Brittany and Blake : Wedding

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here wasn't a soul who didn't know. Crowded streets parted much like the Red Sea when the beautiful couple floated past them, cars honked in a triple series of beep-beep-beeeeep!, and store owners came out to applaud such a momentous day. There wasn't a soul who didn't know Brittany and Blake were two of the happiest people in the world--no, the universe--marrying each other. Their smiles were contagious and if emotion was visible, bright rays of pink, yellow, and orange would emanate from their pores...they were happy. Ecstatic. Elated. And everyone knew.

Blake and Brittany were college sweethearts who stayed by each other's sides when life got jagged and unpredictable. Blake held her hand when she couldn't go further and together they traversed the streets of Azusa and the proverbial paths of life together. Happy. Ecstatic. Elated. And everyone knew.

The sun broke through the scattered clouds on Saturday afternoon and illuminated the already bright and happy day. Two amazing souls were uniting and the world--no, the universe--wanted to congratulate them. Brittany and Blake walked Downtown streets together before the ceremony and soaked up the attention wedded bliss affords. They waved to strangers, hollered back at the honking cars, and thanked strangers for their well wishes. They were happy. Ecstatic. Elated. And everyone knew.

Britt and Blake...would it be weird if I told you I felt your love? Like the same way I felt the beads on Brittany's wedding dress, I truly felt the love you share. Thank you for allowing JD and me to document the day when God stopped to give you the blessing of foreverness. I felt so incredibly happy to commemorate your lives together and I can't wait to see what the future holds for some of the most amazing and fabulous people I know! Have a blast in the Mexican Riviera and enjoy your first Thanksgiving as husband and wife! Much Love and Appreciation...J*

Brittany and her mother share an uncanny resemblance, no?

Hellllllo Hot Stuff!

JD captured this shot of Blake just moments before seeing Brittany. They opted to meet before the ceremony and enjoy a few moments together...

The first time they saw each other was so beautiful...I got all teary-eyed! :)

Brittany and Blake spent the time in advance to scope out a downtown area close to their church and I loved the locations they chose!! I have the most amazing clients...really, I do.

I was photographing the couple outside underneath scaffolding (com'on...nothing says romance like a construction site!) when the architect came outside. I thought he was going to ask us to leave, but, instead, offered his building to shoot in for a few minutes before the other guys came back from break....HELLLLLLLO!

I adored their bridal party...

While I was shooting the guys, JD captured this shot of the girls just hanging out...

Many thanks to JD for stopping traffic for was a crowded Saturday afternoon, but I begged JD to stop cars so I could snag this shot...

Blake and Brittany's reaction to hoots and hollers from their bridal party...

