04.24.08 Anytime

Tracy and Alex : Anytime

They were friends. Since high school.

Alex and Tracy saw each other in the light of friendship and often enjoyed each other’s company. Just before graduation—at the ripe age of 17—Tracy enlisted in the Army, promising her allegiance to the United States of America during the height of the war in Iraq. Alex promised to stay in touch while Tracy was abroad, and he did.

While Tracy was stationed in Europe, Alex thought a visit to his friend was just what she needed…a slice of home on a different continent. Then something changed: Friendship, devotion, and care melted into unadulterated love. When Alex returned to the US, he knew something was different and realized a part of his heart was left in the pocket of Tracy’s Army fatigues.

Last week, as Tracy deboarded a civilian plane on a three-week holiday from her role as sergeant, Alex nervously waited for her…because, in addition to having a piece of her heart, he clutched a diamond engagement ring in pocket. Tracy said YES and though she’ll return to her responsibilities serving America abroad, Tracy’s allegiance is happily divided between her country and future husband.

I was SO honored to photograph Alex and Tracy! Alex called me a while ago and shared his proposal plans with me, so I was happy to photograph them less than a week of being engaged! The wedding isn’t for a while—as Tracy will return abroad and finish her duty of service—but I know they’ll begin this journey happily.

I don't know what exactly was going on in his picture, but I think it had something to do with Alex questioning Tracy's toughness...

...Which later prompted Tracy challenging Alex to push-ups! :)

Probably my favs from the session...

