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couple days ago, while standing in a kitchen surrounded by Chinese take-out boxes and fortune cookies, some friends were making fun of my driving record. And, ahem, my ticket. Or should I say tickets? Yes, I received yet another speeding ticket (if you’re keeping track, I got TWO in one week), so I’ve vowed to change my ways. I suppose my driving emulates my life: GoGoGoGOOOOO.

I drove to Santa Barbara on Tuesday (keeping my speed at a lazy 80MPH) and I’m always encouraged when I get to such a beautiful beach city. Once the 101 freeway opens along the coast, I pop my sunroof open, roll down my windows, and take a deep breath of the wild mustard flowers mixed with sea salt. I was extra excited because I was going to meet Kimberly Curtis for the first time.

Kimberly is a fabulous Event and Wedding Coordinator in the Montecito and Santa Barbara areas. She designs premiere events and has the most amazing clientele, a niche she’s worked very hard at carving. Not only is Kim awesome at what she does, she’s an even better person...we got along amazingly well and I look forward to working with her in the near future. If you’re a bride planning a destination wedding in Santa Barbara, be sure to check her out!

We got together at her family home to capture headshots for her new website. Once the site goes live, I’ll be sure to add a link to my blog. Here are a few images that caught my eye…

My favorite shot of the day...

When Kim told me she brought her dog, Buddy, along for the shoot, was I stoked because I'm a fur lover. Little did I realize Buddy weighed just as much as Kim (which made for some hilarious pictures of Buddy dragging Kim along) and he thought it was play time, not photo time. He was such a character and made the shoot so fun! Unfortunately, Buddy wasn't feeling the modeling, so here are a few out-takes I couldn't pass up blogging...

In a last ditch attempt to keep Buddy still, I channeled all my Dog Whisperer skills and begged him to sit still for one shot...and here it is! :)

