09.25.08 Photography

Cypress College

y stomach dropped a little when I received his email. Greg Bumatay was a good friend, but—first and foremost—a mentor when I first started my photography business. In fact, he was the only photographer who repeatedly invited me to second shoot weddings with him and I’m forever indebted to his kindness and time. He’s such a nice guy and has a warm heart, which makes him an even better wedding photographer!

Greg is a professor at Cypress College and invited me to speak to his class…hence me being nervous as I read his email. Yes, I get nervous speaking publicly, but it’s an entirely different thing lecturing when your teacher is sitting in a student’s chair!

The class went very well and the students were kind, responsive, and welcoming…all the things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. If the students are any indication of the people entering the industry, I’m proud to call them peers.

Thanks Greg for inviting me to share your platform and a special thanks to all the students for making my day so bright!

During class, Greg took a picture of himself. I particularly think it's hilarious because he forgot to push the focus button. Don't worry, folks, he's a total professional! :) (Just kidding, Greg, you know I think you rock!)

Here's the Cypress College photography class in all its glory...thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcomed! :)

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Kimberly - Going through your archives, I'm bummed that I missed you at my school! I was planning on taking that class that semester too.   06.25.09 - 3:14am
Rachelle~from the class - Jasmine ~ from our time spent with you in class, I can tell you are truly a down to earth person, and that makes you unique in every way! The lecture was GREAT, I took 3 pages of notes and I will definitely use all of it when launching my own business. The "branding" section of your lecture was KEY, and so very powerful, and helpful for students like myself that want to do into this wedding business - maybe not as a photographer, but a wedding venue owner, and making my name stick out from others. I hope to meet you again sometime later in life, and I will forever keep those notes I took during your visit to Cypress College. YOU KILLED IT! "My Brand is my stone" : ) Thank you for everything!  10.23.08 - 12:47pm
Brandi Apodaca - Thank you so much for being a guest in our class. You are such an inspiration and i love your attitude. your CHUURCH attitude =).   10.09.08 - 3:35pm
Nathan Gehman - The picture of you teaching reminded me on the Freedom to Succeed Tour in NY because "I am motivated" :)  10.02.08 - 7:13pm
Susi - Thank You so much! You are an inspiration to all Latinos! I loved your presentation you have such a way of bonding with people. I am getting married in January and I would love to have you as my photographer, but I'm poor people. LOL I was woundering what was that song you had on while the slide show was on, I need to know. Please!! Thank you once again for all the knowledge. I will pray for your Mom.  09.30.08 - 5:07pm
Lisa Scarsi - Simply saying thank you for spending quality time with us newbies is not nearly enough. I gotta tell ya that your presentation was so flipping helpful in several ways. I mean it's great to listen to photographers talk about how they shot this or how they like that lens and such and such light (and you did do some of this when prompted) but first and foremost you told us specifically how you have become so wildly succesful. What candor, what balls and how cool is that! I like your style and apparently, I'm not alone. Thanks so much for the "rocket" of a presentation. (Luckily, I too speak and understand fast-talk.) I wish I had a stripper name just like you but I'll have to work with what my mama gave me : )) Lisa - the Loud one.  09.28.08 - 10:33pm
Maureen - LOVE that dress! And no, you really do look buff in real life! :)  09.28.08 - 8:04pm
ohana photographers -- david & kimi b - greg just plain rules!!!!  09.28.08 - 7:48pm
A. Weight - alrightey, I have to say it....Whaddup with the big guns JStar???!!!! You are soooo you lift weights or is that from doing Yoga?  09.27.08 - 3:48pm
eliesa Johnson - YEAHHH!!!!! I HEART GREG!!!! I bet this was a TON-o-FUN!  09.27.08 - 12:50pm
Manuel - Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great presentation! Your slideshow was killer and your words were inspiring! Loved every minute of it. You're awesome!  09.27.08 - 12:41pm
Raul J. Gonzales - Hello Jasmine! First and farmost, kept meaning to type in this box of comments of saying, thank you for coming out to Cypress and giving us a nice and strong-forward words of wisdom you had to share with us in class. The way you word the lecture or being the guest speaker-- better yet, has really inspired me and I am sure inspired many more, of us in class. I applaud you and thank you for having endeavors of dreams, hopes, and living it up.. :)  09.27.08 - 12:04pm
Rhonda S - Beauty, incredible talent, a heart of gold & great arms!!! Wow, some people have all the luck! Thank you for always inspiring us reader's out here. I am sure I can speak for many, we are greatful for all that you share and are. :)  09.27.08 - 9:03am
Russell - Hey Jasmine, I just wanted to taki the time to say thank you for making me fall in love with my dream. I am so glad I took this course and had the opportunity to hear you speak to truth. There are not enought people like you. I admire your determination, somehow you passed it on to me. Thank you and keep posting in your blog! You Rock!   09.26.08 - 10:39pm
Tiffany - way to go Jasmine! fabulous outfit...would LOVE to raid your closet btw  09.26.08 - 7:42pm
