10.24.08 Anytime

Diandra : Anytime

try to live my life without my head screwed on backward. You know, looking to the past. I like to think the decisions I make are right and never defer to the What Ifs self-doubt can throw my way. When it comes to making business decisions, I may vacillate for a moment, but once I have an answer, I’m a locomotive and you can’t move my caboose!

There are moments, however, when I look at people and applaud them for making decisions I wish I made earlier in my career. Newer photographers who see the industry trends and try to climb the learning curve as quickly as possible. These are the people I applaud.

When Diandra and I initially made contact, I assumed we were the same age. She’s a newbie photographer trying to navigate the labrynth otherwise known as the wedding industry, but I was so happy to hear she wanted headshots taken. Not only is Diandra sweet, charming, and kind…she’s incredibly smart for building a brand around herself. During the shoot, I found out Diandra’s in her early twenties and my mouth dropped. She’s just starting her business, but she’ll be going places based on her amazing personality and business prowess.

Diandra, I applaud you. And I thank you for allowing me to document the start of your fabulous career!

Diandra, you're gorgeous. Plain and simple.

I couldn't love this picture more...its just so Diandra!

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Jamie Burnett - Amazing shots, Love the variety and the warm sunny glow.   11.02.08 - 2:00pm
Hannalee - Unfortunately I am not in my twenties anymore, but also starting out in my career as a wedding photographer. I wish I had the opportunity for you to take my headshots too, Jasmine! I have been admiring you from a distance for some time and you inspire me to become my best! Also, you go Diandra!  11.01.08 - 2:44am
Bobbie Brown - Wow. I love this shoot! I always love your 'anytime' shoots though! But these pictures really are amazing!!   10.30.08 - 1:18pm
Mike Cunningham - Dear Diandra, I want to take you to dinner. Sincerely, Mike  10.29.08 - 7:20pm
Val McCormick Photography - Ooooo, that last shot is KILLER!  10.29.08 - 12:42am - Great shots! Photographers make great models!   10.28.08 - 12:26pm
Tracy - I just shot her at a TTD event in Riverside! She IS amazingly gorgeous. And I totally agree, she will be a great success.   10.28.08 - 7:12am
Jessica - Hooray for Diandra! And Jasmine, your work is beautiful!  10.27.08 - 11:11pm
Onsite Minnesota Photography - I love the picture with the sun behind her.  10.27.08 - 5:57pm
Christine Meintjes - Great shoot! Love the shots in the arch!  10.27.08 - 11:07am
Shelly Valentine - I LOVE the last shot! GORGEOUS!!!  10.27.08 - 7:09am
Pascal - She is gorgeous. The setting is great she must be very happy with the result!  10.27.08 - 6:48am
john waire - schweet shoot!  10.27.08 - 4:46am
brianna - ooh la this downtown seal beach perhaps??!! awesome shots jazzy.  10.26.08 - 8:48pm
Feuza - I so wish I was in west coast to also do a photo shoot with Jasmine, I too am a newbie! started 6 months ago and really know nothing yet but I am trying, I just fell in love and feel like when you are a teen dating a boy, just so happy! great shots of Diandra and I am so happy I found you Jasmine and others like Diandra too! God Bless.  10.26.08 - 8:33pm
Pam and girls - "Wow!" Thanks Jasmine, for helping our friends have such a great experience. You've come a long way since you were 3, Diandra - We love you lots!  10.26.08 - 2:49pm
Sugar & Spice Event Design - This seemed like so much fun!   10.26.08 - 11:58am
Heather/OneShotBeyond - what a variety of classy & modern photos! I think she will love these for years to come. I can just see from her comfy she was with you! Great stuff girl!  10.26.08 - 9:13am
Dave Shilling - Holy Smokes!!! That last one was.. well... lets just say I'd hire her! Nice work ladies!!!   10.25.08 - 10:02pm
