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Agnes : Anytime

n November 2007, I received the sweetest email from a blog reader. She informed me that she had connections with a luxury hotel in Jakarta, and if I ever wanted to escape from life for a bit, she’d be my personal host in Bali. I was immediately struck with her forwardness, kindness, and sincerity, especially since I’ve had a childhood dream of visiting Bali ever since my mom subjected me to soundtrack of the musical, South Pacific. I stored her email and prayed that one day—someday—I’d be able to take her up on her offer.

A few months later, I received another email from her asking if I’d be able to photograph her while on holiday in the United States. In addition to being a classically trained chef, speaking five languages, and being an amazing aunt, Agnes is also a photographer. She claims to be a serious hobbyist, but there’s something more to the sparkle in her eyes when she speaks of her love for the art. She hopes to launch her business soon, and one of her first steps was to get a few photos of herself for her website and blog. I was SO incredibly happy to hear she wanted to start branding her business, but happier when she asked me to document her smile, humor, and the sparkle in her eyes.

Agnes, you rock. Thank you for allowing me the honor of freezing your laugh in time. I think you’re absolutely amazing and are destined to do amazing things in the Jakarta wedding photography industry!

One thing about Agnes is that after a few minutes, she's quirky, fun, and quick-witted...my kind of girl!

When Agnes first emailed me, she informed me that she's never without two cameras: a point&shoot, and a digital SLR. Here she is working the P&S like nobody's business...

We spent most of the shoot just laughing. I'm, however, not sure if Agnes was laughing with me, or at me. Either way, it doesn't really matter because she told me that part of the reason she booked me was because she thought I was a little crazy...and so is she! I'm sure we were a sight to be seen: Two crazy girls prancing down the streets of Orange County, looking for good light, talking about food, and laughing uncontrollably...

Toward the end of the shoot, she brought out her camera for a couple shots...

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Lydia - She's gonna be booking a ton of clients with pictures like these! I love how they show her personality and spunk!  09.26.08 - 3:33pm
Natarasha N. Wright - Absolutely love these images!   09.25.08 - 8:50pm
Ashley - Agnes IS amazing. I had the opportunity to meet her today when I assisted for her family's photo shoot. She's one of the most generous individuals I've ever met. You captured her perfectly!  09.25.08 - 8:26pm
melissa - hi jasmine...first time commenting. I have a question...what is your fav. lens? You have such crisp colors and images. I saw you in Chicago at FTS tour...very inspiring!!! =)  09.24.08 - 8:20pm
Amanda - What a fun shoot! It looks like you really captured her personality! I love the last shot!  09.24.08 - 6:45pm
Jessi - So cute! Love that last shot!  09.24.08 - 10:51am
Brian Khang - So cool and we so want to go to Bali too. Maybe some day.  09.23.08 - 11:28pm
Karen Kirkland - Jasmine! These photos are great - it's always nice to make new friends... My favorite, favorite photograph is the last one...what an interesting place to put a camera...hmmmm...don't know what your intentions were...but my mind is definitely in the gutter...! Camera cajones! LOL  09.23.08 - 11:09pm
cassandra m - I can feel her personality in these pics. great job. I love the purple flowers adding a hint of color in the last pic. I love this shot, very different...very unique. she is a beautiful person and she looks very friendly.  09.23.08 - 9:09pm
brianna - Girl, you need to book a trip to Bali immediately!!! Agnes is a sweetheart...it totallly shows! :)  09.23.08 - 9:08pm
Lia Supatra - Holaaa from a fellow Indonesian here! :) Bali is definitely one of my fave spot in Indonesia. Maybe we can tour together sometimes and I can be one of the guide too.. ;)  09.23.08 - 8:40pm
Agnes - Ooooh! We both forget to thank 2 very important people for this shoot. Mr Sun for his excellent lighting and Little Miss Breezy for my "Hollywood" hair. :-D  09.23.08 - 7:41pm
Yuka photo art - Beautiful session! I and my husband love Bali and I wish you will visit this island in nearest future and bring new inspiration from this culture!  09.23.08 - 7:05pm
Linda - Helping and encouraging other photographers. YOU got it going on, girl!!  09.23.08 - 6:54pm
Lauren - Gosh, I can feel Agnes's personality from this post, she'll go far in this business! Love your photos too, might have to make a trip to the US so you can shoot photos like this for my site too..... or maybe you can come to Australia, I dont run a luxury hotel, but I do own a 4 bedroom house! :)  09.23.08 - 5:06pm
kymberli q. - I love the image of her camera hanging by her feet - soooo cute! I also love her comment to you. What a crack-up she must be! :)  09.23.08 - 4:57pm
michèle - she is adorable! you captured her well (of course.)  09.23.08 - 4:41pm