Naomi and Steven : Engagement

he first time she saw him, he had a guitar slung around his neck. Ooooh, dreamy. Naomi and Steven met at church in their high school youth group, and quickly became friends. The first day Steven saw Naomi, he said she had something about her. Something different. Something that pulled him in by way of her endless energy, beauty, and laughter. As a junior in high school, he remembered thinking to himself, Wow, whoever goes out with her is going to be one lucky guy. Steven continued to sling the guitar around his neck and quietly woo Naomi from a distance.

During Naomi's freshman year of college at Berkeley, she realized she cared deeply for Steven, and the feelings were mutual. Eight and half years ago, Steven sent Naomi a plane ticket to Los Angeles and spent the weekend together. On a sunset beach in Santa Monica, two teenagers decided to make their relationship official and face whatever life brought their way. Together. Though they've dated long distance--California, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Flordia--for what seems like forever, this February they'll finally share the same roof, bed, and heart.

I'm quite excited for Naomi and Steven's wedding at Rancho Las Lomas as I know it'll be a truly fabulous day that reflects their love! We met for their engagement session at the same beach in Santa Monica where they're relationship began and had a blast...

It has been raining for a few days straight, so Naomi was prepared for the Santa Monica sprinkles!

Naomi, you look so fierce....AND YOU KNOW IT! :)

Naomi would randomly start dancing and jumping like a cheerleader and Steven just stands back and laughs...

Here's Naomi showing off her cool moves...don't hate me, Naomi! ;)

