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few days ago—after being tirelessly annoying for two or three hours—I asked JD if he thought I was funny. Standing in front of an open refrigerator door, he simply said, No. I furrowed my eyebrows so they looked like a singular catepillar slowly making its way across my forehead and said, But, really, you must think I’m hilarious… Staring intently at bean sprouts, a carton of strawberries, or my half-eaten apple from the morning’s breakfast, he remained silent. Not even when I sing rap songs like Broadway musical show tunes? Imitate your father at the dinner table? Dance in the grocery market?! Silence.

Oh, Internet, it’s evident he was LYING TO MY FACE. JD so thinks I’m funny. I’m almost certain he whispered to friends at a dinner party that he’s married to Eddie Murphy’s long-lost twin. Either that or I should host my own HBO Comedy Special. Or that he can’t believe he’s married to someone as funny as me. I am almost certain I heard him say something like this. Or something that rhymes with this.

As I looked through JD’s images from yesterday’s wedding, I found my new most favorite picture. I look horrifically UGLY, but that’s why I like it. I love it because JD captured me in all my fugliness talking with my bride along Hollywood Boulevard. The moment is so real and conjures only the fondest memories of working with such an amazing couple.

The next time JD stands in front of an open refrigerator door, I’m going to ask him if he thinks I’m funny. If he says no, I’ll dance around the kitchen singing rap songs like Little Orphan Annie and know this picture proves otherwise.
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Karen - Jasmine - Can I just say that (though I've only met you once...) you are out of this world amazing and I thank God for you! I love your candidness, quirkiness and just plain you. Thank you for making my days that much brighter!  11.12.08 - 6:11pm
tracy Routh - LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing! You still look pretty, even when you make funny faces ;) !   11.07.08 - 2:31pm
Pat - Great picture capturing the moment - I'll have to learn some fridge jokes for my next wedding :o)  11.06.08 - 1:26am
Nhu Muon - Honestly, you make me laugh quite often when i am reading your blogs... I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't smile in a shoot with you.... awesome. Love, Live, Laughter.... all the essentials to life.  11.05.08 - 7:41pm
Lydia - I remember laughing a lot at the Free to Succeed Tour, and it was with you not at you!  11.04.08 - 10:45am
Ana Gabriela - You ARE freaking funny...   10.29.08 - 12:06pm
MattDJ - Niiice. ;-) That's the look that results from the PW antenna poking your neck all night long! :-)  10.29.08 - 12:28am
Diandra - Well I think you're hilarious... but I think I am hilarious too, so maybe my opinion doesn't count :)  10.28.08 - 3:54pm
Natarsha N. Wright - See, you even have this picture and many others to prove how funny you are...Well, you always make me  10.28.08 - 2:49am
Mands - Ha Ha too funny ! LOVE LOVE the image! you must be very funny...cos that bride sure thinks so! LOL Also would like to see a pic of how you are doing the Pocket Wizard trick! Thanks!  10.28.08 - 2:26am
Julie - Oh I'm dying to see these photos because after seeing the "we're in love" photos of this couple I picked HIS hairdo and facial hair to be my husband's new "do"! They are a very handsome couple! and I love this of you. Girl! That camera!  10.27.08 - 7:38pm
Melissa - I don't care what you say - that photo showcases one of the best things about you and that is BEAUTIFUL.  10.27.08 - 7:09pm
Onsite Minnesota Photography - I thought the blog post was funny! That must count for something.  10.27.08 - 5:53pm
christina LeMarr - He better photograph it..that's all I'm sayin!  10.27.08 - 4:32pm
Korey - I love this--Josh and I always argue about who is funnier. I contend that it is I who is funnier, while he swears that I am only funny by accident and he is intentionally funnier. If either of us makes the other laugh we say, "I KNEW I was the funny one!" like only one of us can be funny...  10.27.08 - 3:24pm
Jason - Great shot! Hey, can you explain how you have your Pocket Wizard attached?!! I've been trying to figure out a good way to attach mine and end up holding and balancing the thing. What exactly do you have? Thanks for your time!  10.27.08 - 3:14pm
meg - or bust into "where in the world is carmen sandiego?" - rockapella style. :)  10.27.08 - 2:54pm
jeramy - great's funny. i'm just saying.  10.27.08 - 2:16pm
jazzweezel - Hey J, what's with the PocketWizard up the bottom?  10.27.08 - 1:09pm
Katherine Bowman - You are SOOO funny! You made me laugh a lot at the KC stop for Free To Succeed! Love your personality!   10.27.08 - 1:08pm
Ginger Murray - Whatever. You always look awesome. This is funny! :)  10.27.08 - 1:08pm
Heather/OneShotBeyond - You and the bride look beautiful and you ought to recognize that! :-) Heather  10.27.08 - 12:30pm
Heather/OneShotBeyond - You and the bride look beautiful and you ought to recognize that! :-) Heather  10.27.08 - 12:30pm
Heather/OneShotBeyond - You and the bride look beautiful and you ought to recognize that! :-) Heather  10.27.08 - 12:29pm
Lucia - Thank-you for posting that link to the lighting questions, this was very helpful  10.27.08 - 12:05pm
B - Jas, you're witty :) Maybe one day you'll be funny... in the meantime, JD is right. PS Mom only laughs are you because she feels badly no one else is :) Heehee.  10.27.08 - 11:34am
wale - lol. classic moment!  10.27.08 - 11:33am
Jackie L. - What a classic moment!   10.27.08 - 11:27am
Ashley - A picture truly is worth a thousand words. And this one- it's worth a thousand good ones.   10.27.08 - 11:26am
