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know this goes without saying, but in case you haven’t noticed, I HAVE A NEW BLOG! I realize it may seem strange to have gone through three blog designs without ever touching my website, but my business wouldn’t be half of what it is today without my little bloggity blog. What started as an online journal to document life’s ups and downs has morphed into an awesome mix of portfolio, diary, scrapbook, and personal photo album. I LOVE it!

This project has been a labor of love and I am truly indebted to some amazing people. Firstly, I need to thank JD and Bianca for offer truthful criticism and ideas (you guys, even though I pouted and pretended to ignore you, I appreciate your candor and honesty!). Secondly, I want to thank the ever-amazing Jessica Claire for taking the rotating pictures in the masthead. Thirdly, I need to thank the dynamic duo from Infinet Design, Brock Martin and Dave Warfel, for working tirelessly on this new blog. These gentlemen were simply the BEST people to work with and they took my fragmented ideas and made them way, way cooler! Love them!

As you can also see, I have a new logo and brand!! I can’t wait to debut my new website (coming soon!) and so many other cool projects in the works! Thank you—my blog readers and friends—for taking time out of your busy lives to stop by and spread a little cyber lovin’!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has left comments of support and encouragement!! It means a lot and y'all really made my day! And a special shout out to all my unveiled Blog Stalkers! See how fun it is once you leave a comment and we're friends?! I hope to see more you around these here parts! ;)
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MelissaB - Absolutely fabulous!! It is so you - the magazine template...perfect for your obsessions with cutting out pics for new ideas and the crisp BW logo is great. Nice work - can't wait to see more!!   05.21.08 - 7:22am
robbie - hi jasmine, i love your new blog. i am sorry not to have been by in a while. thank you for the comment on my kenyon pictures. the unabridged version is at my blog if you care to stop by. best to you, r.  05.20.08 - 6:40pm
Rachael - Love the new blog. You take amazing pictures and I love getting to know you through the things you share on your blog.   05.18.08 - 9:40pm
Simply Modern Weddings - I am soooooo diggin the new look! Your new cards rock as well!   05.15.08 - 10:41pm
Lindsey - I LOVE the new look, how exciting for you!!   05.15.08 - 12:01pm
Fabiano - I loved the new blog idea. the design is amazing and im sure i did never see something like this...very cool.  05.15.08 - 5:26am
rustin cerveny - I love your new logo and branding! Keep up the awesome work.  05.14.08 - 6:19pm
Jodi Friedman - I love you blog and your photography.  05.14.08 - 2:25pm
Ryan Takuma - Awesome site Jasmine. Can't wait to read your posts.   05.14.08 - 10:02am
Vishal - Love your photos and your website. I am was one of the unveiled blog stalkers :) revealing myself. Thanks to people like you who have inspired a whole new batch of upcoming photographers. You guys( Jessica Claire, Becker, Joe Photo) are like celebrities in the photography world. And best of all you guys share the knowledge and experiences with everyone else in the online world. So just wanted to say thank you.   05.14.08 - 9:28am
Natarsha - I LOVE the new blog! I am so excited about what God is doing in your life! Be blessed!  05.14.08 - 5:31am
Tara O'Leary - Well you unearthed me as the blogstalker and always envious but never commenter but now as Iv seen your beautiful new blog, I had to comment! Your photography and down to earth personality on the blog inspires me, the young photographers out there! Only 19, but seeing how far youäve come, make me dream big too! Thank you and amazing new blog!  05.13.08 - 7:51pm