Joan Solitario - What!?!? I wish I took his class! Hmmrph.. I mean it when I say... I'm going to meet you one of these days! :-D  09.26.08 - 3:36pm
Lydia - I'm so jealous of those people! Please say you'll be doing another workshop or offering one on one time soon!  09.26.08 - 3:30pm
Trev Jones - You inspire me woman. Thank you.  09.26.08 - 1:45pm
FishGirl - Everytime i see your website and your blog i fall more in love with photography..   09.26.08 - 10:29am
jack - when did you go to cypress ? I go there.   09.26.08 - 9:40am
ksenija - girlllll! it doesn't hurt to hear a compliment more than once... so i have to say it (even though apparently many others have already expressed it below) -- but you are so fit! those arms are to die for... & i love, loved your outfit. seriously... you need to lay off those 'cute & sassy pills' j*! ;) j/k!  09.26.08 - 9:01am
Tammy Hileman - Hi Jasmine, First I wanted to say Thank You for sharing with our class yesterday, you have a great way of inspiring all of us to follow our dreams and have faith in ourselves. It is not often that you have a professional who is so willing to put themselves out there and be honest about how they made it, I applaud you. You have inspired me to really get on and work my blog. Thanks, Tammy  09.26.08 - 8:50am
D700 - WOW! top photographer, great arms - stunning looks!! JD you are soooooooo lucky  09.26.08 - 7:18am
marlene - i bet you rocked the class! i'm setting myself up for nervousness each day (i'm starting my MFA in photography next year), and i am SUPER peopleshy when it comes to public speaking! i'd better get over it in two years when i finish my program! PS: your arms are SUCH an inspiration! i need to get back into the gym STAT!  09.26.08 - 4:36am
Bobbie - Heehee! Your arms are like the first thing I noticed in that first shot! Even though you clarified that your arms don't look like that in real-life it still makes me want to start working on mine as soon as I can (I am 8 months pregnant right now!)   09.26.08 - 3:36am
stephen - the Lord has blessed you with such a talent to bless others and i can truly see that when u are with people. its inspiring thanks for posting =)  09.25.08 - 11:20pm
Jasmine* - Clarification: My arms don't look that buff in real life. Honestly. I think it was just the angle and a particular moment. It makes me feel weird to see my arms like that because I'm afraid that if someone saw me in real life they'd think I photoshopped myself! :) @Tish: JD bought me the dress at a fashion show in Union Square, San Francisco. I think it's cute, but I love it for sentimental reasons more! :)  09.25.08 - 11:13pm
ricki ford - I am a big fan of Gregs work!  09.25.08 - 10:10pm
DK from the Philippines - dear ms. jasmine star, i recently discovered your blog through older entries in DPS. and I instantly fell in love! I subscribed to it via rss in lj. yey! keep up what you do. you sincerely make people happy :) xoxo, dk from the Philippines  09.25.08 - 10:08pm
angel swanson - you look absolutely gorgeous. ;-)   09.25.08 - 9:57pm
Lisa - You're awesome Jasmine!  09.25.08 - 8:17pm
Kayla - Girl, you look buff in that top pick! I think those kickboxing classes (and purchasing more workout clothes) has really been paying off! :-D  09.25.08 - 8:14pm
Catie R - That's so cool Jasmine! You're a great speaker :) PS, you have amazing arms!!   09.25.08 - 7:31pm
tish - wow! where'd you get that dress???  09.25.08 - 6:59pm
Kasey - Wow! What I would give to have you come lecture in one of my classes! What an awesome experience for those students! And I LOVE the outfit!  09.25.08 - 6:45pm
serena - love your dress!  09.25.08 - 6:45pm
Rachel - I love checking to see if you have a new write up on your blog...I get so happy when I see a new post!!! Maybe you need to add a workout/diet section on here! You look in excellent shape! Just like Nora who commented below...I am going to hit the gym right now too!!!!   09.25.08 - 6:35pm
makeupbynora - You look beautiful. I love your outfit, and your arms are HOTTTTT!!!! I am leaving to go to the gym after I type this. Nora  09.25.08 - 6:20pm
Kelly T - Every one said what I was thinking too - nice guns!! I was watching Hitched on the bus to Colorado today and realized how much Eva Mendes reminds me of you!   09.25.08 - 6:12pm
Nikki - Hi Jasmine, thanks so much for coming to our class. I think you're awesome...   09.25.08 - 6:01pm
Bob P. - Wow, nice pipes!  09.25.08 - 5:58pm
Lindsay P. - Your outfit is seriously to die for!!! Love it love it love it! :o)  09.25.08 - 5:46pm
Regina White - Jas will you mentor me? Oh! and dang you are a buff-ster my sista. Very Cool for this class to have you and Greg.   09.25.08 - 5:21pm
lin - Wow, I would have loved to have been in that course! Hehe. Soo. When's the next Starbox lunch?  09.25.08 - 5:20pm
Linda - Thank you so much for coming in today. You were phenomenal!  09.25.08 - 5:09pm
Meg - Buffy Mc. Buffster! Look at those guns!  09.25.08 - 4:52pm
brianna - skinny b!%$#  09.25.08 - 4:52pm
Greg Bumatay - Dang girl you blog FAST - seems like I just walked you out just a few minutes ago! THANK YOU so much for the amazing and inspirational talk today. You're a true superstar and now you have another 27 photographers gushing over you. You gave so much today and we can't thank you enough for your time. You rock!!!   09.25.08 - 4:46pm
Alicia - 'Scuse me missy, where were you when I was in college? Congrats on all the speaking gigs though. xoxo  09.25.08 - 3:59pm
ashley o. - check out those arms jasmine!! you've been workin' it! and i love you pointing out your mentors inadequacies- classic  09.25.08 - 3:52pm
Jeff Sipper - WOW! Doesn't look like a ton of stuff has changed since I went to Cypress in '92-'94! I spent WAAAAAAAAY too much time in the photo labs over there! :-)  09.25.08 - 3:43pm