A Year in Review : 2008

f you’re a loyal blog reader, you’ll know that JD and I often photograph each other while we’re shooting. I’ve posted some pretty heinous pictures of myself gettin’ down and diiiirty for the shot…[not-so] thankfully, JD was there to catch me in action. I think we shot close to 400 images of us shooting this year, so instead of hiding them away (I seriously debated tossing the entire file for fear of being extradited to Loserville), I decided to put together a slideshow. Ya know, just to solidify the fact that we're unbearably cool.

Many thanks to my clients for making these awesome photos possible. Without you, we're nothing.

To check out our Year in Review, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!!
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Jessica - I am SO glad that you posted this. I have no clue what is ideal to wear when shooting a wedding. This is very, very helpful. There you go reading my mind again. ; )  01.27.09 - 4:27pm
Jessica Marshall - I ran across your blog for the first time today and really have enjoyed looking at the images. This blog in particular was funny to me, since I have quite a few photos like that. My husband and I always snap shots of each other like that during weddings. ;)  01.22.09 - 12:56pm
Holly Steen - Nice... I just saw that you wear HEELS and Jeans... You are a SuperStar RockStar ! I can't imagation how your feet must hate you at the end of a 8 hour wedding.   12.30.08 - 1:39pm
The Memory Journalists - These are GREAT! I love to see pictures of my team getting down and "dirty" too to get that perfect shot!  12.30.08 - 8:52am
Fabuluxe Photos - Love this post but I want to know something... how the heck are you able to shoot a wedding in a dress and heals??   12.26.08 - 9:06pm
philipW - Damn..I didn't know you were such a hot sexy babe. MARRY ME!!!!!!!!  12.26.08 - 2:55pm
Christine Meintjes - Love how you dress! Very stylish and the heels..thats amazing! Don't know how you do it! RESPECT!!  12.25.08 - 11:29am
Lisa Lotter - CUTE! not cut... opps  12.25.08 - 6:26am
Lisa Lotter - Somebody already said it... you two are ridiculously cut together. Love the review!   12.25.08 - 6:25am
Pascal - Hahaha so great!  12.24.08 - 7:01am
Ana Gabriela - I LOVE THESE  12.24.08 - 6:24am
Grace Tan - Wow I am amazed how you can shoot in heels! *respect* Lovely collection of photographs, and I am looking forward to seeing more in the future! Any chance of coming to Malaysia to do some training? :)  12.23.08 - 7:31pm
Bobbie Brown - Hahahha! These are GREAT! LOVE the song you picked - it is PERFECT! I love seeing pictures like these!  12.23.08 - 6:51am
cassandra m - Ahhhh, the memories. WOW were did 2008 go? Looking for more fun in '09!  12.22.08 - 6:28pm
Kellan - How in the world do you wear heels while you shoot? I would last about three hours and then chop my feet off at the ankles. Mad props...flats all the way while shooting. So much cuter in heels but I just can't suffer for beauty that long.  12.22.08 - 1:46pm
ali - it's awesome to see you working your magic. tfs!  12.22.08 - 1:07pm
Korey - Ahh so it was JD who captured the bouquets on the bridge! I have to say, and I'm totally biased, but I loved the one from MY WEDDING where you're modeling it up on the railing! HOT!! :) You two are very cute!  12.22.08 - 11:34am
jeramy - it's ridiculous how cute you two are together....seriously, ridiculous. :-) great shots!  12.22.08 - 7:46am
john waire - what a schweet review. here's to an amazing 2009. cheers!  12.22.08 - 4:39am
Jenn Best - I LOVE IT!!! I love that I'm not the only one who somehow gets into crazy stances while shooting - I just don't look nearly as fabulous as you both do. And if I could only wear heels while shooting ... Keep Rockin it!  12.21.08 - 10:21pm
Beatriz - 1. Yours and JD's style is so fun. 2. I HEART actions shots. 3. Lil Wayneeeeeeee!!! I didn't think I could love you anymore than I already do. This post has totally proven me wrong.  12.21.08 - 7:23pm