Chantal - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog!! WOW! So cool! Congrats!! xoxo  05.13.08 - 6:48pm
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography - hope our new blog comes out half as killer as yours!!! love love LOVE it!!  05.13.08 - 4:56pm
christina LeMarr - LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!  05.13.08 - 4:24pm
Scarlett Lillian - Wowzers, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new magazine style layout! So cool and unique and YOU!  05.13.08 - 3:00pm
Jessi - Blog stalker popping into say hello!! I had to do a double take when I came to visit! Looks great!  05.13.08 - 2:59pm
C Irwin - As a huge Molly Shannon fan, I can't help but say "I love it, I love it, I love it!" Gorgeous, and it seems to suit you so perfectly, as a writer and a photographer.  05.13.08 - 12:53pm
Shannon Post - Not to be a follower, but I love it! Very fresh and new - haven't seen anything like it. Great job to all and I love the photos JC took of you!  05.13.08 - 12:43pm
Jen Mabray - New blog looks KILLER!! love it! Very chic!  05.13.08 - 12:03pm
Rodolfo Arpia - Love the new magazine... I mean, blog!  05.13.08 - 11:35am
His4Ever - This Blog looks so cool! I like it a lot!  05.13.08 - 11:14am
leah g - I love the new look. Don't get me wrong, the old blog was amazing, too, but this one is really different and cool. As a magazine junkie, I love that effect.  05.13.08 - 9:30am
Charmarie - I love it!!  05.13.08 - 9:26am
MattDJ - Too funny! At first I thought "now what are the chances of someone else having the name 'Jasmine Star' and even use the art element of the J* as their logo?!?!" Ok, that's my dummy moment for the day! :-)  05.13.08 - 9:04am
Tracy Vogel - Hey Jasmine, love the new look! Very fun and very fitting to just fits your style of talk, info, and work. One question, I noticed that "FAQ's" wasn't in the categories anymore, I loved that section when you'd talk about gear or style or how you got a certain shot...? Is it there somewhere and I'm just missing or is it gone forever. : (   05.13.08 - 8:37am
Erika Lais Photo Blog - So ORIGINAL!!!! I'm trying turn the magazine's pages to find anything else ... kkkkkkk!!!!!!!! I'm sure that you will be a book writer soon ... Congrats!!!! and thanks for be so inspirating!!!!!  05.13.08 - 7:59am
Tiffany - I know i've already commented but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rotating pictures! Can't get enough of them! You look amazing!  05.13.08 - 7:59am
alejandra Sura - Sweet blog for a sweet girl! Love it!!!   05.13.08 - 7:50am
Rachel Barker - This is definitely one of the most original blog designs I've seen in a while. Amazing! Great work as always.  05.13.08 - 7:31am
jeanette sanchez - Love the new blog's totally you jasmine!  05.13.08 - 7:07am
Apresh - Love the new blog Jasmine. Your work rocks! Apresh   05.13.08 - 6:51am
Ashley B - I *love*love*love* your new look!!! So fresh... thanks so much for posting so inspiring to me..........  05.13.08 - 6:42am
Amelie - Congrats on your new blog design !! It looks awesome and so original .. and so you, too !   05.13.08 - 4:55am
cathy - GORGEOUS! I love it!  05.13.08 - 3:52am
Natalie Norton - Congrats Jasmine! I am IN LOVE with the new logo. IN.LOVE.  05.13.08 - 3:04am
David B. Hoffman - Much Blog Love!!  05.13.08 - 12:36am
Joan Solitario - How cool!!!! It's soo you!  05.13.08 - 12:34am
g - Really nice! But crashes/hangs in Safari in XP. nice work  05.12.08 - 11:38pm
Charise - Love the new blog, the new logo, new look. Very nice :)  05.12.08 - 11:29pm
Mike Allebach (Philadelphia, Pa) - Love the new blog. Great use of your snazzy logo.  05.12.08 - 11:07pm
Lisa - WOW! Way to stand out from the crowd!!! This is just SO creative!  05.12.08 - 10:08pm
Matthew Saville - Hey Jasmine, I notice that you have a URL icon now, sweet! However, why stick with the tiny little comment window? I like to see a long string of comments, I dunno about everyone else. Just a pref. Take care, =Matt=  05.12.08 - 10:04pm
