Taeler and Dana : Wedding

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e planned a day at the beach for the two of them. Dana organized the day meticulously in order to sweep Taeler off her feet. They played in the warm sand and later relaxed in the beautiful weather. Dana then told Taeler he wanted her to play a game: He’d play a song and Taeler would have to guess what each represented. So she listened. Our first date…our trip to the river… Dana smiled enthusiastically as Taeler correctly named eleven out of eleven.

Then he stumped her with a country song. Puzzled, Taeler looked to Dana for help. Listen to the words… The arched words crept from the speakers and the singer said it was ‘bout time I slipped a ring on your finger.

It was then when Dana asked Taeler to spend the rest of his life with him.

Last Saturday, the words of the country singer came to fruition. The golden sun mercilessly shone on the rolling hills of The Crossings at Carlsbad for a fabulous wedding. Friends and family gathered to watch two amazing people promise to live one amazing life. And while eleven songs marked very important moments in their lives, there is no doubt there will be hundreds more to come…each representing the power of love they share.

Taeler and Dana…you rock my world. Thank you for inviting JD and me to share in such an extraordinary wedding day. Thank you for the laughter, the joy, and, yes, even the tears! ;) I’m honored to call you friends and I hope you have the time of your lives in Jamaica…get your hair braided, dance to reggae, and get a good tan for me! ;) Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Taeler prepared in the Clubhouse and while I initially panicked when I saw the mahogany walls and ceiling (and the total of three ceiling lights), I was relieved when I discovered I could illuminate the dark room with my Sunpak ReadyLite 20. I usually prefer shooting in natural light, but in a situations like this, I was thanking sweetbabyjesus for this hand-held light!! :)

Taeler and Dana opted for a First Look--which, as many of my readers know, makes me SOOO happy! Because it was over one hundred degrees outside, we decided to stay indoors for as long as possible...

Taeler and Dana had THE COOLEST bridal party...they were so fun and up for anything! :)

During the reception, the bartender came up to me and chided me like I was a child. Apparently, he saw me as I was getting the following shot and said that I could've seriously been bitten by a rattlesnake. People are normally prohibited where I was standing, but how was I supposed to know?! :)

The look of a girl who just married her best friend...

The look of sisters who couldn't be happier...

JD caught this moment...

The ever vivacious Entertainment Director, Peter Merry of Merry Weddings, roasted each couple as they were announced for the Grand Entrance and I loved their reactions...

