Janey and Mark : Wedding

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he smiled. As she opened the door of her suite at the Biltmore Four Seasons Santa Barbara, she smiled. When her hairstylist was finished pinning in the veil, she smiled. As her mother slowly zipped her dress, she smiled. And when Janey saw Mark for the first time on their wedding day, she smiled. A smile so deep, so rich, one could feel love electrify the sunny day.

Mark and Janey remained in each other’s arms the entire day, and though there were an abundance of tears, there was an over-abundance of smiles. And not just from Janey, but from their friends and family. The Santa Barbara breeze danced through the air and as happy couple pledged forever to each other, they smiled. Together. And will continue to do so until death do them part.

Janey and Mark…I have never been to a wedding with more tears and laughter…happiness and joy…tears and laughter. Your lives and love are a testament to all and I wish you only the best as you climb mountains together, play Scrabble, make PB&J in the mornings, snack on nuts at night, and laugh like no one’s watching. JD and I were honored to be your wedding photographers and appreciate sharing your intimate day with us! Much Love…J*

The ever fabulous Mar with TEAM Hair and Makeup was on hand to ensure Janey looked drop dead gorgeous...

Janey's mom (love you, Dixie!) looks on as she prepares...

Totally FEROCHE...

Janey totally rocked her Vera Wang Wedding Dress and she truly looked amazing in it...

Mark and Janey opted for a First Look and see each other before the wedding ceremony...this couldn't have been more perfect because we had a lot of time to shoot around the beautiful grounds of the Biltmore Santa Barbara, which provides some insane light!

Special thanks to Camille of Modern Day Design for the floral and wedding decor...

JD caught the next three images and while I told him his pictures were only better than mine because of his angle, I kinda know he totally blew me out of the water. If I didn't like him so much, I'd fire him out of jealousy! ;)

Off to the beach for cocktail hour...

A gust of wind picked up Janey's veil and tied it over her parasol...

Mark and Janey were so blessed by some of the most sincerest and beautiful speeches from their friends and family...

JD's view of the First Dance...

My take on the First Dance...

If you'd like to see more of the wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