Khourtney - Long time stalker, first time leaving a comment. Amazing, that's all I have to say. You are definitely leading the industry and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Really, all of your essence is amazing.  05.12.08 - 9:33pm
Rhonda - Never thought I'd fall in love again after marrying my husband but I do have to admit that your new blog is stunning ~your gorgeous photos help too! :) Congrats, be proud, and know that you have many out there who adore you & your work!  05.12.08 - 8:42pm
Jackie Blair - Very cute and original...and your not the only one who is blog-design obsessed! I change mine too often!!!   05.12.08 - 8:27pm
marlene - jasmine i loooove the new look of your blog! even the crumpled paper look of the comment box is great! :) you rock!  05.12.08 - 8:20pm
cassandra m - I reloaded and reloaded your site to check out the various photos on your header. They are beautiful pics!  05.12.08 - 8:18pm
cassandra m - fabulous...sleek...chic...creative...funky...well, you get the idea. You are setting the bar so high, I LOVE IT! Amazing look and I LOVE the new logo, very classy. GIRL YOU ROCK! sit back, relax & feel PROUD!   05.12.08 - 8:16pm
Mieng - Hey Jasmine, congrats on your new blog and brand, it looks AMAZING!   05.12.08 - 7:48pm
Bleigh - WOW :) i love the new blog. Your pics are stunning!  05.12.08 - 7:48pm
Desiree Hayes - LOVE the new blog! The magazine is soo your style....fantastic!  05.12.08 - 7:31pm
Christine Nelson - are sooo hot in the new pics and this new blog is chic and sooo you!!! Truly it is the amazingly talented woman behind the blog that makes this so ROCKN'!!!  05.12.08 - 7:30pm
Julie Cohen - Is that Century Gothic? Love it!   05.12.08 - 7:24pm
Katie Thurmes - without speech! the fonts, the feel, all so high-end, clean, very warm'n'fuzzy Prada. love it! you should be very proud!  05.12.08 - 7:04pm
Nichanh Petersen - Wow! This is totally you and you are awesome an writer.  05.12.08 - 7:04pm
Annie - This is really nice. I have to say I much prefer it to your old design. Nice job!  05.12.08 - 7:03pm
Tammie - What a great blog! -  05.12.08 - 6:59pm
abbyrose - jasmine, I LOVE you new logo! It's perfect - congrats!  05.12.08 - 6:56pm
Dave Biesse - The new blog looks beautiful. Super sweet design! Never seen one like it. Great work Infinet guys! Keep on Rockin it Jasmine.  05.12.08 - 6:50pm
Kelley WC - Ooooh, love it all girl! Good for you! You are so gorgeous too (duh!)!  05.12.08 - 6:40pm
Brian Khang - Awesome new blog Jasmine!  05.12.08 - 6:36pm
will tangorra - Beautiful Jasmine! So fresh, so clean, and so "you" !   05.12.08 - 6:23pm
Donavan Freberg - LOVE the new branding and blog, so classy and elegant and smart and fun. Just like you! Yay!!!  05.12.08 - 5:59pm
Suwanee - Congratulations Jasmine*! Everything looks AMAZING, love your new logo and image! So very, very well done! (O:  05.12.08 - 5:52pm
Olivia - I LOVE THIS NEW BLOG!!! SO AMAZING!  05.12.08 - 5:43pm
laura novak - hi jasmine - the new blog looks awesome! keep up the great work. xoxo laura  05.12.08 - 5:38pm
Chakriya - Lovely...looking great...I love this!  05.12.08 - 5:33pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - I love the new look. I know finding something that "feels" right can be a challenge. But sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.   05.12.08 - 5:19pm
Catlin Humes - Love the new blog, great stuff.  05.12.08 - 5:17pm
gabriel.ryan. - so rad! you are ever evolving & it is so fun to watch the growth. carlie & i are honored to have been a small part of it all. rock on!  05.12.08 - 5:01pm
