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Three Years

ear JD…. I’m not sure if I properly thanked you. You know, for the travel book light I attach to the pages late at night. The nights when I can’t sleep, but you can. The nights when I sit propped by a mass of pillows and you sleep with your arm flung across my abdomen, your face pressed against my left shoulder. Those nights. That book light.

When I was a kid, my parents begged me to close my book late at night. The nights I couldn’t sleep because Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were about to solve the mystery. I’d lay against the window to have the backyard light illuminate the pages, my eyes straining to see the small text on the thin pages of my library book. One night, my dad yelled at me when he saw that I stole his utility flashlight to read under the covers. I cried. He apologized.

The following week, my dad came home with a pair of glasses from the thrift store for me. In retrospect, they weren’t really glasses—as it was just the frame, no lenses—but they came with two small light bulbs in the corners. My dad pulled back the stems of the frame and placed it on my face and the bulbs turned on. I smiled a crooked smile because there would no longer be Hardyless nights. He smiled a crooked smile because his daughter looked like a nerdy miner. A literary miner crawling through dark tunnels of books.

JD, little did I realize that the nerdy miner of yesteryear never went away. I just grew a few inches and gained some weight. But the tunnels of books? They’re still piled next to my bed. And you bought me the book light to ensure I’d never have to be proverbially Hardyless again.

It’s funny, really. I never realized how you’ve morphed into my perfect match in so many ways. You know me better than I know myself, and the book light is just small proof of it. The bottle of water you place next to the bed every night is proof of it. Putting my shoes back in the closet WHERE THEY BELONGGGGG is proof of it. All the small things you do and think I don’t notice, but I do, is proof of it.

Three years ago today, I stood on a Hawaiian beach and swore to love, honor, and cherish you for the rest of my life. On that day, I foolishly assumed that I couldn’t possibly love you more than I did on our wedding. That my heart was filled to the brim with adoration, and not a single drop more could be accommodated. Silly me. Because, really, when I look back on our wedding day, I can honestly say that was the day in our married life I loved you the least.

Thank you for making me the best version of me I can possibly be. Thank you for loving me in spite of me. Thank you for consistently overlooking my flaws. Thank you for being my husband. I love you.

Happy Anniversary.

