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Rainbows On My Feet

’m not really the type of girl who looks into things for deeper meanings. I don’t believe in palm readings or tarot cards, and try to enjoy life one day at a time. With the exception of Chinese fortune cookies, I take things at face value. Because, well, fortune cookies are AMAZING at predicting the future. No, really, they are…I’m expected to have a long life, receive a small fortune from an unnamed source, and cross paths will a long-lost friend in the next month or so. Like I said, fortune cookies are golden! ;)

Last Sunday after church, JD and I headed to San Diego with our good friends, David Jay and Crystal to meet up with a great group of photographers. We arrived early for dinner and though JD warned me about my four-inch heels that morning, I ignored his arched eyebrows and wore them anyway. As we walked along the cement sidewalks darting tourists, my feet were screaming. I hate when JD is right.

Just when I couldn’t take it anymore, we saw a Longs Drug Store and I darted in for some much needed relief. Squashed somewhere between the roasted peanuts and the seltzer water, I found an array of flip-flop sandals. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, I found these babies on sale for $1.99…

I know I mentioned not being into signs and wonders, but—really—if finding these fabulous shoes at a drug store isn’t indicative of good things in my future, I don’t know what is! I owned a pair just like these when I was about five-years-old and there’s nothing like wearing rainbows on your feet…it’s like a good day just waiting to happen! And in case anyone is wondering, I’m tempted to wear them to my wedding this weekend! ;)

