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Shooting in the Rain

esterday was a first for us. Although JD and I prayed against all odds that it wouldn’t rain on the outdoor wedding, it did. The skies clouded over and released water at the most inopportune moments, but the bride and groom were all smiles. They were beautiful representations of true love, which made their wedding even more special.

Here’s what I looked like the most of the day…coolness just oozes from me, no?

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Dana - I have never seen more amazing wedding photos Jasmine. My bff (Valerie) looks literally too incredible for words. You captured everything amazing about her and Phil in these photos. They should really be submitted to a bridal magazine.   06.03.08 - 3:30pm
Karen Mikols - left eye shooters, UNITE!  05.29.08 - 6:30am
Lydia - Can I be your umbrella holder next time? ;-)  05.28.08 - 7:33pm
Jeff Youngren - You exude coolness. :)  05.28.08 - 10:51am
Jen Mabray - are not masters of the the phrase... "make it work!!!" funny post! :)  05.27.08 - 12:00pm
Korey - First of all, I just laughed out loud at the "umbrella...ella...ella" comment. Michael, whoever you are, you are funny. I hope the bride and groom weren't too bummed about the rain! It's really good luck!!!  05.27.08 - 11:57am
Betsy, La Vida Creations - You kiddin' me??? Looks like you need one more arm to help you out there ;-) Nice work, girl! We did our first shoot in the rain in January, which was kinda fun for awhile, then you start to get cold...   05.27.08 - 11:15am
ohana photography - si :0)  05.27.08 - 9:02am
Jenne Yun - You exude cool! You totally rock Jas!   05.27.08 - 5:21am
FRED EGAN - You are the epitome of cool.  05.26.08 - 3:47pm
Meg - You're so ready to move to Seattle!! Welcome to our world!  05.26.08 - 3:24pm
Jo-Anne - Erin - love the umbrella from MoMa - and it has hearts on it. How cute would that be at a wedding!  05.26.08 - 9:08am
Ann - That is quite the balancing act, Jas!! How did the equipment hold up in the rain?   05.26.08 - 8:37am
Onada - gorgeous as usual!!  05.26.08 - 7:41am
erin. - When I saw this picture I thought, "Wow she's got skill!". The MoMa sells a handy little umbrella that requires no balancing at all... [heres the link:] ...for your next rainy wedding!  05.26.08 - 6:18am
julie - i'm impressed. juggling camera and umbrella is quite a trick. maybe you need one of those umbrellas that attaches to your head like a weird sort of hat. talk about cool (or goofy or just plain weird!) julie  05.26.08 - 4:07am
Bliss - I also shoot a wedding on saturday under the pouring rain but didin't managed the umbrella as good as you (do you work out during the week in order to carry the 70-200 mm and the umbrella so graciously?). Anyway I am very happy with the result, it's amazing what a couple (of billions) of drops can do on a bride and groom mood! :)  05.26.08 - 1:40am
Crystal - Beyond Cool!!!  05.26.08 - 1:03am
Catlin Humes - You look so natural, awesome  05.26.08 - 12:22am
carlie - well arnt you just so chic and adorable!!!   05.25.08 - 4:18pm
Shelia - Niceeeee!! Work it giiirrrrl!!  05.25.08 - 2:15pm
Tammy Marcelain - Someone needs to invent an umbrella that we can wear, straps on, not the silly hat kind, but one that would really move with all the motion. You look fabulous!  05.25.08 - 1:49pm
mark brooke - wow. that is so funny, yet sad. you did an awesome job balancing that umbrella. And i am sure the bride looked beautiful!  05.25.08 - 1:13pm
jenn best - Oh, goodness - I know what this is like. Come and visit Vancouver where it rains 8 months out of the year, we can master the rain technique together. You look great shooting in the rain ;)  05.25.08 - 12:27pm
paige kearin - Love your attitude Jazzie!  05.25.08 - 12:06pm
Rachel Brooke - I bet the rain made for some awesome shots...I'm looking forward to seeing these. You are a trooper!  05.25.08 - 11:04am
Michael Wachniak - After the photo was taken, did you tell JD he could stand under your your Umbrella....ellla...ellla... ok... I need more sleep.  05.25.08 - 10:06am
Katie Beverley - That's impressive!  05.25.08 - 9:25am
kerri mcconnell - love the balance you have going on there... way to hold on to that umbrella!!  05.25.08 - 8:13am
Armin - Awesome Jasmine, way to work "undercover", haha I just couldn't help myself. Okay I'll shut up now :)  05.25.08 - 7:24am
ricki ford - Graet shot jd. The rain cleared up just before my wedding started yesterday and turned out to be a beautiful day. Rain rain go away come again another day. Try singing that next time Jaz it could work. (or not) ; )  05.25.08 - 7:22am
New York City Wedding Photographer - Rain is good luck :)  05.25.08 - 7:16am
Lan Bui - NinJa-smine  05.25.08 - 7:11am
Richard Shephard - So, people had to bring their own chairs along to this wedding? Working in the UK this happens much more often I'm afraid (rain, that is). I once saw an umbrella with a hot-shoe attachment for your camera. Wish I could remember where- it'd be a great prop. Drops on the lens are the worst part. Constantly wiping. And the lens hood helps with that. But you seem to have mastered the chin-clamp better than most. Dad always told me: "well, you've got waterproof skin". Well done Jasmine!  05.25.08 - 12:28am
