Free To Succeed Tour : New York City

The past day and a half in New York City was a whirlwind and I loved every minute of it! Once JD and I landed, we were too excited to take a nap and catch up on rest, so we ventured into the heart of the city with the Showit Crew. It was JD's first time to the Big Apple, so he walked along the crowded streets with huge eyes and wonder. We ate a delicious dinner at Blue Fin and though we were full and tired, I begged everyone to join me at Serendipity 3 for a sugary nightcap. And boy-oh-boy did we do some serious damage to my metabolism. Awesome.

Last night was tour stop number 13 and the seminar was comprised of fabulous photographers--some who traveled as far as Canada and Mexico--and I truly felt so honored to be there. Thanks to Kenny Kim for capturing the night...

I usually get SO nervous before I speak, so JD said a quick prayer with me before I got on stage...

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Lily - OMG, Jasmine, your arms are mega buff! Lol. I'm an avid fan-follower and love your work. Keep up your positive drive and continue to inspire those around you!  09.03.08 - 10:29am
Nataschia Wielink - THANK YOU! I so enjoyed the tour-you and David Jay did a fabulous job!!! And it was great to finally meet you after hearing so much from other photographers! You are so gifted-thank you for sharing!   09.02.08 - 9:39am
Lori Moss - Hi Jasmine, this is a really great post! I'm always impressed and inspired by prayer and those who can keep the Lord in their business(es). Your work is great and you seem very genuine; good luck in the future! I'm sure there are many wonderful years ahead. - Lori  09.01.08 - 10:43am
annajoy - *witness to people!  08.31.08 - 9:32pm
annajoy - i love that you put the picture of jd praying for you. its such a good witness so people that you are so awesome and successfull but still need the Lord to be in control :) blessed by this post! and dang that dessert looks killer!  08.31.08 - 9:32pm
Aurora - GIRRRRRL! you are fabulous! I'd never have known that you get nervous before you speak you did great! I couldn't have been more excited about everything you had to say as it's toally what we are about here can't wait to share our new surprise with the world and see if it goes BAM like I expect it to!  08.31.08 - 9:06pm
Jasmine Marie - That prayer shot of you and JD is probably one of my fave shots of you two... ever. God is so good and I love seeing Him move in people's lives. :)  08.30.08 - 9:27pm
Jenn - That picture of JD & you praying is AWESOME...  08.27.08 - 9:39pm
Trish - Oh, i am so sad :( My husband (Mike) and I were going to attend the NYC seminar and something came up that we could not make it...we had been so excited to hear you all.  08.27.08 - 5:40pm
Joyce - I want to comment on Kenny's website on how amazing that photo of you and JD is but I needed to sign-up or something. So please do extend my message to him! It is a beautiful photo of an equally beautiful couple! :)   08.27.08 - 4:53pm
Ashley - That's so awesome he was praying for you! Nothing better then to pray with your husband. I remember my first date and my soon to be husband praying for us at the table. At that moment I knew I wanted to marry him!   08.27.08 - 2:59pm
Jennifer - There's nothing like seeing a couple centered around prayer and faith.   08.27.08 - 11:33am
laurielambrecht - Thank you so very much for sharing your SPIRIT and BEING with so many of us! It was such an inspiring night! Lucky us!  08.27.08 - 11:22am
Paper Monkey - Oh cool! You made it to Serendipity! That's awesome. I could go for one of those metabolism busters right about now...and then a nap! :)  08.27.08 - 11:03am
Matt Hall - I agree. If nervous before you speak it never showed in Chicago. You are a natural speaker!  08.27.08 - 9:27am
ohana photographers - oh sweet sweet serendipity!!!  08.27.08 - 9:26am
Rachel B.D. - It was sooo great to have met you and your husband at the NYC tour! I'm sorry I was such a dork, all cheesy smiles and all! Hope you liked the origami post-its! BTW, you're an incredible speaker and if anyone doesn't say Amen to that, you can get them with those diesel arms of yours!!! =)   08.27.08 - 5:29am
Jessica Peterson - since you brought it up, I had had to mention that before you went on in KC you were playing endlessly with your hands and circling your wedding ring round and round that third finger of yours. it was too cute & I soon learned you had NOTHING to be nervous about. you're an incredible speaker, and hugely humble inspiration. thank you so much for coming to kc. xo hopeful ;)  08.27.08 - 4:44am
nataly - The photo of you and JD praying is beautiful. I think it's amazing when a couple can pray together :)  08.27.08 - 1:06am
Hanssie - Awww, I heart Serendipity and NYC.  08.27.08 - 12:00am
Amanda Auer - The picture of JD praying for you before speaking... melts my heart!!! I love, love, LOVE it, Jas!  08.26.08 - 11:44pm
MattDJ - Sooo awesome!!! Aint nothin' like NYC!! :-) And oh that heavenly frozen hot-chocolate...mmm...did you guys see anyone order the $1000 dessert?! For real!!  08.26.08 - 8:42pm
Cathy Crawley - I've seen Serendipity on Oprah, looks yummo! I think from memory they sell the take home packets there, I'd be in BIG trouble if I went ;)  08.26.08 - 8:40pm
Miz Booshay - You've gor great arms :o) Must be from toting all that equiptment around !!! Too cool!  08.26.08 - 8:18pm
carla ten eyck - very moving and inspiring talk, sister... you had me hootin' and hollerin' n' cryin' .... everything I love in a good talk, with a good friend! great mid-season kick in the butt for me, thank you!   08.26.08 - 5:16pm