The First Dance

Taeler had such a sweet Father-Daughter Dance

The Grand Exit

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

**A special THANKS goes to Vern of The Hobo Soul for joining JD and me...he's one of the best photographer's videographers around!! His work will be debuting for me soon! ;) **
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Ali - I just ordered one of those Sunpak lights last night. So cool! Did you mount it on your camera or a tripod?   05.01.08 - 1:27pm
Amy Wood - LOVE these, Jasmine- I think it's pretty cool her name is Taeler... my daughter's name is Taelor, so I thought I was the only parent who wanted to change the spelling of that name:) Great job- gorgeous light!  04.27.08 - 9:49am
Gina Marie - wow, these are gorgeous! My favs are the dress shot and the couple of backlit bridal party photos. The black and white one is so clean and crisp!  04.23.08 - 12:40am
Erin Langford - What a beautiful wedding! Fantastic job and I am glad you didn't get bitten by a rattlesnake.  04.22.08 - 2:55pm
KK - Love, love love the pictures! They're incredible!! :-) Hugs & Kisses to Tae & Dana! Your big day was so much fun!!  04.22.08 - 2:12pm
Sean McLellan - Great dress shot :)  04.20.08 - 2:40pm
Dani Van Steelandt - I meant sunpak, not sunlight. You're the queen of sunlight! :)  04.20.08 - 8:19am
Dani Van Steelandt - Amazing as usaul! And great save with the sunlight. I gotta get me one.  04.20.08 - 8:17am
jeanette sanchez - Wow Jasmine, you handled the sunlight so well in all your shots, awesome work!   04.19.08 - 3:23am
Tonesha Housen - What a fabulous wedding you've captured. The bride truly looks happy and pretty. I'm sure they are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their finished product.  04.18.08 - 10:46am
Jasmine* - @Nicole: There are no accessories needed and is charged through a plug-in battery. I was holding the light and shooting at the same time! :) @Brenda: Yes, the battery life is about 15 minutes at best. And it does take about 1.5 hours to charge. However, I didn't need the light for more than 15 minutes because she dressed quickly and there wasn't any fussing or messing around. I explained that the light wasn't the most complimentary in that particular location, so she understood that moving locations was in her best interest. More than anything, I want to clarify that I use this light ONCE IN A WHILE. I've had the light since last November and I've used it at two or three weddings only. I bring it along as a safety net of sorts and it worked quite well for me last Saturday! :)  04.18.08 - 9:00am
nicole - Hey Jaz, can you tell me a little more about that sun pak light?? Do you have to get accesories, is it battery operated, if so does it keep charged for very long?? I need one of these and this one seems so affordable.. Now oe last thing are you holding this and taking the picture?? or is your hubby helping you out Thanks Nicole  04.18.08 - 8:51am
Greg Moss - These are great photos, shows lots of emotion. I love your work  04.17.08 - 9:01pm
Brenda - Hey! I'm curious as to how long you were able to use the video light. I was reading about how the battery only lasts 15 min and takes hours to charge. That sounds like such a short period of time! Do you turn it off and on as you need it, I'm sure the bride didn't get ready in 15 min! :)  04.17.08 - 5:29pm
korey - Such beautiful pictures and what a beautiful bride!! She DOES look like Rachel McAdams!  04.17.08 - 11:11am
amanda - amazing shots jasmine! i LOVE the dress shot! does anyone know the designer?? it's gorgeous!  04.17.08 - 9:40am
carrie@urbanbaby - beautiful!! those 1st two shots are stunning!!! xo, c  04.17.08 - 9:17am
Jasmine* - @MattHall: I choose all the music from iTunes. I spend so much time scouring the web for good songs and I feel blessed when I find the perfect song for each wedding! :) @Bartek: Yes, I shoot at a 1/40 in natural light in a few occasions. It just depends on what the ambient light is giving me. I used the Sunpak light during the prep shots because the room was so small that the light dome would've been too much light...that, and it was located in my car, so getting it, setting it up, and firing away was a time luxury I just didn't have. Just like with most things in life, you gotta take what you got and make the best of it! Hope this helps! :)  04.17.08 - 8:40am
Chad Morgan - Nice work with the "devil light." That looks like it was tricky.  04.17.08 - 8:05am
