06.23.08 Personal

A Hot Mess

know there’s no way of thanking someone who consistently gives of himself…again, and again, and again. I sometimes try, but when do, my trajectory gets flung elsewhere and I’m left awkwardly trying to convince JD that I was trying to THANK you! Yeah, I’m just that good.

This past Saturday, when we stepped out of our car, the temperature was a torturous 114-degrees. It was the kind of humid day where just standing in the shade trying to imagine the Nordic coast made you drip. And there JD was, carrying all the bags, gear, and computer. Smiling. I would’ve run up to him and hugged him with deepest appreciation, but that would’ve required me actually getting up from the shaded lounge chair and putting down my iced tea. And THAT would’ve been a little too much work!

I kid, Internet, I kid.

While I’m sure I’ll use the infamous I was trying to THANK you! verbiage later today, here are a few awesome photos of JD in action. Yes, I know he’ll love me for them.

JD, there are times when I feel like one hot mess, but you're there to consistently have my back. My sometimes sweaty back, but my back nevertheless. Thank you for being for being my best friend. 143.
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Renee Bell - aww YAY for JD... you are a very lucky gal :-)  06.29.08 - 7:29pm
Furious Photographers - Awwwww JD is so cool! He dresses really sexily too at weddings. When I photograph a wedding, I have to wear black and it gets really hot. -Lawrence  06.27.08 - 12:14pm
Stacy Cross - Aw! I really like JD!   06.26.08 - 7:48am
Jasmine Marie - 143 LOVE IT. You and JD rock. He always looks so dapper when he shoots with you too. You're a lucky gal!  06.26.08 - 12:23am
Ali - are blessed girl. But so am I. It's so awesome when you find someone that loves you the 1 Corin. 13 way and then get to spend the rest of your life with them...yeah...I'd say we're blessed!  06.24.08 - 7:23pm
Amy Ellwanger - you two really are the perfect match. I love how in love you are, and how you are always so honest and real about your relationship with him, you rock!!  06.24.08 - 2:21pm
inga - JD rocks. You're lucky to have him. :-)  06.24.08 - 12:46pm
Joan Solitario - I know exactly what you mean! It's wonderful to have a supporting husband :-D  06.24.08 - 12:26pm
MattDJ - Awesome! Now how come JD isn't going on the Sites Tour?!?!   06.24.08 - 9:29am
rowena - awww... he da man! you are super blessed.  06.24.08 - 8:08am
Jasmine* - @KellyBowie: Thanks for providing an explanation! :) I guess pager lingo isn't as commonplace as I thought! It's funny because I still will use pager codes when I text JD or my best friends from high school. I think this makes me really, really LAME or really, really BRILLIANT! :)  06.24.08 - 7:19am
David [C+D] - We simply can't figure out how people could shoot a wedding alone. We've never done it! :-D Isn't having a partner in crime wonderful??  06.24.08 - 5:38am
Bob P. - The lighthouse I can see from my house flashes 1-4-3.  06.24.08 - 5:01am
Susie - I've been using "143" for years. I bet it's more commonplace than I thought...that or we're just rad people.  06.24.08 - 4:40am
kymberli q. - I love JD posts. :)  06.24.08 - 12:07am
Cathy Crawley - Your JD is such a sweet boy! I love that location, I can't wait to see the rest of the shots. The bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous!   06.24.08 - 12:03am
Nelly Chung - haha! Got it immediately 143...I can't believe I remember that from HS. Love how you have documented DJ! :)  06.23.08 - 9:43pm
Kelly Bowie - 143 Means "I Love You." One letter in I, Four in Love, and three in You. So wonderfully appropriate for you two. Thanks for sharing a bit more of yourself.  06.23.08 - 8:53pm
Sarah - Hum...pager lingo? 143? what does it mean?  06.23.08 - 4:52pm
Tanya Jose - awww...pager lingo....143. so cute!! big ups to JD for being sucha trooper all the time. this makes me think that i need to give more props to my hubby for putting up with me. :)  06.23.08 - 4:34pm
christina LeMarr - Yup, definitely a keeper ;)  06.23.08 - 4:07pm
cassandra m - You do have one amazing guy there! I love that you appreciate him and are constantly letting everyone know how special you think he is and how much you love him! You guys have that love that will last you a lifetime & beyond. My best to you always!  06.23.08 - 1:09pm
mandi white - its so amazing to have people like this in our lives.   06.23.08 - 11:57am
Dawn - Seriously, you are so lucky that JD does this type of stuff for you. I would have trouble prying my husband out of the air-conditioned car on a day like that to help me. You guys are awesome, and so lucky to have each other!  06.23.08 - 11:06am
Ashley - Jeff (my husband) just saw these photos and thinks that JD is a stud for wearing a tie! I can't imagine that in 114 degree weather. You two are awesome.  06.23.08 - 10:51am
brianna - I would almost think you were verging on the brink of embellishment with all these stories about your fabulous husband...but then I know him and so I must say that if anything it's an understatement. love you J & J  06.23.08 - 10:22am
jeanette sanchez - Go JD! Interesting to see JD in action, but when does he rest with two jobs?   06.23.08 - 10:06am
Jamie Delaine - So cute! I love you both as a couple. Adorable.  06.23.08 - 10:01am
joyful weddings & events - What a stud! and btw: 90 degrees never felt so good to me yesterday!  06.23.08 - 9:50am
kimberlee - J* & JD, i just have to say that you two are SO sweet together. (and by the way i'm very glad you made it through the desk assembly fiasco) hee hee jk... ;) seriously, you two make an amazing team and it's awesome to see how God uses your strengths to compliment each other. you guys are the best.   06.23.08 - 9:43am
Bobbie - Awwww, JD is such a sweetie! Love the pictures of him in action!  06.23.08 - 9:35am
carlie - oh JD adores you!! isn't it amazing to see how much God blessed us? He shows us his grace, compassion, forgiveness, and unfailing love through our husbands. OK, I just made myself tear up.  06.23.08 - 9:34am
tish - i just want to give JD some sort of award...a trophy...a mr. congeniality sash. he's one great guy, and you're one blessed girl! p.s. i do the same thing as you...just last night i had to say "but i was trying to say thank you!!!"  06.23.08 - 9:22am
DJ - JD is such a stud! The only thing really limiting him at this point is that his name is spelled backwards. Other than that he has everything going for him!  06.23.08 - 9:15am