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ello and thank you for stopping by Jasmine Star Blog! Here you’ll find the latest ramblings of this crazy photographer traveling around the United States on the Free to Succeed Tour. If you’re a prospective client here to read a little more about me, I appreciate your time and consideration in advance. For the next few weeks, my blog will be comprised of my life on the road, but I’ll be shooting weddings every weekend, so you can find them here as well. If you’d like to see just a selection of my professional photography, please feel free to click on the following links for my blog portfolio: Wedding Photography and Engagement Photography

If you're here to procure more information about the Tour, I’ll be speaking in a myriad of cities nationwide, so if you’re a photographer, come and hang out because I’d love to meet you! If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to register for a seat! And special thanks to Showit's own Jason Lackey for creating this cartoons of me and DJ! :)

I’m quite blessed to do what I love, so feel free to stay a while, grab a glass of Pellegrino and a twist of lime, and sit back share in life’s most beautiful moments!

**This post will remained pinned to the top of the blog for the duration of the tour, so be sure to scroll down and view new posts!**
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fabuluxe Photos - Had a GREAT time in NYC!! - Thanks  08.29.08 - 11:42am
Chris - I stumble upon your work while surfing the net for inspiration. I'm an aspirimg photographer in Kentucky who loves weddings and 'making' people beautiful through images. I'm still at the learning stages and getting comfortable with my humble camera, a Nikon D60. I love how your images turn out so crisp and clear. The colors are so vibrant! Mine are blurry 70% of the time, even with VR capability. What can I try to ensure clearer shots besides using a tripod? Any advise would be great! I'm saving up my $$ to hopefully attend one of you tours one day and get a F1.4 type lens. Thanks again!  08.29.08 - 6:17am
Corinna Hoffman - You're amazing! Wish you're going with David to his Orlando stop!  08.28.08 - 6:26pm
Robin Michelini - Hi Jamine, I am your new fan. I wish I had discovered your blog a long time ago. First, you are a very talented photographer/artist. I love your composition and style. Second, your blog is so interesting. You have so much information on here for everyone; clients and photographers. Your blog is easy to navigate around. Much more interesting than a website as you can be very interactive on your blog. I set out to do this over a year ago and cannot seem to find the time. It seems like I am post processing all the time trying to get shoots out. I need to see your presentation some time. Will you ever be giving one in the near future in Sacramento or San Francisco? Robin  08.28.08 - 10:16am
Ken - Jasmine, Thank you and the showit group for being in the world. I have been to many workshops over the past year or two and your presentation on branding monday night was inspirational - really rang true above and beyond. I never thought of branding as action, that is an incredible window opened for me, it was a privilege attend and see all of you guys magically blend from person to persona to photography to business back to you guys being yourselves. wonderful to listen and learn and meet you all. Respectfully, Ken  08.26.08 - 9:36pm
Carl Reid - Hey Jazz Just got back to Canada. You guys were truly inspirational!!! Thanks for the church. AMEN.   08.26.08 - 4:17pm
Laura Ryan - Jasmine.. It was great to see in you in NY last night.. Your story truely moved me.. and no you did not give me a headache while you spoke .. LOL   08.26.08 - 11:29am
Sharon Bushman - Just got home from FTS in NYC. Such a great night. It was really good to meet you. You were so engaging, friendly and full of good advise. David Jay did a fantastic job as well. He should have "in't that true?" printed on the back of his Freedom t-shirts! :-)   08.25.08 - 8:53pm
Fabuluxe Photos - Val -Looking forward to Monday....ITS MONDAY :) and ur always so right. Can't wait.  08.25.08 - 3:58am
Val McCormick Photography - Some of my fellow CT Puggers including myself are really looking forward to Monday, NY, YAY :-)  08.22.08 - 11:21pm
Fabuluxe Photos - NYC!!! I can't wait.  08.22.08 - 12:11pm
Kristen Dawn - Yeeeaaaayyyyy! I was praying to the photography Gods that you'd be coming to Boston when I bought my seat. Hooray for awesome karma! See you soon!  08.22.08 - 7:15am
