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e’re all a family. The entire ShowIt crew on the bus has been living together for a few weeks now and we get along quite well. We laugh, joke, and clown on each other pretty much all day. But at the end of each day, our friendship—no matter how mean those boys treat me—is stronger. And sweeter. Well, sometimes.

Yesterday I saw this on the side of the bus:

Oooooh, I see how it is. Haters. That’s what they all are. And they sip on Haterade all day as proof of their inferiority complexes. Obviously. In search of the culprit, I pieced together who might have had the nerve to make me look like Pancho Villa. Aye, aye, aye!

Around midnight last night—as we were eating the best Kansas City BBQ—I gave an oration and accused Todd (the brain child of ShowIt programming) of the defamation. So good was my argument and theories that he even agreed with the accusation. Which makes me think I might have made a good lawyer had I stayed in law school.

I was feeling quite good about myself until David Jay showed me a video of the assailant in action. On the dark and shaky video I saw none other than OUR BUS DRIVER strategically place the moustache on my oversized face. Jay?!?! Jay did it?! Jaaaaay, HOW COULD YOU?! I thought we were friends?!

So, much like any family, we have our issues. But I’m sure when I find a way to get back at our bus driver, we’ll all go back to being one big, happy and dysfunctional family.

Aye, aye, aye!
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wannabe - You know, my dear friend, i have paid attention on this page for a very long time, and i have found a lot of interesting things here too. You are so cool! words fell me to show my respect to you! So i want to learn more about you and want to get more from your page, please do us a favor, put more on your page. We are looking forward to seeing the update! Best regards and have a nice day!   05.17.09 - 8:25pm
Mary Marantz - Lol! Haterade!!  08.26.08 - 3:43pm
Paper Monkey - Oh No! ha ha! Yeah, it's payback time!  08.25.08 - 3:48pm
ohana photogrpahers - i just laughed coke zero out of my face!!! even with that mustachio you still are just too cute!!  08.23.08 - 11:17am
KyleBARNES - ohhhhhhhhhhh Jazz.... I so wish I had thought of that. What is that... A movie poster for the Three Amigos!?! You're awesome... Period.  08.22.08 - 1:43pm
KyleBARNES - ohhhhhhhhhhh Jazz.... I so wish I had thought of that. What is that... A movie poster for the Three Amigos!?! You're awesome... Period.  08.22.08 - 1:40pm
Fabuluxe PHotos - You look so much prettier :) - See you in NY.  08.22.08 - 12:14pm
laura stetser - That's just wrong! But sweet and cute in a dysfunctional family kind of way. :) Sounds like you guys had fun together! SO glad you and DJ did this - totally took your words to heart and have been making big changes in the last few weeks! Glad to read you're home and getting some sleep! :)   08.21.08 - 11:15pm
Mike Larson - Sweet Jasmine, its so cool to read what people say about you and how you are inspiring them. Keep it up and keep   08.21.08 - 3:53pm
cassandra m - you guys are cracking me up. is this really work you guys are doing...ha.ha. sounds like a fun vacation with good friends...Rock on!  08.21.08 - 2:05pm
hedy berg - sippin on "Haterade" ... LOL! good thing I had just put down my can of Big Red or it would've been all over me! I'm soooo going to use that one day!  08.21.08 - 1:42pm
Leah Mullett - Jasmine!!! You were sooo awesome in Chicago! I definitely know the one word to describe you ... INSPIRING! I love it because I might not have all the background and experience but I definitely have a personaility and I can use that to my advantage just like you did! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tour! It was SO WORTH IT and an experience!!!!   08.21.08 - 7:35am
Malia - Your knees are SO NOT fat! I think, in your spare time, you should still work on solving the health care issues... because I bet your DETERMINATION will get things done. I love your energy! Thanks for making me laugh and sharing so much of who you are! CHICAGO!!! HOLLLLA!!!  08.21.08 - 5:11am
Kat - Mustache or not, you still Rock! :) But I hope you get the bus driver good.  08.20.08 - 10:51pm
Dustin Francis - What's up miss determined!?! It was terrifical meeting you and having you share so much priceless information with so many people. You and everyone on the tour are one of the main reasons I love our industry so much and I totally appreciate the encouragement and accountability that you bring to the table for yourself as well as others. Thanks for Keepin' It Real!  08.20.08 - 9:42pm
Jasmine Marie - Too funny!  08.20.08 - 9:33pm
THE PARSONS - AHAHAHAHAAHAH. LOL. So sorry, but that is hilarious!  08.20.08 - 8:38pm
Kelly Braman - Jasmine- I can not describe how moved I was by what you had to say!! Your words and emotion resonated with me and I will be forever changed!! I walked in feeling like maybe I didn't belong to feeling like I can really do this !! You have such a talent-Thank You for sharing your story-I hope you truly realize how much you are giving!! May God continue to bless you on your journey!! Much Love, Kelly   08.20.08 - 7:17pm