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Jimmy Rooney - I absolutely love the photo of the entire wedding party lined up. The lines and color in that photo is awesome. Great job!!!!  10.27.11 - 1:40am
Paul - Great work, your composition and creativity is exceptional!!   06.26.09 - 5:48am
Leslee Mitchell - Jasmine, the image of them seeing each other for the first time where she has her had placed perfectly on his chest puts goosebumps on my arms & legs each and every time I look at it. I swear. It is magic. Her touch. It says a million things to me. It's like she's touching precious china or the smoothness of silk for the first time. She honors him. It shows in this photograph. Splendid capture!!  05.07.09 - 6:02am
lised Marquez - Wow love this wedding, I wish here were usual day weddings...all of them with a very few exceptions are at night. love your work so much...   01.31.09 - 9:37am
Pat - Amazing this is the best yet - love the contemporary wedding photos.  01.17.09 - 4:42pm
Erica - I just started reading this blog yesterday and am in LOVE! I have loved your photos, but Britt and Blake are my FAVE couple by far! Love them!! Thanks for what you do!   12.29.08 - 6:57am
Joyce - This is my favorite of all the beautiful weddings that you covered for 2008! You brilliantly capture how her face brightens the entire room!  12.16.08 - 1:52pm
Tracy Routh - Wow! This may be my favorite of yours! Locations were phenomonal! Your color and clarity is breathtaking as usual!!!! Did I hear you are joining in on givingisawesome ?   12.09.08 - 7:31pm
Tonya Peterson - Jasmine, Every time I come to your blog I am blown away. The images are just so beautiful.  12.05.08 - 6:10am
Dawn - Your work is amazing. Bravo!  12.05.08 - 4:43am
Guen - i can't believe you were in my neck of the woods. i live like 3 miles away from there! that would have been a trip to see, on my way to Starbucks! hahaha! love how you used the street environment in these pix!  12.04.08 - 10:56pm
The Memory Journalists - What amazing pictures! I love how you captured their first sight! Great job!  12.04.08 - 9:13pm - oh wow, I think this has got to be my fav yet of your work! SO stunning - lovin the total high fashion feel to it...rock on girl! :)  12.04.08 - 7:32pm
Daniel Galang - Killer Post Jasmine! Lovin the construction building shots and the car stuff.. You are a superstar.  12.04.08 - 3:35pm
Becky Walsh - Oh my gosh, i was in a class with Britt like two days after she got engaged and I didn't think she could be glowing more than she was then....but you sure captured what an amazing day that must have been for them. Abosolutely gorgeous!  12.04.08 - 3:29am
Liza - She is gorgeous and I absolutely adore the photos of her on the car! Great job, Jasmine!  12.03.08 - 10:55pm
Raquel - Love love love love love your stuff! Which I know the above statement was not needed, but I went ahead an threw it out there anyway! Sidebar, I noticed that on image 22 or 3rd from bottom (b/c it's much faster to count that way) you are behind the couple taking this shot. How did you get there? I team shoot with other photographers and we are very conscious of drawing any attention to ourselves. How do you get those amazing shots without doing that? Do you just clear it with b/g before hand about the amount of movement their comfortable with or what? Anyway, we are just really getting the ball rolling in our business and was wanting to emulate a little JStar in our stuff and just thought I would ask. Thanks!  12.03.08 - 10:19am
sandie - too cute!!! this is my home town!! !love them all!   12.03.08 - 8:15am
Carrie T - Jasmine, you did such a great job with these pictures! You really show how much they love each other. I know I mentioned this on my blog (thank you for leaving me your comment!), but it really was so great to meet you and JD at B&B's wedding!  12.02.08 - 5:51pm
Kirsten - WOW!!!!!!! {And congrats on such an awesome shot of such a huge wedding party, it sure isn't easy when you have that many.}  12.02.08 - 6:49am
Oana Hogrefe - So much BEAUTY!  12.02.08 - 6:34am
Morgan Roof - okay . . . seriously . . . amazing photos, totally stunning couple, you can practically see their pores these photos are so sharp!! please, please, please tell us - did you really shoot these portraits at 1.2?? how is it technically possible? and the veil - did JD tack that onto the side of the building? ;) beautiful photo, very fresh idea, inspiring as always!!!   12.01.08 - 7:46pm
Deidre - What a classically beautiful couple! Fantastic locations as well :)  12.01.08 - 1:49pm
Shelly Valentine - Wow! One of my favorite Jasmine weddings of all time! Amazing!!  12.01.08 - 8:03am
Stephanie Sokol - Beautiful and inspiring work as always!! Such a talanted lady you are Ms Star :)  11.30.08 - 5:34pm