BrooklynGirl - Hey... would you do a post with more of the photos Jessica took of you? She did a great job! So fun to see you, the photographer. I love how you've got photos of yourself on your blog. I hate it when photographers don't have pictures of themself on their website. It's their business. They shouldn't be afraid to let the world see them. (I'm just learning how to use a camera... you inspire me.)  05.12.08 - 4:57pm
BrooklynGirl - This is my absolute favorite blog! It's gorgeous, so are you, and so is your talent!  05.12.08 - 4:51pm
kymberli q. - Yeah. What they said. :)  05.12.08 - 4:46pm
Corinna Hoffman - I loooove it!! :) I'm one of your silent readers.. but now, I just have to comment on how fabulous your new blog design is :) Love the logo too!   05.12.08 - 4:35pm
Iliana - Jasmine! Congratulations! Although I'm not a photographer your art of photography has inspired me in so many ways! You're an example my sweet friend! I love catching it up with you through this site!!!  05.12.08 - 3:59pm
Stacy Cross - Congrats, Jasmine! It looks wonderful and this pic of you is gorgeous! :)   05.12.08 - 3:55pm
Kelly Bowie - AMAZING!!! The design is genius, and absolutely perfectly suited to your style. Thanks for continuing to push the standard and inspire others to be the best version of themselves.  05.12.08 - 3:54pm
mikesteelman - Jasmine, you continue to inspire me and I am grateful to know you! The blog looks great! keep it up, but slow down...I can't catch up! :)   05.12.08 - 3:48pm
jackie l. - i think this new design is so you!   05.12.08 - 3:00pm
Frannie - Ooooooh I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I had a feeling this was what your lil post was about for today!! hehe. It's so different and unique and simply beautiful! I love coming to your site...makes me all happy and inspired. :D  05.12.08 - 2:46pm
Michelle - I'm so excited about this new blog!!!  05.12.08 - 2:31pm
jenniferL - snazzy new design!  05.12.08 - 2:26pm
Kenzie Shores - WOW! I absolutely love it!!!! very very creative!!!!  05.12.08 - 2:19pm
Carrie V. - First time post. Long time blog stalker. I just wanted to ask how many other people refreshed the page to see all the beautiful pics of Jasmine in the masthead? LOL Jessica took amazing pictures, and Jasmine, you look incredible! Congratulations on the new layout.  05.12.08 - 2:12pm
Robin Dini - love the layout. you're right, invest your time and effort in the things that work for your business...the bloggity blog is it!  05.12.08 - 1:45pm
DrewB - Looks SO amazing Jas! Congrats on all of your hard work!  05.12.08 - 1:37pm
Gena McMillan - This is soo fun! I love the feeling of flipping through a magazine!  05.12.08 - 1:25pm
Melissa Koehler - I love it! It look SOOO amazing! xoxo  05.12.08 - 1:10pm
Nena - I can't believe you made such a big Change! I simply adore it!!! You are amazing and inspiring! =-)  05.12.08 - 12:53pm
elise - Oh! It is so perfectly you! I feel like I'm reading a fashion magazine! Love it!  05.12.08 - 12:46pm
Tira J - LOVE IT! Brock and Dave rock and I am looking forward to working with them as well. Thank you for your continual inspiration!   05.12.08 - 12:44pm
Brenda Landrum - Wow! Your blog looks amazing Jasmine...I love it! I also like the more sophisticated branding you are changing to. It really shows how much you have grown in your business since your blogger days. Congratulations! Oh...can't wait to see your new site!  05.12.08 - 12:25pm
Dawn McKinstry - Jasmine - I LOVE the new blog! Sooo cool, and so you. Love it.  05.12.08 - 12:21pm
Tiffany - Woot woot! I'm loving the NEW BLOG and the FABULOUS new pics of you! Great look=) I'm excited for more wonderful things to come from you...congrats!  05.12.08 - 12:07pm
Hilary - Super cool and creative design!!! (I never commented but I've been one of your many blog stalkers for a little while now. *grin*) Keep it up and God bless...  05.12.08 - 12:03pm
FRED EGAN - Jazzy-love the magazine design element...very you :D  05.12.08 - 11:57am
Hanssie - Love the new design. It's HOT!  05.12.08 - 11:52am