Amy Clifton - A-MENNNN! I shoot in heels too. (Usually some sort of a wedge, though, so I don't sink into the ground...) I like to be as tall as possible, and yes--frumpy feels yukky. :-)  12.21.08 - 7:12pm
Amanda - I love the shot of JD straddling the hedge, too funny. And I always love seeing pictures of people 'behind the scenes'. Awesome. :)  12.21.08 - 6:25pm
Jasmine* - ABOUT THE HEELS. ha! i wear heels. sometimes. like days when i'm feeling fat, i wear heels. like days when i'm shooting for 8 hours or less, i wear heels. like days when i know i'll feel like a bond servant, i wear heels. ya know, just so I know i ain't so schloppy. yes, my feet ache afterward, but nothing hurts as much as feeling frumpy feels. can i get an amen?! ;)  12.21.08 - 2:18pm
Danielle - friggin' adorable.  12.21.08 - 1:37pm
Richard Shephard - OK, you need a couple of 90 degree viewfinders for Christmas! Cool post, thanks for sharing. Even at your dorkiest you two look pretty good. Happy Christmas!  12.21.08 - 1:21pm
Feuza - Ok, I can SPELL. I meant the outfits you wear~ lol  12.21.08 - 12:41pm
Feuza - Love these cause I can see the outfits you where when you shoot! lol. you are so stylish in every aspect. I love the picture of JD rolling his eyes~  12.21.08 - 12:40pm
Ashley Rose - These are all sooo awesome~ I love seeing you guys in action. And is it weird that I was really curious about what you wear shooting :) lol. You both are so stylish!   12.21.08 - 12:26pm
SamTheMan - Hi Jasmine, You guys are too funny and that last shot on your blog is a killer. I needed the laugh. I have to tell you that you must be THE most fashionable photog in the world. How do you do it? I get dirty covering a wedding as I'm on the ground, in the bushes, walking through water and although I'm GQ when it begins I look like a little kid who's been playing outside when it's over. Great stuff and again congratulations to both of you. I'm off to enjoy the slideshow. Merry Christmas from your friend and fan in the frozen tundra of Chicago.  12.21.08 - 9:03am
Jessica Peterson - Lil' Weezy, wha whaaat! Lol so cute. And you have rockin arms obtw !! xo  12.21.08 - 7:51am
SJ Styles - Awesome Slideshow!!!  12.21.08 - 6:51am
Mandi Zimmer - fantastic slideshow.   12.20.08 - 11:36pm
Meg - Holy crap you have heels on in some of those are my hero!!  12.20.08 - 10:20pm
yvonne lebrun - best slide show ever! My fave shot of you shooting in the rain was in there.  12.20.08 - 9:05pm
Kimberlee West - oh i'm so glad some of my shots made the cut! ;) xoxo - see ya soon!  12.20.08 - 8:35pm
Acheron - In the photo with the two of you crouching on the terracotta path, what happened to JD's hand? It looks like it's all taped up, that's gotta hurt when holding a lens 8)  12.20.08 - 8:34pm
Kortnee and Ted - I love the "behind the scenes" photos! I also shoot with my husband and we have a blast! Although, there are times when we end up in each others frame at the wrong time. Do the two of you ever find yourselves asking one or the other to "SCOOTCH!"? Nicely of course... :)  12.20.08 - 7:45pm
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) - I CANNOT believe you are wearing heels! I tried and almost died. And I'm an avid high heel wearer! More power to ya!   12.20.08 - 5:37pm
Jalene - I loved the slideshow! It's so cool to see what it's like behind the beautiful pictures you take, from the ee of another photographer!   12.20.08 - 3:42pm
Jes - Hey! I have that same gold shirt from H&M! :) You rock it cuter than I do though! Great shots of you guys in action!  12.20.08 - 3:18pm
natt - love the shot of you straddling the aisle...very funny =)  12.20.08 - 3:16pm
Kim - If I got down I don't think I would ever be able to get up. Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing.  12.20.08 - 2:56pm