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - WOWSAS!!!!!! That first shot of her shoes is so sexy, and her on the car???? There are not words for how stunning Brittany looks!!!!!!  11.30.08 - 10:26am
Amy Clifton - Wow--these are stunning.   11.29.08 - 7:40pm
jen from windy ridge - Good grief woman! I am just....justt SPEECHLESS. WOW! The photo with the veil blowing out against the wall. WOW! YEAH!  11.29.08 - 7:23pm
jen from windy ridge - Good grief woman! I am just....justt SPEECHLESS. WOW! The photo with the veil blowing out against the wall. WOW! YEAH!  11.29.08 - 7:23pm
JJ - KILLER pics... might be my favorite that you've done so far!  11.29.08 - 3:24pm
Nancy Ramos - You really make everything come together.   11.29.08 - 2:27pm
kimbrali - ummm.....hello most beautiful bride ever! sometimes i wonder if the couples you photograph are really as beautiful on the inside but then you show so much of their personality in your images and i think..."yup. they are"  11.29.08 - 1:09pm
R - Czesc! Bardzo mi sie podobaja ostatnie prace. Pikene swiatlo. :) Ciekaw jestem czy uda Ci sie przetlumaczyc. Pozdrawiam! p.s. zagladam regularnie.   11.28.08 - 8:36am
natt - these are so so beautiful...i especially love the shot of b&g meeting for the firs time...i can really see the emotions....beautiful work   11.27.08 - 8:22pm
Melli - Totally amazing photographs.  11.27.08 - 10:29am
Geanette - Happy Thanksgiving! Fab photo shoot! Great lighting and beautiful people to shoot!  11.27.08 - 8:29am
Pascal - I just love the pics near the car. They scream instant classic  11.27.08 - 7:26am
Monica Linette - WOW! These are some wedding pictures! Great talent:D These people really will have a great thing to remember such a great day.  11.26.08 - 8:25pm
Amy - These are all so amazing!! I love love love them!  11.26.08 - 5:54pm
Dave Richards - overload of awesomeness!! you progress so fast it's insane! Slow down your making the rest of us look bad :P  11.26.08 - 3:29pm
jeramy - great job! happy turkey day!  11.26.08 - 1:36pm
Brienne Michelle - Ok, this is just plain cool for me to see - I went to college in Azusa and have done several shoots in this same downtown area. I LOVE seeing your perspective on it through your lens. Thanks for sharing - you're awesomely talented (and so is JD!). *muah*  11.26.08 - 1:22pm
Lauren di Matteo - Love, love, love the piano shot!  11.26.08 - 12:53pm
trace - the car shot rocks!  11.26.08 - 11:57am
jess@studio3z - wow!! seriously one of my fav weddings of yours to date!!! they are just unbelievable- beautiful, fun and so in love. wow. I love to many shots to mention.  11.26.08 - 11:53am
Melissa - These are just amazing -LOVE them!  11.26.08 - 11:33am
brandi - i swear all of your couples are like model material. where do you find these people? great job as always on the photos!!  11.26.08 - 11:30am
feuza - AMAZING, love the one of the bridal party holding hands up for the couple to pass through  11.26.08 - 11:30am
Adrienne - These are fantastic!! Love all the places you shot, especially the ones in the under-construction building!  11.26.08 - 10:54am
Mark Leonard - That is seriously one of the best looking couples I've ever seen.   11.26.08 - 10:36am
Ashley - This is one of my favorites of all the weddings you've photographed. The light is so bright and gorgeous and I love how happy the bride and groom look!   11.26.08 - 10:25am
Kayla of Spink Studio - WOW! These are so amazing! I love the ones of the two of them outside by the building. Awesome job!  11.26.08 - 10:17am
Karla - The beautiful Bride looks so classy. I love her whole look!  11.26.08 - 9:48am
Dana - Wow that looked like one fun, gorgeous wedding. That has to be one of the best shots I've seen of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. You can really get a sense of how this couple feels about each other and you captured that well.   11.26.08 - 8:57am
Anna - Amazing work, Jasmine!  11.26.08 - 8:40am
michelle - as always, you rocked this! you get the best couples!   11.26.08 - 8:36am
Jane - Brittany's dress is so unique and gorgeous!! The bridesmaid dresses are beyond adorable. Love it all!   11.26.08 - 8:07am
Bobbie Brown - I don't even know what to say. Words cannot describe how amazing these pictures are! WOW! I could not even begin to pick a favorite photo because they are all just THAT good. But I must say, that one you had JD stop traffic for; LOVED IT!!!!   11.26.08 - 8:01am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Jasmine you have really outdone yourself with this shoot. The picture of the bride and the piano...Gorgeous!  11.26.08 - 7:59am
melissa - jasmine- oh my goodness these are gorgeous! again, thank you so much just for who you have no idea what your talent and spirit did for b&b. all my love. you rock!  11.26.08 - 7:39am
Casey - Oh Jas, this is my favorite yet! The bride is absolutely stunning!  11.26.08 - 6:59am
