Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding : Nicole+Phillip

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wo white butterflies-and the golden sun-fluttered across the rolling green hills of The Hummingbird Nest Ranch. The aquamarine sky sparkled against the emerald grounds of the ranch and one could hear faint laughter in the distance. Nicole, surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids and family, smiled and laughted while she prepared to don her wedding dress, almost in disbelief that her moment had finally arrived. The handsome boy she saw everyday on the campus of USC, who became a friend, who then became more, was going to be her husband. And the man of her dreams.

Nicole and Phillip spent their lives growing together, each pushing toward their goals and aspirations in unity. They each lovingly push each other to think big, dream bigger, and love with wreckless abandon. Phillip cites their cultures as the reason to their success-I'm Italian, and she's while we may be hot-headed and like to party, we're also very passionate in everything we do-but it's merely just a single thread in a quilt of loving harmony. Beyond all else, they love passionately. The hug passionately. They kiss passionately. And this single thread will undoubtedly keep them together for eternity.

Nicole and was a true honor sharing in your perfect day. Thank you for your trust in documenting your wedding, and I appreciate being so welcomed by your amazing families. I wish you only the best in your lives together and can't wait to see what the future holds for you both! Have fun in Africa and be sure to wave to the lions, tigers, and zebras for me! Much Love and Appreciation...J*

Nicole had her dress custom designed. As owner and CEO of Nicolita Swimwear, she has access to the best designers and seamstresses. Nicole crafted ideas and the design and came up with a two-piece dress. When connected, it acted as a gown, and when unzipped, acted as the flirtiest cocktail dress for her fabulous reception!

I can't even begin to describe how much I LOVED shooting this wedding at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch! It seemed like every spot was such a wonderful spot for wedding photos!

Special thanks to Kelly Jo Grady for a lovely job on Nicole's makeup and Larry McDonald ( ) for the awesome job with her hair!

I think Nicole looks just stunning in this photo JD captured...

One of my favorite group 'formal' shots ever! :)

JD's view...

My view...

The fabulous decor and floral arrangements were provided by Carissa Jones of JL Designs and Events

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a HUGE thank you to Heather Ham of Heather Ham Events ( ) for her flawless coordination and her entire crew of amazing assistants who ensured the day flowed smoothly!

The Grand Entrance

The First Dance...

The perfect end to a perfect night: Kissing Your Spouse...

To see more of their beautiful wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