Jane - I adore you for employing your gymnastics skills to preserve the pristine white runner.   12.20.08 - 1:48pm
Rene Skrodzki - Wow, you guys look so pro. I like JD's style in these, there nice and seem workable. My main problem is the shoes, no matter what I cannot find a pair of guys shoes that will get me through a whole wedding, I end up in converse before the end of the ceremony.  12.20.08 - 1:42pm
Jessica Smith - I want to know how you shoot a wedding in those shoes in the 3rd picture! My feet feel like they're going to fall off if I don't wear flats! I'm impressed! :0)   12.20.08 - 1:30pm
Cathy Crawley - I'm on my way out the door to a newborn session and just had to watch that slideshow, if I'm late I'll tell them it's all your fault! Thanks for sharing, I feel like I know a lot of those moves you make so so well :)  12.20.08 - 1:24pm
Karin - best post ever!  12.20.08 - 12:24pm
Jeanette Sanchez - Oh, these candid shots are so fun to read about, good post!   12.20.08 - 11:39am
Monica Rae Gill - Way to rock the heels, Jasmine. LOVE IT.  12.20.08 - 11:14am
Matthew Saville - Good grief, J-star, how many times have you shot at RLL? Peace out, =Matt=  12.20.08 - 10:44am
Melissa ~ - The pics so made me laugh, in a couple of them JD reminds me of a ninja posing right before they strike...and on a total side note, both of you are sticken HOT! Your babies for sure will have a fabulous modeling career =)  12.20.08 - 10:23am
Robin Dini - crouching JD, hidden Jasmine! ha ha. You do the squat, crouch, lean like me :) Damn girl, are you as sore as I am after a shoot!? Merry Christmas!  12.20.08 - 10:11am
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Ok, not only do you shoot in a DRESS, you do so in pumps/heels. It's officail. You're superhuman.  12.20.08 - 9:10am
Megan - Thanks so much Jasmine, for posting these action shots! It is great to see how you guys work and what you have to do to get "the shot"! It also shows how involved photogs are on the shoots and how many hats we must wear! I love the one of you straddling the pink floral aisle, and the black and white of you with your camera looking straight at the lens. Very striking! Thanks so much for the inspiration, I'm determined to take my photography to the next level next year and you were a big part of that. I've even been reading your old blog to see how you started and learned. Thanks so much for always sharing and teaching. Merry Christmas to you and your families! :)  12.20.08 - 9:02am
Mandy - Looove the one of you straddling the hedge!  12.20.08 - 8:36am
Lisette Price - How adorable are you guys?? These are such fun photos and I love the peacock feather you had in your hair!  12.20.08 - 6:57am
Adrienne - These are so fun! It is so awesome that you guys get to work together!  12.20.08 - 6:17am
Manon - Oh Jasmine. You have no idea how much I love to see photographers in action. Its the most inspiring thing in the world. thanks  12.20.08 - 5:38am
Regina White - Great Shots! Don't dump em!   12.20.08 - 4:54am
Heather - Awesome shots...I love the fact that JD is at all of these events having fun and shooting with you! I still haven't been able to talk my husband into being a second shooter for me yet ;-)  12.20.08 - 4:28am
Rachel - I love these shots! I especially love the second one of you in the mirror and the dress hanging up. It is awesome that you and JD both share the same passion. So exciting!   12.20.08 - 4:10am
Julie - You don't know how much it helps us to see you guys in action. Thanks for following the prompting to post and not trash. It teaches us so much more than just the photos because we see how you got them. Yep, to be a good photographer one must be willing to get on the floor! I love the one of you "shooting" JD and the B&W of you with your big lens. My two favorites. Oh, the one of you straddling the isle is pretty good too, and JD over the hedge! Thanks Thanks Thanks. Julie  12.20.08 - 4:06am