Leah - In one word: STUNNING! This bride is so gorgeous and I love her dress!  11.26.08 - 6:43am
Candace Prokopets - These are gorgeous! I love the walls you found. Beautiful as always; great job!  11.26.08 - 6:39am
Rick. - Incredible shots here Jasmine, great stuff! I love the photo of Brittany laying on the car...very creative.  11.26.08 - 6:34am
Jenny Sun - WOWWWW Jasmine! This is seriously one of your best wedding sets. I LOVE the mix of moments, and fashion/posed shots you took. I'm still breathtaken! Absolutely gorgeous!!  11.26.08 - 6:21am
Christopher - The flowing veil is awesome!  11.26.08 - 6:11am
briana elledge - ahhh love this one! Great job Jasmine! and yeh, your clients do rock, and they have great style, i love that dress! gorgeous pics!  11.26.08 - 4:58am
Carolin - Your pictures always amaze me! I always feel like I am actually at the wedding, when looking through your photos. Stunning, absolutely stunning!  11.26.08 - 4:57am
john waire - these are truly amazing. everything you produce is awesome. i'd love to see some duds just to know that you're human :)   11.26.08 - 4:30am
Katie Slater - Jasmine, You never fail to produce fantastic photos bur every once in a while you manage to blow them out of the water. I think you have accomplished that with these. They are stunning! Absolutely beautiful job! :)   11.26.08 - 3:51am
Karyn May - This is probably my favorite post EVER! I LOVE every shot, especially the one's with the car. You never fail to inspire!   11.26.08 - 3:17am
Angie Baxter - These are simply your best I've seen. Love the last car shot.   11.26.08 - 2:38am
Louise Beattie - Truly amazing and beautiful, you provide so much inspiration on my journey to becoming a wedding photographer. Thank you so much for sharing  11.26.08 - 1:38am
Lauren - Breathtaking photos, these are just amazing, some of your best work. Thanks for sharing!  11.26.08 - 1:13am
Oana Befort - Sweet and amazing! May God bless you for the wonderful work you're doing! :*  11.25.08 - 11:42pm
Lawrence @ Tofurious - Got to love the car...and the shoes!  11.25.08 - 11:21pm
Cynthia Q. - Love every single picture! You and JD are a fabulous team!   11.25.08 - 10:49pm
Breanne - Wow these are so amazing! I love your work, I follow your blog every day! Some day I would love to do weddings...if i only had the courage! (Insert Wizard of Oz referance here LOL)  11.25.08 - 10:29pm
Julie Cruz - FABULOUS as always. What a gorgeous day! So sweet, so beautiful, so in love :) Love it all!  11.25.08 - 9:07pm
Caitlin - These are all great, but I think my favorite is the one of them in the doorway with her huge veil blowing to the side... come on, how perfect is that? I also love the one of the groom contrasted against the large building in the background, it is very cool.   11.25.08 - 9:04pm
Samantha Cover - Oh, MY!!!! This is by far my favorite post of yours.....ever! Each and every image is more glorious than the next. What a gorgeous couple and amazing smiles!   11.25.08 - 8:07pm
Jennifer - Mmmm mmmm mm is all I gotta say! You totally blow me away with every shoot you post.   11.25.08 - 7:58pm
Misty Dawn - Can I just say I ADORE the way you write?! I look forward to the stories as much as I do the imagery! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the car shots...amazing. They're all great but the car shots are freakin awesome!  11.25.08 - 7:27pm
Aaron Snow - I love the one where JD stopped traffic so you could get the shot. Great perspective. What a knock out wedding!!  11.25.08 - 7:27pm
joshua k - Yes! Love them all :)  11.25.08 - 7:05pm
Cassie - WOW! The car shots are my absolute favorite! Awesome job!  11.25.08 - 6:51pm
IndyPhotography - I just love photographer lingo. Some days is catches me more than others. "While I was shooting the guys....." Great looking wedding! Great looking couple! Great job!  11.25.08 - 6:47pm
Melissa ~ - WOW! I remember this couple, they are incrediable, their love radiates & lights the world  11.25.08 - 6:45pm
Camille Elise - Brittany looks like she stepped off the page of a bridal magazine. I have to say I'm always unsure of how I feel about first looks, but that first shot you got, it made me tear a little the look on her face, such an amazing capture. And the bridal party shot? Definitely worth JD clearing the street :)  11.25.08 - 6:34pm
Andi Walpurgis - I just LOVE the one of the bride laying on the car...probably my favorite one I have seen...she is gorgeous...  11.25.08 - 6:30pm
Matt Dorroh - Absolute awesomeness! What a great feel and flow to the images.  11.25.08 - 6:17pm
Julie - Awesome photos, as always! You have such an eye for the extraordinary. You and JD make the perfect team. julie  11.25.08 - 6:14pm
Melissa Copeland - Stunning Photos!!!  11.25.08 - 6:05pm