Jeanette - LOVE it!!! Absolutely FABULOUS!! Beautiful, classy pics. 10 stars for J*...   05.12.08 - 11:38am
JenniferinAL - I love your new site... the magazine look is so you! Very fresh, young and exciting.   05.12.08 - 11:04am
mella - i love you. blog looks great. feroche. call me. i leave tomorrow & we have to catch up. and you're not keeping my new aviators while i'm on tour for 7 weeks! xoxo  05.12.08 - 10:59am
DJ - SO HOT! LOVE IT!   05.12.08 - 10:58am
Jason - Wow....Amazing Jasmine. Excellent looking logo. Excellent blog. Looking forward to the new web site. God bless.  05.12.08 - 10:45am
Crystal - It looks awesome! It was so gretat to see you the other night. And I love this picture of you... who is this Jessica Claire girl? LOL! Just kidding... love you Jess!  05.12.08 - 10:44am
Kelsey Horner - Hey Jasmine, I absolutely love your new layout. It looks very professional, and it has that sentimental photo album look, just like what you said your blog is to yourself. I just wanted to let you know, that I linked to you on my photo blog, because to be honest, I'm on your blog more than my own. =]  05.12.08 - 10:39am
Nataly - I love the new blog! Beautiful images, too.  05.12.08 - 10:32am
lroah - Love the new blog - looks awesome!  05.12.08 - 10:27am
Furious Photographers - At first, I thought I was on the wrong blog haha Nice update!  05.12.08 - 10:23am
Jenn Best - Woah!!! At first I thought something was wrong with my screen as the blog was loading different. But, I LOVE IT!!! I love the idea of a magazine. CONGRATULATIONS Jasmine!  05.12.08 - 10:21am
Katherine Bowman - Jasmine, this is SOOO COOL!!! I love it! You have great taste and the guys at Infinet Design did a great job!! I love it all, especially the new logo! :) I'm sure you're business will keep growing and be a blessing to all!   05.12.08 - 10:11am
joyful weddings and events - Love it!! Congrats~  05.12.08 - 10:10am
tanya jose - omg, this is so beautiful!! congrats to a new "page" in your life & career!! CHEERS!!  05.12.08 - 10:08am
Lyndee - Congrats on your new blog! It looks great! good luck in the future! :)  05.12.08 - 10:07am
Akil Bennett - Sweet new blog Jasmine... The blog and logo really fits your brand and personality, congrats!  05.12.08 - 10:01am
therese - It's gorgeous, great job jasmine. and you look great in the new pics!  05.12.08 - 9:58am
Lindsay Kipp Photography - I love it! you look amazing! and I'm a huge fan of Jessica claire too. I love the magazine... it is so you! you rock!!  05.12.08 - 9:51am
Lydia - Wow, this is so different, but awesome! I think you've got "magazine style" down pat now. ;-)  05.12.08 - 9:46am
Regina White - ROCK ON CHICA! LOVE IT! I can't wait to see more from you. I look forward to looking at your blog and photography. You are my hero and when I grow up and learn more photography I want to be just like you. Or at least shoot fantabulistic works of art!!!!   05.12.08 - 9:41am
Edan Ramos - Love it, love it, love it! Great redo...  05.12.08 - 9:40am
lucy martise - i still have attachments to the old logo : S ... it' ll take time.... sigh  05.12.08 - 9:29am
melissa stava - i absolutely love the blog! it is seamless and classy...great job, as always :)   05.12.08 - 9:29am
WeezerMonkey - Love the new look!  05.12.08 - 9:29am
Dawn - Awesome!! love the logo  05.12.08 - 9:16am
Mary Jane - I love it Jasmine!!!! You go girl! Love the magazine look to it. Sweet.  05.12.08 - 9:15am
Natalie - LOVE the new blog! It looks awesome!  05.12.08 - 9:15am
Rachel Dallaire - Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! The logo, the branding, the blog and everything are just plain awesome! Love it.  05.12.08 - 9:08am
Bianca - It looks ultra fabulous! I'm so proud of you : )  05.12.08 - 9:07am
David Snook - I love the design of your new blog. It is very original. Your new logo is awesome. Simple yet elegant.  05.12.08 - 9:03am
Lauri - LOOOOVE the new look! So sleek! And it's a magazine! So perfectly you! :-) YAY!  05.12.08 - 9:01am