I'd be remiss if I didn't give credit to Alex Hill--videographer extraordinaire--of Elysium for his totally killer video skills...he's so awesome and I love working with him! And a special thanks to Kerry of Santa Barbara Wine Country Events for the coordination! :)
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Kentucky Wedding Photographer - What a beautiful couple! They look so in love!  03.11.10 - 4:46am
Ralph - These are amazing shots! You are truly gifted.   10.01.09 - 8:49am
shane LaFever - I shoot a wedding on the beach in front of the four seasons last Saturday. Ha!  08.23.08 - 11:43am
karey m. - wow. had to kirtsy this! lovely. this entire space. but this was breathtaking. karey m.  08.22.08 - 5:27am
kristi klemens - those first look images made me cry - amazing moments captured in this day - beautiful work! :)  08.22.08 - 12:28am
Tracy Routh - I just wanted to drop by and say how truly inspired I am by your words and your work! I enjoyed meeting you in KC monday evening and am so glad that I went! Way to rock the wedding world!!!  08.20.08 - 7:52am
Lakendra of Affairs With Elegance - What a stunning couple! You did a great job capturing their beautiful wedding day.  08.18.08 - 12:53pm
Melissa Andries - girl!!! you are the definition of "KIR"!!!!! ;)  08.17.08 - 4:57pm
Parris Whittingham - New York Wedding Photographer - These two look like they had a blast! How cute. Great elements of beach, smiles, flip-flops and sunshine....Let's go Cali weddings!  08.17.08 - 11:49am
Natarsha N. Wright - Beautiful! I love the ring shot!  08.17.08 - 1:43am
kristin brancaleone - These images are so charming and full of joy. I am drooling over her cattleya bouquet! Miss you girl! BTW, I'm free to polo sit if you ever need it. Pesto and Basil want to meet him.   08.16.08 - 12:39am
Joyce DZ - WOW! These are amazing photographs! I love how you conceptualized your shots -- All well-lit and composed and as usual the expressions on their faces are wonderful! LOVELY! :)  08.15.08 - 3:44pm
Jackie L. - Beautiful and stunning! You captured their love so perfectly! You go girl!  08.15.08 - 2:40pm
Ryel j - Oh my sweet Janey!!! I love how you captured her day!  08.15.08 - 10:15am
Janey - O.K., I was going to wait to be the 88th comment (just to stick with the whole 8 theme, but I just couldn't wait any longer!) Jasmine and JD - Mark and I are BEYOND thrilled with our photos!!! You truly captured the very essence of who we are - and we will cherish these ALWAYS. Thank you for being you and for always seeing beautiful things and for never once doubting how very special you are to us! We love you! xoxo  08.15.08 - 9:50am
Tanya - So beautiful! Who knew one could take such a gorgeous bride and make her more stunning! This are simply effervescent!   08.15.08 - 8:27am
Kris Leigh - WOW, wow, wow! How in love are these two, absolutely gorgeous! Love the look of pride on Mum's face as she watches her little girl getting prepared and the umbrella's on the beach are devine! Makes me want to get married all over again...Shhhhh, don't tell hubby I said that! lol!  08.15.08 - 6:14am
Me Ra Koh - Janey looks amazing! Her dress, her hair, and totally, her gorgeous smile. Great job again Jasmine! Just beautiful!   08.15.08 - 12:03am
zo bo - j the 2nd to the last is so sick with the shadow and everything it. Gorgeous.   08.14.08 - 9:47pm
PREMA BUCK - Girl you are fierce and you know how to capture some real emotions! I totally feel the emotions from this wedding and that slideshow was such a joy to watch! Normally I look at a few and then carry on to the next thing, but I was totally drawn to this wedding....StUnNiNg!  08.14.08 - 9:08pm
tish - wow! some very unique shots...and janey is the smiliest girl in the world! looks like it was an amazing wedding.  08.14.08 - 8:52pm
Robin Dini - simple beautiful light. i love it!  08.14.08 - 8:16pm
nicole green - absolutely beautiful! i'm so happy for her!  08.14.08 - 7:35pm
Val McCormick Photography - Wow, Jasmine I don't know where to even begin. You crack me up, that comment about J.D.'s angle, lol. The shot with the parasol is INSANE!!! LOVE IT! I also totally love J.D.'s shot of the first dance the shadow on the wall just blew it up! Glad I don't work with you or you'd fire me for saying that ;-)  08.14.08 - 6:12pm
Akil Bennett - Hey Jas, the kiss behind the umbrella shot is awesome!! Everytime I see your stuff I get jealous...nice wedding!  08.14.08 - 4:31pm
Olivia - So absolutely amazing!  08.14.08 - 4:11pm
Glenda - Absolutely gorgeous Jasmine - thank you so much, you are such an inspiration!  08.14.08 - 2:28pm