Shannon Post - Great images! What a beautiful woman and even though I don't know her, through your writing and images you brought her personality to life. I wish I wasn't so darn far away or I'd hire you to do my head shots too! Maybe some day. (sigh) Another great shoot, Jasmine! You continually rock it!  10.25.08 - 8:19pm
Lydia - Jasmine, I think you could easily guarantee an increase in business for your clients who are photographers. Who wouldn't book Diandra after meeting her in these pictures! If I didn't have to think about replacing my stolen camera and equipment, I'd be signing up for your next session!  10.25.08 - 6:55pm
shawnreeder - Jasmine, I love your work and how much "YOU" you share with us. Thank you for being so genuine. Diandra, you are beautiful and inspired me to post here for the first time even though I've read forever. Thanks for the inspiration!  10.25.08 - 6:50pm
erica sergio - these are beautiful!   10.25.08 - 5:57pm
Diandra - For everyone asking about my ring... it was a gift from my amazingly fashionable mom. As was the turquoise necklace I'm wearing. :)   10.25.08 - 5:38pm
ronnie - nice...I want to know where she got the ring as well!  10.25.08 - 5:20pm
Prince - I love the natural, fun, happy expressions you get in your portraits. Just shows how your clients are comfortable with you. It would be awesome if you post something on those lines.. Thanks for sharing.  10.25.08 - 1:18pm
Bree - Aw. My pastor looks super cute. Jasmine, you did a really good job on the photographs of her. She looks really pretty [: <3  10.25.08 - 12:07pm
Jessica Price - Again, super images - she is a doll! Your work is spot on in focus, so naturally edited and that beach location!  10.25.08 - 4:58am
Katelyn - So exciting! I'm a beginner too! Still in college so I love hearing success stories! What a beautiful subject! These look great as always!  10.25.08 - 12:22am
katie - Holy wow! Totally loving ALL of these! The one on the beach with the sun coming through her arm is to die for and if Diandra is reading these comments, I would love to know where you got that kickin' turquoise ring! :)  10.24.08 - 10:50pm
Jillian Louise - i love these. she looks so incredibly natural!  10.24.08 - 8:48pm
joshua k - Lovely !She is so beautiful :)  10.24.08 - 6:53pm
Natarsha N. Wright - Lovely! She is so beautiful!   10.24.08 - 5:50pm
Ashley - These are amazing! I need one of these photo shoots in the worst way! I learned how important branding is from you so I need to get my butt in gear!  10.24.08 - 5:48pm
James Day - Jasmine - Could you make me look as sexy as Diandra? I expect a personal reply as to the answer.... :-) JD  10.24.08 - 5:01pm
lin - Love the poses! You're have such an eye!  10.24.08 - 4:58pm
Blair Van Bussel - How exciting!!! These turned out so beautiful! I am also in my early 20s and its so hard to make a name for yourself in such a competitive world. I am having some photos taken for my site in a few weeks and I am even more excited now! ;) Okay so I went on a bit of a tangent but you did an amazing job Jasmine!!!!!   10.24.08 - 4:31pm
Cathy Crawley - Absolutely stunning! One day, when I get my butt to the US you can expect a call from me too :)  10.24.08 - 4:04pm
Ryel j - I love the arch way sequence and how you capture her joy. So sweet!  10.24.08 - 2:59pm
Camille Elise - Wow! What a gorgeous shoot! So happy for Diandra as a young photographer to be excelling forward in her business :) A goal not only for my business and career, but for my life is to eventually have headshots of my own taken by you. Hopefully one day :) Great photographs Jasmine!  10.24.08 - 2:35pm
Joan Solitario - I just had to comment again... the picture of her on the beach.. where the sun is peaking through... I agree with you! That's beautiful and a favorite!   10.24.08 - 2:27pm
Candace Prokopets - Love the pictures Jasmine! I love your style and I love how you make everyone so comfortable that their personality shines brightly through.   10.24.08 - 1:09pm