These pictures were taken this past week at a wedding we photographed...and I'm sure JD is going to KILL ME for posting them! :) When I think back to the pictures we have together, they're all at weddings. I'm planning on getting our pictures professionally taken at some point, but until then, the horrific candids must suffice! :)
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Andrew Lipsett - Jasmine! My younger sister(by 51 weeks) was reading War and Peace, The Children's Bible, and the Hobbit by the age of 9. My parents were a bit concerned about my, ummm, brain power as I simply didn't read at all. That is until family friends gave us a bunch of Hardy Boys books. I haven't stopped since and I do remember reading under the covers with a flashlight:).  02.15.11 - 12:51am
Chaubella - I have been reading your blog entries for the last couple of days and admire your work, you are amazing. You make me wanna-get-off-my-ass, and get my business started. The things you say, the things you comment on, you make me laugh, cause you totally remind me of me. Then I read this entry, the way you love your husband and what he does for you, everything down to putting your shoes away and ALWAYS placing a bottle of H2O next to your bedside, I thought I was gonna fall out, cuz my husband is the same way. From not knowing you, to ......wait, maybe she is a sister-from-another-mister :) lol. You Rock Jasmine and you really are an inspiration!  03.12.09 - 2:58pm
Chelsea P. McCray - Oh my goodnes. You just made me cry.  12.30.08 - 10:53am
Agnes - You two are toooo cute!  10.03.08 - 7:26pm
Tracy Grant - Wow!! Happy belated Anniversary! By the way, I love the candids. They show how much fun you two have together. much love, Tracy.  10.03.08 - 5:17am
Coco - You darling are too much talent in one girl! Love ya!  09.30.08 - 10:00pm
Laura Stetser - Okay, either I'm a sap, you're an amazing writer, or it's too late and I'm too tired and should be in bed but I got teary reading your post. Sincerely. Teary. I go with you being a gifted writer. Happy Anniversary!  09.30.08 - 9:17pm
cassandra m - You guys are PROOF that FAIRY TALE LOVE does exist!  09.30.08 - 8:47pm
brianna - you are such a lucky gal! thanks for the constant example of what a wonderful marriage looks like. love you both to pieces!!!  09.29.08 - 9:27pm
Karen Kirkland - Wow! I can only hope to have that one day...what a beautiful way to thank the person you love. Your words are heartful and inspirational...   09.29.08 - 7:50pm - one of my fave posts ever. love this little glimpse at your special love. xoxo  09.29.08 - 6:32pm
PW1017 - How cute are you guys?! My husband and I got married in Maui 3 years ago also. So glad to see you both still have that love and goofiness with each other. Happy Anniversary and many more to come!  09.29.08 - 5:48pm
Kourtney Mack - I've never commented before, but I've been reading your blog for almost a year now. You are a great inspiration to me and I love all of your pictures. I just want to say that I am so happy for you and that God would continue to bless you and your husband.  09.29.08 - 4:39pm
kelly beane - Congrats Jasmine! Those images are SO CUTE! And how sweet is your post!?!? May God Bless you both and your sweet marriage!  09.29.08 - 3:38pm
Jeanette - sorry..spelling error...ACUTALLY not actual! ;)  09.29.08 - 2:32pm
Jeanette - Happy Anniversary!! Can you believe actual gets better & better... Love you both, Dre & J   09.29.08 - 2:32pm
Linda - Happy Anniversary! And on a side note, my dad bought me those glasses too!!! I had an addiction to Nancy Drews, Baby Sitters' Club and The Box Car Children.   09.29.08 - 2:32pm
Kasey - I should have known when I started reading your blog a few months ago that you were a reader. I found myself more excited to read about the wedding or the couple or your life than I was to look at the photographs! I don't even know you but reading this, I am even more amazed at the person you are and the beautiful marriage you have. I'm sitting at my desk at work and as I read this, tears welled up in my eyes! what lovely writer you are...the photographer talent goes without saying... thanks for entertaining me a little more with every post! -faithful reader  09.29.08 - 2:30pm
Paper Monkey - Those are great candids! What are you talking about?! That is so awesome that you guys are coming up on your anniversary. Ours is just a week away - 2 years now with a little one on the way. Crazy how time flies!  09.29.08 - 1:56pm
