Jill and Jack : Engagement

he worked in marketing at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Jill liked her job, loved the opportunities it presented, and enjoyed the travel perks that accompanied her position. Life was good... except when her boss asked her take over a meeting with an advertising firm on a nightmarishly cold day. No, no Jill did NOT want to walk across the street fighting the freezing temperature. Especially in her cute shoes.

Bundled in her jacket (and, yes, her cute shoes too), Jill made her way to Ra Sushi for the lunch meeting by herself. She looked around the restaurant for what might have looked like a group of advertisers, but saw none. Jill gazed about the room only to see a handsome man wave at her. No. No way THAT handsome man was her lunch date. Suddenly, the cute shoes in freezing weather was worth it all. So worth it.

Jack and Jill spent the afternoon talking about life, sports, hobbies...oh, and advertising too. What started as a business meeting lead to creating a bet to garnish a follow-up date. Jack spoke about football and Jill politely nodded and Uhm-hmm-ed her way through his athletic talk, but perked when he said there was no way the Seattle Seahawks could beat the Chicago Bears in Saturday's upcoming game. Seeing her chance, she bet the Seahawks would win and Jack would take her out. Jack--knowing the odds were in his favor--took the bet.

A few days later, they went out again. The Bears won. Jill paid. But, in the end, they both walked away happy knowing they won each other's hearts.

I'm SO excited to shoot Jack and Jill's wedding next year in San Diego at L'Auberge Del Mar. They have an awesome day planned and I'm stoked to hang out with such an awesome couple again! I especially want to thank Joey Bowles of Cosa Bella Foto for sending Jill my way...Joey will be a bridesmaid at Jill's wedding, and sent Jill my way because she thought we'd be a good fit...thanks, Joey! :)

I met Jack and Jill at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach for their engagement session, and later made our way to the ocean for more fun. Here are a few of my favorites...

