here on my blog, then a First Look is totally for them! In face, I was a First Look Bride myself, so I explain my experience and how effective it was on my wedding day! And the collages are all done free-hand in Photoshop! :) @Joy: If you click on the music icon in every slideshow, there will be a link to the song title! :) @Mike: I set my flash to ETTL mode :) @Kristen: I used the 50mm, 1.4 for all the outdoor shots. MANY thanks to those of you who leave comments...they just make my day! :)  04.11.08 - 2:36pm
Christopher Grisanti - I knew they'd be in good hands with you, Jasmine. :-)) Beautiful work, as always!  04.11.08 - 1:53pm
scott - Hi jasmine, Wonderful images once again and a lovely couple.How do you pursuade them to see each other before the wedding ? And how do you get those split borders with more than one image in ? Is it a template in photoshop ? Or did you make it yourself ? Great job !  04.11.08 - 12:00pm
Courtney Craver - These are amazing!  04.11.08 - 11:33am
Jan - Great shots for a great looking couple! And what a gorgeous place...can't wait to shoot there. Love that entrance shot!  04.11.08 - 11:29am
Jen Mabray - Hey Mrs J *... your shots look soooo amazing and dreamy! I love it! great job. :)  04.11.08 - 11:16am
Joy - Jasmine--I love the slideshow and the song seems to fit so well. Who sings it and what is the title? Thanks!  04.11.08 - 11:01am
Jeanette - BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Absolutely LOVE the B&Ws. Gorgeous dress...stunning bride!!   04.11.08 - 10:11am
ruby rideout - Love your words in the post and your pictures document their true love!  04.11.08 - 8:57am
Tina-Marie - makes me wish i got married all over again. where were you 12 years ago? beautiful job as always!  04.11.08 - 7:16am
dawnhaas - I love the first look picture because look at his eyes....where are you looking there fella'!!! Awesome pictures!!  04.11.08 - 6:57am
Jenna Walker - that grand entrance shot is su..weeet! happy day today!  04.11.08 - 5:48am
Jon Morton - Looking good Jasmine, I'm liking the lounge shot..  04.10.08 - 11:47pm
joanne - beautiful work!!  04.10.08 - 10:06pm
DrewB - The ring bearer is too cute! And I love the grand entrance shot as well! Gorgeous!  04.10.08 - 9:51pm
nicole green - i love her reaction to seeing him for the first time. those are always the best pictures!  04.10.08 - 9:05pm
ricki ford - Beautiful Jasmine, Beautiful  04.10.08 - 7:31pm
Breanne - A beautiful bride! An ever-so-handsome groom! Gorgeous, simple... great job with capturing their special day! :)   04.10.08 - 7:05pm
Shaundra - Wow. Wowwow! Do you have advice for a person just starting out? Your pictures are perfection.  04.10.08 - 6:47pm
B - I love the head shots of the bride! She looks like Lucy Lu... except prettier.  04.10.08 - 6:18pm
Mike Allebach - Philadelphia - Jasmine, I know you shoot everything in manual mode. Do you set your flash to TTL or do you set the manual power for it?   04.10.08 - 6:06pm
brandy - stunning. i recently found you via bludomain and i am an OCD blog stalker. Just looking at your images, JUST LOOKING, has made me a thousand times better at what i do. Kudos to your beautiful work and for always giving THE MAN the glory! whahoo! :)  04.10.08 - 5:48pm
kristin - I love the closeups of the bride with her bouquet. She looks flawless, excited and just a little bit mischievous! Beautiful job!  04.10.08 - 5:40pm
Emily DeWan - Love the First Look one! Adorable!  04.10.08 - 5:36pm
Nena - How do you do it wedding after wedding? Everything always looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  04.10.08 - 5:19pm
Navy Sou - Ughh...LOVE how creamy the images are!!!!  04.10.08 - 4:48pm
DJ - Freaking awesome shot of the girls hanging out!   04.10.08 - 4:31pm
Kristen Dawn - AMAZING as always!!! What lens did you use to shoot with in the garden?? Your work is always breath taking!!  04.10.08 - 4:28pm
Cathy Crawley - Wow, these are stunning. You never cease to amaze me ;)  04.10.08 - 3:43pm
Crystal - You never cease to amazing me....GORGEOUS...I love the tiny infusions of pink and green..Elegant and PERFECT!  04.10.08 - 3:35pm
Gena McMillan - I love looking at your pictures for inspiration! I also love it because your brides have the most beautiful bouquets!!!!  04.10.08 - 3:28pm
Wayne Toshikazu - Yowza!  04.10.08 - 3:19pm
Korey - Beautiful! You are so talented, it's sickening. Beautiful couple and a beautiful location I didn't know existed!  04.10.08 - 3:03pm
Gina Marie - What beautiful images! I love the capture of the brides expression at the 'reveal'! That moment happens so fast it can be hard to get!  04.10.08 - 2:54pm
Ava - Jasmine- great images as always. I absolutely LOVE her dress and the decor. Fabulous!  04.10.08 - 2:35pm
Kacie Jean - Gorgeous images as always Jasmine! Such a beautiful day and fabulous lighting! I love her dress too :)  04.10.08 - 2:33pm