Ashley - These candids are by no means horrific! You two are so adorable I don't think you could ever take a bad picture even if you tried! I love the way you talk about your marriage because I feel the same way about my own. Living and learning and loving every single day with your spouse. That's really what it's all about. Happy Anniversary!!  09.29.08 - 1:00pm
jeramy - wow! beautiful note! congratulations to you both. true love is inspirational to everyone that comes in contact with it. you are impacting people you don't even know. well done! here's to 50 more.  09.29.08 - 12:20pm
Megan - I've been reading your blog for a while, but like a lot of others, I never commented either! Just wanted to say I love how you write, you can put the way *I* feel sometimes into words perfectly. This was a great post, as my 3 yr anniv was just on the 23rd, and it's amazing how love can grow and change and actually get better when you think it can't!  09.29.08 - 11:49am
Leah Charbonneau - Happy Anniversary! Even more happiness to you two in years to come!  09.29.08 - 11:28am
Paula Herko - Happy Anniversary! You two are adorable!  09.29.08 - 11:14am
patrick - you know, sometimes a picture cannot replace a thousand words. that needs to be said.   09.29.08 - 11:14am
Ana Contreras - Happy Anniversary!! May God keep on blessing you :D  09.29.08 - 11:12am
Susie Nguyen - OMG....I follow your blog everyday and never left a comment but I had to this time. I got all choked up. This is the way people should be loved and give love.   09.29.08 - 10:59am
Hilary - Happy anniversary! God bless.  09.29.08 - 10:57am
Natarasha N. Wright - *TEAR* Happy Anniversary!  09.29.08 - 10:38am
Jo-Anne K. - Happy third anniversary!  09.29.08 - 10:14am
Holli True - Precious!! Congrats to you both! I wish you many more blissful years! :)  09.29.08 - 10:04am
Jacqueline - Congrats and to many more years to come!  09.29.08 - 9:49am
Heather - Aww thats so sweet! Happy Anniversary!  09.29.08 - 9:32am
Tiffany - happy anniversary love birds!!!  09.29.08 - 8:46am
Kevin - Wow, only 3 years. I thought you guys have been married much longer. I say that because it seems like you have a very strong, loving marriage. Like you have been doing it for a while, you guys are pros. Keep up the good work and God bless. Congrats. The next 3 will fly.  09.29.08 - 8:40am
Joanna Garcia - Wishing you nothing but the best. Congrats Jasmine* and JD.   09.29.08 - 7:51am
Kristen - Awwww! <3 What a sweet letter to JD. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! Here's to many more!  09.29.08 - 7:28am
Brandi - Hey.. It's my anniversary too.. but our one year anniversary! Happy anniversary to you guys.. :)   09.29.08 - 6:58am
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - awwwww....J, your posts always make me tear up! And as a NEWLY wed (ahem. 2 days), I love, love love that you said your wedding day was the day you loved him the least .... that's wisdom, kid!  09.29.08 - 6:49am
Amy Watson - *tear*! that is the sweetest post EVER! :) :) It's so awesome to love someone that much :)  09.29.08 - 5:22am
robin dini - you're so sweet. best quote ever, "A literary miner crawling through dark tunnels of books." You said it! Fighting back sleep and reading with droopy house is common place in our home too :) Happy Anniversary!   09.29.08 - 5:04am
julie - Happy Anniversary. I love the little things you mentioned in your post. How sweet and loving. My husband does the same for me. He's a gem. Wishing you many many more years of love and happiness.   09.29.08 - 4:32am
Bobbie - Happy Anniversary (a day late!) Hope it was fabulous and that you have many many more to come!! And Jasmine, go get one of your photography friends to take some 'real' pictures of you two! These candids are great but you need to let someone else do the shooting every once in a while! I am really one to say that, here I am 3 weeks from my due date and have still not gotten my maternity pictures done! Ugh! Why is it so hard for us who normally take the pictures to get our own done?!   09.29.08 - 3:42am
Polka Dot Bride - Happy Anniversary!  09.29.08 - 3:24am
Sheryll - Loved this post. Makes me think about how amazing my husband is, too. Happy Anniversary!  09.29.08 - 12:03am
BreAnne Berumen - J*, I aspire to find this love. You putting it into words is all the affirmation I need to know that this simple bliss exists :) Happy Anniversary you two!  09.28.08 - 11:00pm