cassandra m - ooooohhhhh so many FAVORITES. And JD is rockin it! yea for JD! simply beautiful girl.  04.17.08 - 7:46am
mella - i just called (read: wrote) to say (to sing?) i love you (in the tune of stevie wonder).  04.16.08 - 6:44pm
Lisa - Thanks for the inexpensive lighting tip. As always, another amazing wedding! I love your work!  04.16.08 - 4:45pm
Trista - LOVE the B&W shot of the the girls back lit...awesome!!  04.16.08 - 3:42pm
Sonja - Lovely images, Lovely people, Lovely day. Loveliness all around! ;>  04.16.08 - 2:38pm
Emily DeWan - I love all the emotion! They'll be so happy with these. Anyone else think Taeler is spitting image of Rachel McAdams?  04.16.08 - 1:51pm
Pickler - So great Jasmine! You really captured the moment0 gave me chills  04.16.08 - 1:46pm
TonyaPeterson - So amazing. Jasmine* you inspire  04.16.08 - 12:01pm
Simply Modern Weddings - What a killer dress shot in #1!   04.16.08 - 11:53am
Matt Hall - I just spent most of my afternoon watching your slideshows. Amazing work! How do you get your songs. Is it a huge CD collection or is it a Triple Scoop thing?  04.16.08 - 11:28am
Jeanette - These wedding shots are def. up there as one of my favorites!! The slideshow is beautiful...stunning work Jas! ;) Oh and the wedding dress absolutely gorgegous!!!   04.16.08 - 11:24am
Bianca - The slide show was so touching. I loved the dress shot! PS Sara Bareilles is amazing.  04.16.08 - 11:15am
Meg - Love love love the dress shot... and the looks on her sisters faces are just priceless. Beautiful, as usual, Jasmine :)   04.16.08 - 10:57am
Caitlin - Thanks for your response - that makes sense now, I always hold it pretty far away, I will try holding it a bit closer next time! :)  04.16.08 - 10:19am
Rachel Dallaire - Awesome photos (as always)! I love love love the one of the first dance-incredible.  04.16.08 - 10:01am
tish - Perhaps the most adorable couple I have ever seen! I remember reading an archived post where you mentioned your mom praying for your eyes in regards to photography. The fact that you are so relatively new to the field and yet are so gifted and successful is good indication of her prayers being answered. You seem to have the best balance of technical knowledge and creative genius. I think God allows us to see beauty in a new way...almost like beauty magnified... through your photographs.   04.16.08 - 8:57am
vanessa H - the lighting is so wonderful!!!!  04.16.08 - 8:44am
Bartek - Btw, sorry for all the questions about the slow shutter...I just saw you doing it and thought to ask a pro! ;) I totally understand if you don't reply cuz you are a busy woman!!! peace ouuuuut  04.16.08 - 8:11am
Bartek - Thanks for the quick reply! I didn't realize you were using that Sunpak video light there (missed reading that). So now, do you only go below 1/100 with flash/video light? Or do you ever shoot this slow with just natural light? Also, why are you using that Sunpak? Is flash/lightdome not good for these situations for you?   04.16.08 - 7:49am
Jasmine* - @Bartek: Yes, I find myself shooting between 1/60 and 1/100 all the time! However this depends on my f-stop as well. I love the blurred backgrounds I get, but the flash will 'freeze' the subjects just nicely! Totally try it! :) @Donna&Cathy: My first suggestion for lens flare is: PRACTICE! :) Also, I never stand directly in front of my subjects is the sun is high. I also try to have something block the core of the sun and only let the rays shine through. Again, even on wedding days, I'm practicing with lens flare! :) @Caitlin: My iso is different for the Sunpak depending on the situation. Because I was so close to the bride during her prep shots, I kept it at 250.  04.16.08 - 7:33am
Bartek - One of your best weddings this year for sure, awesome work J*! Do you ever worry about shooting @ 1/60 - 1/100th? Cuz you have some really nice indoor shots at those settings!! I'm always scared I'll get soft/blurred shots. ;)  04.16.08 - 7:18am
Eric Stenger - Taeler and Dana, I am so sorry we couldn't make it out for the wedding and didn't even give the respect of calling you to let you know. Our kids are still in school, we are making it out the week after they get out of school. Awesome looking wedding and Congratulations. Hope to see you when we make it out. Enjoy the Honeymoon.   04.16.08 - 7:00am
Donna - I'm with Cathy on the lens flair. I always overdo it. Suggestions. ; )  04.16.08 - 5:39am
Bobbie - As usual, these pictures are nothing short of amazing! Gorgeous bride and groom, gorgeous day, I felt like I was there just looking at the pictures!  04.16.08 - 3:42am