Nelly Soares - Jasmine, This is the 1st time I've ever left a comment on a blog, but I feel like I just have to. I'm your total BLOG stalker! I've loved photography all my life, but only after getting really bored w/my accounting job did I decide to give it a shot professionally. I still only shoot after work and weekends and I've had no professional training, but things seem to be really taking off. I only started last November and have 5 of my own weddings for next year already. It's all in part to photographers like you that really share themselves. I feel like you really put your heart out there everyday in your blog and it's so refreshing. Reading it is the first thing I do when I come to work everyday. ..You are a true inspiration, not to mention your pictures ROCK!....can't wait to see you in Boston on Tuesday.  08.22.08 - 7:14am
melissa lawler - I wish I could have driven to Chicago just so I could hear your talk. I went to hear DJ last night in Indy. It was awesome, but wish you had been there to make it even more awesome.   08.22.08 - 5:25am
Carrie V - welcome home!  08.21.08 - 7:53pm
Deyla - Will you guys ever do this again in the NW area? I was hoping for Seattle or POrtland! To the Sea... To the P!  08.21.08 - 11:25am
Ray Pryor - Key takeaway from your talk at the Chicago stop: "SHAKE WHAT YOUR MOMMA GAVE YOU" ;-) You are absolutely HIGH-larious. I never thought I'd see those words projected on a 10' screen, but hey, what else can you expect from J*? Thanks for rockin out the Chicago stop. Stay in touch and God bless! Romans 1:11  08.20.08 - 7:54am
Jamie B - It was so great seeing you in person in Phoenix. Girl- You have more energy than 10 photographers combined. I LOVE IT! Your so much fun, no wonder your clients love you. I'd hire you too!  08.13.08 - 9:26pm
laura stetser - Jasmine, it was SO nice to actually meet you after following your blog for so long! You're as amazing in person as you come across on your blog and through your work. And wow! Talk about charisma - LOVED everything you had to say and how you delivered it! Hope you'll be around our way again! :) ps - I'm the girl who may have been glazed eyed when we met -I literally walked in the door after 3 hours of driving and met you upon arrival so I was still a bit road-driving shell shocked (if there is such a thing)! :)  08.13.08 - 2:56pm
Catie Ronquillo - J* and DJ rocked the SF stop! I encourage all those interested in the tour to sign up!! Thanks Jasmine!  08.12.08 - 9:12pm
Kevin Layton - I just want to say that Jasmine and David rock! I learned so much from both of them and I am motivated more than ever to do the things I need to do to accomplish what I love. If you have a chance to meet them or attend their seminar I highly recommend it!   08.12.08 - 11:28am
Christopher - Wish I could see you, but you are not comming to this part of the world. :-( Oh well. I can live thru your blog for now.   08.12.08 - 4:06am
F.C. Wong - Hello Jasmine, I didn't get a chance to say hello on the SF leg of the tour, but I just wanted to say that you made me smile, laugh out LOUD, and cry. Sometimes all at once. My mom also passed of a brain tumor last year. I wish you all the best. And thank you for being so informative and inspirational. You are awesome. Fu  08.12.08 - 3:01am
ohana photography - it was really awesome talkin to you again j!   08.11.08 - 9:16am
Fabuluxe Photos - I can't wait for you to come to NEW YORK!!!  08.10.08 - 9:24pm
court de - PLEASE COME TO NASHVILLE!!! i know i am yelling but seriously i want to hear you speak. COME TO NASHVILLE I BEG YOU :)  08.10.08 - 6:14am
Terry - Hi Jasmine, It was a pleasure meeting you. You have amazing energy and you were so inspiring telling us about your story, you trials and tribulations, and finally success!! You gave me a jolt and motivated me to get off my butt and work harder and to be "determined". Thank you. I wish you the best and happiness always.  08.09.08 - 2:21am
Marsha - Just wanted to say..... GIRL... YOU ROCK! LOVED Santa Barbara... it was a BLAST! I learned SO MUCH... you are wonderfully inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your wealth of knowledge. It's so nice to meet REAL people who are not afraid of SUCCESS. :) Again, thank you.... it was nice to meet you! Good luck with the rest of the tour! :)   08.08.08 - 10:02am
Katina Patriquin - Oh my...I am soooo upset I missed this! I found out the next day:( Your work is stunning! I am just starting out, so I am so excited to find your blog! Congrats on all your success!  08.07.08 - 2:29pm