Chay Mendoza - Congratulations!  09.28.08 - 10:54pm
Jane - JD gets extra cool points for always taking silly pictures with you. =) Happy anniversary! You guys deserve the world.  09.28.08 - 9:56pm
Troy Schneider - Congratulations guys!  09.28.08 - 9:50pm
Jordana - You write so stunningly about your marriage. The beauty of it really is in the everyday booklights. If it is even possible, your words make me love my husband even more. Congratulations!   09.28.08 - 8:30pm
Shannon McFarland - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....HAP...PY ANNIVER.SARY....LOL I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!!!! Dreaming & planning the MANY more to come!!!!! Much Love, Many Blessings, & TONS of laughs....;) Shannon  09.28.08 - 8:29pm
ksen :) - you guys are seriously too cute for words. CONGRATS!!! CONGRATS! i wish you much laughter, happiness, love & adventure always.  09.28.08 - 8:09pm
Jasmine Marie - :) So sweet. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!  09.28.08 - 8:02pm
triSh wong - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! may God continue to bless ur marriage...  09.28.08 - 7:53pm
Jennifer hosler - Happy Anniversary !!! It is our 6th anniversary today as well. I wish the best for both of you on this happy, happy day !  09.28.08 - 7:49pm
ohana photographers - david & kimi b - happy happy anniversary you two! we wish you many more awesome and silly years together! blessings to you both!   09.28.08 - 7:46pm
Theo T. - Happy Anniversary! Wish you two all the best in life.   09.28.08 - 7:38pm
Katherine Bowman - Yeah! Happy Anniversary! :)  09.28.08 - 7:31pm
Christopher - Congratulations! You and JD are an admired and much appreciated part of the photography world. God bless you both on your anniversary.  09.28.08 - 6:48pm
Cathy Crawley - Happy anniversary! You should totally get some of your photographer friends to do some nice portraits for you, that is what I am trying to do for my 5th anniversary next month :) I'm sure you know someone????? LOL  09.28.08 - 6:38pm
Katie Slater - Happy anniversary!!! Hope you two crazy cats had a wonderful day! :)  09.28.08 - 6:25pm
Crystal - Oh my gosh..I'm crying! You two are just the best. I love you... Happy 3 years!  09.28.08 - 6:24pm
terri z - happy anniversary !! cheers to many more !!  09.28.08 - 6:02pm
Casia Fletcher - What would we do without our hunky, oh-so talented & ever supporting husbands?... they're amazing! What a wonderful day! Congrads.  09.28.08 - 5:18pm
erin. - Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary.... Okay, forget that I can't remember the words to the Anniversary song. But regardless, I wanted to wish you & JD the most amazing anniversary. Here's to 3 billion more happy years together! May god continue to bless your marriage!  09.28.08 - 5:18pm
Cindy - HA to you both - what a great example of what marriage SHOULD be. The secret key is keeping God at the center of your marriage. It's no wonder you are such a genius wordsmith. I look forward to your posts everyday - you inspire me, move me & challenge me ... and this was no exception - now I need me some tissues .. just beautiful!  09.28.08 - 4:53pm
C.J. Scott - Happy 3rd :)  09.28.08 - 4:52pm
Deyla Huss - Happy Anniversary you two! May you Live Love and laugh for many many more years to come! And maybe there will some little wee ones laughter sometime soon??? LOL Cheers to you both!  09.28.08 - 4:36pm
Ann - Happy Anniversary Jasmine and JD! The best is yet to be!!  09.28.08 - 4:12pm
Jamie Delaine - Happy Anniversary! I love you two; talk about an adorable couple. SO SWEET. You guys are a great example of a Godly marriage and compromise together. Much love! I hope you are resting today.  09.28.08 - 4:11pm
Sarah Schrader - Happy anniversary Jasmine and JD! Your post made my heart feel warm and happy :) - love is the greatest thing! I hope you have a great day.   09.28.08 - 4:00pm
missphom photography - this is so beautiful!!! you seriously make me want to go make out and spoon (well, get spooned) by my honey. thanks a bunches.   09.28.08 - 3:52pm
Marilyn from Miami - I was just reminded of the fact that I did not wear waterproof mascara do I know this...well, when I finished reading this post...I realized that I was crying black tears. You guys are da Bomb! Happy Anniversary!   09.28.08 - 3:50pm
