Free To Succeed Tour : Houston, Day Two

n case anyone is wondering, Houston has decided to shed a little grace on me today. The humidity isn’t as bad as yesterday and, for that, I’m grateful. And I’m grateful for air-conditioned hotel gyms. And I’m thankful for oatmeal with Splenda. And I’m thankful for my friends. And I’m thankful for beginning this tour with God’s grace.

This morning, the Showit Crew got our first peek at the tour bus and all I could do was laugh. Because, really, that’s what I do when all else fails. I just laugh.

The rest of the day will be spent fine-tuning my presentation with David Jay and then we’re officially launching the tour tonight! Holllllla!

I’ll be updating with pictures and daily updates, but here’s a few that caused me to laugh out loud. Because, really, that’s what I do when all else fails…

And just in case I ever wondered if living on a tour bus for four weeks was a good idea, here's a blatant sign that I'm here to stay...

Here's a few pictures from the inside of the bus, taken by my good friend, Kenny Kim...

This is my reaction seeing the pictures on the bus...yes, I'm laughing...

Here I am laughing again for what looks like no apparent reason...

The master suite...

The starting Showit Crew...

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Heather/One Shot Beyond Photography - the photo of you on the bus is too cute! How cool is that? I bet you're having the time of your life! Enjoy it girl!  08.01.08 - 10:46am
Sarah Shalley - Hey Jasmine! Hope that you haven't forgotten Houston by now. I totally forgot to post a comment to let ya know that OF COURSE I blogged about you and included a super cute picture. Check it out if you have time. FOR REAL, thanks for REAL. That's whay my business is all about. Much love to you, Sarah  08.01.08 - 8:32am
Ashley - You know you're the ish when your face is on the side of a tour bus!! Go Jasmine! Oh, and keep on laughing, even if it is for no reason. That's what we all love about you.  07.30.08 - 12:32pm
Joyce - Seeing you laughing / always smiling on those photos reminded me of this quote “The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular reason for being happy except that they are so. ” Keep on smiling and laughing. Much luck on your tour!  07.30.08 - 11:24am
felecie - jasmine star...first i want to comment on how "star" struck "the girls" were last night. you are such an inspiration to us and love how you look to fashion to inspire you and your work....we really connected to that. just wanted to say thanks for giving your success story and being so real. love, the girls at TGC (felecie)  07.30.08 - 8:53am
Thao T - Ahh, I can't wait to see you guys tonight in Austin. Looking at the comments, this is a must-go-to workshop.   07.30.08 - 8:23am
Holly - Jessica Claire, i see your the talent behind the beautiful shot of do you always seem to give lighting behind the head.???? HELP!  07.30.08 - 7:28am
Rebecca Root - I didn't get a chance to meet you last night, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation.   07.30.08 - 6:49am
Leah Charbonneau - Yay1 I know you guys are excited! Best of luck to you on the road! I'm excited to hear all about your journey!  07.30.08 - 6:38am
Mary Marantz - All of my favorite people in the whole wide world all in one place!! Oh how I miss you all! Be safe my friends...I know you are going to ROCK this!! love, M:)  07.30.08 - 5:40am
Michelle Peek - What a great time we had last night. We all were so excited we couldn't go to sleep till about 4 AM. So happy to see God's favor in you and DJ's life. You are a blessing!  07.30.08 - 5:26am
Amy Watson - Hey girl! I got to meet you OFFICIALLY last night at the Free to Succeed workshop at the Sheraton Hotel!! Although I feel like I already know you from reading your blog all the time, I was EXTREMELY excited to get to meet in you in person...and you're just as sweet as I thought you would be =) Anyways, I promised you I would post more comments, so here I am!!   07.30.08 - 4:54am
Katherine Bowman - Yeah! I'm so excited for you! You'll be traveling in style! I can't wait for Kansas City!!!  07.30.08 - 4:31am
rachel - People will see the bus and think you're a rock star! (no pun intended!)  07.30.08 - 4:19am