Crystal Goss - Absolute perfection!!! The only thing I have come to expect from you! I loooove the look! Congrats, girl!   05.12.08 - 8:59am
Jane Lok - Awesome! Very modern. Very you!  05.12.08 - 8:52am
Paula - Love the new Blog. It suits you perfectly. I hope you have even more success with it!  05.12.08 - 8:46am
Photography By Shay - Love the new look!   05.12.08 - 8:42am
nick wasch - congrats Jasmine, this blog is just oh so smooth and styling! Cant wait to see what it looks like filled with fresh pictures!  05.12.08 - 8:38am
Amy - Congrats Jasmine! This fits you so perfectly!!  05.12.08 - 8:30am
~abi~ - it looks great! :)  05.12.08 - 8:28am
Ana Contreras - I Love the new blog!!!!!!!! I like how it seems that you are reading a magazine.....  05.12.08 - 8:26am
Will Parris - LOVE IT!! Rockin' site for a Rockin' photographer!  05.12.08 - 8:23am
Andrew Hsu - i love the new design because it bridges the (small) gap between the wedding industry and the fashio industry. great new look! congratulations.  05.12.08 - 8:15am
Navy Sou - Wow! I knew it was going to be something cool! Love your brand!  05.12.08 - 8:10am
inga - Oh MY WORD, Jasmine..this new layout is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! Don't ever change it (lol)! It's just sooo...together! Beautiful. :-)  05.12.08 - 8:08am - tres cool!  05.12.08 - 8:07am
Nelly Chung - Fabulous new blog! Love it!   05.12.08 - 8:05am
Scott - I love the new blog! I loved the last one as well, and the one before that as well..and...and...and...   05.12.08 - 8:04am
Emily DeWan - Awesome! I'm glad you wrote about the new design; I read your blog through an RSS feeder, and the designs don't show up. So I would never have known!  05.12.08 - 7:57am
Deanna - I just recently discovered your blog, and I am in love with the new look! I am an aspiring photographer, and have gotten so much inspiration and excitement from your site. Amazing design...  05.12.08 - 7:56am
Casey - I love the new blog!! It's so modern and fresh! I can't wait to see the new website!!   05.12.08 - 7:46am
Alicia - such a fun new look! and i love the new j* logo. can't wait to see everything else you have in store!  05.12.08 - 7:42am
Mia Clapton - I love it. Clean and crisp and a perfect showcase for your beautiful images!  05.12.08 - 7:32am
Katie Torres - It's gorgeous. Wonderful vision and execution.   05.12.08 - 7:31am
Jasmine Marie - LOVE the new blog and the new logo. :) Can't wait to see the new website!  05.12.08 - 7:24am
chipgillespie - love LOVE the magazine look! very sweet!  05.12.08 - 7:24am
Cindy - A magazine......AWESOME idea. I just wish I had thought of it!! Love the new blog and the new logo is perfect. :)  05.12.08 - 7:15am
patrick - jas, congrats on the new and creative looking site.   05.12.08 - 7:13am
MELISSA RICH - ohhhhh.......I love it!! I love the "magazine" editorial look I love the big-ness of it...You look so fab in it and super congrats girly!! Very , very nice! :)  05.12.08 - 7:13am
Cathy Crawley - P.S. I was wondering when you were going to put those photos by Jessica Claire to good use ;)  05.12.08 - 7:12am
Cathy Crawley - Holly Smokes, I almost fell of my chair when the new site came up! Cool design Jasmine!   05.12.08 - 7:08am
millie holloman - I love it Jasmine... the whole concept of the magazine pages for the background is just super... It is so you! Congrats on a job well done.  05.12.08 - 7:02am
emily griffith - INCREDIBLE! I love the new blog! I was exploring and came across your old blogspot was so fun to look back on your archives and see your amazing growth over the past couple years! Thanks for continuously inspiring me from many miles away! I'm a huge (sobbing) fan!! :)   05.12.08 - 7:00am
Brandon Yarde - Wow! Truly Unique. Now U have a great blog to go with your sweet images and entries  05.12.08 - 7:00am
