Christine and Noland : Wedding

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hey wrote letters to each other to be read and heard for the first time during the wedding ceremony. As destiny would design it, both Noland and Christine wrote letters that were mirrors of each other. They remember going to senior prom together—Christine in her bedazzled, baby blue dress, and Noland in white polyester pants—and how their paths parted shortly after high school.

Noland still thought of Christine, and she still thought of him.

Then, on New Year’s Eve many years later—amongst thousands of people at a Paramount Studios Party—they saw each other from a distance and made contact. Emotional, physical, mental. They fell in love via late-night phone calls and realized the kids who went to prom together were tucked away in memory’s dusty lockers were just wishing to emerge.

This past weekend at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Noland and Christine read their letters aloud during their gorgeous wedding ceremony. No longer wearing prom attire, they still looked stunning standing next to each other and promising an eternity of devotion.

Noland and Christine (my pal!)…thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I think the world of you both and I wish you nothing but love, joy and happiness together! You’re on your way to Maui right now, so be sure to ride a sea turtle, eat shaved ice, and kiss under a waterfall for me! Love and Appreciation…j*

Christine and Noland opted for a First Look, so we were fortunate to photograph in beautiful light and have plenty of time for pictures with just the bride and nice! :)

Nolan is a total jokester...this is a very good depiction of their relationship!! ;)

A special thanks to Lei-Ann of Happy Flowers for all the florals...

Just after being announced as Husband and Wife...

To view more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

A special thanks to Trista for second shooting for me! :)