Bobbie - Wow! That bus is AMAZING! I gotta tell ya girl - I am a little jealous!! Haha! You have come so far and deserve it all... congrats and thanks for always being such a huge inspiration.  07.30.08 - 3:52am
Joanna - It was great seeing you again. I loved it all and think you should have like STAR DAY- like spending a whole day with you so we can learn..YAY! I'm gonna get in gear and KIR!! Loved it! Blogging right now about this great seminar! Thanks for all the advice.   07.30.08 - 12:47am
MattDJ - WOW! Between you, KKim, and DJ, I'm going to be putting in plenty of blog miles this month!! :-)  07.30.08 - 12:43am
Cathy Crawley - That looks like a very luxurious bus!  07.30.08 - 12:01am
Laura Swinson - The presentation was awesome! Thanks so much for the valuable information and inspiration. We had a great time (even though you called on me, ha!). Hope you and the rest of the crew have a wonderful trip.  07.29.08 - 11:36pm
Matt Nicolosi - The funniest thing about this post is the AARP commercial on the TV behind you guys in the last picture. Wow, you guys are serious about this freedom stuff. [grin]   07.29.08 - 11:09pm
Katharine Rose - Jasmine I can't wait to meet you in LA!!! I am so excited, everyone is saying such great things about the tour!!! Should be a good time... :) Have fun on your glorious bus. Shoot, it is nicer than my room haha :)... See you next week!!!!!!  07.29.08 - 11:06pm
Amanda Key - Jasmine, it was great to finally meet you. You are truly an inspiration! I am ready to roll up my sleeves and "get dirty." Thanks for all the great information.  07.29.08 - 10:58pm
Ashley Allen - Thank you, thank you! Your presentation hit the nail on the head for me many times! Happy Travels, Jasmine. Welcome to Texas and be safe! Thanks again to you and DJ for an awesome night!  07.29.08 - 10:55pm
Fabuluxe Photos - I hope the girls get the master suite. - Everyone is leaving fabulous comments about you and I just can'tttt wait for ALL of you to come to NY!!!   07.29.08 - 10:53pm
davidbrenot - Hi Jasmine, I'm happy to see you and my friend DJ on your blog ! Make a kiss for me to DJ ;-) Hope te see ou in France maybe !!! David  07.29.08 - 10:52pm
Jamie - Jasmine, you had a fabulous presentation tonight! You were so genuine. I think I took about 12 pages of notes! Thank you for taking the time to help others. Truly an inspiration. David Jay was awesome! YEE HAW!!! Or shall I say...YEE HAWT?!?!?  07.29.08 - 10:51pm
Brooke Schwab Photography - It was great meeting you tonight in person! I really was glad to hear what you had to say and it is really true! I am going to "do it"! KIR girl!  07.29.08 - 10:40pm
Dan - Ok, the whole thing just rocked. DJ is uber nice and Jasmine was hilarious!!! I'm thinking of driving to Austin just to hear the whole thing again. Thanks guys!   07.29.08 - 10:37pm
Joan Solitario - Just wondering.... who get's the master suite???   07.29.08 - 10:28pm
Leah - Thanks so much for coming to Houston! Ya'll did an incredible job and I am so glad I could be there!  07.29.08 - 10:27pm
Joan Solitario - I'm sooo jealous!! I wanted to sign up for the tour, but my schedules were conflicting with all the schedules............ I'm soooo bummed but hopefully there's a next time. I LOVE the photo on the BUS heheh it's sooo cool!  07.29.08 - 10:27pm
loragaige - It was so wonderful getting to know you the last couple of days! Hope you guys have a safe drive to Austin and an amazing rest of the tour!!!  07.29.08 - 10:25pm
Sharon Sheara - What a fabulous night! I left feeling inspired and motivated. So glad Houston was your first stop.   07.29.08 - 10:23pm
Patricia Pentecost - Thank you! THANK you! THANK YOU! What a wonderful thing you all are doing! I've just gotten home, grabbed my laptop, and blogged my heart out to share with others what an amazing thing this workshop has been. It truly is invaluable. I am forever your fan. Much love, Patricia  07.29.08 - 10:20pm
Karen Beyer - thanks, jasmine, for your inspiring words! it was truly a pleasure to meet you tonight! i'll give you a shout out after i post kenny's pics on my blog! :) have fun in austin!!  07.29.08 - 10:11pm