Robin Dini - i cannot begin to tell you how much i appreciated what you shared last night. I myself had an "I'm out" moment in my career and you hit the nail on the head for me. From that point on, I was sold! I am branding and I'm not ashamed to say it! You may be "Determined" but I'm a "story teller" :)  08.26.08 - 4:34pm
Rachel Brooke - Nothing to be nervous of, I heard from a friend that you were funny and so down-to-earth. Sweet capture of you and JD...nothing stronger than a man and wife praying together.  08.26.08 - 4:24pm
Mary Marantz - We LOVE you guys!! And I'm so, so proud of you! xoxo M:)  08.26.08 - 3:49pm
Jasmin - Jasmine, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night's seminar with you and DJ last night! You were both GHETTOFABULOUS! LOL! I learned so much from the two of you in one night! THANK YOU,THANK YOU for sharing so much of yourself with us last night. Safe trip!  08.26.08 - 3:46pm
joyful weddings and events - Oh, I love me some frozen hot chocolate!   08.26.08 - 3:45pm
Amy Martin - Awe y'all (if you make it to LA on your nest tour you'll get to hear alot of that) are so cute! And Jasmine you looked refreshed!  08.26.08 - 3:44pm
Fabuluxe Photos - Jasmine, I had such a great time. You're so much fun. It was the best workshop I ever been :) and DJ is sooo cute. !  08.26.08 - 3:14pm
Val McCormick Photography - Jasmine I really loved the seminar last night. I was on a roller coaster of emotions, I cried, I laughed but best of all I learned SO MUCH!!! Girl, you reminded me of an annointed preacher :-) The dress you wore was beautiful (it complimented your beautiful knees ;-) and the shoes KILLER! The next time I see you I'll give you my card with a "BAM!!!!"  08.26.08 - 2:58pm
Amber Paterson - Kenny's pictures of the event are great! And man, I want one of those drinks!  08.26.08 - 2:43pm
PreMA BUCK - The picture of you and JD praying was so real and beautiful...I actually got a few tears! :-) I just love Jesus, he makes everything so beautiful!  08.26.08 - 2:40pm
lin - Yummie food! Looks like you're enjoying yourself in NY!  08.26.08 - 2:38pm
tish - love the photo of you and JD! so glad you are having such a great time!  08.26.08 - 2:37pm
Adrienne - I absolutely love that shot of you and JD. It's so real and heartwarming. But I can't believe you get nervous before speaking - you're such an amazing and natural speaker! :)  08.26.08 - 1:48pm
johnlo - It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.... and i will make sure to take my wife to Serendipity as discussed. ;-)  08.26.08 - 12:07pm
Lindsay P. - Love love LOVE that picture of you and JD praying...such a great moment captured so beautifully :o)  08.26.08 - 12:03pm
Katelyn - You have an amazing marriage. It's obvious God created you two to be an amazing team. I've never met you, I've never spoken to you but I can just tell that you and JD have such an amazing relationship solely because your foundation is in the Lord and that's incredible. I love you're work but what I have come to love even more is that you're a woman of faith and you share that with your husband. With that said, you're an inspiration in many ways. I'm a college student, just started into this crazy world of wedding photography and I love looking at your work! Thanks so much!  08.26.08 - 11:56am
Amanda Herzberger (Orchard Cove) - Jasmine - Sorry I didn't get to say hello last night but I LOVED your talk - you were hilarious! Hope you will be at Partner Con and I can say hi then :) Safe travels!  08.26.08 - 11:46am
rachel langan - MMMM! LOVE LOVE LOVE those frozen hot chocolates from Serendipity!!! They are worth every fat and sugar-laden calorie!  08.26.08 - 11:45am
allan z. - AWESOME jasmine! I'm glad you had a great time! Wish i could've made it! :(  08.26.08 - 11:38am
Jamie Delaine - Woah girl! Is that adorable dress from Banana Republic? I think Sarah Barlow has the same one--I borrowed it from her one night when I was in Chicago. I adore it.  08.26.08 - 11:32am
Alicia - So jealous of your frozen hot chocolate! Although, it is better that you ate it, since you work out and I don't. P.S. You and JD are adorable!   08.26.08 - 11:24am
Kayla B. - How fun! I would love to visit New York! I missed you when you were in Denver speaking. I would have liked to meet you! I love that photo of you and JD praying. Priceless!  08.26.08 - 11:23am
Jane Chung - I'll remember you in my prayers this week! *hug*  08.26.08 - 11:23am
erin. - I am glad you had a fabulous time in my hometown!!  08.26.08 - 11:22am
Catie - I love Serendipity! Frozen hot chocolatey goodness! I love NYC, glad you and JD rocked it! Congrats to stop #13!  08.26.08 - 11:18am
Kristen Koester - Your work never ceases to amaze me. Oh, how I wish I could have been there to hear your ideas, inspirations and tips. Thank you for sharing on your blog. I think it is great how open and real you are. I love it even more that you give credit where credit is deserved. Your talents will only be a vehicle to share your faith with others. I hope I can attend a workshop or seminar soon. I will definitely be giving you a call when my big day comes. I just have to find a willing groom first:) Congratulations on your success!   08.26.08 - 11:13am
Tanya Jose - I think I saw Serendipity 3 on the Food Channel a few weeks back. Is that the place that serves the frozen hot chocolate? If so...AWESOME! I love the photo of JD holding you...very sweet photo!!  08.26.08 - 11:06am
Emma - Oh my goodness! We were in New York this past spring and we discovered the pure bliss of Serendipidy 3. We went there one night, and then walked 3 miles the next night to go again! Its truly amazing...what I wouldn't do for that life-changing frozzzen hot chocolate right now! =)   08.26.08 - 11:00am