deB perry - Jasmine! you make me want to cry happy tears all over the place when you post a wedding. I love this set of photos more than the last. I know I say that everytime though. dang it! ;-) I think one of my favs is the groom on the bench, fabulous composition!   08.14.08 - 2:19pm
Melissa - Jasmine, These are simply beautiful! I love the silhouette in the parasol and her locket... It's so gorgeous!  08.14.08 - 1:47pm
Kim - As someone in the wedding business, I see a LOT of photos, but these are SO INCREDIBLE I'm really left speechless. Amazing work!  08.14.08 - 12:54pm
Amber Paterson - Simply gorgeous! The lighting is wonderful, and I love the beautiful simplicity of each shot. The shot with the shadow on the umbrella is excellent!  08.14.08 - 12:51pm
Nelly Chung - These moments were captured so wonderfully! I remember their vibrancy in the engagement photos!! Their spirit shows in the photos! in love!  08.14.08 - 12:23pm
Camille Elise - I tend to stay in the shadows on most of my favorite photography blogs, but I had to say since I follow yours and Mary Jane's regularly how beatiful these shots are. The B&W shot during the First Look where she's staring into the camera is breathtaking. I hope to one day take similar photos with such beautiful depth.  08.14.08 - 11:47am
Imthiaz Houseman - Jasmine, you and JD did an amazing job! You both compliment each other so well. I love looking at your work because you see things so beautifully and your such an inspiration to me. Great job!  08.14.08 - 11:13am
Paper Monkey - What a gorgeous wedding. Santa Barbara is such a beautiful back drop for a wedding. You and JD captured it beautifully.  08.14.08 - 10:45am
Desiree Hayes - Gorgeous!! I gasped at that shadow umbrella one! SOOO amazing!  08.14.08 - 10:37am
Tira J - Absolutely stunning work J* and JD! You two do make a great team. I have been waiting to see these photos for a while and I don't even know Janey, just follow her blog. I love the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara and I think you found the best places to shoot. WOW!   08.14.08 - 9:26am
Rachel Lampson - New to your blog, but I just had to write and say hello. This wedding is just perfection!  08.14.08 - 9:23am
Betsy, La Vida Creations - Awesomeness! What a great couple---you can see the joy and happiness. Beautiful work, light, and being in the moment!  08.14.08 - 9:18am
Amy Watson - WOW! those are so awesome Jasmine! Great job! and the whole bridal party and wedding looked gorgeous!  08.14.08 - 8:56am
jessica claire - you did such a beautiful job. janey is absolutely stunning and everyone looks so happy! you were the perfect choice to shoot this wedding--killer shots.  08.14.08 - 8:41am
Jessica Strickland - SOOOO great!! love love love these!! HARRRK!  08.14.08 - 7:23am
vanessa H - shut up with the umbrella!! I love it beyond words!! this could be my favorite wedding ever!! you really are an artist of light and emotions!!! you go GIRL with you KIR!!!!!  08.14.08 - 7:05am
lauren c. - oh YAY!!!!! i have goosebumps...HARK!!!!! : )  08.14.08 - 6:00am
Tunji Sarumi - I like the umbrella shot. Superb job.  08.14.08 - 5:56am
Leah - I love all of your images, and this wedding was not short of stealing my attention! What a fun wedding this must have been! Gorgeous all around!  08.14.08 - 5:34am
Bobbie - Wow! This shoot is STUNNING! So real. So full of life. So in the moment. Everything was gorgeous, but you (and JD) managed to capture it all in the most amazing light at the most perfect moments... THANK YOU for my daily dose in inspiration, that was a huge dose!!  08.14.08 - 5:25am
Cathy Crawley - Un-freaking-believable work Jasmine! I LOVE every image. I do however think that you should keep JD on staff, he rocks too! I'm still counting down to Laurie's Wedding on Saturday ;)   08.14.08 - 2:04am
Lydia - WEREN'T, I really meant "weren't kidding"!  08.14.08 - 12:14am
Lydia - You were kidding when you said JD got some unbelievable pictures! These are all so beautiful! I love how the simplicity of all the white and the parasols created an elegant touch with an edge.  08.14.08 - 12:13am
GARY FONG - Oh my gosh Jasmine - these are so beautiful. YOU ARE AMAZING. I loved watching you work, and how you just were this quietly excited presence - and then there was JD just making me smile whenever I saw him. The images you did for my friends are an amazing thing for us all to remember. THANK YOU! G  08.13.08 - 11:15pm
Melissa Koehler - These shots are so stunning. What a gorgeous bride. The parasols are so fun! xoxo  08.13.08 - 10:43pm
Jennifer Skog - These are great, you completely captured her amazing personality! Nice work! Congrats Janie!!!!  08.13.08 - 10:30pm
Chris Enzaldo - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fierce!!!!!!!  08.13.08 - 9:56pm
Jamie B - They are adorable. The light is amazing, and so are the pictures!  08.13.08 - 9:28pm
