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Happy Halloween

Polo would like to wish my blog readers a very Happy Halloween! He told me this morning just how sad he was not to have a costume like all his other dog friends, so I ran out and bought him what could very well be the worst costume ever created. Really.

Reason number 8,492 why I should be banned from motherhood. If left to my own devices, I might buy my future child a suit that would cause blindness. I rock.
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Shelley Weber - haha I think that is the craziest costume..Polo almost appears ashamed! LOL  11.05.08 - 10:48am
Amanda Lachapelle - Hey Jasmine - I should post the photo of Freddie - my Golden Retriever dressed up as a court jester - He was quite cute but very upset that the children collecting candy wouldn't let him jump on them :)  11.04.08 - 7:16am
Korey - Well I don't dress up my dog, mainly because he's big, but I can be found telling people things that he tells me. In fact, I don't dress him up because he told me he doesn't like it. :)  11.03.08 - 2:35pm
jeramy - i have no words.  11.03.08 - 8:52am
Jamie Burnett - He look's soooo scary... OK maybe not, just a super cute spider puppy!  11.02.08 - 1:57pm
K. Holly Photography - Lol! So glad I'm not the only one who dresses up my dog ;)   11.02.08 - 1:09pm
Oakstream Photography - OMGOSH! That's hilarious!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!  11.02.08 - 1:04pm
patrice Nelson - Too cute!  11.02.08 - 5:03am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Polo is so dang cute! Can he see?  11.02.08 - 4:26am
carlie - oh jas... he is still adorable as always.   11.01.08 - 9:48pm
kristeen - absolutely adorable!  11.01.08 - 5:03pm
SJ - He Rocks! Crazy :)  11.01.08 - 3:45pm
JJ - Polo is the BEST part of your blog... oh yeah, and your amazing writing. He is sooo stinkin cute!   11.01.08 - 1:38pm
Ashley - Love it, love it, love it! This is why I need a dog or a child or some other type of thing I can dress up on my favorite holiday!  11.01.08 - 12:36pm
brandi apodaca - That is too cute j*! I have my son's halloween picture on my blog too but it's a little more frightening =).  11.01.08 - 10:00am
Tanya - Polo looks adorable! Love it! T  11.01.08 - 7:13am
ksen :) - thanks for making me laugh out loud! that has got to be one of his cutest photos EVER! seriously, i would so do something just like this to my pup. you & polo are so stinkin' cute! happy halloween!!  10.31.08 - 10:57pm
Onsite Minnesota Photography - Can he see? I hope he doesn't get spider venom in his eyes!!  10.31.08 - 10:53pm
Sugar and Spice Event Design. - I have a pic of my puppy for hallowwen too. You have to visit. I think you would love it! She was a pumpkin!  10.31.08 - 10:20pm
Mark Hayes - That me be the silliest thing I've ever seen - well at least the silliest thing I've seen today.   10.31.08 - 9:53pm
cassandra m - that is too funny and definitely not the worse costume. you should check out my pics of mocha. I put a bat on his head...ha. ha. I got a "fierce" growl too. Happy Halloween!!!!  10.31.08 - 9:49pm
Sarah Smith - all the more reason to be a mom ;) i dressed my 3 month old son up as a stalk of broccoli today...yeah he is going to love me for that down the road :)  10.31.08 - 9:10pm
joshua k - Hahaha....Polo is sooooooooo CUTE! Very funny :)  10.31.08 - 9:01pm
Karen - Haha, too cute. XD  10.31.08 - 8:53pm
Cathy Crawley - Oh yeah, Polo is Spider Dog!  10.31.08 - 7:49pm
Shelly - Reason 9,000 why you should be a torture your kids, slightly. My son Ean was a chicken for Halloween, just slightly before the age of 6 months....When else are we suppose to be in control!   10.31.08 - 7:44pm
tracy - Is that Yo Gabba Gabba Polo?  10.31.08 - 7:19pm
Ann - laugh out loud FUNNY :-) Happy Halloween.  10.31.08 - 7:13pm
Cheyenne Schultz - This is flipping hilarious.  10.31.08 - 7:09pm
Tiffany - I want to meet Polo! just precious  10.31.08 - 7:01pm
Brian Khang - That's so funny.. He's the cutest dog ever!  10.31.08 - 6:45pm
Nelly Chung - LOL!!! This is WAY too funny! Way to go. I am sure Polo still loves you no matter what!  10.31.08 - 5:26pm
Anya - Oh my DOG!!!! I literally bust out laughing when I read/saw this....see, you ARE funny! LOL!! You would be a brilliant mom...and I should know, I have 5 kids :)  10.31.08 - 4:50pm