To view more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Jessica - They look like such a fun couple. What a joy to shoot. I love them all, but the last is my favorite I think.  01.27.09 - 4:23pm
Lisa Lotter - You are awesome!  12.25.08 - 6:21am
Lydia - I'm always amazed at how you can take the same location and make it look so new for each shoot!  12.24.08 - 9:03am
JourneytoFamily - What a beautiful story and a fun couple! I loved your commentary on the photos.  12.23.08 - 10:24am
Katelyn - What an awesome story! Love it;)  12.22.08 - 10:41pm
Dianna - I absolutely am in love with this picture!! You did an amazing job with this shot!!!  12.22.08 - 3:01pm
Amy - These are awesome! We shot here very recently and it so cool to see your perspective :)  12.22.08 - 2:08pm
Alyssa Dawn Photography - I love the last 2 pictures!!!  12.22.08 - 1:25pm
Korey - Cute story and beautiful white dress! Way to go, Naomi! Jasmine, your brides go all out for you and I love it!  12.22.08 - 11:36am
B - Great shoot! I love the sequence shots of her in black and white :)  12.22.08 - 10:52am
Rachel - wow, amazing! the lighting is so great. i love how all of your shoots look different one another and really reflect their personalities! awesome job.   12.22.08 - 10:28am
kristin brancaleone - such a fun location, and you captured Naomi and Steven so well! i can't wait to work with you on this wedding in Feb! it's going to be fabulous.  12.22.08 - 9:45am
Kricia Morris Photography - How in the world do you manage to always get a deserted beach!? lol Fantastic shots, as usual! LOVE the silhouette at the end, awesome!  12.22.08 - 9:01am
Joan Solitario - I can tell they had a great time!! I LOVE the silhouete shot and the umbrella shot and the yellow fire hydrant shot.. okay, I love all your shots!  12.22.08 - 8:37am
Alicia - Love her smile, love her sweater, love that song!  12.22.08 - 8:34am
jeramy - very cute. great job.  12.22.08 - 7:49am
The Velvet Trunk - What a precious couple- love these and love the location!! :-) -Mel  12.22.08 - 6:52am
Candace Prokopets - i love the story and love their interaction. you seemed to really capture their personality and the way they interact with each other. beautiful pictures!  12.22.08 - 6:37am
stacy t - i love the subtle lines in the first shot.....all are simply stunning.   12.22.08 - 3:23am
Natarsha N. Wright - What a beautiful couple :) Can't wait to see there wedding photos.  12.21.08 - 11:51pm
Ginger Murray - My gracious, these are awesome! The shots by the water are my fave. Fantastic post processing.  12.21.08 - 11:39pm
Mom - Jasmine, what a beautiful slideshow and couple! Loved the song. The pics looked great for being a cloudy day. Can't wait for their wedding day.   12.21.08 - 8:36pm
Naomi L - Jasmine you did a wonderful job!!!! We love them. Thank you!!!!  12.21.08 - 7:42pm
Amy Clifton - Beautiful! Love the "fierce" shot, the b/w series of her, and especially the image of them under the content and peaceful together. YAY Naomi and Steven for making the LDR work!! :-)  12.21.08 - 7:07pm
Katherine Bowman - Beautiful pics! What a fun couple!   12.21.08 - 6:53pm
Amanda - I LOVE the shot with the yellow fire hydrant and the box. So cool. And its always incredible to me how you always always make your couples look drop dead gorgeous; its a gift you possess. Everyone looks like a model. :)  12.21.08 - 6:24pm
Jamie Delaine - Ah, I love stories like this. So neat. Long-distance is craziness! I can't believe it when I hear stories that worked. Adorable. Jealous of the CA weather in december too!  12.21.08 - 5:13pm
Summer Osborn - Awww, that is right where I got engaged! It brings back a lot of great memories. Beautiful pictures as always!   12.21.08 - 4:51pm
Goddess Leonie I Creative Goddess - oh what a gorgeous love story in pictures :)  12.21.08 - 4:07pm
Adrienne Byrd - simply beautiful :)  12.21.08 - 2:39pm
angel swanson - beautiful!!!! i was sooo excited to see this pop up in my google reader. ;-) naomi looks gorgeous; i cannot wait for their big day coming up soon! fab as always, j*! xoxo  12.21.08 - 2:32pm
lauren - oh my gosh, i just love naomi's ensemble in the second set of photographs...from the heels to the sweater to that DRESS...*swoon*!!! it's the perfect get-up for a bride who wants to do something a bit more out of the ordinary!! any idea where she got the dress? the photos are gorgeous, j*! when are you coming to CT?? :) will you and your camera be under my christmas tree this year?? *  12.21.08 - 1:09pm
Ashley Rose - I love the shot with the wooden clock thingy :) sooo rad. And in love the the brides JCrew sweater!!!! At least I think its jcrew :)  12.21.08 - 12:24pm
karen - That silhouette is absolutely gorgeous!!  12.21.08 - 12:16pm
Leslie - perfect lighting + great couple = sigh***!   12.21.08 - 12:14pm
Cynthia - Love the light!  12.21.08 - 12:13pm
TomJanz - Great set Jas. I wish we had your type of weather here (pa).   12.21.08 - 11:45am
Diandra - What do you use when you photograph in the rain? Do you cover your camera with something?  12.21.08 - 11:37am
Meg - Nice to have the boardwalk so quiet!! Love the light on her dancing shots :)   12.21.08 - 11:27am
Yuka photo art - Amazing photos! I love the place and time for this photo shoot. The light is so warm....Beautiful couple!  12.21.08 - 11:25am
Kayleen T. - Ooh work it girl, nice moves! Great pictures Jasmine!  12.21.08 - 10:40am
Holli True - I am such a sucker for silhouette shots- I just LOVE them! Gorgeous work, as always, Jasmine! :) I also love the little Naomi collaged. Very cute! Happy Holidays and God Bless!  12.21.08 - 10:11am
Kevin Keefer - I envy your weather, it's freezing here in Ohio. May have snow for Christmas though.  12.21.08 - 10:03am
scott westerman - Hi Jasmine *, love these image's and the ones on the beach are awesome. Just shows how good your work really is as everyone thinks you get some sort of special kind of sunshine where you live. It looks overcast,cloudy yet the images are still stunning. Great work !  12.21.08 - 9:41am