Andrea :D - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has those fancy looks of concentration! gotta love it <3   10.27.08 - 10:55am
syreenab - I think you are pretty funny too.... although funny on the web doesn't always mean funny in real life...LoL. You know how you have that list of celebrities you would like to be friends w but who the heck knows what they are like in the real world...LoL? As for now I will just side 50/50...JD/YoU. :) Anyways, my random question of the day would be about JD. Has he always been interested in photography? Did you sign him up (so to speak) or was he all about volunteering to help you out? I am asking b/c I have joked w/ my hubby about being my right hand man and recently I have noticed him being almost as into parts of my photography as I am.....  10.27.08 - 9:46am
kristin brancaleone - You guys are like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo! :)  10.27.08 - 9:26am
Jacqueline - HAHAHAHA! That's great! You're not alone on the million facial expressions one can have.  10.27.08 - 9:25am
Smithpho - I just want you to know that I often read your blog and find myself smiling if not laughing.   10.27.08 - 9:17am
jackie wonders - um, you're hillarious. i was laughing the whole time (in my head too) when you spoke in SD the last two times! i'm a loud laugher and throw my head back, when i i KNOW funny, and you're def it :)  10.27.08 - 8:58am
Tira J - I think you are hilarious! Especially when you are Keepin' It Real! K.I.R. Love that you just tell it like it is and don't mess around.   10.27.08 - 8:57am
Alan Nielsen - I just started following your blog recently and I must say, I'm enjoying it a whole lot!! I have some shots of me shooting and oh boy....I think I'll try to post them soon. -- Alan Nielsen Nine Live Photography  10.27.08 - 8:55am
brianna - hi jasmine...i know you were unable to join us, but the last time the girls drove to arizona it was concluded that I was the funniest friend...sorry. maybe you can be 2nd funniest?!  10.27.08 - 8:51am
Jasmine* - Hi friends! As I mentioned in a previous post ( ), I shoot with two light sources when using my flash. This picture was taken just after the ceremony, when I had to use my flash. I didn't have time to take off my Pocket Wizard rigging, so it remained on my camera. The PW is basically screwed into my camera when needed, and I don't have to worry about velcro. I love it! :)  10.27.08 - 7:27am
Stacy Cross - For the record, I think you're a silly lady and I love it!  10.27.08 - 7:01am
You make me LOVE being ME - You are SO funny! And I'm glad you know it! I'm so intrigued by your camera setup! I've never seen a pocket wizard on the bottom like that...this is going to drive me crazy till I figure it all out!  10.27.08 - 6:45am
Sarah - I love the fact that you shoot Canon. I can't tell you how happy it makes me. =)  10.27.08 - 6:31am
Katie Slater - Jasmine - it's not that he doesn't think you're's that he does but he can't admit it for fear he would be admitting that you are funnier than he is. Or so it goes in my house...only recently did my husband genuinely tell me that I was funny. However...I've known it all along. ;)  10.27.08 - 6:16am
Emily Mason - Just form reading your blog over the past year, I think you're funny!  10.27.08 - 5:30am
delores - How do you keep from poking yourself in the chin with that wizard?.. looks cool though and it's not velcro.. what gives... we all want to know...!! My husband shoots with me as well and always seems to get my behind when I'm fixing the bride's dress during formals.. this black and white is really cute... looking forward to the rest/par usual....  10.27.08 - 5:04am
Cathy Crawley - The proof is in the pudding, or in the photo as the case may be :)  10.27.08 - 12:27am
Alicia - I can't wait to see their wedding images! P.S. I think you're funny. Like, for real.  10.26.08 - 10:52pm
Catie R - Girrrrl, your posts make my day each and every time. You add laughter to my life without even trying :) And JD doesn't think you're funny, your bride surely does and I do too! Ghetto funky fabulous hilarity!  10.26.08 - 10:46pm
Liza - Hahaha...that should show him! He just doesn't want to let you know that he thinks you're funny because he believes if he does, then it's all over! LOL, there would be no stopping you then!  10.26.08 - 10:23pm
Joan Solitario - Hmm.. better yet... I think you should post this picture up on the refrigerator for him heheh :-D  10.26.08 - 10:21pm
FUNKfour - I've been checking your blog, every hour, on the hour, for just a glimpse of yesterday. I love this picture. It is "so Miranda." You and JD were the bomb. I know we will be thankful for years to come that we were able to have you guys capture this day for Miranda and Justin. THANK YOU.  10.26.08 - 10:05pm
Feuza - I was editing my blog and I saw the headline for this post and ran over to read the rest, you seem like you are hilarious and I love your blog posts, full of detail! go Murphy!  10.26.08 - 9:49pm
Khara Plicanic - You made me laugh at the freedom tour in KC! :) PS: What is that thing connecting the pocket wizard to the bottom of your camera? I tried doing that with a headless screw, but it seemed to push apart my pocket wizard.... not good! :)  10.26.08 - 9:42pm
tracy - MAYBE, the bride thought you were so funny that this is the reason she was laughing and YOU were doing your best Little Orphan Annie Sing Along in a Broadway theme while immitating Mr. T (I pitty the fool that don't think the sun'll come out tomorrow) .  10.26.08 - 9:25pm
lin - Laughter. We all need a bit more laughter in our life. Thanks for sharing your story. More smiles in this world, the better.  10.26.08 - 8:57pm