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Joyful Weddings : Anytime

shot my very first wedding in October 2006. I was a nervous wreck and anxiously paced the length of my living and dining room 2,946 times every day leading to the morning of the wedding. By the time JD and I arrived to the ceremony location, I had gone over every possible situation in my mind and talked JD through a myriad of scenarios as if we were on a CIA co-op. All we needed was the Grassy Knoll.

The day flowed beautifully and I was extremely thankful to have worked with such an awesome bride and groom. One thing I didn’t take into consideration was the chance of working with a wonderful wedding coordinator, Courtney Toney of Joyful Weddings and Events. I created a slideshow during the wedding reception and after she saw it, we struck up a conversation, which led to a lovely friendship two years later. Courtney really helped me out in the beginning of my business and sent me some fabulous clients during my first year, for which I was extremely thankful!

I was stoked when Courtney contacted me to photograph her for updated photos of her and her associate, Darcie. We met and wandered the streets of Orange together and had a blast…and just reaffirmed how thankful I am to have met such a wonderful industry peer.

The lovely Courtney Toney...

The lovely Darcie...

Courtney--being the crafty person she is--made these letter cutouts and brought them along to the shoot...


Courtney's one request: A jumping shot...

Happy Sunday!
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carissa - those "joyful" letters are such a "courtney touch"! i love it!   11.23.08 - 7:25pm
Alan Nielsen - Great jump shot!!! ...well great set all around really!  11.18.08 - 8:30am
Dana - Love the use of the suitcases and the last photo of Courtney jumping. She got some height on that one.  11.18.08 - 7:35am
Kirsten - Here's another vote for the suitcases [since I collect vintage suitcases], I thought that was brilliant! But they are all terrific!  11.18.08 - 12:32am
Bobbie Brown - Love the suitcases!! Great shots!  11.17.08 - 4:22pm
shelley english - courtney is the best wedding coordinator! jasmine-you did an amazing job with these photos! she looks gorgeous! everyone should book you two for their wedding!   11.17.08 - 2:13pm
Jen May - Awesome! Do you bring your own props like the suitcases or do your clients bring them along?  11.17.08 - 1:32pm
angel swanson - adore courtney, adore you, and adore these pics!! xoxo  11.17.08 - 1:26pm
Lucy - I been wanting to so a shoot in downtown orange.   11.17.08 - 11:33am
Jessica Tyndall - Because of your blog, I'm starting to believe that everyone in CA is just beautiful! :) Great job as always!  11.17.08 - 10:56am
B - My favorite is the jumping shot!  11.17.08 - 9:31am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - They look so fab J*. I really like the ones of them together. They look great! These are head shots anyone would be proud to use.  11.17.08 - 9:11am
Joan Solitario - Ooooo I like the suitcase turned to sitting area idea! I LOVE HOW YOU THINK! You are so creative!  11.17.08 - 7:57am
jeramy - great shots jasmine. anytime..... :-)  11.17.08 - 7:45am
Natarsha N. Wright - I love this series! especially the last one with her jumping! so much fun!  11.17.08 - 7:18am
Robin Dini - LOVE the suitcases in this shoot! What a cute and quirky little prop ;)  11.17.08 - 6:50am
Deyla Huss Photography - Rockin photos!! Love the jumping one, she got some serious air! and with heels!!! Way to go!  11.17.08 - 6:46am
Melissa Copeland - LOVE the "joyful" letters. she is super crafty! :o) great pics. I too wish one day for a "jumping" shot. hehe  11.17.08 - 6:42am
Christa - Love the suitcases by the brick wall shot :)  11.17.08 - 5:17am
DawnB - you should write a book! I would love to hear what all you did leading up to that first wedding to become such a flippin' awesome photographer!  11.17.08 - 4:47am
Pascal - It also reminds me of my first wedding. I couldn't sleep at night and had to go to the bathroom 3 times before leaving my place  11.17.08 - 1:42am
Lydia - I know I shouldn't be surprised by now, but I'm always amazed at how you capture light! Not just the stuff from the sun, the the inner light in people. I think you just have a way of bringing it out in people, and your camera just happens to be around to capture it!  11.16.08 - 11:03pm
michelle cunningham - YOU got a workout on that first wedding. ha!   11.16.08 - 10:40pm
Amanda Auer - Courtney looks GORGEOUS! Jasmine, what a way to capture her spirit!! Even as a fellow coordinator, Courtney's "joyful"ness comes out constantly. I can only imagine what she's like to work with!! I love these shots of her and Darcie!  11.16.08 - 10:33pm
Cathy Crawley - I did my first wedding in March of this year and I felt exactly the same way!   11.16.08 - 9:03pm
Feuza - Oh my, I have not done a wedding yet and I can so related with the anxiety you had felt, cause weddings is a hit or miss, you have seconds to capture very important parts of the ceremony and key moments, any tips for a first timer would be grealty humbly appreciated, love the fun pictures of the girls.  11.16.08 - 8:29pm
kristin brancaleone - these are so adorable jasmine! courtney just makes me happy, she's the biggest sweetheart ever. love the suitcases!!!  11.16.08 - 8:02pm
nena - I love your blog! It makes me happy coming here everyday. And I especially love that you are helping me find all my wedding vendors ahead of all I need is a man! =-)  11.16.08 - 7:53pm
Jeanette - Very very cool set! I love the last one  11.16.08 - 7:41pm
joyful weddings and events - We love you girl! Thanks so much- these are so great! I am so thankful that our paths crossed- I cannot imagine these past couple of years in the industry without you. Funny note: David laughed really hard at the last one and told me it was scandalous... oops! I guess that one won't be going on the website :) I am highly impressed with the height I got will all 5 ft of myself, though!  11.16.08 - 5:32pm
Lara @ Southern Weddings - I love these gals! Their work is fantastic. Great shots, Jasmine!  11.16.08 - 5:16pm
Misty - I just had my first wedding this past weekend and I too was a nervous wreck. But it went well. I think I could get used to it.  11.16.08 - 4:48pm
Jamie Delaine - Oh wow! SO CUTE. I totally sympathize with your pre-wedding jitters. I had NIGHTMARES about mine. I'll have to blog about it soon. Haha, that was back in May, only a few months ago. Sheesh. Scariness. It's a little easier now. ;)  11.16.08 - 4:48pm
Melissa - Wow, it's hard to believe you've only been shooting weddings for 2 years! I love the one on the vintage suitcases!!   11.16.08 - 4:47pm
Christopher - Not sure why, but I always love people jumping in the air. It just seems so happy!  11.16.08 - 4:42pm
Regina White - So glad I found your blog. Love the suitcase shots! LOVE EM! You ROCK!   11.16.08 - 4:32pm
AbiQ - Wow! 2 years. That's amazing. I can't remember what I did before I read your blog first thing in the am. ;) Totally random question~ and I know you get millions so please forgive me.. but about a year ago you blogged about a cheap video light that you use.. {it lasts for like 30 minutes and is rechargeable. } I've been searching your blog all day and can't seem to find the wedding that you mentioned it. If it's not too much trouble.. What video light is it??   11.16.08 - 4:20pm
Clare Day - only 2 years!!! OMG thats amazing :) I did my first real wedding at the same time as you.... I feel so inferior LOL you are an inspiration to all of us  11.16.08 - 4:08pm
Candace Prokopets - Wow, you've come a long way in just two years. Congratulations! And I love these shots.   11.16.08 - 3:44pm
Megan Beth - I smell me some paper source products....sniff sniff....YUM! And wowza that's one fantastical jump!  11.16.08 - 3:38pm