Amanda Key - Your pictures are amazing! What a beautiful wedding!   08.13.08 - 9:11pm
Vania Hardtle - Just beautiful! So beautiful! How can I talk my husband into remarring me so you can take our pictures? Mmmm... I guess the boys will do for the Denver show. Really wanted to meet you. V.  08.13.08 - 9:09pm
Tiffany - wow Jas LOVED the one of the shadows and the parasol! blew me away  08.13.08 - 8:56pm
y - Beautiful photos, I love how brilliant the colors are...   08.13.08 - 8:43pm
john p. - your work is clean and the lines are refreshing. very, very nice. inspiring.  08.13.08 - 8:11pm
melissa Johnston - These images are absolutely beautiful! The slideshow made me cry, what a beautiful song to go with it. Anyway, good job, I love your work Jasmine, you are da bomb!  08.13.08 - 8:07pm
Heather Broom - Amazing as usual Jasmine! I love love love the shot of the bride kissing the grooms neck. Perfect!  08.13.08 - 7:42pm
jacqueline fronters - This is one suh-weeeet wedding! Sooooo awesome!  08.13.08 - 7:26pm
Jennifer - Wow - what amazing photos - you and JD make one sweet team! I loved the song on the slideshow - do you mind me asking who sings it?  08.13.08 - 7:24pm
Amy V. - WOW!! I really like the photos. You did a great job and I love the song you chose. Beautiful.  08.13.08 - 6:43pm
Jenny Sun - Jasmine!!! These are so amazing! I love this entire set :D I can't even pick a favourite. Though that 2nd first-look photo is stunning... so is that one of them silhouetted behind the parasol is gorgeous too.... seriously, one of the coolest weddings you've shot to date!! :D  08.13.08 - 6:37pm
Dave Toth - You and JD of course always do well but this one is a home run. See you in NYC Total fan of your work  08.13.08 - 6:21pm
Megan Robbins - What a luminous couple! Great job Jasmine, Congrats Janey and Mark!  08.13.08 - 5:53pm
katelin - such a beautiful couple. i love that everyone was wearing white, it looks gorgeous with the beach backdrop. great pictures!  08.13.08 - 5:26pm
Lin - Beautiful beach shots Jasmine!  08.13.08 - 5:24pm
Melissa Jill :) - Congratulations Janey & Mark! I'm SO happy for you!! Awesome work Jasmine!!  08.13.08 - 4:56pm
annajoy - aw beautiful!! i just took some bridal party pics at butterfly beach a few weeks ago- and in the middle of an intimate moment with just the bride and groom i stepped on a bee and my foot swelled up! anyways, your pictures rock!  08.13.08 - 3:52pm
joshua gene wedding photography - Wow! Fabulous. You never cease to be an inspiration.  08.13.08 - 3:48pm
B - My favorite wedding ever!  08.13.08 - 3:35pm
Kayte Lombardi - Jasmine so great to meet you in LA the other night at the free to succeed tour!!! I just want to tell you that I love thd image of the bride and groom kissing behind the unbrella. so cute and artisitc!!!   08.13.08 - 3:35pm
Lara @ Southern Weddings - I have been so excited to see these! Congratulations, Janey! Amazing images Jasmine. Just breathtaking!  08.13.08 - 3:09pm
camille - Whoa. These photographs are so full of emotion. And so true to who Janie and Mark are as a couple. I get to see a lot of talented work in this field but I was truly stunned and impressed. Some of the candids seem posed because they are so....perfect. Can't wait to see more and I'll keep checking out our blog!  08.13.08 - 3:00pm
Alex Hill - Great photos! You're right, JD nailed those moments. It was a pleasure working with you both...looking forward to doing it again soon :)  08.13.08 - 2:49pm
Melissa - Wow Jasmine! I think these are some of my favorites I have seen from you so far! Fabulous!! JD's shots are pretty dang good too! ;o)  08.13.08 - 2:31pm
Amy Martin - Awesome, Jas! Congrats Janey... you looked BEAUTIFUL!! :)  08.13.08 - 2:26pm
Yvonne L - You have out done yourself AGAIN! I guess that's why you're the brightest "Star" of wedding photogs!   08.13.08 - 2:26pm
Laura - FMN Design - Your work is beautiful, inspiring and always brings a smile to my face. The photograph of the silhouette of the bride and groom kissing behind the umbrella is amazing. Amazing. I love it and just had to tell you so.   08.13.08 - 2:26pm
Alicia - LOOOOOOVE the all white theme.  08.13.08 - 2:08pm
Tanya Jose - totally love the shadows caught on the umbrella & the walls :) great photos as always to both you & JD!  08.13.08 - 2:07pm
Nena - I have been waiting ALL DAY to see this wedding! I thought it was going to be pretty, but I had no idea it'd be this good! I really love it! =-)  08.13.08 - 2:06pm
Jane Chung - Those colors are effervescent and heavenly! I love it.  08.13.08 - 1:57pm
Jamie Delaine - Amazing, of course. As always. Janey is such a sweetheart!!! I love reading her blog and loved watching this slideshow too.  08.13.08 - 1:56pm