Robert Christopher - Did you sing rain rain go away? I find that helps :)  05.25.08 - 12:20am
WeezerMonkey - I love it! Can't wait to see what you shot!  05.25.08 - 12:17am
Amanda - you were such a trooper jasmine! we can't wait to see the photos. last night i fell asleep laughing about the thought of you tripping and then joel reenacting the tripping. what a day! again...we are incredibly honored that you were our photographer and can't think of anyone we would rather have had there in the rain.  05.24.08 - 10:54pm
Eric McCarty - Denis can show you how to shoot 23 hot-shoe flashes into one umbrella at the same time. 26 on a good day. That black umbrella would have lit the place up. Truth is, you need a black umbrella when you pump 26 in there at the same time. You don't wanna be standing anywhere close, though.  05.24.08 - 10:37pm
Jasmine* - @Eric: If JD was holding my umbrella, he would've missed this not worth it! I'll take photographer over putz any day! And, no, I wasn't flashing into the umbrella because--obviously--it's black and wouldn't have reflected light. Good lookin' out! :)  05.24.08 - 10:25pm
Eric McCarty - Oops. Shoulda read the other comments first. But that guy in the blue shirt is still a putz for not holding her umbrella. Wait a minute, I don't think JD was holding yours either.   05.24.08 - 10:16pm
Simply Modern Weddings - look at cool in the rain!  05.24.08 - 10:16pm
Eric McCarty - Are you firing that flash into that umbrella, Jaz? Totally Denis-esque, but I'm thinking it might not reflect much light back out. Maybe a white umbrella next time. Or just grab that cat's in the blue shirt behind you. He shoulda been holding it for her anyway.  05.24.08 - 10:10pm
Joan Solitario - Wow! I can see the raindrops on the lens too!   05.24.08 - 9:35pm
David [C+D] - Aren't rains fun!!! :-D You'll have to check out the proposal session we shot last weekend in the rain. :) It was a new experience balancing lens, body, and ...umbrella. Boy was it awkward! I hope you show more!! :-D  05.24.08 - 8:57pm
Michael Wachniak - Ha ha Awesome!!! You know, if you weren't already an absolute GURU at natural outdoor lighting, I'd say you should have had a photo umbrella instead, that way you can bounce the flash whenever you needed it...heck, you were carrying it anyways! Thats what I do! :)  05.24.08 - 8:56pm
Genevieve - Youre such a trooper for shooting in the pouring rain!! I'm sure that either way, the pictures are amazing as always :] And don't worry, I've had really bad falls at school. All you can do is laugh it off. lol.  05.24.08 - 8:42pm
jackie wonders - nice skillz :) whenever you find the time, i would love to hear how you handle shooting in the rain?!??! i'm always freaked out about that...  05.24.08 - 8:18pm
Jasmine* - One thing before my clients log on and clear things up about my cool factor...I was the LAST thing from cool. In fact--and I didn't ever think I was going to admit this--I totally ate it during photo time with the B&G. Like, I really, really ate dirt. I guess I had a lot going on and as I was walking backward, I tripped over an exposed cinderblock. UGH!! I was MORTIFIED!! Thankfully, JD was there and I manically laughed it off. In fact, I'm laughing right now just thinking of it!! :D @Alicia: I usually wear black to weddings...I guess it's an unspoken rule of sorts! :) @Mary: No, it's not an umbrella clamp. It's actually a pocket wizard rigged to my camera to trigger an off-camera flash. I obviously wasn't using the flash during the ceremony, but the day moved so fast, I was shooting indoors and outdoors quickly, so I left them on for most of the day.  05.24.08 - 8:17pm
Yazy - Oh you look so pretty as always :) you are such a sweetheart.   05.24.08 - 8:05pm
christina lemarr - Yeah, had that been me, I would have dropped the camera and knocked myself out with the umbrella....yup, I'm as graceful as a penguin.   05.24.08 - 8:01pm
Alicia Brown - You win ten times! Also, is there anything you can't do?? You are the epitome of someone who puts their mind to something and commits to it.Huzzah! Oh ya...random you believe in the unspoken rule of wearing all black when shooting weddings?   05.24.08 - 8:00pm
mary - do you have some sort of clamp from the camera to the umbrella??? if so please share, too many experiences with rainy weddings. my balance with it all sucks.  05.24.08 - 7:58pm
serendipitous lemon - Wow...I think YOU actually upped the umbrella's coolness factor. :0)  05.24.08 - 7:56pm
eric laurits - yo. jball. we need to get you one of those really cool rainbow striped umbrella hats. Me being the fashionista i am, I could probably find you a matching belt, as well. I think I'm gonna market a matching lens hood, too. You wanna model? :e:boy  05.24.08 - 7:54pm
Anne K. in L.A. - That is dedication. I have no idea how I can balance and umbrella and my purse. Kudos to you for managing great shots with yours.  05.24.08 - 7:34pm
ksen : ) - now that's true heart, dedication & commitment to the passion! rock on j*!! (great shot of you, too!) :D  05.24.08 - 7:26pm
Katherine B. - Wow! Sounds like a challenge! I'm sure you did a great job!  05.24.08 - 7:25pm
Deanster - Beautiful "and" stylish! Rock it out girl!!!  05.24.08 - 7:22pm