Elena Gipson - hi jasmine, so happy to have attended 2nite, your so inspiring and i had not ever check out your blog, someone encouraged me to go and so gald i went. I met you briefly and truly do think your awesome, my husband and i laughed so much at "fat knees" too funny!! You must be a blast to hang out with. Thank you for inspiring, someone just starting out as a business and not just on the side, i see branding to be so top priority!! thanks again, your amazing!  08.07.08 - 2:05am
lroah - You rocked the house tonight! I will forever think of DJ as sweet fruit now - you crack me up! I would have loved to say hi in person, but you were surrounded, and I had to get home. Enjoy the rest of the tour - everyone is certainly enjoying listening to you!   08.06.08 - 11:31pm
Ann Hamilton - Gene Higa and I are looking forward to seeing you and DJ in San Francisco! It's been really foggy and chilly lately, so I hope you guys packed sweaters!  08.06.08 - 10:48pm
Ginger Murray - Oh my gosh! Those cartoons Jason did rock!! Met you briefly outside Jessica's Shootsac booth in Vegas.. You probably met a bajillion people! I'll be in Kansas City... so I hope to see you again. How fun to be traveling cross country with your friends! Hope you guys enjoy every minute.  08.06.08 - 9:15pm
Mike Paterson - I can't believe the Tour isn't coming anywhere near Seattle. Seriously! How about some love?  08.06.08 - 3:15pm
Jade Webb - When are you coming to England?!   08.06.08 - 6:19am
Leah - Jasmine...I love you so much! You are not only an amazing photographer but you seem to be quite an amazing person too! I asked for tickets to the workshop in Indianapolis for my birthday. I have been so pumped about it and then I saw that you are not going to be there. Really? Is that true??  08.06.08 - 6:18am
Jeff, La Vida Creations - Those cartoons are RAD! The next step is for you guys to have bobbleheads made of yourselves. YOU MUST HAVE BOBBLEHEADS. :)  08.05.08 - 9:55am
Lori Fenton - Of all the seminars I have sat thru, by far this has been the most alive and thoughtful one! I came away knowing what my purpose is and ready to make things happen. Thank you for both of your time and love!  08.05.08 - 9:22am
kristi klemens - Oh my goodness woman! Why do you have to go making me cry!!! Your story is so amazing and I am so SO happy for you & wish you all the success you've ever dreamed of. Thank you two for ROCKIN my world tonight and smackin me across the face with reality & some amazing ways to keep your business strong. I am DETERMINED!!! :)  08.05.08 - 1:26am
Jamie Temple - Are you going to be in Indianapolis? Why I am asking is a: I love you, seriously have a mad girl crush on you and your style :) b: it is my wedding anniversary. So guess what I am asking for my anniversary present if your going to be there?!  08.04.08 - 8:03pm
Jamie Temple - Are you going to be in Indianapolis? Why I am asking is a: I love you, seriously have a mad girl crush on you and your style :) b: it is my wedding anniversary. So guess what I am asking for my anniversary present if your going to be there?!  08.04.08 - 8:03pm
Joanna - Can your dad ever say he was made into a cartoon? HOLLA!!  08.04.08 - 2:16pm
Val McCormick Photography - Ha, love the cartoons Jason created. So cute. He even added little frekles. How adorable. :-)  08.04.08 - 7:11am
ohana photography - ahhhh. look at how cute you are in cartoon form!  08.03.08 - 9:41pm
Ashley Brockinton - I love the little cartoons. You should make sure you print those out and save them to show your kids some day. They'll love it.  08.02.08 - 7:28pm
Sean - Looks like you are having a blast. Your dad spoke at our men's breakfast this morning and mentioned the tour....Have Fun and Stay Safe!  08.02.08 - 12:48pm
lora gaige - Houston misses you right back!!! Hope you get to come back and visit soon! :) How are you guys holding up on the bus? You're so close to home...I bet you can smell the salt water!  08.02.08 - 12:02am
K. Holly Studios - Yay! I'm so excited for the tour - I signed up a couple months ago right when I heard about it. See you in Chicago!  08.01.08 - 9:29pm
Scott Livermore - It was great meeting you last night in Dallas. You and DJ make a great speaking team. Thanks for sharing with us. I picked up several ideas from both of you that I can put to use in my business. Have a Great Weekend.  08.01.08 - 7:13pm
Roxie - Love the cartoons of you DJ! I just saw your friend on the cover of the MSN page! "Medaling Moms"! I toally remember the post of the pictures you took of their little boy! I'm sure you are a proud friend!!  08.01.08 - 2:38pm
Stacy Cross - I love the cartoon you almost as much as I love the real you. :) How 'bout a cartoon of Polo? That might blow the cuteness roof right off!  08.01.08 - 11:45am