**On a personal note, I want to thank JD for providing a lot of the pictures on this blog post and slideshow. While I don't always give him credit, he's an essential piece of capturing each wedding and helps me in so many ways.**
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James L Dekker - Beautiful work, simply love all of it.  09.13.12 - 12:00pm
Larry Reeves - As always, amazing! Thanks to both you and your hubby for the inspiration. My personal fave: the one on the little dock. Lovin' it!  10.09.08 - 4:40pm
Nicole and Phillip - Jasmine & JD....Thank you so much for your creative eye and attention to detail. We had a blast working with the both of you. We just got back from Africa and Seychelles and viewing our photos was such a treat! All the best ! Nicolita and Phillip Di Rocco  09.08.08 - 5:40pm
Trista Lerit - Beautiful Jas! I'm so glad I scrolled down b/c somehow I missed this post! I love this wedding..definitely one of my fav's from you :-)  09.03.08 - 4:38pm
Paper Monkey - Those are stunning. That site is awesome. I've never heard or it or seen it before. What a great back drop!  09.03.08 - 2:40pm
Cathy and David - Photographers - AHH!! These are so completely beyond hotness. :) I hate how good you are at getting such smooth looking light!!! >.< lol.  09.03.08 - 10:06am
Carolin - This bride is stunning! The pictures are so crisp & clear! Great work!  09.03.08 - 7:01am
Vania - Love this wedding. The shot with all the guys on the fence is so awesome. Love it!   09.02.08 - 10:56pm
Edra - J* I just so in love with your photos and everything about this blog... You're truly inspire me.. Bless You  09.02.08 - 8:36pm
Kim at Printable Wedding Invitations - As usual, the photos bring tears to my eyes. J* you are simply amazing. In addition to, WELL EVERYTHING, I Loved the bride's necklace. Thank you!!  09.02.08 - 3:09pm
Marisa - What a gorgrous Bride... And as per usual your photos are amazing...  09.02.08 - 6:16am
Tanya Jose - umm, the b&w photo of them on the dock is one of my all time favorites!! great great photos (jd too :))  09.01.08 - 11:24pm
You Make Me Love to be ME - LOVE the LONG post! Can't ever get enough of your pictures. Thanks for sharing so much!!  09.01.08 - 11:02pm
Lauren - Wholly cow, what awesome photos! You ROCK!  09.01.08 - 9:29pm
Sandra - Jasmine dear.... as much as I love you I'm starting to hate you in a "jealous girl" sort of way... you shoot weddings in dresses and heels???? you are really making the rest of us look very bad :)  09.01.08 - 5:50pm
ohana photographers - david & kimi - always tasty detail shots! that shoe shot knocked me off my feet! have a fab labor day!!  09.01.08 - 8:55am
Mary Marantz - Omigosh!! Beautiful! You guys did such an amazing job. I'm so jealous of all the yummy details these cali girls do for their weddings. That sangria pitcher. whaaaaat?? xoxo M:)  09.01.08 - 5:43am
Lance - Another fantastic images there jasmine.   08.31.08 - 6:55pm
robin dini - damn girl! love those shots by the fence. killer light!  08.31.08 - 2:42pm
Heather Ham - Nicole, thanks for the big props to me and my girls. I really appreciate you mentioning us. I love these photos and can't wait to see more. It was great to work with you and your husband, you are two very gracious and happy people which is refreshing and a pleasure to be around. I wish you both much success and can't wait to work with you again some day. Thanks for everything. Blessings. ~Heather  08.31.08 - 11:40am
john p. - every time i visit your blog i think you couldn't get any better. but you do! mad skills, miss thing!  08.31.08 - 8:48am
Denise Mabilog - Amazing as usual! You are such an inspiration!   08.31.08 - 4:42am
Jacqueline Fronters - I am constantly amazed by your talent. Really, it's unnatural.  08.30.08 - 11:49pm
cassandra m - ahhhhh-MAZING!   08.30.08 - 9:26pm
Jane - I LOVE this wedding to pieces. The bridesmaid dresses are divine. Hooray for a bride who's bold enough to wear some big, blingin' jewelry. The flowers atop the candlesticks are out of this world! Thanks for capturing and sharing such a fabulous event.  08.30.08 - 8:44pm
wac - i'm shooting my second wedding tomorrow....your work is so very inspiring to me as i delve deeper into this area of photography that's different from anything i know....thanks!  08.30.08 - 8:31pm
Kris Leigh - Awww, they look like such a fun couple! What a wonderful day and many happy memories captured! :-)  08.30.08 - 7:52pm
Deborah Gangi-Hall - A beautiful day for a beautiful couple! Thank you Jasmine for creating magical moments with pictures. I was so thrilled to meet you and share with you how much I enjoy your blog. I am Phillipand Nicole's Aunt Debbie.   08.30.08 - 3:44pm
Adrienne - Jasmine you are amazing! Another incredible wedding! I love the shot of the groomsmen on the fence!!  08.30.08 - 3:42pm
Bev - PERFECTION as always! Your photography is amazing and I love the way you paint a picture with words. Your high school English teacher must be so proud!!!  08.30.08 - 2:40pm
Lynn - Hi Jasmine - we saw you speak in Chicago, and while I know who you are, I have to admit I didn't follow your blog very closely, but have since added it to my google reader. Your work is really fantastic. This event in particular is wonderful - the location and details are unbelievable!   08.30.08 - 1:13pm
Charming Events - What a gorgeous wedding, and the venue: how cute is the name? I love it!  08.30.08 - 10:50am
AbiQ - Beautiful! I love the shot by the water and as always you did a amazing job capturing the details..  08.30.08 - 10:41am
Genevieve - All of the pics are AMAZING!! They're all so very different and special in their very own way.  08.30.08 - 10:30am
Nena - How do your weddings get better and better every weekend? This is amazing and they are so lucky to have you as their wedding photographer! =-)  08.30.08 - 9:24am
B - Three letters: W-O-W  08.30.08 - 9:19am
Krista Photography - What a gorgeous location, and a gorgeous couple, and gorgeous photos!   08.30.08 - 7:36am
Melissa - AMAZING photos Jasmine!! I love the one on the dock and the last one as well. What a gorgeous wedding! Awesome work!  08.30.08 - 7:11am
Annie - Wow, wow, wow... What a beautiful wedding! And, of course, you and JD did a fabulous job capturing it!!! My favorite is probably the one with their reflection in the pond... How gorgeous is that?!  08.30.08 - 3:12am
Cathy Crawley - OMG how gorgeous was this wedding, the light is out of this world, the location is gorgeous and the decorations look stunning. Not to mention the beautiful couple! Great work Jasmine and JD!  08.30.08 - 1:39am
Hannah Suh - I can't get over how amazingly soft the light is in these photos. You've always done stunning work but there's something different about these photos that made me stop and just stare for a few minutes. I don't know if you did anything different or changed things up, but this wedding is probably the most visually stunning of all the weddings you've posted.   08.30.08 - 12:47am
Michelle Pearson - Stunning!!!!!  08.29.08 - 11:54pm
Hanssie - What a great idea for her dress. So cool and the shots on the dock are amazing.  08.29.08 - 10:04pm
christina LeMarr - These are sooo beautiful jasmine!! I absolutely love these! Everyone of them, I soo can't pic a fav!!!   08.29.08 - 9:37pm
Dustin Francis - Great as usual Jasmine! Did you process these a little different? Looks like you opened up the shadows a little more. Either way, looks like one heck of a wedding and they had on heck of a photographer!  08.29.08 - 8:54pm
lin - Wow Jasmine, what a beautiful locaiton! And very beautiful photos as well. I love how you exposed the 3rd photo down (the backlit one). I have been having such problems with overexposing the sky, but you nailed it! Great job!  08.29.08 - 7:14pm
Lisa - What a classy wedding. and as always you've captured the magic, romance, and beauty of it all. I so admire your work. I so want to capture the moment in the way that you do. How did you get so good so fast?   08.29.08 - 7:10pm
Gina Leigh - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shot of the kiss on the dock. Beautiful job! As usual, the color in your processing is stunning. :)  08.29.08 - 7:10pm
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