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Phyllis V. Broyles - These photos should be in all Bridal Magazines under"PERFECT WEDDING COUPLE" they are lovely, the photos just capture the true feeling and lovein their hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  05.23.08 - 11:27am
Christine Nelson - I am in L-O-V-E with this couple and the that biased ; )!!! Jasmine, these are truly emotional and tug on my the heart in ways I cannot begin to express! You are THE BEST wedding moment capturer of all times! Much love - Christine  05.15.08 - 9:29pm
jakessia - thats a nice wedding  05.15.08 - 12:51pm
Heather - Oh my they look beautiful! I love all the outside shots! The wide tree pic is amazing and I can't wait for my turn in June!  05.03.08 - 8:39am
KARIE - Jasmine, your work is AMAZING! I love the crisp look of ALL your images. They are great! I also love the shot of the ceremony under the tree! Absolutely gorgeous!  05.02.08 - 4:46pm
Gina Marie - What a gorgeous and unique ceremony set up, seems to fit the uniqueness of the couple that you captured! The wide angle under the huge tree is my fav!   05.02.08 - 3:15am
IGOR POGODAYEV - What a great images, you are doing so good. What is your secret to such a great images?  05.01.08 - 7:47am
sarah - GREAT photos, thanks for sharing....... Wondering if you used flash or natural lighting on these wedding shots??!! Obviously the reception is w. flash , but what about the outside shots????   04.30.08 - 10:44pm
Monica from IMJ - Love #5. The light is so smooth and gorgeous!  04.30.08 - 6:09pm
inga - I wish I lived in your area because I sure would have been that model you needed! Hmph!! Ok, these photos and scenery were BREATH TAKING!  04.30.08 - 7:57am
DrewB - Don't you LOVE Calamigos? The shots with the ferris wheel are my favorite!  04.29.08 - 7:44pm
dean ray - hey lady, you nailed these for sure. Awesome wedding! You just have it going on! Love your eye for detail. "A moment in time"  04.29.08 - 6:38pm
sean flanigan - looking good j  04.29.08 - 3:27pm
Trista - Hey Jas! I had such much fun shooting with you..thanks so much for asking me to come along! These pictures are GORGEOUS!   04.29.08 - 2:14pm
Stacy Cross - Hey Jasmine! These are really lovely! I love their dancing pictures - so precious!  04.29.08 - 2:07pm
Nena - I loved this wedding so much! And I really like your slideshows so much! Thanks for posting them.  04.29.08 - 11:58am
marlene - wow, you really did a great job of capturing all the details! and her eyes are gorrrrrgeous! J* never disappoints :)   04.29.08 - 11:46am
Bianca - Great shoot! She looks like Barbie in the shot under the archway =]  04.29.08 - 11:20am
jessica m - Wowzers!! These images are absolutely breath taking!!! What an amazing location for a wedding!! You rock girl!  04.29.08 - 11:17am
Danielle Reedy - I love all of the emotion you captured. You can feel their love spilling through the photos.  04.29.08 - 11:16am
Dustin Francis - By far one of my favorites of yours in a while! Classy, fun, and moody all at the same time! Thanks for the inspiration!  04.29.08 - 11:11am
Simply Modern Weddings - oooh pretty!  04.29.08 - 11:08am
Navy Sou - I agree with Tanya! You are my daily inspiration...  04.29.08 - 10:46am
Tanya - Stunning work! I've been a lurch on your blog for awhile. I'm truly inspired by your photography!   04.29.08 - 10:36am
Alicia - LOVE! My fave is #15, where she looks like she's saying her vows and has tears in her eyes. That's beautiful.  04.29.08 - 9:50am
Jeff Youngren - The shot of Christine under that archway is breathtaking!!! Love it!!! :)  04.29.08 - 9:38am
Donna - This one gave me goosebumps. Hot beach couple turned the romance knob ALL the way up. Congrats to all!  04.29.08 - 8:46am
Jon Morton - I like I like... WOW what a gorgeous location for a wedding. The full shot with the tree behind them is by far my favorite!! Jon  04.29.08 - 8:32am
Jen Mabray - Hey Jasmine!!! Beautiful! I am tooootally in love with your work... you are absolutely amazing and super inspiring!!! So, I was still thinking about the 50 1.4, but I have to say your pics, over the last few posts, have convinced me of the 1.2 instead. How close to the subject are you able to get before the camera will not focus? ~ jen :)  04.29.08 - 8:01am
Charmarie - They look fantastic, I think you captured them very well. Their attitude shines through on all levels.   04.29.08 - 7:52am
Anne - Great lighting and images of the Bride!   04.29.08 - 7:41am
Cynthia Q. - SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! WOW!!!!!  04.29.08 - 7:39am
Katie Beverley - Absolutely gorgeous, Jasmine!  04.29.08 - 6:43am
Erika Lais Photo Blog - Hi J*!!!!!!!! What a beatiful light in the 4th shot!! amazing!!! I loved!!!! Tell us your secrets to get this lightening!!!!!!!!!!  04.29.08 - 5:22am
Rachel Dallaire - Beautiful, beautiful pictures. That location was amazing! I love the big tree. So breathtaking. As always, you did an amazing job.  04.28.08 - 10:14pm