Thanks, Kim, for such a lovely afternoon! It was a pleasure meeting you and your amazing family! :)
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ashley McCue - color! color! oh I love it!!!!! Supergreat, Jasmine!!! The dress...I'm in love! Where did she get it?!! I want one!!  08.06.08 - 11:55pm
sherry - Damn those are great photos, I felt engaged. They were personal to me even though I do not know these people. ART. Thank you for my midnight ride. Sherry  06.07.08 - 9:14pm
Sarah Smith - i absolutely adore these images....i hav another girl question, should you ever get teh chance to ask her...where did she get that fabulous necklace from? love the colors, pop and angles you took on these images...just simply beautiufl shots!  06.05.08 - 10:40pm
kristi hedberg - Some really great shots here, and I love the wonderful magazine layout of your blog...very cool!  06.03.08 - 1:23pm
Natarsha - This shoot look super fun and it is so cute!  06.02.08 - 11:51pm
Simply Modern Weddings - I am so in love with these headshots...they are so fun, such beautiful colors! :-)  06.02.08 - 9:30pm
Adam - Judy this business is ALL about "personality". Looks only get you so far. J's work is simply amazing. You know it's true Judy - Jealous - Anytime =)  06.02.08 - 1:27pm
FRED EGAN - I love the shot of her with her laptop-- it seems to really capture her at work and loving it! And awesome dog :D  06.02.08 - 9:58am
Furious Photographers - Aside from the usual beautiful pictures, that is a beautiful dog! Looks like a lab  06.02.08 - 12:28am
amy martin - Love these jasmine!!   06.01.08 - 5:33pm
TO: Judy - Judy, if you are going to insult someone, please do it with correct grammar.  06.01.08 - 2:37pm
cynthia q - punchy color, sharp pics--loads of fun! love the gate, arbor scenes, playing with the dog, and the computer shot.   06.01.08 - 10:15am
Leah G - Okay, even though they are the outtakes, I'm kinda partial to the third one (bottom row, left). I think it's pretty fun and relaxed. Wonderful job. . .if I lived closer (I assure you, my wallet says MD isn't quite close enough), I'd get some just because photos done by you!  06.01.08 - 9:46am
Cathy Crawley - Hmmm, notice how "Judy" has not left her contact detail? Someone has a touch of the 'green-eyed monster'. Don't worry Judy, someone loves you, hopefully.  06.01.08 - 4:27am
Sara - Wow, someone jealous much? If you don't have something nice to say..... Anyhow, gorgeous work here Jasmine! The colors are fabulous and it looks like you really got her relaxed and captured her personality so well. She is a beautiful woman and it almost seems that her beauty inside comes out in these photos.  05.31.08 - 10:32pm
judy - if you're really honest with yourself, you know that your work is completely unoriginal. Good for you, for coming so far on your looks, and your kiss ass personality.  05.31.08 - 9:05pm
Dani Van Steelandt - Jasmine, Your amazing!!! These are so beautiful, the colors just pop, so fun and playful. What an incredibly beautiful woman. As for you tickets, I'm totally feeling you. I was just stopped twice in one week by the SAME OFFICER for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign. $220 later, I hope I've learned my lesson!! ;)  05.31.08 - 9:04pm
sarah - These are so fun. I love her outfit choice, and you made her pop! Colors are fabulous. Great job Jasmine!!!  05.31.08 - 7:05pm
Nena - Oh, I hope you can shoot photos of me! If I don't get married soon, I'm going to call you to get some nice pictures of just me! =-)  05.31.08 - 6:40pm
Julie - I love the one of her on the computer! Great color!!! And the one of her trying to get the dog to look at the camera is as good as the shot you finally got. Great color! I'm so impressed!!! julie  05.31.08 - 5:48pm
Chakriya - I love these pictures. She's a beautiful person.  05.31.08 - 4:10pm
Lia Supatra - love these photos! The theme/location, the beautiful lady, the grass & flowers, the dog..perfect! Great job as always! :)  05.31.08 - 12:39pm
New York City Wedding Photographer - These are so captivating. Her smile, the colors, the doggie...I love it! Peace, Parris Whittingham  05.31.08 - 12:34pm
Abigail Q - Wow she is beautiful ...and these are amazing shots, once again! I love the colors/pp on these images.. especially the one of her on computer. Your awesome!   05.31.08 - 11:52am
Davidkb - Hi Jasmine! Your pictures are just great! I love them. You taught me to watch social photography in a different way! Amazing work! Here, in Spain, when you get the driving licence, you get 6 points with it. After your first year as a driver, you got 6 extra points. 12 points is the maximum you can get. Each time you get a ticket, depending on the infraction, they take a certain amount of points from your driving license. If you loose them all, you loose your driving licence... :S I'm still a 12 points driver! :-) Take care and good luck!  05.31.08 - 9:12am
haley lamb - wow, these are so beautiful. She has such a great smile! Love the colors!  05.31.08 - 8:08am
Rachel Brookel - I like the unposed pictures of the dog....they are so animated and fun! Beautiful setting, dress, PHOTOS!  05.31.08 - 8:05am
erin kate - i'm a huge fan and blog stalker...and i had to comment of these because they are fabulous!  05.31.08 - 7:44am
Lezlie - I LOVE the colors in these! And she is super cute!   05.31.08 - 6:48am
Sarah W. - These are some of my favorites. I feel like I know really caputered her spirit!!!  05.31.08 - 6:36am
Kristin - So cute.. these pictures seem to really capture her. Sweet, down to earth, creative....that is what I got from your pics. They look amazing!  05.31.08 - 12:55am
Matthew Saville - "Caught your eye"... lol, you're so modest! =Matt=  05.31.08 - 12:24am
Lydia - Your colors are amazing! Each time I'm inspired to work even harder! I thought I heard once that you've had someone video you on an engagement shoot. Can you PLEASE post it?  05.31.08 - 12:07am
Khara Plicanic - So you're a speed demon, eh? :) I got 4 tickets in 1 year, and they suspended my license for SIX MONTHS! Seriously.... the whole point system really sneaks up on you. Be careful! :)  05.30.08 - 11:27pm
Heather España - Gorgeous. I have a girl question: do you by any chance know where she got that amazing dress? I want one ;).  05.30.08 - 9:30pm
Megan Beth - HOly smokes..that's her house...not too shabby. Love the always  05.30.08 - 9:26pm
