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Fresh Prince and Off to Philly

ake no joke. I loved watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a kid. I lived for it. I’d laugh at Will and secretly wish I lived his posh life, even if it included the lightning bolts that were sculpted into the sides of his haircut. When the show started, my sister and I would rap into a happy oblivion—I pulllllllled up to house and yelled to the cabbie, Yo, Homes, smell ya later!—and I knew there and then I wanted to visit West Philadelphia. You know, where Will was born and raised.

Right now I’m packing to visit Philly—JD and I are shooting a wedding, but we’ll also visit the Liberty Bell, climb Rocky’s steps, eat a cheesesteak, and give a shout out to my homeboy, Will—and I’m praying for traveling mercies. Life has been very busy lately, but I’m blessed to be supported by an amazing husband and family.

Today, my heart broke when I was packing my camera gear. It was spread on our living room floor and Polo realized this meant bad news. He knows when my backpack is unfurled, he’s not coming with me. And it breaks my heart. I mean, how can I not be sad when looking at this face?!

From Philadelphia, I’m flying to Kansas City to join the Free to Succeed Tour, then heading to Chicago. Speaking of the tour, another Showit Contest was announced and I was able to conduct the treasure hunt in San Francisco! If you’d like to know how you can win $500 in Showit Bucks, just view the following video for the clues…

