Tiffany and Mark : Engagement

rom a distance, the scene looked the same. The light pink walls of the Lido Theater in Newport Beach hadn’t changed and the ticket booth was illuminated the same it was when Mark proposed to Tiffany ten months ago. Last July, Tiffany walked into the theater with her boyfriend Mark to watch what she thought was a movie. As the lights dimmed and the credits began to roll, Tiffany knew it was a different kind of production. Mark put together a movie proposal that left everyone in the theater teary-eyed and the best part was Tiffany’s acceptance of his hand in marriage.

Mark and Tiffany decided to begin their engagement session at Lido Theater, and as they walked inside the brightly colored foyer, they looked very much the same and very much different from the two people who dedicated their lives to each other. They appeared more confident, more svelte, and more in love.

Documenting their lives and intersections of love means more to me because this is the first time I’ll be able to take part in every part of their declaration of dependence (the proposal, the engagement, and the wedding day). They have an amazing wedding planned this July at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach...I can't wait to hang out with them again and have some fun! :)

Here are a few of my favorites…

After shooting at the theater, we headed to Newport Beach to complete their engagement session...

If you'd like to see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Kelly Minton Vierling - Jasmine....I'm like 3 years late on this post, but I couldn't resist commenting! This engagement session is AMAZING.....seriously like the best EVER! I can not believe how talented you were even back then! WOW! I hope I can get this good in like a year! :)  09.02.10 - 10:16pm
christina lemarr - So I'm a year late on this post, but these are H O T!!!  03.21.08 - 7:00pm
Kelly Marshall - OMG! These are INCREDIBLE!!!!! Without a doubt the BEST engagement shoot I have EVER seen! This couple is so hot too! WOW!!  05.25.07 - 2:00pm
Christy Hollingshead - SIMPLY incredible!  05.22.07 - 8:51am
Kevin Swan - Smokin! Dang.  05.18.07 - 5:23pm
anna joy - these are beautiful!!! I love the one where its the series of him spinning her around! you have such fun ideas. Keep up the amazing work!  05.18.07 - 9:26am
Lisa F - That ring shot......wholly-bageebers!!! AMAZING!!! You are a bundle of talent !  05.18.07 - 8:02am
Steven Kang - Your toooooo much of superstar Jas.   05.18.07 - 12:40am
Fred Egan - YOWSERS THIS IS HOT!!!!  05.17.07 - 8:24pm
the "world famous" daniel j. watkins - You amaze me!! :)  05.17.07 - 4:25pm
amber Wright - first of all i want to say congratulations on your new blog!!! its really something to admire! its young, fresh, and very clean! ok so thats that! and second of all...what a gorgeous couple! could she be any cuter? wow! well congrats on your past and future success c:  05.17.07 - 2:00pm
Bumatay - WOW wow wow - what a totally HOT couple!!! And the images are amazing.   05.17.07 - 1:45pm
Mike Warren - Wow Jazzy, this may well be the best e-session I have ever seen! Absolutely beautiful!  05.17.07 - 12:35pm
Jen Harris - Unbelievable!!!!! Beautiful couple, location and gorgeous photos! You are amazing!  05.17.07 - 12:07pm
erin kate - Fabulous!!! These are absolutely beautiful!  05.17.07 - 11:48am
Joell - Wow!!!! Love these pictures...very hot!  05.17.07 - 11:00am
Aaron - soooooo good!  05.17.07 - 11:00am
Crissy - This is an AMAZING couple! That last picture looks like a Calvin Klein ad......gorgeous!  05.17.07 - 10:02am
Dave Biesse - Wowzers! Stunning shots. Very pleased for Becker's referral.  05.17.07 - 9:36am
scott neumyer - H O T !! Smoking hot couple and some great, great images!  05.17.07 - 8:19am
Nataly - These are some sizzling hot photos! Great couple, great photographer!  05.16.07 - 11:39pm
C.J. Scott - OMG...your best work by far!!! Holy hotness!  05.16.07 - 10:41pm
Jasmine* - Thanks for the blog lovin...Mark and Tiffany deserve all the credit...they're amazing! :)  05.16.07 - 10:26pm
angel swanson - incredible shoot! everything is absolutely perfect. my favorite shot is the black and white (with the overhead view), followed closely by the series of twirling on the pier.  05.16.07 - 8:05pm
Steve DePino - Wow these are amazing! Mind blowing work!  05.16.07 - 7:14pm
Stephanie in GA - WOW - absolutely awesome! I think you might be my new favorite photographer and I have only looked at this one post on the new blog. I guess I will have to spend all night looking back at the old blog! I can't wait!  05.16.07 - 6:53pm
mike larson - INSANE photos, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones of the ring, close up, they are all great!!! you inspire more people than you know!  05.16.07 - 6:51pm
Christopher - Second shooter available for their wedding :)  05.16.07 - 6:28pm
carrie - wow - what a GORGEOUS little couple. i love these...the last ones are like an abercrombie ad. -c  05.16.07 - 6:27pm
Courtney Toney - These are hot! Way to go Jas!  05.16.07 - 5:31pm
James Day - I love the variation between the photos, the movement, the crispness. I can't believe I've only just discovered your work today! Very inspiring photography!!!!  05.16.07 - 5:24pm
DrewB - Those are hot Jas!  05.16.07 - 5:17pm
Eric L - Amazing work!! Thanks for the inspriration!  05.16.07 - 5:13pm
Mia - GREAT PHOTOS! Glad becker's blog gave me the heads up on your blog. Your new fan, Mia  05.16.07 - 5:01pm
brandy j - FREAKIN HOT!!! These are so FANTASTIC Jasmine!!! And the new blog is AWESOME - the larger images really show off your remarkable work:-)  05.16.07 - 4:57pm
dj - uhhhhhh - INCREDIBLE!!!  05.16.07 - 4:43pm
Trista - JASMINE!!! These are sooooo freakkiingg hotttt!!!!  05.16.07 - 4:36pm
Rodolfo Arpia - These engagement session is hot! Love all the images.  05.16.07 - 4:00pm
Ricki Ford - I love your new blog and theses pictures are awesome!!  05.16.07 - 3:44pm
nicole green - love the little series of them on the bridge :) <3 it's soo cute!  05.16.07 - 3:44pm
dbax@sdohana - these images are amazing! love the ring shot .  05.16.07 - 3:43pm
Amanda - Hotness! I love the wonderful summery, light feel to these. Gorgeous as always! :)  05.16.07 - 3:41pm
Jan Garcia - Great set! Love the wardrobe change :) Congrats on the blog...great design.  05.16.07 - 3:06pm
Will Parris - I love this whole set! The flare, the look, the romance, all amazing! And I'm loving the new blog!! Thanks for the congrat's too, I appreciate it! Great job Jasmine, great job!  05.16.07 - 2:58pm
Bianca - A-MAZ-ING! Will you promise me now to shoot my wedding?!?! I'm your sister for crying out loud. One stipulation: Make me look as HOT as Tiffany. Seriously, this is beautiful. Love the new blog : ) Bibee  05.16.07 - 1:05pm