ricki ford - Jasmine that just gose to show anything looks good on you lol.  08.20.08 - 1:53pm
Amy Boyle - Great to meet you last night - Just a tremendous event. I love that our industry is so willing to share - Have a great remaining 9 stops! This tour ROCKS! What's next???   08.20.08 - 1:13pm
Otto Rascon - Hi Jasmine! I wanted to thank you again for last nights seminar. I really appreciated your honesty and openness and all of the inner things that you shared about your life and business. I am sure that many people connected with you and our lives are all the more richer for it. I truly hope all of the very best to you, your family, and your business. May we meet again! Much love from Chicago!!!  08.20.08 - 1:08pm
kerri banyas - You were amazing last night in Chicago! I had a blast meeting you and hearing EVERYTHING you had to share. Thanks for being so real with us and making it fun! You are truly an inspiration!   08.20.08 - 12:06pm
Shelly Valentine - It was SO refreshing listening to you speak last night!! Thank you for sharing so much of your story. You definitely inspire me as a photographer and person! Thanks!!!  08.20.08 - 11:54am
Veronica Hinojosa - Last night was great! You rocked the show like only a LATINA! knows how. You were so much fun and it was so nice to see that you really are "Keepin' It Real" You're keepin' it real Chicago West Side style. If you moved to Chicago you would so totally fit in. Then again, who picks snow over gorgeous Cali weather. I'm so glad you made it to Chicago and had the chance to meet. Keep on Keepin' it real!   08.20.08 - 11:24am
lynn-kai chao - ROTFLOL  08.20.08 - 10:44am
vanessa H - that is funny!! i love that they have footage!!!  08.20.08 - 8:36am
Joyce D. Z. - Not only you are talented and pretty, you are very funny, too. I love the 'Pancho Villa' reference. :D  08.20.08 - 7:38am
Raquita - I don't beleive I am gonna tell you my nifty hater sayin - we tell people to take the red pill and get out of the HATRIX!!   08.20.08 - 5:49am
Hanssie - Oooooh, payback time...nd we blog stalkers want to see pictures!  08.20.08 - 12:53am
Christi - That was hysterical when that hit the slideshow tonight!! So awesome to read your blog and realize you sound JUST like you write. I feel like we get an inspirational seminar from you every time you blog. THANK YOU! You are fantastic!  08.20.08 - 12:41am
lin - You're still so cute with that mustache!  08.20.08 - 12:01am
Stephen Knuth - That is too funny! It really makes it fun when someone that you know did it rather than someone off the street! haha. Jasmine, I met you at the san diego free to succeed. Based on what you and DJ taught us, I have launched my new site! Tell me what you think! In Christ.   08.19.08 - 11:17pm
Karen - Haha, that's ridiculously funny and cute. XD  08.19.08 - 10:20pm
Amy Martin - The video proves that maybe they were all in on it.... But its okay I think they are a little jelous of the new "star"  08.19.08 - 8:37pm
Jamie - It was so great to meet you yesterday. I am sitting here soaking up all the information as I edit photos. All I can say is this: the seminar ROCKED!, you guys know how to give a seminar and make us walk out the door feeling DETERMINED to SUCCEED! and you were so real... thank you for that. Thank you for a fabulous seminar!!   08.19.08 - 7:52pm
Melissa - The bus driver drank the haterade! Too funny! Get him good!  08.19.08 - 7:50pm
erica ferrone - haha....haterade. Where do you even come up with this stuff? You crack me up :)  08.19.08 - 7:07pm
Ashley - Whatever you do, make sure to blog it because I will feel out of the loop unless I know!!  08.19.08 - 6:12pm
brooke schwab photography - that is really clever! i love the stash. what can you do to their photo? i would fight back.  08.19.08 - 6:10pm
Heather Broom - That is hilarious! Love it! I agree Kristen Dawn, I want to see the video :)  08.19.08 - 5:57pm
Kevin Keith - I think it is totally you Jasmine. It can be part of your new branding:) Keep the stache!  08.19.08 - 5:35pm
sarah J - I think the bus driver likes you.... :) Post a picture !!!!!!  08.19.08 - 4:49pm
Kristen Dawn - Jas, we're all dyeing to see the video.  08.19.08 - 4:21pm
Scott Andrew - Hahaha! Poor Jasmine, what did you ever do to deserve such? If you need any ideas for revenge, let me know.   08.19.08 - 3:32pm
Val McCormick Photography - LMAO, Pancho Villa comment, I LOVE IT. Hmmmm, wonder what you have in store for him as payback. Until next time kiddies....  08.19.08 - 3:13pm
nelly chung - I agree with Maureen. Mustache is cute on you. This is too funny.  08.19.08 - 3:13pm
Maureen - Haha! That's funny! Too many people drinking that Hatorade I tell ya! But you're still cute even with a mustache! :)  08.19.08 - 3:06pm
Alicia - "And they sip on Haterade all day as proof ..." Hah! Classic! xoxo  08.19.08 - 3:04pm