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Happy Mother's Day!

ast night over dinner I heard a six-year-old boy crying as if someone had poked out his eyeballs with toothpicks. With his lips turned south, tears streamed down his face and he cried with such vigor I was reminded of the Spanish soap operas my grandmother used to watch when I was a child. Those Mexican actresses can cry so dramatically the camera appears to be shaking with their violent sobs.

The mother, in demure grace, ignored her child and conversed with her husband as if on a private date. She acted as if the room was silent and life was gorgeous. The world was black and it was just them.

Mothers. They are such a force of nature. They are a simultaneous blend of actress, coach, referee, teammate, lover, chef, chauffer, banker, nurse, and friend. I happen to be blessed with one of the best mothers IN THE WORLD and—while I make no qualms being undeserving such a fabulous chromosome donator—I am incredibly thankful for the impact she’s had on my life.

Mom, I love you. These simple words can’t really convey how I feel or what I want to say, but until I can find a better way of saying it, they will have to do. Thank you for never, ever thinking of yourself first, slicing your heart and pining it to my sleeve, and using your soft lips to remind me just how special I am. I love you.

**And in case anyone is wondering WHY IN THE WORLD we would take our mother to a restaurant that looks like it belongs in a neighborhood where drive-bys are an hourly occurrence, it was HER choice! We told her she could choose any restaurant to spend her afternoon and she chose a ghetto fabulous restaurant where her children spent their childhood. We kinda thought she was crazy, but it was such a great afternoon!**
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ruby rideout - your post brought tears to my eyes when you thanked mom for pinning a piece of her heart to your sleeve...such beautiful words. then i died laughing when you said ghetto fabuolous restaurant at the end. :)  05.17.08 - 5:15pm
karen - hi jaz! hmm, looks like LP Durangos??? :)   05.16.08 - 2:40pm
Kelley Lee Gin - The new BLOG looks great. I love it. Though we never met, I want to let you know that you are a talented photog! I love the fact that your mom wanted to lunch at a ghetto fab place. My family ate pizza and watched the Lakers game! KLG  05.15.08 - 8:07pm
Lynn - What a beautiful family! Are you and your sis mirror image identicals? Your mother is absolutely gorgeous and I can see where her children get their looks. Me gusta Mexico y me gusta comida mexicana tambíen. Good choice your mother made with the restraunt.  05.14.08 - 11:32am
cassandra m - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Jasmine's Mom. I know you are so proud of all your children....what great hearts they have. love & prayers...  05.12.08 - 8:08pm
inga - you have such a beautiful family..  05.12.08 - 6:03pm
Regina White - OH! Yeah Ghetto Fab comida joints are the happen-in places to eat. We don't have our lushious bodies for nothing. I rather eat a fatty hearty meal while doggin bullets anytime! =) Okay not really but I do love a great hole in the wall platt of comida anytime.   05.12.08 - 9:45am
Jane Lok - Ghetto fabulous restaurants are, by far, the BEST restaurants. ;)  05.12.08 - 8:54am
Frances - I love your new blog! It is simple, clean, and elegant. Good job!  05.12.08 - 8:46am
heather - happy Mother's Day!  05.12.08 - 6:44am
wac - what a beautiful family  05.12.08 - 6:14am
ricki ford - look at this it rocks love this new blog. can I ask where you got it done? mothers are the greatest. happy mothers day to you mom shes beautiful.  05.12.08 - 5:20am
Tanya Perez - Happy Mother's day to your momma! I know what it's like to have a mom like yours. I always feel so undeserving but always blessed! You guys are a beautiful family.   05.12.08 - 5:15am
karen - What a blessing to share this day with your Mother. PS: Which twin is you?  05.12.08 - 4:48am
Navy Sou - Aw! Great genes! Hey. It's officially Monday! Anxious to see what you have in store for today...:D  05.12.08 - 12:12am
Catlin Humes - Awesome mothers are such an inspiration. Glad you have one to look up to!  05.12.08 - 12:06am
kaylah Perez (zoe's friend ) - awwwwwwwww how cute you guyz look like the perfect family   05.11.08 - 11:10pm
Tira J - Millie Rocks! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother Jasmine! Our mothers are our rocks with hearts of gold. They prove to us that life is worth the fight in good times and bad.   05.11.08 - 9:50pm
Liza Roberson - What a beautiful post! Your mother and yourself must be real close! What a wonderful bond to share! Also, I must agree with Paul...those kind of restaurants are the best! ;)  05.11.08 - 9:48pm
Cathy Crawley - You are so sweet Jasmine! (sorry if this posted twice) :)  05.11.08 - 9:11pm
Paul Kremer - Aw, come on! Everyone knows that's where the best restaurants are! :) Looks like a fun time!  05.11.08 - 9:08pm
Dennis Urbiztondo - What a beautiful family you are really blessed.  05.11.08 - 9:07pm