cassandra m - Did the "sun gods" kiss that last photo or what? ha ha. AMAZING light. BEAUTIFUL! She sounds like an amazing person and girl definitely has some great taste in jewelry. Sweeet shoot!  10.24.08 - 12:31pm
Liza - I love the camera shots! And of course there is hardly anything more beautiful than a strong woman going after their dream! =)  10.24.08 - 12:27pm
nena - I adore these photos! I think I want you to take my photo just because I'm young and single! Please say yes! =-)  10.24.08 - 11:52am
Melissa - These are stunning!! Love the shots with the awesome ring and the camera! ;o)  10.24.08 - 11:51am
Caitlin - One thing I noticed - other than the coolness of you as usual, she is incredibly accessorized -- attention to detail - what a really great photographer needs ;)   10.24.08 - 11:35am
B - Jas, she's fierce. Seriously, great shoot!  10.24.08 - 10:37am
kymberli q. - She is ADORABLE and these images are outstanding! Love the shot of her ring and camera - too cute! Great job!!  10.24.08 - 10:26am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Gorgeous and Fabulous, J*! Diandra looks like she is having a ball!  10.24.08 - 10:22am
Joan Solitario - This just gets me more excited for August 2009 when we book you to take our photos Jasmine! Woohoo!! :-D  10.24.08 - 10:03am
Jackie L. - Just beautiful! You captured her personality so well...awesomeness!   10.24.08 - 10:01am
Korey - Oh my is she cute! I LOVE those pink shoes. And the silver bangle. And the turquoise jewelry! These pictures are beautiful. You always get the light so perfectly and it is like BUTTER. Love it!  10.24.08 - 9:55am
Mia - SUPER CUTE!!!!  10.24.08 - 9:51am
Doug Ferguson - Jasmine, you've captured Diandra perfectly, and you're right, that picture is so her. Great job!  10.24.08 - 9:47am
Larry Reeves - Thank you, Jasmine! These shots are stunning and I love the locations. Creative and brilliant, as always!  10.24.08 - 9:36am
Melissa McClure - That car in the first shot (correct me if I am wrong) is a 1960's Austin Healy bug-eyed Sprite. There are only about 200 of them left in the US! I know this because my dad has had his since the early 60's and I used to drive it around my town (when he was supervising of course!) Gorgeous Jasmine. I adore that shot of her laughing with the sun behind her. These rock!  10.24.08 - 9:28am
Diandra - Oh Jasmine I LOVE them! You did an AMAZING job! Wow! I cannot wait to see the rest... I hope it's okay if I steal these for now :) And for anyone wondering... that amazing car really just happened to be there ;) Jasmine you're incredible! I cant say enough! THANK YOU!  10.24.08 - 8:18am
Gina - wow.. those are so cool and beautiful... okay!.. Where do I sign up for a session like this?... I love it... G  10.24.08 - 8:16am
jeramy - she is beautiful. great shots jasmine.  10.24.08 - 7:54am
briana - beautiful, i am so jealous! if you are ever around the tampa bay area i def need some pics taken myself!   10.24.08 - 7:53am
Andrea - Gorgeous pictures! As an ameteur photographer myself, her story truly inspires me. Best wishes to Diandra!  10.24.08 - 7:46am
Katie Slater - Beautiful girl, beautiful photos! Go get 'em Diandra!!!! :)  10.24.08 - 7:40am
Stephanie - I love this shoot! I just did head shots for the same reason with Clary Pfeiffer in St. Louis! (but i'm trying to do wedding planning....seeing another young girl doing the same is re-affirming to say the least). Great job!   10.24.08 - 7:37am
Lou - Wow, very nice shoot. She's very striking, and seems to have a lot of passion. I really like the one of her holding the cam that Anne mentioned as well. Good stuff!  10.24.08 - 7:36am
Halli - Once again fabulous photos! Awesome job, Jasmine!!  10.24.08 - 7:35am
Stacy Cross - She's gorgeous - and you captured her beautifully!  10.24.08 - 7:31am
Jamie Delaine - SOO stinkin' cute. Great light and obviously, I am a big fan of young photographers. ;)  10.24.08 - 7:23am
Anne Nunn Photography - the one of her holding the camera and the sun behind her are my favs! Always love how crisp your image are!  10.24.08 - 7:18am