Mallory and James : Wedding

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hey met in high school. On the blacktop surface of their church’s basketball court, Mallory and James' hearts made a connection and the spark of love grew stronger over time. James—in his rickety, old truck—impressed Mallory in such a way that when asked by friends whether she knew he was going to be her future husband, Mallory’s answer was always a confident Yes!

Many years later, after nursing school and long-commutes from Canyon Country to Azusa Pacific University, James took Mallory back to the same blacktop surface basketball court. When they arrived, flowers led the path to a wildflower gazebo and candles illuminated the homemade pathway. Not too far from the basketball rim, James got down on one knee and asked Mallory to be his wife. Though still on bended-knee, James’ spirit crashed the boards for a slam-dunk when she accepted!

Last Saturday, the merciless sun beat down on Robinson’s Ranch, but made for a glorious wedding day. Surrounded by the closest of family and friends—most of whom had seen the relationship grow from adolescence to adulthood—Mallory and James promised forever to each other. The day was made particularly lovely with coordination assistance from Stella of I Do Parties, floral décor by Charmaine of Charmaine’s Bouquet Canyon Florist, and Dave Mancini of Invisible Touch DJ.

Mallory and James…thank you for exposing me to Canyon Country and all its fabulousness! ;) I wish you nothing but happiness, joy, and love and you carve your marital niche together. Thank you for inviting me to document your wedding day and I hope you have a blast in Hawaii! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Much to my delight, Mallory and James opted to see each other before the ceremony! Yay! This was actually the BEST decision because their ceremony was mid-afternoon, with very harsh lighting situations. We started the wedding day with photos in the morning and worked fast to avoid the 100-degree weather!

James' truck made a cameo appearance, but to see more, be sure to check out the slideshow!

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

And a special thanks to Brittany Leigh for coming along and shooting with me :)
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Katherine Bowman - After looking at the slideshow, i remember this is the couple with the BEAUTIFUL engagement photos and great lightening!! :) i recognized the truck! :)  05.28.08 - 4:33pm
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Bartek - Wow, those bubbles rock during the reception! What a great idea. Buttery smooth images Jasmine*, bet your lovin' your f1.2 :P Rock on!  05.21.08 - 7:43pm
Ryel j - Love it girl! Timeless and romantic. :)  05.21.08 - 5:38pm
Elizabeth O'Neill - Whenever I look at your images, I am always impressed with your white balance and the sense of fresh air you feel when you look at them!  05.21.08 - 2:15pm
Donna - I love it!!! these are just awesome!   05.21.08 - 9:55am
Liz Ramirez - I love the picture by the tree it's beautiful!  05.21.08 - 7:54am
Dawn Gioia - I love these photos. I think I might start asking myself at weddings WWJD. ( What Would Jasmine Do) hahaha.  05.21.08 - 7:29am
Shelly Valentine - ooops...forgot the e:)  05.21.08 - 6:57am
Shelly Valentine - Jasmin...I'm loving the look of your new blog and branding! Your work is stunning!   05.21.08 - 6:56am
Charmarie - I have to agree the bubbles are a nice touch. I loved the father/daughter down the aisle, classic.  05.20.08 - 11:21pm
Erika McCauley - The slideshow is so beautiful! And I love that truck! :) Very nice Jasmine!!  05.20.08 - 9:52pm
mark Brooke - so great!!!! the can one rocks!!!! -candice  05.20.08 - 9:27pm
Cathy Crawley - I love, love, LOVE the bubble shots!  05.20.08 - 9:17pm
Simply Modern Weddings - super cute bubble photos during the dance!  05.20.08 - 9:08pm
Jennifer Dunham Starr - Okay, I know everyone has already said the bubbles pic was awesome...but was awesome!  05.20.08 - 7:46pm
Adri - Jasmine I love the song on you slideshow who sings it?  05.20.08 - 7:38pm
Rachel Brooke - Awesome bubble shots. Those made me happy!  05.20.08 - 6:59pm
Karen - The bubbles are so cute. =] Great photos, as usual!  05.20.08 - 5:33pm
Steve Gerrard - It's SO long since I shot a wedding where they tie cans behind the car. I' gonna try and single-handedly revive the tradition in the UK... Wish me luck. Steve  05.20.08 - 4:27pm
Stacy Cross - I love the simple elegance of this wedding and the images you captured mirror that beautifully! Just lovely!  05.20.08 - 2:43pm
Lauren - Gorgrous photos, as per usual! I love how more and more brides & grooms are having photos before the ceremony - I did it with my husband almost 5 years ago, and everybody thought we were crazy! Thanks for sharing the photos!  05.20.08 - 1:58pm
Frank Saldana - Jasmine, great job! The images are very nice. By the way, it was great seeing you and JD a couple weeks ago. Tell him I said hello.   05.20.08 - 1:32pm
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Trista Lerit - Hey Jas..great wedding! Wasn't this weekend crazy-hot??? I had a wedding on Sunday and the ceremony lasted nearly 2 hours on the ROOFTOP! You did a fabulous job...I really like the pic at the reception where she is looking up at him..sooo cute!!!  05.20.08 - 9:07am
Lan Bui - I love the tree shot! EPIC  05.20.08 - 8:56am
Melissa Koehler - What a great looking couple. You can really see that they love each other. I know they will love how you captured their beautiful day.   05.20.08 - 8:55am
Photography By Shay - What a stunning bride -- her dress is so beautiful!  05.20.08 - 8:49am
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