Amanda and Joel : Wedding

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e saw her walking the aisles in search of something. Amanda’s strawberry blond hair immediately caught his eye and he wondered if there was anything he could help her with. Joel, who worked at the campus bookstore, wanted to approach Amanda in the coolest way possible, but this was difficult when surrounded by Biblical Theology and Biology textbooks. She was in search of the perfect iPod and Joel was sure he could find it. Little did Amanda realize that Joel was also finding a way to her heart.

It’s been said that Joel and Amanda’s love story goes from iPod to I Do.

Nothing could stop this AMAZING couple from enjoying their wedding day at the Centennial Heritage Museum. The grey clouds ominously hung over their wedding, but that did not stop their love from pouring out. Nor did it stop the rain. Joel and Amanda, however, were joyful, loving, and content the entire day, serving as the truest testament of optimism. Whatever came their way—pouring rain during the ceremony, last minute reception tenting, rearrangement of chairs and tables—they were all smiles and truly in love. They stood and greeted their guests in the rain, passed out the umbrellas, and laughed the day away. This is indicative of something deeper in Amanda and Joel’s relationship: They can weather storms together and remain truly ecstatic on the greyest of days.

Something tells me they’re going to be able to stand the test of time.

Amanda and Joel, thank you for reminding me what true love looks like. It looks like water, mud, wet skin, and umbrellas. It looks like kisses in the rain and dancing in wet clothes. It looks like the both of you. Thank you for allowing JD and I to be a part of your special day and we can’t wait to hear of all the amazing things the future holds for you! And, lastly, thank you for rocking my socks off. Seriously. Much Love and Appreciation…j*

I absolutely adored the simplicity and the details of Amanda's Nicole Miller Wedding Dress...

A little funk and spice to the wedding shoes...

The First Look (as captured by JD)

While you may not be able to see it, the rain was coming down. It wasn't pouring (at least not now), but it was definitely coming down! In between shots, Chantel (one of the BESTEST bridesmaids...ever!), held an umbrella over the couple to avoid getting drenched...

Randomly, the sun appeared for two minutes, so Joel and Amanda celebrated!

Then it started raining again, but made for some awesome light...

Amanda set the bar quite high for my future she is laughing and workin' it in the rain...

JD caught this picture and I love it!

JD caught this picture too...

Oh, yes, it was pouring!

A Big Wet Kiss....literally.

The First Dance

Reaction during toasts...