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Peter Merry - Jasmine...I just met with Alex yesterday to talk about their wedding plans. Tracy bought my book on Amazon and then e-mailed me...and imagine my delighted surprise when Alex told me that you were their photographer! Hopefully we'll be working together for Alex and Tracy next fall. Thanks to your blog...I just got my first peek at how cute Tracy is...Alex...LUCKY!  09.04.08 - 3:19pm
risa west - love love love the shot of her red shoes...and then the shot of their feet with her cute toe nail polish   07.27.08 - 8:06pm
Patti Livingston - This story, besides being explosively heart-stopping, is a totally accurate portrate of a stunning couple who shimmer and shine with their love and goodness. I know! Tracy is my granddaughter!  04.28.08 - 10:33am
hewlettchew - >.< these pictures of yours are so nice and sweet... they're great! =D I've got lots to learn...  04.27.08 - 4:16am
Papi - Jasmine, I taught you well. Take care of our troops. Papi, United States Marine Corps, 1969-1973. Semper Fi!!!  04.26.08 - 5:21pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - I love this story! The first image is so sweet! I am working with a couple and the groom is from West excited. Thanks for sharing these awesome pics Jasmine.  04.26.08 - 12:11pm
Rachel Brooke - Beautiful light on the beaches in SoCal! It's neat how the pictures of their feet can make you so curious about whats going on above them.  04.26.08 - 9:18am
dean ray - had to cme back and tell both Tracy and Alex,THANK TOU for my fredom! Tracy you are a very special person! My prayers are with you.   04.26.08 - 8:56am
dean ray - you go girl, love this shoot. love the sun flair! Your images puts the viewer there! I think i got my feet wet:) come c me @  04.26.08 - 8:51am
ksen :) - i don't know this couple but these images truly exude their fun personalities & love towards each other -- awesome work j*! ;)  04.26.08 - 3:34am
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography - love love love the push-ups on the beach! the red is pure awesome!! gotta love red heels!  04.25.08 - 11:35pm
amelia Lyon - Great sesh girlie!!!! and I LOVE her red heals!  04.25.08 - 11:22pm
Cathy Crawley - I am a sucker for a good military love story, especially since my husband proposed on national tv when he came home from Iraq. I hope Alex and Tracy have a wonderful life together!  04.25.08 - 9:37pm
Morgan Roof - hi jasmine! beautiful couple, super hot shoes, amazingly-talented photographer - perfection! :)   04.25.08 - 9:00pm
Tracy and Alex - Jasmine, you didn't lie! You made us look HOT! Hehehe. We loved working with you, too. Thank you! Thank you! And BIG thanks to everyone for thanking me. It's my pleasure ... but I'm ready to be home with my new fiance. (:  04.25.08 - 7:48pm
ruby rideout - i like the way you told their story, so sweet. the images are beautiful~  04.25.08 - 2:55pm
Diana Dellos - love these; love the carefree feelings; I can feel the emotion; very nice!  04.25.08 - 1:12pm
Alicia - That story is sooooo romantical! Great red shoes too! And am I the only one that thinks she resembles Michelle Williams in some of these pics?  04.25.08 - 12:23pm
Fabiano - I like the thing she does with her feet, kinda closing in the front...  04.25.08 - 11:11am
Paul Price - Love the shots Jasmine...By the way...Your it...  04.25.08 - 10:28am
Photography By Shay - *sigh* Jasmine - I officially love you. The pics are absolutely beautiful!   04.25.08 - 8:43am
Kari - I love your style! I've been viewing your work for a bit and was touched by this couples story; my brother is a marine. You do an awesome job of providing the emotion in your text to connect your viewers to the images which is so important. I love her red high heels! My fav shot!  04.25.08 - 8:06am
christine - hi jasmine! i usually just stalk your blog (i'm not a bride or a photographer), but i just wanted to say how much i like this session. simply beautiful!  04.25.08 - 7:56am
cathy - smokin' hot, girl! I loved hearing their story. so sweet.  04.25.08 - 7:53am
Laurie - This is my first comment on your blog...I am a secret stalker ;) but LOVE your work! I have to tell you I met shyla for the first time this week in chicago and thought you may actually be triplets not just twins!  04.25.08 - 7:20am
Gena McMillan - How adorable are they?!?! I love her red shoes! **Tracy Thank you for having the courage to defend our country. I can never thank any of you fighting for us enough** And BEAUTIFUL PICTURES J*!! :o)  04.25.08 - 7:15am
Cynthia - Jasmine beautiful pictures....and Tracy THANK YOU, THANK YOU for fighting on our behalf, THANK YOU for fighting for me. =)  04.25.08 - 6:23am
Ginger - LOVE these.  04.25.08 - 12:56am
B - They are so adorable, the song for the slideshow is aptly perfect for the story, and I'm grateful for Tracy defending our country.   04.24.08 - 7:36pm
Mike Allebach - Are you using a reflector in the first 2 photos? Whats the catchlight?  04.24.08 - 7:26pm
stephanie McBride - what a great story. i love that you share what you know about the couple. its makes it more meaningful to look at the pictures. this shoot you captured so much emotion. LOVED it.   04.24.08 - 6:21pm
jenniferL - great story and awesome shots!  04.24.08 - 5:24pm
Kristin - Jasmine, I totaly remember you taking these shots on the beach! It was great to stalk you in person as you showed up where me and my family were haivng beach time. I loved it and I love the images! You are so sweet.   04.24.08 - 5:21pm
Jeanette - What a beautiful story!! Thank you Tracy for your service & dedication to our country!!   04.24.08 - 4:49pm
Meredith - First, thank you to Tracy and Alex for their sacrifices, may she arrive safely home in Alex's arms soon! Another fun session Jasmine, I love the slideshow as always... I think I'm finally convinced to buy the software!   04.24.08 - 3:39pm
Korey - So beautiful, Jasmine!! And is it just me or is Tracy the most beautiful person in the history of the Army?!  04.24.08 - 3:18pm
kymberli q. - Awesome story! And thank you for serving our country, Tracy. God Bless You.  04.24.08 - 3:08pm
mark Brooke - awesome shoot! I love her shoes!!! -candice  04.24.08 - 2:52pm
Caitlin - Hey Jasmine! Awesome pics, as usual :) I have a question for ya - how do you get your "Slideshows" folder to be restricted access on your website? Is that something I can do or do I have to have my web hosting service do it? Thanks!  04.24.08 - 2:36pm
Nena - I l.o.v.e. the photo of Tracy laying on the bride in the slideshow...I really like your slideshows!  04.24.08 - 2:14pm
Rachel Dallaire - Beautiful photos. Love the flare.  04.24.08 - 2:13pm
Jenn Best - Beautiful Jasmine! Is #2 of Tracy taken with your 50 1.2? I'm wanting this lens and that shot sure sells it or whatever lens that is is. Thanks for sharing.  04.24.08 - 2:10pm
Erin - oh wow! that story is wonderful and those pictures are stunning. love the one of the red shoes on the bridge. you did a phenomenal job of capturing their story!  04.24.08 - 2:03pm
DrewB - What an awesome story! And of course the pictures rock!  04.24.08 - 1:44pm
Natalie Norton - That is the most WONDERFUL story. Beautiful story. Beautiful couple. Beautiful work Jasmine.  04.24.08 - 1:26pm
tish - He has the look of love all over his face! And she is so cute! Beautiful photos to capture a beautiful love story!  04.24.08 - 1:19pm
Tiffany - love the picture on the shoes!  04.24.08 - 1:13pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Such a cute couple (and those red shoes are HOT!). I love their story. Tracy, thank you for your service to our country! (I don't know who won the push-up contest, but I think you are a winner)  04.24.08 - 1:11pm
jess@studio3z - beautiful story, beautiful couple. what a fun session!  04.24.08 - 1:10pm
Melissa Koehler - What a story! They seem so happy together! I love it! Thank you for your service Tracy!!!  04.24.08 - 1:09pm
Erin Youngren - I definitely teared up reading their story.... What brave souls - one to fight for us and one to fight for her!  04.24.08 - 12:54pm
Courteney Miller - These are beautiful images Jasmine and as Dawn said to Tracy...Thank you for defending the great USA and come home safe! God Bless!  04.24.08 - 12:44pm
Amy - What an awesome couple! #3 is my fav!  04.24.08 - 12:42pm
Dawn - You have the best way with words....and your photos are great! **Tracy-thank you for protecting our country, come back safe**  04.24.08 - 12:27pm
Melissa McClure - Your story just warmed my heart. And you photos are amazing as usual. I think your favs are mine as well.   04.24.08 - 12:22pm