kim - so do we know where the dress is from because i HAVE to have it! she is movie star beautiful and the photos are so bright and crisp! they have such a happy feeling to them:)  05.30.08 - 9:11pm
cassandra m - My FAVORITE is the last shot of course...with Buddy! Shows me so much of her personality...her love for her doggies...her smiling, gentle ways. This is a person I would like to be friends with. I also love so many of the other pics...she is soooooo warm, soooo friendly, sooooo awesome! There are so many great shots. Love the one with her MAC. The background is FLAWLESS! You captured her and made her so approachable. I would hire her. PS...She has a great dress toooo...she is beautiful!!!  05.30.08 - 8:56pm
jackie l. - great images! the photos are beautiful!  05.30.08 - 8:36pm
saraa anthony - Oh I love that dress and paired with that  05.30.08 - 8:28pm
Shannen Natasha - Ooooh my gaaaah! Suh-oooh freakin amazing! J*, you dropped it like it's hot again! I'm sure it helps that miss Kimberly Curtis is a lil bombshell!   05.30.08 - 7:56pm
jenna walker - these are INCREDIBLE!!! just love the color - very inspiring!  05.30.08 - 7:34pm
Crystal - Oh I love the contrasting yummy!!!!  05.30.08 - 7:28pm
DJ - LOVE IT!   05.30.08 - 5:47pm
Shannon Post - Great photos - I love the color! She looks like she has a wonderful personality that you captured beautifully! The dog shots are cute as can be too! If I had a wedding to plan, those photos on her website would make me want to hire her!  05.30.08 - 5:36pm
Troy Schneider - These are all great, but I LOVE the shots with Buddy in them. I've got a soft spot for Goldens :-)  05.30.08 - 4:33pm
Thresha - Great really got her personality to come out in the photos! And her haircut is adorable! It makes me want to chop mine off.  05.30.08 - 4:30pm
Katie Trujillo - These are so great Jasmine, you just capture people's beauty! I can't wait for you to do my headshots!  05.30.08 - 4:30pm
Dennis - These are great Jasmine. That blue gate in the garden is a real draw!  05.30.08 - 4:14pm
Cathy Crawley - Wow, was she a model in her past life because she was working it! You did an amazing job as usual. The colors are gorgeous.  05.30.08 - 3:51pm
Sara Goetz - Love them - I always learn something new about photography from your images. Thanks!  05.30.08 - 3:16pm
Catlin Humes - What a fun spirited lady, i love the one with her and the dog. So cute!  05.30.08 - 3:15pm
Tira J - Simply Gorgeous! Crisp, clean and fresh!   05.30.08 - 3:06pm
Amy - I absolutely love these! And the out-takes are so fun!  05.30.08 - 2:30pm
joan solitario - I love the colors! beautiful!!!!!  05.30.08 - 2:22pm
Rodolfo Arpia - Beautiful images Jasmine... i love them all!  05.30.08 - 2:20pm
Shannon Sewell - gorgeous images jasmine... beautiful, natural... love the color, the flowers, location. simply wonderful :) ~S  05.30.08 - 2:19pm
Therese - Wow! Stunning girl and fantastic photography - what colours and expressions! Well done!  05.30.08 - 2:10pm
Keith Warren - Great Set! Which lens do you use for you shallow DOF shots?  05.30.08 - 2:09pm
Bobbie - WOW! J* You seriously outdid yourself on this shoot! I found myself finding a 'favorite' with every new picture!!! Every SINGLE one of these are AMAZING! The colors, the settings, the poses - everything looks so natural and relaxed - yet at the same time stunning!   05.30.08 - 2:05pm
Stephenie Dame - Wow beautiful....I love them all!!!  05.30.08 - 2:03pm
andrew hsu - Dog Whisperer rocks. Santa Barbara rocks. this post rocks.  05.30.08 - 1:53pm
kelli eudis - Beautiful. What a stunning woman! I love the one with her holding all the flowers and also the one with her computer. Those blues are to die for. Love it!!   05.30.08 - 1:44pm
~abi~ - oh my word! i luv everything about this shoot--from her fab clothing to her adorable dog to your beautiful photos! :)  05.30.08 - 1:42pm
Adrienne - What a fun shoot! I love the bright colors of her dress and necklace. That last shot is adorable!  05.30.08 - 1:39pm
Dennis Urbiztondo - "Good Stuff" :^)  05.30.08 - 1:36pm
cesar perez - J* these are soo good! I love em all!   05.30.08 - 1:33pm
lauren - beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. :) what talent you have!!! thank you for sharing! *  05.30.08 - 1:21pm
Lara @ Southern Wedding Style - These are fabulous! She is GORGEOUS! These images really capture something magical about her--she is so vibrant and approachable looking. Perfect pics! I would love to have shots like this done of me! I look forward to checking out her website when it launches.  05.30.08 - 1:19pm
Lori Anne Davis - Wow, girl, you really brought these photos to life! She chose a terrific color to wear, and the colors came out flawless! I can't wait to see how they will end up on her website. Kim has an incredibly natural and charismatic looking smile!  05.30.08 - 1:14pm
Karen - Aww, these are such fun photos. =] Beautiful array of colors in all of these photos.   05.30.08 - 1:14pm
scott westerman - WOW! Jasmine these images are awesome, Wonderful colours, AWESOME image quality and a very pretty model and her dog. There is something special about your images ! Keep inspiring me and others to be better ! scott.  05.30.08 - 1:13pm
Jamie Delaine - K, I just love you and your amazing talent! Your post processing is to die for. So clean, so simple. :)  05.30.08 - 1:13pm
Jane - I love that the dog has his back completely turned to you in a couple of the pics. Total diva!  05.30.08 - 1:01pm
Gina White - Oh Jas if you don't mind me calling you Jas. I feel like we've known one another for years after reading your blog for a while. Anywho I should have been driving in my car with that same route. It's sounds so relaxing. But I don't think in Michigan I would have gotten the same feel. Love the pics!   05.30.08 - 1:00pm
FRED EGAN - Some really good portraits Jazzy-magic!!  05.30.08 - 12:55pm
David [C+D] - That's a crazy-awesome shoot you got there J-Star! :-D Wow. I think my fav has to be the serious pose, she looks very intelligent and elegant. Love. :)  05.30.08 - 12:50pm
Yuka photo art - WoW! So gorgeous pictures!!! You did a great job! This women so beautiful and her emotions are so rich....I hope I will be your model some times....I and Lyosha would like to have Trash the dress session with you.....when we will be in OC.  05.30.08 - 12:47pm