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Janet - I had to go back after four years and look at these again. Amanda and are still such a blessing!   07.10.12 - 2:24pm
Furious Photographers - As much as I hope for sunny days during weddings, I secretly pray for rain because you get to do those cool pictures like yours with umbrellas! Ah I am so jealous!  06.02.08 - 12:30am
Shane LaFever - Amazing shots.  05.31.08 - 5:48pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - Look at those cute lil shoes! They are adorable. These guys look like a ton of fun!   05.31.08 - 12:35pm
Katie Thurmes - oranges, umbrellas, velvet-topped flats. what more could you ask for! i love this wedding Jasmine and the way you see so much in your couples' stories. rock on girl!  05.29.08 - 11:20pm
mark Brooke - man, these are off the hook!  05.29.08 - 8:08pm
Janet Kelley - Thank you for capturing the true essence of my niece and her husband. Their love they share with each other truly comes shining through.   05.29.08 - 7:55pm
poser - way to go! love the pic next to the truck that your hubby got. oh, and the oranges too :)   05.29.08 - 2:02pm
Melissa - These pictures are even more incredible than I had imagined! When it's time for my wedding I'll settle for none other than J*. Amanda and Joel were the coolest bride and groom ever, I don't know if I could handle all that rain on my big day, but they handled it with nothing but grace and true happiness, it was contagious! Love you guys!   05.29.08 - 11:43am
Abigail Q - I love love LOVE the pictures in the orange grove!   05.29.08 - 10:58am
Trista Lerit - are JD are such troopers! I love the added "story" of the rain to the pictures. I know they'll look back on these images and always smile :-)  05.29.08 - 9:15am
Catlin Humes - Too bad it rained, the shots are still awesome. I love how the rain inhanced the photos with an extra prop, the umbrella! Very cool, its always great to make the best of every situation.  05.29.08 - 9:06am
Julie - Wow...gorgeous! So has JD always been a photo pro or did you teach him? :)  05.29.08 - 8:32am
joan solitario - you definitely captured the romance! awesome job to you and jd!  05.28.08 - 10:41pm
Rachel Brooke - I like what the rain did for the shoot...the lighting was so nice and the umbrellas add some flare!  05.28.08 - 10:16pm
cassandra m - WOW, these guys are beautiful and I LOVE those photos by the old truck. I kept looking for the rain in the pics and couldn't see it...ha.ha. The light was amazing and worth the cloudy skys. What the umbrellas. Great shots by JD too. He is rocking it.  05.28.08 - 8:54pm
amanda - jasmine...what can i say? you are truly amazing. these pictures are incredible and i am so proud to hang them on our walls and tell everyone that the amazingly great jasmine star created them. thank you thank you thank you!!!  05.28.08 - 7:50pm
Lydia - Wow, I wish I could captures pictures like these in dry weather! Wonderful job at letting nothing get in your way of capturing beautiful images!  05.28.08 - 7:41pm
Ken Burg - Jasmine - great images that we've all grown accustomed to, yet you always manage to surpass your own high standards. Technical question: how do you protect your camera in weather like this?  05.28.08 - 7:11pm
Alicia Brown - A+ Way for everyone to stay so positive and yeild such positive results.   05.28.08 - 6:19pm
ohana photography - the shot with the old truck is awesome!! i got to recently do a shoot with an orange tree too! love them!!  05.28.08 - 5:35pm
JORY CORDY - great images jasmine! oranges are really cool  05.28.08 - 5:13pm
Keith Warren - Great set of shots!  05.28.08 - 5:03pm
Lauren - Wow, beautiful as always, but I had no idea JD could shoot too! wow - you married well. xx  05.28.08 - 4:15pm
Anna - Seriously, and I'm not even kidding... this is probably the greatest wedding ever! You are wonderful to be so cool about shooting in the rain #1... and #2 what a great B&G! These pictures make me wanna be their friend... how could you not be cool if you're okay with it pouring on your wedding day... AND still having the ceremony outside! I LOVE IT! It's totally something I would do.... okay, I wrote a book, but no lie..... this made my day!  05.28.08 - 3:48pm
Jeanette - Fabulous! What fun, meaningful shots! They look so in love & happy.   05.28.08 - 3:39pm
Cathy Crawley - How cool are the photos with the old truck! I really like their photos in the Orchard too. ;)  05.28.08 - 3:34pm
Kristin - I love the orange grove pictures! I've always dreamed of doing a photo shoot in an orange grove. The couple looks so ecstatic and the rain and umbrellas add charm to the pics! Great shoot!  05.28.08 - 2:33pm
Robin Olson - you can feel her joy in these images. it's like i just witnessed an amazing union of love. wow!  05.28.08 - 2:33pm