To view more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Stacy - Hey...staring Photographer here...what lens or editing are you doing to get such clear, crisp, and bright pictures?? I'm doing my frist wedding in January...any tips?  12.15.08 - 11:27am
michèle - I will be L'Auberge Del Mar next Summer too! Hope you are there first so I can get some ideas. Great work, as always. xo. -m.  12.09.08 - 3:03pm
Robin Dini - LOVE the shots under the docks. Really stunning!  12.03.08 - 4:44pm
nattnee - wow, i never thought you could ever use a carpark for backdrop and still make the photo look amazing...  11.24.08 - 9:40pm
Geoffrey R. Boka - Hey Jasmine, I used to live in MB and I can't believe you were able to make it look even more gorgeous than I remember. You're amazing. Nice work! You're quite inspiring. Keep up the gorgeous work!  11.23.08 - 6:32pm
Anna - What a wonderful story.. and photos! Love the shoe detail and the amazing light..  11.22.08 - 11:06am
Stephen Knuth - I love these shots. Beach work is some of my fav!  11.21.08 - 7:34pm
honey - Lovely couple!  11.21.08 - 4:51pm
brenda - ahhh could their names be any cooler, any more meant to be? love the photos.  11.21.08 - 3:59pm
Pascal - I love the mix of colors and the contrast that is created (and I love the shoes shot, but that's just because I love shoes in general XD)  11.21.08 - 1:39pm
Susie - Oh my gosh, those engagement photos are simply beautiful! Ever since my fiance proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from we've been looking for a great photographer that can capture the moment like this. Your photography makes every moment look like a dream, they are fab!  11.21.08 - 7:47am
jess@studio3z - those last two are just amazing!!! isn't it crazy what the touch of color can do? that green scarf was perfect.  11.21.08 - 5:52am
Cathy and David - Photographers - Okay. Can't decide a favorite... ummmmmmmmm!! The second to last one??  11.21.08 - 4:31am
Alvaro Gavan - Hola, que bonitas fotos, me gusta como usas la luz natural   11.20.08 - 11:59pm
Ana Contreras - I LOVE the one with the sunset.......Amazing light!!!  11.20.08 - 10:37pm
Shannon Ksenak - These are so beautiful! The last shot is breathtaking!  11.20.08 - 9:51pm
michelle cunningham - only you could make a carpark look kool. great shots at the pier too jas!  11.20.08 - 8:35pm
rachel - beautiful use of light!!  11.20.08 - 8:16pm
Philip Casey - I LOVE THE LAST PIC!!  11.20.08 - 7:09pm
Heather Broom - Oh my gosh, that last shot = BEAUTIFUL!!!!  11.20.08 - 5:25pm
Kim - What beautiful pictures. Sigh Manhattan Beach one of my favorite beaches in CA.   11.20.08 - 2:44pm
Brienne Michelle - Now THAT is a shoe girl after my own heart. :)   11.20.08 - 2:35pm
Natarsha N. Wright - Love the B&W and the Sunset images...stunning!  11.20.08 - 2:25pm
Ashley - Love, love, love that last one! Gorgeous!  11.20.08 - 1:55pm
Amber Paterson - I haven't seen you do one like the last one. I really like it! And the poor Seahawks. We need some love up here. :o(  11.20.08 - 1:53pm
Melissa Copeland - first off...LOVE that green scarf!! it me or do you have the most beautiful clients ever? haha it seems like i'm always commenting "wow she's stunning" wow she's beautiful... you are one lucky photographer.. you get to take pictures of some of the hottest people. haha   11.20.08 - 1:31pm
Tanya Jose - i KNOW you got some cute shots of her shoes, right?! lol what a gorgeous couple!!  11.20.08 - 1:30pm
Dede Edwards - Great Story! Love the her green scarf!  11.20.08 - 1:11pm
jenberry - i feel like a broken record. raaaadddd, raaad. rrrrad, RAD!  11.20.08 - 1:07pm
lucy - The lighting just got better and better as the photoshoot progresses  11.20.08 - 1:07pm
Larry Reeves - Amazing images, fantastic story. That wedding is gonna be so nice. I love the locations you guys selected.   11.20.08 - 1:05pm
Amanda Auer - Awe, I looove the Shade hotel! And their story is too cute. What a way to tell it!  11.20.08 - 1:02pm
john p. - def some sick moments here. your photography is outta this world.  11.20.08 - 12:48pm
Jessica Griffin - The last photo is gorgeous! I love it. Let me know when you'll be in Dallas please! Though, I'd love to come see you in Cali!   11.20.08 - 12:36pm
Cathy Crawley - Did you have the nursery rhyme in your head all day after that shoot? I love the light in all of these, and the poses - they are so stylin'!  11.20.08 - 12:33pm
shawna - that shoe shot is fabulous! <3  11.20.08 - 12:25pm
jeramy - very cute! i love the one under the pier.  11.20.08 - 12:24pm
nena - They look so in love and so happy! Do you pick only the prettiest and most in love people or what? =-)  11.20.08 - 12:11pm
Rob Kemp - Lovely as always! You always seem to find the best looking people and locations..  11.20.08 - 11:49am
Lydia - Purple heels and beautiful light. Just add people with the cutest names and J*, and you've got a rockin' shoot!  11.20.08 - 11:15am
Ashley Rose - I love the last shot! And so cool to take shots at the Shade Hotel :)you really have such a gift of pretty-ing up everywhere! Love the car garage shot!   11.20.08 - 11:09am
Kayla of Spink Studio - These are great! I love the parking garage picture! Fabulous!  11.20.08 - 10:39am
You make me LOVE being ME! - You are totally rockin'. I love it when I check my RSS feeds and there's a new post! Makes my day! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us around the country and inspiring us!  11.20.08 - 10:13am
Jackie Beale - You continue to inspire me & teach me jasmine in lots of ways. I only wish you lived in FL :( I think my fav picture is the one on the pier where Jill is on the floor and Jack on the bench. Really fashionable.   11.20.08 - 10:00am
Jessica - I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You are AMAZING Jasmine. These pictures are awesome, as usual. You inspire me each and everyday. My blog was recently tagged by a fellow photographer, and I had to tag the people who inspire me. Naturally, you were the 1st person on my list.   11.20.08 - 9:51am
Bobbie Brown - LOVE those last two pictures - Awesome!!!! They are all great, those last two are just greatER in my opinion!! And I have to say, when I read the title of this post I automatically wanted to say "Jack and Jill"! I am sure they get lots of comments when they introduce themselves - I understand seeing how my name tends to get much attention too!  11.20.08 - 9:50am
feuza - WOW baby! the sunlight totally dance with you all in this shoot, I love the sunset- makes such stunning pictures, lovely!  11.20.08 - 9:49am
Robert Raszczynski - As usual pictures are stunning, I really love them.  11.20.08 - 9:23am
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - J*, you TOTALLY know you wanted to title the post "Jack and Jill" .... I'm impressed you show more restraint than I could have with such a temptation. ;-)  11.20.08 - 9:08am
joyful weddings and events - Oh jas, you will LOVE L'Auberge! It is a great venue down here. I love that their names are jack & jill :) So cute!  11.20.08 - 9:05am
Halli - Beautiful work as always, Jasmine. I love the shots... cool, clear, and fabulous.   11.20.08 - 8:54am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Love this story! So sweet. The photos are pretty fab too, J*!  11.20.08 - 8:49am
Jessica Lynn - a girl after my own heart....rockin the plum peep toe shoes that i wore on my own wedding day!! :) and add to it that their names are Jack & it!  11.20.08 - 8:44am
Katherine Bowman - Holy ring! It looks like she can do her makeup in it! :) Love the sunset picture!   11.20.08 - 8:44am
Meghan - Beautiful shots!!! What a cool story too, they sound like a lot of fun. Great work as always!  11.20.08 - 8:26am
Alicia - Yummy light! Don't you just LOVE the shade hotel?  11.20.08 - 8:20am
Jenn Stevens - OH the shoes...I love the a big puffy heart sort of way!! Great work, as always! :)  11.20.08 - 8:06am
Joey Bowles - Oh Jasmine - you captured them beautifully!! I am so happy that they asked you to shoot their wedding, and that I will get to meet you as well. And to my dear friend Jill... I am sure you are reading this - you are beautiful & I love you for always being there for me. You have truly met your match with Jack, and I am so happy for you both!  11.20.08 - 7:55am
Sam P - Darn, the 3rd person to comment. Your pics rock and love the 5th B&W pic..great details..  11.20.08 - 7:51am
Oakstream Photography - These are OUTSTANDING! OMGOSH I love these!!!!  11.20.08 - 7:49am
Joanna - How cool are they with their names matching up?! I won't brag about you, because we all know how cool you are!! :)  11.20.08 - 7:47am
Jenny Sun - wow, am I seriously the first to post again? YAY :) You always consistently impress us Jasmine. I love the shot of the two of them next to the car park lot - it shows me you can shoot in pretty and also 'not-so-pretty' places and still make the photo AWESOME :) Love!  11.20.08 - 7:39am
Ayesha - Aww this gives new meaning to the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill. They went up the hill and fell in love. Fabulous shoes Jill and fabulous work Jasmine as usual ;)  11.20.08 - 7:38am