Tanya - This is great! Thanks for posting these 'in the moment' shots. T  12.20.08 - 3:51am
Events by Evonne - It's great to see you and JD in action (and in front of the camera)! :) Thanks for sharing!  12.20.08 - 1:10am
Amanda Auer - I absolutely, unabashedly LOVE pictures of myself working. It always feels so "in the moment" and reminds me how much I love what I do. NEVER delete them, no matter how ugly. This is what you get to bring with you at the end of the day!  12.19.08 - 10:55pm
lindsey - Awesome as always. I am so glad you posted this. It totally inspires me! How do you manage to a) shoot a wedding in heels and/or dresses and b)look flawless even when contorting to get THE shot. I'm totally jealous!  12.19.08 - 10:45pm
Nancy Ramos - OMG! Heels while photographing an event. You really rock. I cannot even dream about wearing heels to an event.   12.19.08 - 10:36pm
ohana photographers - david & kimi - awesome! lovin all the ninja shots!  12.19.08 - 10:31pm
CReid - Hey Jasmine I love these photos as it shows the great length that you and JD go through to grab that awesome shot. Keep on inspiring us Photogs. Peace, Carl  12.19.08 - 10:08pm
denise karis - I LOVE this idea!!! Some of them are so cute! Espeically the ones of the two of you. Don't you love the hunchback stance? Where your shoulders are all rounded and your back turns candy cane? Or the power stance - with your legs spread three feet apart? Sometimes we have to contort my body all wierd to get the shot we want :(  12.19.08 - 9:45pm
Emily DeWan - Besides the amusing poses you two have captures, I love your wardrobe! I feel so boring in my black and black outfits!  12.19.08 - 9:36pm
Tira J - Hilarious. I watched it twice and noticed that you two shoot in the same positions. And all our mothers are right, poor posture awaits us if we keep this up. Great show J* and JD!   12.19.08 - 9:05pm
Mary Dunlap - Love, love, love the slideshow!!  12.19.08 - 9:00pm
Joan Solitario - This was definitely my MOST FAVORITE blog of all from you!   12.19.08 - 8:41pm
allan z. - nice! how fun! LOL!  12.19.08 - 8:30pm
joshua k - Fun! Fun! Fun!  12.19.08 - 8:30pm
Charlene - Great stuff Jasmine. We always tend to shoot each other on the job as well (i think it's inevitable!), but i only wish i were as photogenic as you or JD. Coming across my own face in the review process always gives me a fright. I never fail to end up looking like Yoda! (No wonder my brides find it easy to laugh around me.... sigh!) PS, you wear such great looking, comfortable shoes while shooting. Where do you get your footwear from?  12.19.08 - 7:48pm
Kristen - Cute! I love it! That's so funny, there are a few that remind me of when Jamie and I catch each other in a shot by accident, then laugh about it :)   12.19.08 - 7:39pm
Simply Modern Weddings - you guys are nuts! I wish I could look that hot when I am working weddings. Haha!  12.19.08 - 7:31pm
Goddess Leonie I Creative Goddess - You know, I think there's gotta be some kind of Photographer Yoga DVD in there. You can be the Yogi :)  12.19.08 - 7:14pm
ashley - I love this! Thanks for sharing it with us!   12.19.08 - 7:12pm
Kayleen T. - Wow Jasmine, you have got some hidden Ninja skills there!   12.19.08 - 7:04pm
Bex - Oh...thanks for sharing these! I think they are very fun and enables us to see a little bit more into the way you work. :D btw... I think JD looks like a graceful ballet dancer in the 6th picture! What a pose. Too funny!  12.19.08 - 6:54pm
Amanda - I don't know what you're talking about.. you look fabulous in all of them!! That second shot is extra beautiful, though.   12.19.08 - 5:58pm
dj - Love those pearly whites JD - :D  12.19.08 - 5:30pm
Tanya Jose - i'm so glad that you put yourself out there, so that i know i'm not the only one that tries to literally bend in awkward ways to get a good shot! and i'm so J that you ALWAYS look so beautiful all the damn time. can you take a picture with your hair up & in sweats vegging out on the couch?! LOL that would make me feel WAY better! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  12.19.08 - 5:27pm
