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FAQ : Photoshop Actions, Part II

o, you know when you have something planned and things keep on getting in the way, and you can’t seem to get around to actually doing it? This is tough, but what augments the situation is when I announce on my blog that I’m going to do something…and then life gets in the way. My bad. I blogged about my love for Kubota Photoshop Actions a couple weeks ago and said I’d blog about my love for Totally Rad Actions shortly thereafter because I use them both exclusively. But then life got in the way.

It’s a good thing I have blog readers emailing me with reminders! ;)

I actually use a mix of Kubota and TRA Action sets—I love mixing and matching actions to make them unique—but each set is fabulous in its own right. When I was first introduced to Totally Rad Actions, I was blown away with their uniqueness and ability to make all things magical. Doug Boutwell is the mastermind behind the action sets and if I had half his Photoshop brain, I’d be thanking the good, sweet Lord. He makes really awesome tutorial videos, and I blogged about my favorites, so definitely check them out if you’d like to learn more!

Here are a few of my own TRA Recipes, so feel free to check a few images from Carissa and Brian's Wedding

*Sparta - 15%
*Pool Party - 15%

*Punchout - 15%
*Clairefy - 36%
*Orange You Glad - 41%

I really shy away from 100% sepia images, but I LOVE the "Cinnamon Toast" TRA just rocks my world!
*Saturation - -100
*Sparta - 10%
*Cinnamon Toast - 23%