Vanessa - These are AMAZING! Will you shoot me next time I get married (just kidding, maybe vow renewal)?  11.25.08 - 5:53pm
Matt [Shadowplay] - Lovely images as always Jasmine. Love the shots with the car.  11.25.08 - 5:16pm
Brandon Williams - I am just blown away on how awesome you images are. Truly great work!!!  11.25.08 - 5:11pm
Amanda Herzberger - Wow. Wow. Wow. Beautiful couple and beautiful photos - love the wall and the portrait of Blake against it. Really nice images.  11.25.08 - 5:05pm
nena - There are soooo many good ones in the slideshow, how do you pick which ones will go on the blog? I can't choose! I just love this wedding and I love your photos o much! =-)  11.25.08 - 5:01pm
kristi Klemens - BEAUTIFUL shots once again MS JASMINE! LOVE the street shots and the car ones are priceless.  11.25.08 - 4:58pm
serena - so cool that he let you shoot inside his building...those shots turned out great!  11.25.08 - 4:52pm
Trista - Love them ALL! This is definitely one of my favorites!  11.25.08 - 4:52pm
brianna - the picture of her on the piano is SIIIICK. i loves it.  11.25.08 - 4:50pm
Dennis - Jasmine these are amazing! So crisp and real!  11.25.08 - 4:41pm
lin - I absolutely love the shots with the bride and the car. Beautiful composition and awesome captures!  11.25.08 - 4:33pm
Natarasha N. Wright - I adore these pics. I love the 9th pic with her veil flowing across the brick and the ones with them on the car...lovely.  11.25.08 - 4:27pm
kellybeane - wow! one hundred percent gorgeousness!! i just adore that 3rd bridal shot! and the car photos Rock!!   11.25.08 - 4:24pm
Emma - Wow...her dress is beautiful!!! Amazing pictures Jasmine- I especially love that first one of Brittany on the piano, so beautiful and elegant!!   11.25.08 - 4:23pm
lucy - scrolling down looking at each photograph is so decadent. I feel like Im eating a nice fat piece of milk chocolate  11.25.08 - 4:15pm
Emily Mason - Wow! That one of them in front of the car is awesome!! Beautiful!  11.25.08 - 4:13pm
Joan Solitario - WOW!!!! I felt their love through your photos! LOVED THE WEDDING PARTY SHOT when she went through the tunnel :) WOW!  11.25.08 - 4:12pm
Hanssie - Love how JD stopped traffic for you. I can totally picture it! My fave shot though is the one with the car. Amazing!  11.25.08 - 4:10pm
Jackie L. - Everything about this wedding and the couple is just beautiful!   11.25.08 - 4:09pm
Lydia - I remember their engagement pictures. Loved them! Their wedding pictures are even better--AMAZING!!   11.25.08 - 4:07pm
B - Totally Hollywood glamor! I love this shoot SO much :)  11.25.08 - 4:04pm
Alicia - P.S. The one of her laying by the car is probably one of my all time faves!  11.25.08 - 3:57pm
Alicia - I adore this couple! They look so incredibly happy on their big day and I'm sure they look like that all the time! I love the excitement you're able to capture Jas! Kudos!  11.25.08 - 3:56pm
Stephanie - Absolutely beautiful Jasmine! I love your photography, but what really moves me is the way your able to connect with your client and share your emotion through story. It moves me every time! Thanks!  11.25.08 - 3:51pm
Christina - Love, love LOVE the 'traffic-stopping' shot and the car shots! They are all fabulous, and their emotions burst right through in these photos! Great job, Jasmine!  11.25.08 - 3:47pm
Sam P - J*- love the car shots...What an amazing couple...Perfect Pictures...Bravo!  11.25.08 - 3:38pm
jasona and julia - That's one HOT couple. wow. Jaz (and JD, too), these photos are amazing/ love the shots on the car.  11.25.08 - 3:26pm
yvonne l - Oooh... I LOVE the car series! Makes me want to do it (my wedding photos) all over again!  11.25.08 - 3:16pm
Yuka photo art - I see what you mean, Jasmine! They share their love even though these pictures....beautiful couple! Amazing job!   11.25.08 - 3:12pm
Tira J - Oh my goodness! Brittany, if and when you read this, you were such a beautiful bride, just absolutely stunning. You and Blake certainly stopped traffic on Citrus Ave. Wow! Jasmine and JD, wonderful images. I know what you mean when you say you could feel their love. I see Brittany almost everyday at work and her love for Blake just radiates. Cheers!   11.25.08 - 3:09pm
Jessica Smith - I LOVED this couples engagement session and I remember looking at the pictures and thinking "oh man I can't wait to see their wedding pictures!" .. I totally get what you mean when you say you could feel their love.. they look perfect together and I love the images you got of them before the ceremony! The one of her sitting on the piano is so amazing :0) Well done!   11.25.08 - 2:52pm
Isabel - Just ridiculously AMAZING!  11.25.08 - 2:51pm
jackie wonders - i LOVE this couple too..even though i've never felt her beads:) she is GORGEOUS. the empty building =awesome and her laying on the car for the shot=awesome.   11.25.08 - 2:50pm