**Updated to Add**
The San Fran Winner was just announced, so thanks to those of you who tried! :)
Happy Thursday!
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melissa lawler - Ohh ssoooo cute. I have a maltese, he likes to sit by my feet and be warmed by the computer there. He knows when I have my bag it is a bad thing too.  08.22.08 - 5:31am
Courteney Miller - Hi Polo! My little Sofie says hi! She thinks you are cute! LOL  08.18.08 - 12:37pm
cassandra m - I love any pics with Polo...Mocha gives me the same sad face when he sees me packing. Our babies are so smart. I have to hide my bags sometimes to prevent pre-seperation stress. ha ha.  08.15.08 - 10:51pm
Troy Schneider - Enjoy Philly! I grew up in Lancaster, PA and went to Drexel University in Philly. If you are going to grab a cheesesteak and you have to go to a tourist place choose Pat's, but the best steaks in the city are found in the little carts that you find around downtown. Can't beat 'em.  08.15.08 - 9:17pm
Amy Watson - What a sad little puppy face!!! :(  08.15.08 - 7:32pm
Julia/Jason Schafer - oh I love that show...afraid to admit it, but true! btw, my first dog looked JUST like Polo. and why is it that I can envision you in Philly running up the steps singing the Rocky song...da,da,,,,da-da-da Have a great trip!  08.15.08 - 7:14pm
Amanda Doucette Lachapelle - Ok seriously this post made me laugh - My husband and I randomly sing that song - we could be getting out of the car and he will casually turn to me and say "Hey I was chillin out maxin - relaxin all cool - shooting some bball outside of the school " and then I will say " When a couple of guys who were up to no good..." well you get the point - we just shoot the lyrics back and forth as if we were having a conversation - but we're weird like that :) So glad to hear we're not the only ones :) Can't wait til NYC!!!  08.15.08 - 4:38pm
Joyce DZ - It broke my heart, too, to leave our little cat when we went for a hiking trip for two weeks. I know how you feel in a lot of ways. Anyway, that photo is so beautiful! Have fun in Philly!! :)  08.15.08 - 3:41pm
Frances - Jasmine, Thanks again for all your help. Have fun in philly. You have to have a philly cheesesteak ( minus the steak) at Gino's. I don't recommend the cheese wiz.   08.15.08 - 3:11pm
Paper Monkey - Philly is great! I've been a few times because my best friend lives in Jersey not too far away and her hubby is from Philly, so he likes to show us all of the hot spots. You've got to go to Larry's for the best cheesesteak wit!  08.15.08 - 2:36pm
MattDJ - I can't get the song out of my head! ;-)  08.15.08 - 12:28pm
Jenn Best - That little face is priceless - melts my heart.  08.15.08 - 11:22am
Kacie Jean - I grew up on Philly cheesesteaks, and I can honestly say the chicken cheesesteaks are a million times better. And you don't get as bad of a tummy ache after. Give it a try, you will LOVE it! Ohhhh, I want one so bad right now :) Have FUN!   08.15.08 - 11:21am
melissa pearce - Hey Jasmine, how long are you on the Free to Succeed Tour? I mean are you pretty please gonna come to Charlotte? please? I would love it. L.O.V.E.  08.15.08 - 9:08am
Carly Rodgers - Jasmin, I'm probably way behind but I just watched the video's you recorded with Becker for the B School Blog and I just wanted to say I'm inspired! All the best!  08.15.08 - 8:08am
Emily DeWan - I can still sing all the lyrics to Fresh Prince! What a great show. Looking forward to hearing you speak in Chicago!  08.15.08 - 7:19am
betsy - Enjoy it all, but avoid the cheesesteak! Especially if you have to get back on a bus!!!! : )  08.15.08 - 6:06am
John Beyer - Hope you guys do this fun game in Chicago next week! Give us a nice heads up! Can't wait till the conference!  08.15.08 - 12:23am
Mike - Oh and I'll be trashing the dress on Saturday in Philly. Hope to see you around.  08.14.08 - 11:53pm
Mike Allebach - I'm from the Philly Area. And once and for all Pat's, Rick's and Gino's can't compare to Steve's Prince of Steaks in the Northeast. If you're getting cheesesteaks - go there.   08.14.08 - 11:51pm
Heather Espana - Yup. I STILL watch that show. Where else am I going to get my Carlton Dance fix?   08.14.08 - 11:23pm
Geanette - Have a safe trip!  08.14.08 - 10:26pm
michelle Peek - That is so cute. My 13 year old daughter just discovered "the prince" this summer and tivoed every episode she could! Thanks for encouraging all of us new photographers. You are a giver and I know you will reap awesome blessings in your life.  08.14.08 - 10:09pm
[b]'s sister - ask becker to show you the dance he used to do to the opening song of "fresh prince." priceless.  08.14.08 - 8:36pm
Deyla - I have a random thought and question for ya.. I have never noticed you posting any of the group "formals" for your bride & Groom and I haveto ask, do you avoid the Boring group shots? I know there nobody's favorites to do but know the grandparents and parents like those for their prints. I know it has nothing at all do with this particular post but thought I would ask. Thanks Jasmine you rock!! Thanks for dealing with my silly curiosities!  08.14.08 - 7:43pm
Rae Barnes - My husband is from Philly, and he says you MUST go to Pat's for your cheesesteak. Get ready, girl. You will want to eat salads for days afterwards, but they are SO good! :-) (Also, we second Rita's Water Ice).  08.14.08 - 6:54pm
Brian Khang - Fresh Prince is one of my all time favorite shows growing up too. I catch reruns from time to time when it's on. Have a safe trip Jasmine and Helen wants to clone Polo!  08.14.08 - 6:44pm
Kasey - My dog Harley does the same thing! Whenever she sees my red suitcase she knows I'm leaving again and it breaks my heart to leave her. Precious picture of Polo!  08.14.08 - 6:44pm
jenae - Woo hoo!! Can't wait to you guys come to KC!! You'll have a blast here! Gotta get some BBQ (oklahoma joe's is the best)  08.14.08 - 6:38pm
sandie - you are too cute! what a ton of fun this must be!   08.14.08 - 6:27pm
vanessa H - Oh pobresito!!!!! look at that face!!! Wait until you have kids!!! they give you that face and then they tell they don't want you to go!!!! he knows you love him!!!  08.14.08 - 4:14pm
Kenny Kim - Jas - I shot couple of weddings in Philly this year. Have fun out there! Don't forget to visit the Reading Market! :)  08.14.08 - 3:58pm
Cristy Cross - I'm so excited to meet you in Kansas City. I live in New Mexico, but wasn't able to make the tour dates in Texas, so my husband, and baby and I are making a trip out of it in Kansas and then I'm coming to the seminar. I look forward to hearing you and David Jay speak. Blessings.  08.14.08 - 3:44pm
margot - new to the blog and love the pics! esp. this one  08.14.08 - 3:11pm
Catie - I totally know what you mean about leaving on a trip! Every time I bring out my suitcase my two dachshunds - Frieda & Walter - start to get worried! Have fun in Philly! I <3 Fresh Prince and can't help but rap along when the show opens. Polo is so cute! :)  08.14.08 - 3:11pm
Jane Chung - You'd be a superstar if you can quote the entire *extended* version of the opening. Then we could be a rap duo. =) Hugs to you and Polo. Continued safe travels!   08.14.08 - 3:02pm
Mark Zemnick - Disappointed that Arizona did not get the opportunity to play for the Showit Cash. :-(  08.14.08 - 2:50pm
Lydia - Having just got back from Philadelphia last Saturday, I can testify to there being so much to see! Add to your list Independence Hall. It was amazing to be in the same room where men put their lives, wealth, and freedom on the line by signing the Declaration of Independence!  08.14.08 - 2:44pm
Katie Torres - OK, I was just feeling really lame. Just finished a client meeting and when I unplugged the computer the channel came up to one I don't watch. It was Fresh Prince! I felt nostalgic yet also silly for having it playing as I winded down with a glass of wine and responding to emails. :) Then your blog post came up! Too funny. I know this has been a crazy summer for you. It would break my heart to leave our pup too. I wish you the best. You are encouraging many and remember to take time to invest in yourself and JD. Love, Katie   08.14.08 - 2:12pm
joan solitario - Jasmine! LOVE ALL YOUR PHOTOS! Gosh, its been crazy busy that I haven't been able to post comments! Have fun in Philadephia! I just visited that place a couple of place ago and did everything you listed! Don't forget to try Italian Ice at RITA's ITALIAN ICE! They're so delicious! I miss it already!  08.14.08 - 2:07pm
Christina - Woohoooooo! Yea, Kansas City! I hope you have a fabulous time in Philly, but I can't wait to see you in KC on Monday! I sent you an email last week or so, but see? I'm learning and taking up some comment space. I was sad that someone already had the Star Tishirt idea, but I have my own goofy surprise planned;-)  08.14.08 - 2:06pm
Tunji Sarumi - How?  08.14.08 - 2:02pm
DJ - WOOHOO....I have been found! :)  08.14.08 - 1:40pm