Jamie Kutter - Jasmine is AMAZING! seriously I loved getting the opportunity to meet you tonight. Your "talk" was fantastic and I took so much from it! I love that you are exactly as you appear on your blog. I've meet a few photographers that seem to be really outgoing and super friendly on their blogs and then you meet them and wonder if their assistant writes it for them. You are truly an inspiration!  07.29.08 - 9:55pm
Amber Paterson - Now that's a tour bus!!!  07.29.08 - 9:48pm
jessica claire - i can't believe that photo is really that big!  07.29.08 - 9:15pm
Natarasha N. Wright - WOW! I love your pic on the side of the bus, it is beautiful. For a bus it fabulous and a rock STAR place to live for four weeks! Can't wait to see more! You guys have safe travels...  07.29.08 - 4:37pm
Nelly Chung - That is an awesome photo of you on the bus! Have you ever seen your face posted that big anywhere before? That's amazing!Have fun!  07.29.08 - 3:59pm
Erin. - Looks fab inside the bus! The pictures are awesome as well. Hope your loving the tour so far even though your only at Stop #1!   07.29.08 - 3:50pm
Holly - Jasmine...i see you always have a lighting that hits your hair/your clients hair.....i would love to know the trick. I am a small company outside of Michigan  07.29.08 - 3:49pm
terri z - have a blast tonight on opening night !!!!! and at lululemons !! :)  07.29.08 - 3:05pm
joyful weddings & events - Who gets the master suite?  07.29.08 - 2:45pm
Fabuluxe Photos - What a cool bus; have fun. - Can't wait to meet you in NYC!!!! -   07.29.08 - 2:42pm
Paula Emery - Any word on Nashville yet? I'm REALLLLLY hoping it ends up one you can make it to.  07.29.08 - 2:37pm
Adrienne - That is the coolest tour bus ever!! You guys must be having an awesome time riding around in there!  07.29.08 - 1:55pm
The Unbride - You got out just in time to miss the quake! Looks like you're having sooo much fun. :)  07.29.08 - 1:45pm
deB perry -'re such a ROCKSTAR jasmine. have fun!  07.29.08 - 1:31pm
ksen :) - dude! live it up!!! rock it out! so happy & excited for you! :D  07.29.08 - 1:18pm
gabriel.ryan. - have fun on the road! all i have to say is, live it up!!! tour bus + home = rockstar living  07.29.08 - 12:15pm
casey - that is stinkin' awesome!! I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to see you guys in Dallas on Wednesday!!  07.29.08 - 12:11pm
hedy berg - oh no! I think I'm getting sick. I will see you in Dallas with a mask over my face and a can of Lysol if I have to ... because I'm not missing this for anything!  07.29.08 - 11:39am
Julie - EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Is all i have to say! Like i've one a million bucks! I can't until AUg. 25th, #1 i live 3 hrs away from NYC, #2 Never been. #3: I get to see DJ & J*aaand #4 My husband will be with me and our three kids are staying home. WE SO NEED THIS! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'll be the one trying not to spontaneous combust in the middle of the everything..YEEEEEEEE!  07.29.08 - 11:29am
Youkeun - can we see inside the bus? have a blast!!  07.29.08 - 11:18am
Cathy and David - Come to Indy Come to Indy Come to Indy!!! :-D  07.29.08 - 10:54am
kymberli q. - HOLY HOTNESS!!!!!!!!! That enlarged photo of you on that bus is UNREAL! It looks AMAZING!!!! Have a great time! P.S. Thank you so much for the reply to my e-mail. We'll let you know which route we take!  07.29.08 - 10:47am
Alice - YAYYYY! You're finally here! Welcome to Houston! :) Can't wait to see you tonight.   07.29.08 - 10:42am
Andre - Yea, there here in Houston!  07.29.08 - 10:35am
Jane Chung - I can only imagine what it feels like to see your face emblazoned on a tour bus!!   07.29.08 - 10:14am
Crystal - I had that specifically put on there for you! LOL! Just kidding. Have a great day! You are going to be amazing!  07.29.08 - 10:13am
jenny - Can't wait to see you in Austin tomorrow!!( I'll be there to help unpack the bus...yeah!!!). Dumb question but...are we suppose to be bringing laptops with us? ...didn't know if the "show" was going to be so action packed that we would even have time to turn them on...and by the way...there's a LuLuLemon "boutique" in Austin too!!!  07.29.08 - 10:13am
katie johnson - Hoping to catch you in LA or San Diego. We're wishing you a grand opening night!  07.29.08 - 10:03am
Nena - Can you teach me a good workout to get arms like yours? =-) Look forward to living my life vicariously through yours!  07.29.08 - 9:49am