~abi~ - phenomenal use of light!  04.28.08 - 10:14pm
Rachel Brooke - I remember this couple's engagement....the sexy one on the beach and IN the beach! You captured their personalities beautifully. I'm with Matthew are in top 10, hands down!  04.28.08 - 9:07pm
Akil Bennett - The backlit portrait of the bide is sweet! You sure know how to work the light :)  04.28.08 - 8:58pm
Danielle - What lighting was used in the dance shots? They look amazing as always. I hope to be as half as good as you one day!  04.28.08 - 8:27pm
ben & laura harrison - beautiful weddings and a beautiful couple ... what more could you ask for! awesome :)  04.28.08 - 7:53pm
Alyssa Lang - Gorgeous s always! Love the full wedding party shot under the tree!  04.28.08 - 7:47pm
Nicole Mc - Jasmine, it has been so thrilling watching your photography style develop. I've read your blog for awhile and i've just found you to be so inspirational!! This was your best yet! You as a person, your writing and your talent are quite a package!! :) (By the way to the couple, your wedding is amazing!!)  04.28.08 - 7:34pm
Fabiano - i like your details shots a lot. very inspiring.  04.28.08 - 7:15pm
Matthew Saville - !!!Beautiful!!! Jasmine, $20 says you'll be in that top ten list with Jessica next year! Okay I'm not really a betting man, but seriously! This wedding is stunning... =Matt=  04.28.08 - 6:51pm
Kristin - A-mazing! Serisouly, I love these.  04.28.08 - 6:40pm
Amy - Love love love that B/W tree shot!  04.28.08 - 6:20pm
kymberli q. - I'm with Gabriel. Best wedding photographer EVER. You rock. The images are beautiful!  04.28.08 - 5:38pm
gabriel.ryan. - i totally remember christine & noland's engagement shoot... and so stoked to see their wedding photos. my vote... jasmine star=best wedding photographer.  04.28.08 - 4:51pm
Julia Williams - Simply gorgeous! I especially love the dress and flower shots, and the little pic of the flower girl eating (a cookie? cracker? whatever, its still cute). I'm shooting a wedding there this summer for the first time, can't wait now!  04.28.08 - 4:50pm
kmt808 - wow...what a beautiful location!  04.28.08 - 4:32pm
joan solitario - i wish i knew you for my wedding :-D... maybe for my golden anniversary renewal of vows... in like 45 more years heheh  04.28.08 - 4:27pm
Mark Zemnick - I envy you. The wedding couple picked a beautiful location for the ceremony. Excellent Photo Location. Beautiful Photographs. I am rather surprised that you were not selected for the TOP 10 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER from the American Photo Magazine. I think that you create a lot better wedding photos than most of those other photographers selected except Jessica Claire. Thank you for letting us see your photographs.  04.28.08 - 4:08pm
Jasmine* - Yay! Thanks friends for the kind words...but--as I've said many times before--all credit is given to my amazing clients. They're awesome!! :) @Carly: Yup! I shot over 80% of the entire wedding with the 1.2 ALONE! LOVE IT! @Jason: Good catch! Thanks for having my back...I changed it! :) @Donavan: Oh yeah! I used the lens almost all day! @Ksen: Girl, do you know how much I like you?!? ;) Thanks for the head's up...the link should be working now! :)  04.28.08 - 4:00pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - Hey Jasmine. These are my favorite images from all of your weddings. I love the range of styles that you brought to this wedding. Peace Parris Whittingham.  04.28.08 - 3:58pm
Suwanee - These photos are amazing, love the light Jasmine! My fav. is the wide shot under the tree---WOW!!  04.28.08 - 3:33pm
Meg - Mmmm.. shaved ice.....  04.28.08 - 3:25pm
Cathy Crawley - OMG, that was a beautiful wedding! I absolutely love the shots under the tree, what a stunning place to get married.   04.28.08 - 3:25pm
Yolanda Williams - Simply FAB! I love the tree shot! You're a total inspiration to me (serioulsy)   04.28.08 - 3:23pm
cassandra m - I remember these guys...WOW, they look amazing and your pics captured everything perfectly. STUNNING light in the 5th pic...WOW...oh WOW!  04.28.08 - 3:19pm
kelly - the locations are amazing!!! i want to get married underneath a sparklin' tree...  04.28.08 - 3:13pm
Carly McCray - What a stunning wedding!! Looks like the new 50mm 1.2 was in effect :) I love these!  04.28.08 - 2:45pm
ricki ford - Beautiful Jasmine I remember the e-session of this awesome couple.  04.28.08 - 2:36pm
Jason - Very beautiful wedding shots Jasmine. The bokeh in some of those shots must have come from your 50 1.2! Quick're looking for a model on May 1st, correct?! You have April 1st. Blessings to you....  04.28.08 - 2:30pm
joyful weddings and events - Beautiful!!   04.28.08 - 2:20pm
Donavan Freberg - These are gorgelicious! Did you use your new 50mm 1.2 for some of these?  04.28.08 - 2:20pm
ksen - LOOOOOVE, love, love! the couple, the colors, the overall feeling -- just wonderful. :) (ps. tried to click on the slideshow & it said it wasn't available...?! just thought i would let you know)  04.28.08 - 2:12pm