Tanya Jose - yay!! happy anni!! i personally LOVE the candids of yourselves, they're so much fun!!  09.28.08 - 3:40pm
marlene - Congratulations! May God bless you with many more years!   09.28.08 - 3:40pm
jackie wonders - happy anniversary!!! ours is on wednesday..4 years. you guys are adorable. make it a good one ;-)  09.28.08 - 3:32pm
SandyJenete - Congrats to the most beautiful couple!  09.28.08 - 3:29pm
Joyful Weddings & Events - Congrats you guys! Have so much fun! Isn't it crazy how quickly 3 years have gone by?  09.28.08 - 2:06pm
Karin Dailey - Congrats y'all! You guys are awesome people. Many more years of happy times! YAY!  09.28.08 - 2:05pm
tish - HOORAY for love! even making funny faces, you both look beautiful. congrats!  09.28.08 - 2:02pm
Nelly Chung - Happy Anniversary!  09.28.08 - 1:58pm
chris - happy anniversary j* and jd! jd it was great to meet you (albeit briefly) at the tour stop in LA...jasmine, well said as always! her's to the next 3 and many, many more!  09.28.08 - 1:53pm
premA BUCK - Oh, do it to me everytime...sniff..sniff :-) Your relationship is beautiful and so are you! Happy anniversary Jasmine!  09.28.08 - 1:16pm
Tira J - Happy Anniversary to you both! May God Bless you in all the years to come.   09.28.08 - 1:15pm
Whitney Clark - Jasmine.....if this photography thing doesn't work out of you (yeah right!), I think you and Hallmark should get together....your writing is so beautiful!  09.28.08 - 1:14pm
Suze - gasp. sniff. sniff. That was really sweet.  09.28.08 - 12:41pm
Chung Nguyen - Too adorable. Happy Anniversary, you love birds!  09.28.08 - 12:08pm
Dina - Hmm...wonder if they still sell those glasses?! Congratulations!  09.28.08 - 11:42am
kelly hike - happy anniversary to an inspirational couple! you two really know how to "love well"  09.28.08 - 11:38am
Melissa - Such a sweet and sincere post! Happy anniversary you two!  09.28.08 - 11:19am
Syreena B - Haven't commented in a while. But this post definitely deserves a congratulations!!! Wish you many many many more...  09.28.08 - 11:06am
deB perry - HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary Jasmie and two deserve unbounded happiness on this day and many many more. Hope you don't read this till tomorrow...hee!  09.28.08 - 11:04am
Trista - Congrats!!! I have to agree with you...marriage just keeps getting better, doesn't it? And once again..JD has proven that he loves you more than Doug loves shoes are all over the house...not in the the closet where they SHOULD be ;-)  09.28.08 - 11:04am
Regina White - Happy Anniversary you two! The fun pics are always the best. You two are super cute.   09.28.08 - 10:58am
Catie R - Happy Anniversary! Those pictures are great! Goofy ones always are :) God bless you guys!  09.28.08 - 10:43am
joan solitario - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ;-D  09.28.08 - 10:41am
Alicia - Happy Anniversary! I hope you two get to chillax together today and steal lots of kisses. I can't wait to see you and JD together at our wedding. Congrats again!  09.28.08 - 10:31am
Tracy Kelly - So, here I was sitting here feeling a bit sorry for myself. Ok. A lot sorry for myself. You see, today is MY wedding anniversary, too. But my husband is working all the way over on the other side of the country, and he does so for 3-4 months at a time. But, I know he's out there for us (me & our 3 year old little boy). And, it's funny, he also does the water thing. Every night (when he's home) he make sure he brings ice water up to me. And, last Christmas, he bought me a book light :) So, Happy Anniversary, JD & Jasmine ! I didn't know we shared our day with you :) :) September 28th rocks !  09.28.08 - 10:00am
Mary - I adore you two!! This post just makes me happy!! Happy Anniversary!!! xoxo M:)  09.28.08 - 9:51am
Bernadette - Happy Anniversary! ( get catchlights and sunflare on your ROCK! Which lens did you use?)  09.28.08 - 9:46am
[ b ] e c k e r - you guys are he best. stoked for you guys! god bless.  09.28.08 - 9:31am
DJ - Congratulations you two! Three years ago I could not have imagined loving the two of you any more but it's true - you both just keep getting better!   09.28.08 - 9:28am
Lydia - Happy Anniversary! May God bless you with many, many more years together!  09.28.08 - 9:27am
Paula Emery - Happy Anniversary Jasmine and JD. I hope you have many, many, many more to come!  09.28.08 - 8:58am
Julie and Nick Avina - CONGRATULATIONS. May God continue to Bless your marriage! Miss you both!  09.28.08 - 8:49am