Stacy Cross - Every single image says "True Love". Seriously. Unless I saw umbrellas or read about the rain, you would never know there was anything else going on here other than the uniting of two very in-love people. How beautiful!  05.28.08 - 2:17pm
Jamie - I always wondered what a rainy Oregon wedding shoot by Jasmine * would look like... Now I know! ;0) Nice work, JD! ...oh, and you too, Jasmine!! I love them, as always.  05.28.08 - 1:56pm
Adrienne - Beautiful shots and what an awesome couple! They really do look so happy and amazingly in love! Love the shots in the orange grove and the ones where they're sharing the umbrella!  05.28.08 - 1:37pm
Natarsha - What a beautiful couple! Her eyes are so those blue eyes! Congrats!  05.28.08 - 1:22pm
jeanette sanchez - JD is on a roll! Go JD!  05.28.08 - 1:01pm
PhotoSmith - Sarah e. Smith - oh I so adore all of your photos, but those images in the citrus grove are just so lovely, i especially LOVE that triptych! i just adore your work :)  05.28.08 - 12:42pm
Amanda Donaho - Love 'em! They seem like an awesome couple for keeping their cool through the rain... and it made for sweet pics! And props to JD :o)  05.28.08 - 12:08pm
David [C+D] - Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine. I could go on and on about each photo you have on here. Seriously cool stuff. My fav has to be the flower girl though with the three circles of light above her. For some reason those dots of light just complete the picture for me!  05.28.08 - 11:37am
Ashley - I love this post because this is the same location where Amelia Lyon photographed my reception! I love to see all the different places you decided to shoot. Where was that cool car when I got married?! Great job Jasmine, especially in the rain =).  05.28.08 - 11:23am
tanya jose - i love that the bride & groom didn't get all fussy over the rain, the pictures are BEAUTIFUL & totally captures that all they cared about was eachother that day. mad props to JD for some awesome shots too!  05.28.08 - 10:57am
Jeff Youngren - J - why are you so amazing? Incredible shots - love the ones of them with the orange trees, and the two of her standing in the doorway are breathtaking!! :)   05.28.08 - 10:49am
Jasmine* - Peeeeople! Enough with the talk about giving JD a raise!! I get it enough from him, so once he reads all these comments, I'll be broke! ;) In all seriousness, he does SOOO much for me and is truly my backbone! I know I sound mushy, but I love him! :)   05.28.08 - 10:30am
andrew mejia - que boda mas chula... :) el medioambiente parece muy rustica, y a la vez gente muy bonita.. creo que la lluvia ofrece caracter al dia, no? muy bien hecho, Jasmine :)  05.28.08 - 10:27am
Lara @ Southern Wedding Style Magazine - Beautiful! The shots in the orange trees and priceless. And that flower girl in the jasmine arch is precious!  05.28.08 - 9:50am
Cynthia - Jas....where did they have their venue? Oh, and I agree a raise for JD  05.28.08 - 9:42am
Christian - I had just shot a wedding at that same loc. a few weeks ago! The old Victorian house was crazy fun huh? NICE ORANGES!!! :)  05.28.08 - 9:39am
DrewB - How awesome that they were able to embrace the rain! A lot of people would have let that ruin their wedding day. They looked like they had a lot of fun with it and are so in love! Yeah for them!  05.28.08 - 9:36am
WeezerMonkey - Raintastic!  05.28.08 - 9:29am
Photography By Shay - Awesome job on keeping everything beautiful, fun, and light through the rain!  05.28.08 - 9:28am
Amy - You rocked it! That first shot with the umbrella is my fav! And the one JD captured with the old car rocks too!  05.28.08 - 9:20am
Carly McCray - Looks like you and JD rocked it out in the rain! Love these! What a happy bride :)  05.28.08 - 9:14am
FRED EGAN - Jazzy-GREAT shot of the flowergirl...adorable.  05.28.08 - 8:58am
Erika McCauley - Oh, these are so great!!! Wow, and JD needs to quit his day-job! Both of you guys are rockstars!!   05.28.08 - 8:46am
Tira J - J*~ Once again, you rocked it, and nothing was going to get this bride and groom down. I love the shot of the groom where you can actually see how much rain is falling. And, I agree with Tish, that JD needs a raise. Way to go JD!   05.28.08 - 8:43am
tish - she's the happiest bride ever! and JD needs a raise!  05.28.08 - 8:38am
Gena McMillan - Loved the slideshow too! I really like the one during the ceremony where you could actually see the rain drops...sets the scene!   05.28.08 - 8:15am
Nena - OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE that slideshow! I think its my most FAVORITE ONE EVER! =-)  05.28.08 - 7:45am
jess@studio3z - Man, JD was rockin this wedding!! Love his perspective. Her dress and shoes were AWESOME!! I WANT those shoes!! :) You guys did an awesome job in the rain. Go sista, go!  05.28.08 - 7:42am
Bartek - Yay! That orange shot is so cute, I loves it! The doorway photos are sweet as can be also. Great use of the giant soft box (ie: overcast clouds ;) )  05.28.08 - 7:37am