In other non-banal news, I was interviewed by Natalie Norton of Digital Photography School in regard to creating a photoblog. She interviewed a group of photographers and assembled an AWESOME article with helpful advice. If you're interested, be sure to CLICK HERE to check it out! :)
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Mel Watson - OMG my mom so had flip flops like those when I was little... annnd as icing on the rainbow cake... she had the matching key chain! Ahh... I loved that mini flip flop that dangled from her key ring. It was tiny and cute like all good things are.  04.28.08 - 2:10am
kelly - OMG...I can SO remember wearing these when I was a kid...and how they always got a little more worn down on certain areas (i.e. rainbow had less layers)...So funny...:0 )  04.27.08 - 11:43pm
david & kimi b~ ohana photography - omg!!! i remember my mom used to wear those EVERYDAY!! wow, those bring back memories.   04.26.08 - 9:44am
joan solitario - that's is so cool! i would've never thought of it that way... rainbows on your feet... i love how you see the positive aspects of life! :-D I hope you're doing well Jasmine!  04.25.08 - 6:09pm
RodneyA - I used to have those as a kid! I think I'm gonna stop and pick up a pair for myself... I'm bringing these bad boys back in style, if they ever were!?  04.24.08 - 4:50pm
christina LeMarr - OMG TOTAL FLASH BACK!!  04.24.08 - 3:59pm
ryan - were you using any light on the first photo, they are all amazing!!  04.24.08 - 3:39pm
jackie l - oh man DPS is where I first began learning about my camera settings! oh, and those shoes are stellar!   04.24.08 - 3:37pm
Dawn - I had a pair of those as a kid too! I recognized them as soon as I saw the photo! Ahh, the memories.  04.24.08 - 3:17pm
Stacy Cross - Sooo rad!  04.24.08 - 1:22pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Shutup! I had shoes like that as a little girl! :-)  04.24.08 - 1:14pm
Leslie - Beautiful Work! Your wedding photos make me want to run outside with my camera and put my kids in antique dresses! Thanks for the inspiration!  04.24.08 - 11:48am
Photography By Shay - I have flipflops JUST like that when I was a kid. Ahhh, summer. gotta love the flops!  04.24.08 - 11:01am
Jen Weaver Photography - Jasmine, I had a pair just like that. What a way to bring back wonderful memories for me! :)  04.24.08 - 10:33am
SarahTolson - Those are just stinkin' rad!!   04.24.08 - 9:58am
Erika - What I want to know is, are there any cute heels that ARE comfortable!? I'm tempted to wear birkenstocks at my weddings! :)  04.24.08 - 9:26am
New York City Wedding Photographer - I love fortune cookies too! I used to save them. Then again....I used to eat a lot more Chinese food. Truthfully, since coming back from China, things done changed. The US Chinese just does;t do it for me :( Loving the shoes. I love it that you can admit that JD was right. Us guys try to help you ladies out more than you may think. I promise its not a big conspiracy to control your lives. After all, I am sure JD has a whole lot of food on his plate as it is. All the best! Parris Whittingham  04.24.08 - 9:05am
inga - Those shoes are cute, and they look so comfy!  04.24.08 - 8:57am
Sundee - OMG! I also had a pair just like those growing up! That photo brought back tons of memories.What a great find.   04.24.08 - 8:52am
lori davis - Wow, what an awesome shot! Field of depth on a pair of sandals, who woulda thunk? Oh, and Natalie Norton's article rocks too!  04.24.08 - 8:33am
Melissa Powell - Don't you hate it when boys are right about our shoes?? But they are just so darned cute, I don't care if my feet hurt (as long as you can buy cute flip flops like those! yay! more shoes!!)  04.24.08 - 7:38am
Natarsha - I love those flip flops...I remember having a pair when I was younger.  04.24.08 - 5:38am
j.ro - i love this post. i have a big smile on my face!  04.24.08 - 4:59am
shelia - NO WAY!!! I havent seen these babies in a looooooong time!! Love it!  04.24.08 - 4:54am
Kelly - Hey Jasmine! Awesome slippers!!!! I had several pairs when I was growing up...gotta LOVE Longs!   04.23.08 - 11:56pm
carrie@urbanbaby - yah baby...rainbow flip-flops and OP shorts. those were the days. oh, you could TOTALLY work that look!! xo  04.23.08 - 10:28pm
Alicia - You'd be a total hit if you wore them to my wedding. My family loves them some flip-flops!  04.23.08 - 9:34pm
Jenny G - beautiful... just beautiful work. I love the wedding gown, who is the designer? Rattlesnakes?? I would have peed my pants.  04.23.08 - 9:09pm
Amy Martin - I had those too! I think it's a generational thing :)   04.23.08 - 8:59pm
heather - If only they could find a way to make those slippers not turn your feet all black! I heart rainbow flip flops!  04.23.08 - 8:56pm
Gena McMillan - Those are awesome. I think I had a pair similar to those also when I was younger. I don't see how you can walk in 4 inch heels. I can barely handle 3/4 of inch!  04.23.08 - 8:51pm
karen Ard - I remember wearing these with my dolphin short-shorts and light blue satin jacket! I was soooooo coooollllll!!!!!!!!  04.23.08 - 8:43pm
Araxi - Tomorrow every Long's Drug Store is going to wonder why on earth they suddenly sold out of their rainbow flip flops lol. You have taken many of us for a stroll down memory lane. I didnt do the rainbow flip flops though I opted for the ever fabulous huaraches. lol   04.23.08 - 8:23pm
Caitlin Domanico Photography - I had these too:)  04.23.08 - 8:12pm
Ashley - When I read the title I thought you meant rainbow brand sandals! Looks like these are equally comfortable and I say you wear them to the wedding!  04.23.08 - 8:04pm
Ricci - loves 'em! hi again! ;)  04.23.08 - 7:58pm
rikka - I can't think of a single wedding I've shot where I didn't end up in flip flops. I mean, after a while the entire wedding party is barefoot anyhow and if you can't beat em, JOIN EM!   04.23.08 - 7:55pm
Ardis W. - Oh my gosh, those bring back soooo many memories..why can't they have a Long's Drug here in UT??? I loved the way you photographed them too..I'm thinking you and Natalie Norton will be my new "addictions"..I love looking at beautiful pics...especia