Allyson Magda - I admire you posting these, what a great idea! you seem to be full of them... Merry Christmas Jasmine, JD and Polo!  12.19.08 - 5:23pm
Melissa - OMG, I love these! I love seeing where you are and how you are shooting. I would love to just follow you around for a day and learn!  12.19.08 - 5:22pm
Meghan - Man you just can't take an unflattering picture! I love it! I have to ask though, what the heck is your workout regimen because you are so buff! I love seeing pictures of you and JD : )  12.19.08 - 5:22pm
Christine Newhook - Awww.. You two are so cute! I have to get a second shooter so we can do the same! Happy Holidays and best of luck in the New Year :)  12.19.08 - 5:20pm
Melissa McClure - Thank you Jasmine and JD, I thoroughly enjoyed that slideshow!!  12.19.08 - 5:19pm
lucy - Oh no I fell off the wagon..Im supposed to be on a detox from this blog..hey I went a whole 2 days...anyways I couldnt resist posting. I love this post, my favorite is the last one LOL! soo funny I have a big fat album of me at all my weddings also..hehehe  12.19.08 - 4:58pm
Lydia - How you can look so great throughout the wedding?? This makes me so excited to shoot more weddings this next year!  12.19.08 - 4:54pm
Katherine Bowman - YES!!! I LOVE it! I love seeing pictures of you in action! Now I'm going to go back and find the slideshow that you did of you and JD last year and watch that one! :)   12.19.08 - 4:29pm
Ashley - These are awesome! Why do you always look so cute Jasmine?!  12.19.08 - 4:26pm
Erin Youngren - LOL! I love the ones where JD's head is barely leaning in your shot! I can't tell you how many I have of Jeff inching into my frame... and me politely asking, "um, sweetie pie, can you move over just two tiny feet please?? Thank you so much dear sweet-ums..." hehehe  12.19.08 - 4:21pm
Alyssa Lang - That was awesome. haha And I must know, where did you get that fabulous peacock clip that's in your hair in a couple of the shots? It's gorgeous!  12.19.08 - 4:17pm
kilipohi - I loved all these shots! Some of them are super cute, where others made me laugh out loud.  12.19.08 - 4:10pm
Christine - FandangoChica - Awesome! I love the last one the best.... ;-)  12.19.08 - 4:03pm
G.E. Masana - Your slideshow reminded me again that: ain't it grand, having a camera in your hand? I just made that up. Makes me happy to be a camera-carrying member of this profession. And that I'm not the only person who thinks "slideshow" is one word, despite what my spellchecker insists.  12.19.08 - 4:02pm
Julie H - I laughed out loud at the shot of JD straddling the bush! Interesting how you both use different eyes to look through the camera and sometimes the other is open and sometimes closed. It's always interesting to be the voyer of other photographers. Thanks for the laughs!!!  12.19.08 - 4:01pm
Ana Contreras - I loved seeing all of these!! I love that you and JD can do this together.......Hope you are feeling better J!  12.19.08 - 3:47pm
Lindsay Kipp Photography - I love the "behind the scenes" shots! This way I dont' feel like such a weirdo when I lay on the floor or climb a fence to get THE shot! I love when you show us YOU in action and I love that you and JD get to work's fantastic!  12.19.08 - 3:24pm
Fishgirl - The last photo is like you are waiting for that dude to do something, so you can cath it..  12.19.08 - 3:22pm
Yuka photo art - Thank you for sharing these beautiful shots. I love to see backstage! These photos give a lot of information- your equipment, dress code, you in action, funny moments! Thank you! Please, check the slide show, it does not work now......  12.19.08 - 3:13pm
Nino Roy - Ack! the link no trabajo! But I love your expression in the last photo! :)  12.19.08 - 3:09pm