*Uber Cross - 10%
*Punch Out - 10%
*Clairefy - 10%
*Big Blue - 37%

*Cool as a Cucumber - 14%
*Pool Party - 10%
*Not-So-Magic Glasses - 15%

*Pool Party - 12%
*Punchout - 31%

*Saturation - -100
*Detroit - 28%

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Kimberly - Hi Jasmine, First of all you have beautiful work! I was wondering if you have had any problems with the color going weird when using the detroit action at 100%. It looks fine when I process it the first time but if I reopen the file later the highlights seems to be cyan in color? Thanks in advance for your help. Thanks! Kimberly  12.05.09 - 8:09pm
Cherie-Lynn - I have to tell you first off your works is beautiful and inspiring. Because of you I have recently purchased both TRA sets as well as a bunch of the Kubota action sets. Since doing so the difference in response to my photography has been overwhelming. I also love that you've posted some recipes, thank you. Cheers  12.02.08 - 12:18pm
Amanda - Hey Jasmine, Great Images! I have the same question as Tracy... How on earth do you remember what you did to the images? Do you have a system for taking notes on your image processing. I often look back to my images and think that looks so cool... if only I could remember how I did that!? lol  11.28.08 - 3:39pm
Tracy - Thanks for the post...question - how do you remember what actions you use on your pics? Do you write them all down? Is there a way to know? The file name????  11.03.08 - 8:18am
Ginger Murray - Thanks for sharing your processes, and answering everyone's questions! Very helpful! You know we all love your images!  10.13.08 - 8:21pm
Emily Mason - Thanks for your tips! I love Kubota and have wanted Totally Rad for a long time. I must have it!!  10.13.08 - 5:54pm
Jasmine* - Hi friends! So, I use the early version of The Revenge Action Set, and since then a few name changes have occurred. Uber Cross has now become Luxe Hard. Thanks in advance! :)  10.13.08 - 4:04pm
Anna - Hi Jasmine!! Thanks for all your sharing!! Your imagens "talks for themselves"!! Copying the comment below... I can´t find "Uber Cross" ...Is it in a new set?Thnx :)  10.13.08 - 5:32am
Bill Wolfe - I don't know which set 'Uber Cross' is in. I looked at all the actions from both sets and didn't see it. (?)  10.12.08 - 6:47pm
Jasmine* - Hi friends! You can see a TON of before and after photos on the TRA site, so that's why I opted to just show the fully edited versions of the pictures. All wedding images are prettified in Lightroom, and custom retouching is done for slideshow images and album images. Hope this helps! :)  10.11.08 - 9:32am
cassandra m - ohhhh la la. sweeeet post processing girl! awesome.  10.10.08 - 11:43pm
SJ Styles - I would also like to see some before and afters!!! Great INFO BTW  10.10.08 - 5:24pm
Kellan - Never thought to mix Sparta and Pool got my gears turning. Thanks for sharing your formulas, always fun to see how others utilize TRA. I echo the others questions. Do you process to this extent all of your pictures or just a small percent for your blog and like 10% for your clients to choose from their overall proofs?   10.10.08 - 12:53pm
Allyson Magda - those kids are just about the cutest ever!  10.10.08 - 12:26pm
Fran - Could we see before and after photos?? they look absolutely awesome! thank you for sharing your tips.  10.10.08 - 12:03pm
Anne Nunn Photography - Thanx Jasmine! I love how clear your photos are. I bought Majic sharp after your post about that one. I guess i have some other ones to buy!:)  10.10.08 - 8:05am
Megan - I'm loving the flowers shots. I was really excited to see more than what you showed before of this wedding- and sometimes I over look photos that were in groupings before- like the first shot. How amazing it must be to capture events that are just SO beautiful in every detail!  10.10.08 - 7:39am
tish - wow! that seems like it is a TON of work! you don't process all of the photos you take, do you?   10.10.08 - 6:49am
Cortney - These are absolutely gorgeous! Would you be willing to show us the straight-out-of-the-camera shots so we can compare?  10.10.08 - 6:24am
Andrea - I have both sets of TRAs...but what is Uber Cross? Am I missing something here? :) Thanks for the post J*!  10.10.08 - 4:46am
Lara - Wow! These are awesome - I also mainly use Kubota but play quite a bit with both TRA sets. BTW, I love what you did to #4 - the tone is so cold, but the picture still reads warm! Incredible!  10.10.08 - 3:49am
Joshua K - Thanks Jasmine !  10.09.08 - 9:50pm
Val McCormick Photography - I seriously LOVE TRA actions! I love that fact that you can mix and adjust so that their are so many unique combination. Keep posting your recipes. I love to see how others work :-)  10.09.08 - 9:09pm
Bleigh (rLiss Photography) - I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE Cinnamon Toast too! :)  10.09.08 - 8:11pm
lin - Thanks J* for providing insight into your post production! \(^.^)/  10.09.08 - 7:05pm
Matt Reoch - Just like Katrinas inquiry - Jasmine are you presenting all of your images with post production or just a selection of images with post work to your clients? OR are you just doing post production work for your blog, websites, etc? Totally curious. Its a lot of work, as you know...   10.09.08 - 3:49pm
Natarasha N. Wright - Thank You! For showing use how they look on your pictures.   10.09.08 - 3:42pm
Larry Reeves - Thanks so much! I love that in today's photog world we all share our "secrets" with each other to help and teach. Great work, again!  10.09.08 - 3:26pm
jackie wonders - i feel the same way about sepia, but i too love the cinamon toast. my faves are can-o-whoopass, luxe soft and bullet tooth. i'm pretty much obsesed...  10.09.08 - 3:26pm
Matthew Saville - Man, if only I could think if totally rad names for MY actions, too! :-P =Matt=  10.09.08 - 3:19pm
Amy Starks - I absolutely love these actions. They really do take images to a whole new level! Thank you for sharing your perspective!  10.09.08 - 3:14pm
Navy Sou - Hey Jasmine! I never know when to use Not-So-Magic Glasses from TRA and I see that you used it in one of the photos here. Can you give any advice as to when and why it can be put to use?  10.09.08 - 2:38pm
Katrina James - Thank for sharing! Just wondering how you present your images to the client? Are they all retouched before you show them?  10.09.08 - 2:36pm
Joan Solitario - THANK YOU JASMINE! I'm definitely going to get me some Totally Rad Actions soon! Thank you so much!  10.09.08 - 2:36pm
Ben Watson - WOW, can't believe I posted before my wife! Anyways, thank you so much for giving the people what they want! It's nice to see that you squeeze some time in for us in your busy schedule. It's GREATLY appreciated!!  10.09.08 - 2:30pm
jen berry - i like how you used pool party on the first one. its subtle. first time i've seen it like that. how are you so good and you play nice, and share.   10.09.08 - 1:53pm
taryn - i'm a first time commenter ... and i just want to say that YOU are totally rad, jasmine star. lol! thanks for sharing your secrets. i really love your work. you're amazing!  10.09.08 - 1:28pm
kymberli q. - Hi Jasmine, Do you think one time you could show the before and after to see what type of difference it made on your photos? All of your color images look so nice, I can't see it making much difference on some - but maybe that's the power of them...not sure.  10.09.08 - 12:35pm
Tiffaney - Thanks Jasmine. Another fine job!  10.09.08 - 11:35am
niccolw - OOHH, OOHHH I'm the first to post a comment! Funny how the small things can get you so excited. Thanks so much for all your photoshop help. PPing has got me in a twist right now and every little bit helps.  10.09.08 - 11:29am