Amanda - In my opnion...its reason 8,492 why you SHOULD be a mother. That is what we all do! Hope your Mama is well. Xoxox...Amanda.  10.31.08 - 4:39pm
Paul Kremer - Ha! The first thing I thought when I saw this picture is that the spider is sucking on his head! You didn't buy Polo a costume, you bought a brain-sucking spider! hehe! :)  10.31.08 - 4:35pm
Blair Van Bussel - Polo is toooooo cute! But I have to ask.....why would they make this with the fangs exactly where a pups eyes would be!? lol on brother. Polo totally pulls off the fang to the eye look though! ;) I soooo wish my husband would me me buy the dogs costumes!   10.31.08 - 4:20pm
Betsy, La Vida Creations - I LOOOOOVE it! Has Polo forgiven you yet? Our pup Mace Windu is going live soon too. He is Yoda and sooooo thrilled about it. At least Polo looks happy ;-)  10.31.08 - 4:10pm
Katie Humphreys - This is just the short of thing that melts my heart and makes me dissolve into a girly mess. Too dang cute for words. All dogs should have moms who dress them so well! LOL Chris always threatens about banning me from motherhood when I talk about putting sweaters on our cats, so let's just say he REALLY loved this photo..... :)  10.31.08 - 4:05pm
Joanna - What cutie with his tongue out. He's blowing a raspberry!  10.31.08 - 3:46pm
Joyce - I have to comment because it made me laugh so hard! I love how those 2 white thingy are right in front of his eyes! LOL!   10.31.08 - 3:38pm
Melissa Koehler - Oh Polo looks adorable. If it makes you feel better, Aiden fell out of his crib today :) Things happen :)  10.31.08 - 3:36pm
Alvaro Galvan - Hi, I'm preparing to go out with my daughters, as every year, good luck to all  10.31.08 - 3:16pm
Eric Lovelin - Jasmine~ I LOVE the spider costume. We saw something like it at Target but opted to get our cockapoo a simple black hoodie that looks like a skeleton. Happy Halloween!  10.31.08 - 3:12pm
Amanda Herzberger - Well Strider feels VERY left out because despite all the creative costumes I've seen on everyone's blogs he didn't get one this year :( But Polo looks pretty darn cute!  10.31.08 - 3:10pm
Jane - That's it. I'm coming to rescue Polo. ;) I stuffed Louie into a freakish cowboy costume one year and he was upset with me for a good week.  10.31.08 - 3:05pm
DrewB - Poor Hauggy? Poor Polo!  10.31.08 - 3:02pm
jackie wonders - as i don't think polo's gonna go blind from this costume, he will probably run into many, many objects thru his halloween day :)  10.31.08 - 2:55pm
Shelia Stone - too freakin funny!! Happy Halloween!  10.31.08 - 2:51pm
tiffany - oh my goodness! hilarious and cute! aww, what a good sport!  10.31.08 - 2:51pm
B - You are the WORST mom EVER. I'll pay for his therapist bill... only time will heal these wounds.  10.31.08 - 2:48pm
Angie - I have to tell you that you always crack me up but this was the best!!! Thanks for giving me some laughs today!!  10.31.08 - 2:42pm
DawnB - Polo rocks, you rock! That costume is adorable! Polo is such a stud!  10.31.08 - 2:39pm
Ginger Murray - Ah haha... look slike he's really enjoying himself! I wish I could dress up my cat, but he would have none of that.   10.31.08 - 2:32pm
Tira J - Poor Polo! At least he has a little costume to wear. And thank you Polo for wishing all of us Happy Halloween!   10.31.08 - 2:24pm
lin - Poor little guy! He should be lucky he's not Chinese take out!  10.31.08 - 2:21pm
Lawrence @ Furious Photographers - Poor Polo! How could he see?! It's like he has an octopus/spider leeching on his head.   10.31.08 - 2:06pm
Kristen Dawn - I laughed out loud. My sister had to see what I laughed at... she laughed out loud too. We showed our cat, Milo and he laughed too. Happy Halloween Jas!!!  10.31.08 - 2:05pm
Jasmine* - @Melissa: I don't even know what the costume is?! JD asked me the same question, and I think Polo is a SpiderBat...or something. Poor Dog. Can't wait to see you and Handsome Jackson at B&B Wedding next sure to look extra hot so I can snap more photos of you two! ;) xoxo...  10.31.08 - 2:05pm
Adrienne Gunde - Hahaha, that is the greatest costume ever! Happy Halloween!!  10.31.08 - 2:02pm
Candace Prokopets - Thanks for sharing. This is hilarious. I can just imagine you cracking up laughing while taking this. Impressive you were able to hold the camera straight enough to get the shot.