Rae Barnes - LOVE LOVE LOVE the magazine look of the new blog. Amazing! it really suits your blogging style.  05.12.08 - 6:58am
Carly McCray - Love the magazine idea--so you & fresh! Congrats!  05.12.08 - 6:55am
Stacey - Great design! I have been coming here on a daily basis for about a year now and thought since you have a new blog, it's my time to contribute as well and start commenting. :) I love the idea as well as the footer...and your new photos are gorgeous as always. Congrats! :)  05.12.08 - 6:54am
Jenne Yun - I love the new blog design! Your new logo and look is fresh and has a very classic feel to it! Congrats and much love!  05.12.08 - 6:43am
Leah Charbonneau - Just beautiful! Congratulations! It's truly original!  05.12.08 - 6:41am
delores holloway - I'm always around but seldom comment.. for me your blog is like a morning cup of blog is just spectacular... good job.. May God continue to wrap his loving arms around you and protect you, and all of your endeavors, with his mercy and grace..  05.12.08 - 6:38am
katealtmix - yeay, it's here! love the magazine feel, very fitting! oh also, the j* logo rocks, it's simple, congrats on everything!  05.12.08 - 6:36am
Shy - oh yeah, this is way fun! I love that its di'PH'erent! ;) What I love even more if how much it fits you... I am remembering our first trip to WPPI in the Colon-mobile and you whipping out your little magazines to catch up on the latest gossip. Thats one of the 1,000 things I love about you Jazzy.  05.12.08 - 6:35am
Jen - I love it, this is so fabulous!!!  05.12.08 - 6:23am
Heidi - Love your new look. Its very chic.   05.12.08 - 6:20am
Dennis - Looks great Jasmine. Congrats!  05.12.08 - 6:19am
Bobbie - Love the new blog Jasmine! Very clean and fresh. And I also LOVE your new logo - very classy. But I agree with a previous commentor; you could use a cardboard background and I would still be in awe! It is your pictures that are so amazing and keep me coming back for more.   05.12.08 - 6:18am
wac - i keep trying to reach up and turn the page, but they won't let me ;) what a great concept jasmine!  05.12.08 - 6:18am
Annie - Love the blog! I never miss a day!  05.12.08 - 6:16am
Jacob Bergmeier - Very unique!  05.12.08 - 6:16am
shannon lott - Love it Jasmine! The magazine style is so modern and hip yet fashionably girly!  05.12.08 - 6:15am
Srilu Viene - I LOVE the new blog, Jasmine! It is so very unique and so "you".  05.12.08 - 6:13am
beth - what a nice surprise this am...LOVE the logo and blog. It's very clean and fresh!!  05.12.08 - 6:09am
Lindsey Marie - Love IT! FABULOSO!  05.12.08 - 6:03am
Robin Olson - You are one to be followed in the photo industry. You're always on the cutting edge of new and fantastic things! Beautiful change in your blog : ) Blessings...  05.12.08 - 5:56am
Bob P. - The new blog looks great! Congrats.  05.12.08 - 5:46am
mary - love it!! very chic with an edgeyness too. new logo is super sleek as well!!  05.12.08 - 5:43am
A Regular Reader - I liked the previous blog more because it had more colors. But what makes your blog shine is it's content doesn't it? All the best!  05.12.08 - 5:38am
Leo - I love it. It is so fashiony. I want one now too. :)  05.12.08 - 5:36am
Donna - This is to DIE FOR!!!!! Uber creative as always!  05.12.08 - 5:33am
Krista Photography - The new blog looks great!!  05.12.08 - 5:32am
ksen : ) - CONGRATS!!! loooooove it!  05.12.08 - 5:30am
Jeanine - Your new blog is aweseome!!!  05.12.08 - 5:27am
Omar Galvez - I'm a big fan of yours. You could use a cardboard background and I still would check it out everyday. You are an amazing artist.  05.12.08 - 5:26am
jess@studio3z - love the new fresh look. it will be hard not to see your paisley/damask pattern in the background, but this look fits your journalistic style very well!!   05.12.08 - 5:24am
Tanya Perez - ooooh Love the new look of the site! :) I think I'm the only one up this early!   05.12.08 - 5:11am