Jeannie Cochran - Oh man! I just looked at the tour map.. You guys are driving right past me through Ohio, but not stopping! Where did I put those old spike strips :-) Maybe I can catch you guys in Illinois! whoohooo!  08.01.08 - 6:00am
Jessica Cernat - Hey Jasmine! The Dallas Show was super D duper! Its so great to have people out there to have such a great spirit! I always thought i was the only one going crazy and stuck in this world of retouching over 1000 pics and now i can tell my self "let it go" !!! I gave you the feather pen at the Dallas show and totally forgot to get you a card so you can check out the other super cute ones! I hope you enjoy using it as a control wand for JD! :) Its I hope you get rest from the tour and again its so great to have people like you and David to tell us great words that we need to hear! I will be in CA in Oct. for a wedding and im enjoying myself there after the wedding and Chenin is taking couples photos of me and my crazy husband! Let me know if there is any place that is great to eat!!! I hope to see you again and i will keep up with your Blog:) !!  07.31.08 - 11:35pm
cassandra m - AWESOME...Can't wait to hear about the tour. Do you have a list of the cities you will be attending? although I am sure EVERY single show will rock with DJ!  07.31.08 - 9:52pm
Jason - What! It is right! Well.. for the pictures I did it off of anyways :)  07.31.08 - 9:21pm
Jasmin - Love the graphics of the two of you! But Jasmine, Jason seriously needs to get your hair right! LOL! Sounds like the tour is off to a great start! Looking forward to meeting you all in New York!  07.31.08 - 6:41pm
deB perry - Ok so I'm a SPAZ with my other comment...I somehow missed the entire schedule of the ARE coming to the east coast...and I'm only 3 hours from Alexandria/DC area....whooooohoooooooooo! I will FIND a way to be there. I'm ready to pass out now.  07.31.08 - 4:21pm
Heather Espana - Hey, why aren't you coming to Portland Oregon?! Please? Pretty please with a Voodoo Donut on top? You haven't had one yet, have you? You know you want one ;).  07.31.08 - 11:44am
chris - signed up for the LA tour, looking forward to you and DJ breaking down the mad knowledge for us LA photogs!  07.31.08 - 10:00am
deB perry - I soooo wish you were coming near the East Coast. Ha! I know ....a loooong way. I'll have to be content grabbing up tidbits here and there on all the blogs. Thanks for the links! Blessings!  07.31.08 - 9:10am
Leah Godfredson - Hi there! I'm the gal you walked out of the hotel with last night. I just want to say that I was completly blown away by the message you presented. I felt like I was in church, trying to absorb everything. I drove home with my head absolutely spinning with ideas about who I am, and how I can translate that into my brand. Oh, one more thing-you use more big words than anyone I've ever heard. I wish that I had written them down so that I could look them up!  07.31.08 - 5:47am
Cathy Crawley - I LOVE those cartoons of you and DJ, so cute with your freckles!  07.31.08 - 3:23am
KK Tolentino - Hey Legs! Sooo great to see you again! xoxoxox's!  07.31.08 - 12:40am
Wade Holloway - It was great to see you guys in Austin this evening. The info was sweet! Wish you could keep it on the down-low form the competition though. ;) The branding message hit home and that's the very next order of business. I did a short post about it on my blog. peace. eye contact.  07.30.08 - 10:40pm
Jeremy Arnold - Haha...ok..those suprisingly (is that even a word) like you guys. Good stuff...  07.30.08 - 10:22pm
Katherine Bowman - How fun! :) The engagement are wedding links both go to the same page just so you know. Have fun touring!!! :)  07.30.08 - 7:32pm
Natarsha N. Wright - the characters! I am so excited to keep track of the tour through your blog...I am your tour there such a thing?? Be safe!  07.30.08 - 5:21pm
PhotoSmith - Sarah e. Smith - how cool are those graphics :) too fun! i'm surprised that you aren't decked out in Lu Lu Lemon ;)   07.30.08 - 1:50pm
Erin Renee - Love the freckles on you Jasmine, can't wait to meet you guys tomorrow in Dallas!  07.30.08 - 1:41pm
Heather Thorne - Can't wait to meet you in Big D tomorrow!   07.30.08 - 1:30pm
Kenny Kim - This is way too cool! I love the fact that DJ is sporting my shirt vector-style!   07.30.08 - 1:29pm
Thao T. - I love the graphics.   07.30.08 - 1:20pm
Jason - Ok Jasmine....I'm a bit jealous that you guys aren't coming anywhere near ND!!! I suppose I could spin down to Denver and make the 12+ hour trip. Looks like a great time. You all rock. One day I'll get to visit with you and David Jay (who certainly inspire me beyond words). Have fun, be safe, and TRY to relax!  07.30.08 - 1:15pm