Cathy Crawley - Gorgeous as always Jasmine. I am so jealous of your lens flair! I can never get it right :(  04.16.08 - 2:56am
New York City Wedding Photographer - Do you sleep??? peace, parris whittingham New York City Wedding Photography  04.16.08 - 1:52am
Je - I loooooooooooooooove the one on the golf cart. I adore light cirles.  04.15.08 - 10:11pm
Caitlin - Hey Jasmine! Another technical question - what kind of exposures are you getting, and what ISO do you use with the Sunpak light? I have a 40 watt video light and it seems really dim (I have to shoot at 1600 ISO and kind of low shutter to get a good exposure)...  04.15.08 - 10:11pm
Lucy Parilla - this looks like such a different shoot for you; a tad of vintage vibe and more photojournalistic images. got to say how much i enjoyed this wedding. just beautiful!  04.15.08 - 9:26pm
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography - i always, always love your dress shots, alway ;) and that b&w "high noonish" image uh, awesome!  04.15.08 - 8:23pm
Kent Hustead - Captivating as usual. The light was great and that story was a good one. She's got a good one. I especially like images 5 & 6. Ciao!  04.15.08 - 6:31pm
Kristie - Thanks so much for answering my lighting question. I'm also a HUGE fan of your is very inspiring. Keep it up. Happy late Birthday =-)   04.15.08 - 6:29pm
Melissa McClure - You are so awesome Jasmine! I'm excited you go to shoot at the Crossings....I havent seen it yet and its not too far from me :) Gorgeous couple too! love the engagement story!  04.15.08 - 6:25pm
Dede - Yay!!! I was so excited to see the pictures up already. You are wonderful and I love every picture! I know Taeler will be anxious to see! :-) Bridesmaid of Taeler  04.15.08 - 6:06pm
Alicia - i LOVE the start of wedding season on your blog!!!  04.15.08 - 6:02pm
Gena McMillan - These are wonderful as usual! Thanks for the info on the sunpak!!  04.15.08 - 6:01pm
Polka Dot Bride - Jasmine, never ever stop the stories! I love them! What a gorgeous wedding!  04.15.08 - 5:42pm
Nena - I ALWAYS love your slideshows and music!! Such a beautiful couple!  04.15.08 - 5:40pm
Meredith - I absolutely LOVE the shot of her climbing into her dress. And the risk-of-rattlesnake shot was worth it!  04.15.08 - 5:39pm
Amy - Jasmine, you are so awesome! You rocked this wedding and thanks so much for the lighting tips!  04.15.08 - 5:23pm
Brandy - Gorgeous couple - looks like such a fun wedding!  04.15.08 - 5:22pm
Joanna - Loved them! Great tip on the light. You just never know what situation you'll be in.   04.15.08 - 5:21pm
Jasmine* - Just to clarify, I used the Sunpak light during the bridal preparation. All the other daytime shots are natural light. And when I use the light, I balance my camera in my right hand and hold the light--elevated--in my left hand. It takes a little practice, but it's pretty cool. @Kristie: When there's natural light in a reception setting, I'll try using it. If you'd like more info regarding my reception lighting, just use the SEARCH icon in the upper right corner of the blog and type in FAQ. This will take you to entries regarding this subject! :)  04.15.08 - 5:07pm
Tira J - Hi Jasmine. You did so well with the light you had. Great shots and I love the rattlesnake comment. We will do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot! I have walked away with bruises beyond belief. You rock!  04.15.08 - 5:00pm
DrewB - You rocked it Jas! I love the dress shot and the yellow flowers! Love them!  04.15.08 - 4:59pm
Dennis - Wonderful light Jasmine!  04.15.08 - 4:55pm
gabriel.ryan. - i'm with kristie on the lighting thing... i just checked out the video light you used and saw how basic it is. did you use a reflector? or just use direct light from your video light? seriously, you rule!  04.15.08 - 4:45pm
Jennifer Yun - The 3rd BW photo makes me think of old school Hollywood glam photos! Great work as always... I'm a huge fan of what you do!  04.15.08 - 4:37pm
Kristie - So how do you use your light in that situation? Do you use all natural light at your receptions??  04.15.08 - 4:37pm
gabriel.ryan. - you rule the light!  04.15.08 - 4:35pm
kara pennington - These are great, Jasmine! Love the dress shot!  04.15.08 - 4:34pm
Akil Bennett - good thing you had that light huh? Thanks for the tip, I'm now going to go get a light because you never know when you're going to get caught off guard like that...great images as usual!  04.15.08 - 3:55pm