06.29.08 Photography

A Different Frame

just got home from having a simply wonderful day. There’s nothing like being surrounded by people who love you and make you see the world with a new frame of mind. Or just a new frame.

Today I drove a couple hours to help my good friend, David Jay shoot a fabulous wedding in Ventura. The day was made even better because we were joined by the awesome Crystal Goss all the way from Arkansas, so we had a blast shooting together! We spent the day laughing, enjoying each other’s company, and checkin’ out each others’ shots…sheer awesomeness!

I can’t wait to blog images from the wedding, but I just wanted to show my friends in action…aren’t they fierce?!

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Erika Lais Photo Blog - I relly love love and love the A bubbly First Kiss... Nice work J* ... I miss the slideshow ....  07.08.08 - 6:13am
Furious Photographers - I wish David Jay would call me up to shoot a wedding! HAHA I will gladly shoot a wedding with you ANYDAY! Just let me know and I will even buy you lunch on another day ;D xo, Lawrence  07.06.08 - 12:23am
Leah Charbonneau - The shot of the shoes is my favorite! I want those tiles (oh! and the shoes!)  07.03.08 - 7:28am
Shelly - What insight these shots show not just of the house (we live in) but the precious couple the Lord has blessed. Thank you for gracing our home and sharing your God given gift. You have quite a lens!  07.01.08 - 7:44pm
Frannie - Definitely looking forward to seeing those photos! :D  07.01.08 - 12:16am
Simply Modern Weddings - love the 2nd shot...nice shootsac!  06.30.08 - 10:59pm
cassandra m - I don't think I've ever seen a shot of DJ where he is not smiling. What a blast you guys musta had. can't wait to see the pics...  06.30.08 - 10:02pm
AaronofAHS - word!!!!  06.30.08 - 9:51pm
Julie Lim - I love visiting your blog! It is like a breath of fresh air everytime i visit. Please keep up the awesome work and continue to share your beautiful photos with all of us! Yay Jasmine!  06.30.08 - 9:04pm
Shelley - haha Jasmine..I read your comment about tripping DJ and running away when he annoyed you, man did I laugh..all by myself..well, just my dog to hear me..I think he just rolled his eyes and went back to sleep! I know you just thought about it... right??? LOL  06.30.08 - 2:24pm
Anna Jordan - It was wonderful meeting you yesterday!  06.30.08 - 2:18pm
Eric Foley - That must of been a blast! Can't wait for the images! Anytime you want to come to CT to shoot a wedding let me know, I'd love to shoot with you! :) Eric  06.30.08 - 2:15pm
Tunji Sarumi - Can't wait to see the pictures.   06.30.08 - 12:47pm
Jasmine* - @Jeff: Two-fifth fierce is a good's twice as better than one-fifth fierce, right? ;) @MattHall: Great points! And thanks for the it! DJ prefers to not divide tasks and leave us to shoot whatever we want...he's such a hippie about shooting! :) @Matthew: I prefer to shoot my weddings with one second-shooter. I usually take the reigns, but lately JD has been offering awesome insight, so he's been adding his flare as well. Myself, Crystal, and DJ have been friends for a while, so it was all about respecting each other's time and space...and I think we did a pretty good job at it. And when DJ annoyed me, I just tripped him and ran away! ;)  06.30.08 - 11:39am
Nena - Can't wait to see your wedding images...if you're excited to blog them, can you imagine how excited I am to see them!?  06.30.08 - 11:34am
Jeff, La Vida Creations - My only hope is to one day be half as "fierce" as David Jay. Right now, I'm running at about two-fifths fierce, but I'm working on it daily. :) Can't wait to see your collaborative images!  06.30.08 - 10:40am
Bobbie - Great shots! I would love to shoot with other photographers just to see how they handle things and learn from them... I can't wait to see your images from this shoot - I have no doubt they will be amazing!  06.30.08 - 9:41am
Matt Hall - To comment on previous poster's comment. I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago with Mike Larson. In that case he was the hired photographer so we worked with him to get the job done. We split the tasks and had fun inbetween frames. I love shooting with other photographers. It helps to plan who is doing what shots.   06.30.08 - 9:23am
Natarsha N. Wright - That is so exciting..Can't wait to see more images.  06.30.08 - 8:54am
Katherine Bowman - How fun to get to shoot with them! It looks like it was a beautiful day also!!! :)  06.30.08 - 5:18am
Matthew Saville - Hey Jasmine- do you think that you prefer to work in the company of a couple other photographers? Do you all take turns "giving orders"? Do you prefer to be in charge? I recently have pondered whether or not shooting with other photographers de-rails my creative flow. I get 3-5 shots into a pose and then the other photographers suggest something else, etc. etc. I guess another question is, are you a slow, methodical portrait photographer or do you just find the shot and boom, in the bag, done, let's move on?? Take care, =Matt=  06.30.08 - 2:10am
Cathy Crawley - David is very fetching in that shot. As for Crystal she has great taste, I can tell because we have the same Shootsac ;) I can't wait to see the photos from the wedding!  06.30.08 - 1:06am
Breanne - Ooh! Ventura! Too bad I didn't spend more time out and about today... then maybe I'd have caught the fabulous Jasmine Star in action!  06.30.08 - 12:28am
Joshua K - Hi Jasmine ! I can't wait to see more images, keep it up !  06.30.08 - 12:07am
Lan Bui - Lucky!!! Well I guess it is talent too. So... Talent!!! Eh, it doesn't sound the same.  06.29.08 - 11:57pm