Free To Succeed Tour : New York City

o we wobbled through our front door an hour past midnight. Exhausted couldn’t really describe how we felt because we reached that point three hours prior. We showered and—while we waited for both our heads to simultaneously hit the pillow—watched the USA Basketball team earn the gold medal. JD, if you fall asleep before me, I will poke your bellybutton until you scream like a little girl! Though not certain, I’m pretty sure I blew Kobe Bryant a few kisses before my eyes closed.

After three hours of sleep, JD and I wobbled out the front door with our carry-on luggage and prepared to visit New York City and rejoin the Free to Succeed Tour. Though a wee bit foggy-headed, we’re excited to join our friends as we make our way through the Big Apple and Boston.

We’ll back home later this week, but we shot a wedding yesterday and I can’t wait to blog it! It was a perfect day for a perfect couple and I was so honored to be a small part of my bride living her childhood dreams! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store…

Happy Sunday!
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Leila - So striking! I'm logging on daily to see more- Can't wait until Carissa and Brian rock your blog next week!. xo  08.28.08 - 8:06pm
Amanda Reed - What clarity and sharpness. Gorgeous color too!  08.28.08 - 5:07am
Furious Photographers - Gorgeous bride!   08.27.08 - 8:52am
Anne - Wow.. gorgeous!! What a beautiful bride!!  08.27.08 - 6:04am
Amber Paterson - Gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!  08.26.08 - 2:42pm
kymberli q. - Beautiful portrait! P.S. I rented the 50mm 1.2 for my wedding last weekend - it ROCKED! I have to save up for it! I feel like I even pulled at least one "Jasmine Star-type" image. ;)  08.26.08 - 11:03am
Karol Salebe - YOU ARE THE BEST Keep it real.. What a DUO you and D.J I felt the " BANG "   08.26.08 - 9:32am
Michelle Haley - I absolutely adore your work and your blog never disappoints me. What a gorgeous iamge!  08.26.08 - 7:41am
nelly chung - LOVE what you have done here! Her happiness comes right out from the shot!  08.26.08 - 7:39am
Julie L. - Wow, sexy.  08.25.08 - 8:24pm
*B* - Wow, I love this portrait!   08.25.08 - 7:01pm
Samantha Darr - I was recently turned on to your work. Incredible pictures!!! You've truly captured the feel of the emotions of the couples. One can feel their happiness.  08.25.08 - 4:50pm
jackie wonders - oooooh, i can't wait to see what's behind the rest of this shot! btw- totally miss you and your normal blogging:( but i know the tour is stoked to have you as i was in san diego!  08.25.08 - 4:10pm
Paper Monkey - I can't wait to see the rest of the shots of this wedding. I love the bright colored flowers!  08.25.08 - 3:56pm
Joyce - Fantastic sneak peek! 'Can't wait for their album/slideshow to unfold. Have fun in the East Coast!   08.25.08 - 2:48pm
Michael Romeo - I cant wait to see you and Mr. DJ tonight... Ive been waiting to pick your brain & Your Sidekick mr. "DJ".... Ps. Will you guys be doing the search for J* in NYC? :) See ya tonight ;) Need some cool pics with you guys tonight ! :)  08.25.08 - 8:02am
Cheryl Cronin - Yeah!!! I can't wait to see you guys tonight!! I'm getting my sponge brain ready :)  08.25.08 - 7:51am
Shandon Smith - Hey Jasmine! I LOVE that shot and her necklace! Any chance of you coming to Orlando? Pleeeeeeeez!!!   08.25.08 - 5:38am
Fabuluxe Photos - NYC time!!!! See you there. - Congrats on another wedding, she is beautiful :)  08.25.08 - 4:00am
Bobbie - Okay, sounds to me like you might need to slooooow down and get a little bit more sleep! Just reading this made me tired! But that could be b/c I am 7 months pregnant too - and anything makes me tired! Haha! I LOVE the picture though and can't wait to see the rest!  08.25.08 - 3:40am
Natarsha N. Wright - Wow! She is stunning! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics...  08.24.08 - 10:24pm
lin - Enjoy your time there Jasmine!!!  08.24.08 - 10:00pm
Gina Leigh - She is a beautiful bride! Can't wait to see the rest of them. You're workin' hard, J!  08.24.08 - 8:10pm
Dawn Davis - Yowser... I love her necklace! It was so great to finally meet you in Chicago. You rocked the house girlie! Hope to see you again soon! xoxoxoxo ~ Dawn  08.24.08 - 8:09pm
Cathy Crawley - She is a stunning bride! The colors are beautiful.   08.24.08 - 7:15pm
Alicia - Oh yay yay yay! What a stunning bride! Can't wait for the rest. And anytime I read your words, I feel like I was there with you. Especially the part about blowing kisses to Kobe. ;)  08.24.08 - 5:18pm
deB perry - Oh my what a gorgeous sneek peek to this wedding! on another note...i just found out that the event I've been waiting for in Alexandria, VA you are not going to be at now. I'm so bummed but totally understand that you are not Wonder Woman...well sometimes I think you are...;-) I know you have a life and business outside of the tour bus...but just wanted to let you know from a girl who follows your blog will be sorely missed. hugs!  08.24.08 - 4:16pm
Cora - Jas, I live right outside of NYC and just noticed you are around. Is it too late to try to meet up??? Cora:)  08.24.08 - 4:06pm
julieg - I can't believe tomorrow is Aug 25! i feel like its been forever waiting for it to come, like counting down till christmas morning! yikes! ;o)  08.24.08 - 3:31pm
angel swanson - the bride is GORGEOUS... simply luminous! can't wait to see more. ;-) hope you are having fun on the east coast! xoxo  08.24.08 - 2:56pm
Christina - Woohoo!!! FIRST comment! I have so arrived! hehe....I'm still reeling from all that I learned from you guys in KC! Thanks again! I love this photo today. Have a great time in NYC.  08.24.08 - 2:32pm