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Merry Christmas

just wanted to take a quick second to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I plan on relaxing, eating, eating, wrapping, rapping (what, whaaaat!), eating, and laughing. And eating. Because that's how I roll. Hollllla! I hope you have a lovely day with your friends and family and I wish you all the best this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Here's a picture of Polo licking his lips just thinking of all the table droppings he'll enjoy over the next couple of days!

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A - Okay, I recently came across your site and LOVE IT!!!! I really think you pup is soooo adorable, but when I first glanced at this picture, I thought, "Why is this dog licking his chops..." Then I saw what was on the ground. I THOUGHT IT WAS POOP!!! "Ohhh, yummy, he's eating poop" I thought. Then I realized it was pine-cone, or I think it is. Anyways, it's still a cute pic, even if he is eating poop or a pine-cone....and I still love your site!  01.31.09 - 6:36pm
Robin Dini - Merry Belated Christmas Jasmine :) Happy 2009!  12.31.08 - 8:50pm
Lydia - Aww, Polo is playing with acorns! ;-)  12.30.08 - 10:47am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Oooo...Polo so cute! A late Merry Christmas to you to J*!  12.28.08 - 1:15pm
Lisa Lotter - opps, I commented on the wrong post. Merry Christmas! lol  12.27.08 - 8:29pm
Lisa Lotter - I so agree with you about the goal setting. That is awesome you are published. That has to feel rewarding.   12.27.08 - 8:18pm
Hallie - Congrats! The pics are awesome!  12.26.08 - 9:58pm
Fabuluxe Photos - Your dog is adorable ;) - I hope you had a wonderful Xmas  12.26.08 - 9:01pm
joshua k - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Jasmine :)  12.26.08 - 1:25am
Steve Gerrard - Merry Christmas from the UK Jasmine and thanks for the inspiration in 2008. Here's to a spectacular 09. Cheers Steve x  12.26.08 - 12:38am
Mindy - Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!  12.26.08 - 12:13am
jen from windy ridge - MERRY CHRISTMAS!  12.25.08 - 6:26pm
Bobbie Brown - Merry Christmas!! I hope you and yours have a fabulous one!!!! And I just LOVE this picture of Polo!  12.25.08 - 6:21pm
Linda - Merry Christmas to you all, Polo included.  12.25.08 - 10:56am
JJ - I LOVE POLO!!!! ... oh yeah, and Merry Christmas to you! :)  12.25.08 - 8:46am
Jeff and Lisa Llarena - Merry Christmas to you guys! All the best this holiday season and the coming new year!  12.25.08 - 8:11am
Mark Chambers - Merry Christmas Jasmine!  12.25.08 - 8:06am
karen (Mikols) Bonar - Polo is one SLY dog.... ;-)  12.25.08 - 6:58am
Lisa Lotter - Merry Christmas  12.25.08 - 6:19am
johnlo - Merry Christmas Jasmine  12.25.08 - 4:38am
Julie - Love this pic! And I see ACORNS! (or are those pine cones?!) :) merry christmas  12.25.08 - 3:27am
Pascal - Merry Christmas to you also. Sooo cute!  12.25.08 - 2:23am
Feuza - OHH that tongue of his, so cute!!! Merry Christmas Jasmine...  12.25.08 - 2:17am
Shelia Stone - Merry Christmas!!  12.25.08 - 1:48am
Alex Rodriguez - Merry Christmas to you and your family! Many blessings for the new year.  12.24.08 - 8:25pm
Jalene - Nice pine cones, very festive! It's not snow but hey it works! Merry Christmas Jasmine! :)  12.24.08 - 7:39pm
B - Did your fabulous husband put those acorns there? Heehee  12.24.08 - 7:13pm
Gina M - Merry Christmas to you and your family!!   12.24.08 - 5:56pm
Rene Skrodzki - Merry Christmas from your fan in Canada  12.24.08 - 5:50pm
Wilfredo Cabrera - Merry Christmas to you, JD and can't forget Polo!!!  12.24.08 - 5:00pm
Christi - Merry Christmas!!!!  12.24.08 - 4:34pm
Rob Kemp - Merry Christmas to You, JD and Polo!!!  12.24.08 - 3:27pm
SJ Styles - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  12.24.08 - 2:35pm
Kim - Merry Christmas to you and JD.  12.24.08 - 2:22pm
Cathy Crawley - Merry Christmas to you too Jasmine! I hope you have a lovely day and don't forget to wear elastic pants because I'm sure you'll need them after all that eating eating eating :)  12.24.08 - 2:14pm
Jessica Wise - Looks like it'll be a bright and cheery holiday for you. Merry Christmas!  12.24.08 - 1:44pm
Ashley - Merry Christmas Jasmine! I don't have a cute dog like you do, or a baby like drew does, so I just used Jeff this year!  12.24.08 - 1:20pm
Kristy - Merry Christmas Jasmine! Ahhhhh...I love seeing green grass in your photo of Polo. We've got 2 feet of snow here!!  12.24.08 - 11:53am
Cindy - Merry Christmas Jasmine. And I want to thank you for ALWAYS taking the time to help me with my silly little questions. I can't wait to meet you one day. Have a good one. God bless you.  12.24.08 - 11:50am
Tira J & David - Merry Christmas to you, JD and Polo!   12.24.08 - 11:46am
Roxie - Merry Christmas, Jasmine!  12.24.08 - 11:39am
Kerri Banyas - Merry Christmas to you too J* You have fun rapping...I mean wrapping the night away!! P.S. Polo is freakin' adorable!!  12.24.08 - 11:32am