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t was almost a year ago. Almost to the day. Last January, I blogged about goal setting; it's importance and how vital it is to entrepreneurs. I wasn't brave enough to list all my goals for 2008 (com''s kinda like opening a junior high's private and really only makes sense to you...and your 8th grade love for heartthrob Joseph Tessier), but one hope I held closely to my heart was getting published. I wanted one of my weddings to appear in a national magazine, but it was something I quietly dreamed of. I wrote in a journal my goals for 2008, but I wondered if they'd come to fruition.

Lo and behold, as life often works, I received news that Kasey and Nick's Seattle wedding is published in INSIDE WEDDINGS Magazine, on newsstands now! I'm beyond humbled...and thrilled...and elated...and all, JD, it's time to open a bottle of Pellegrino, baby! Life is sweet. But it's even sweeter when goals are met and hopes attained. What made the news even better was I discovered my past bride Nicole Silva (of Nicole and Aaron's wedding) was the editor who wrote the feature...what a double dose of fabulousness!! Holllllla for my two amazing brides...I love you Kasey and both made me feel so blessed to do what I love. Thank you.

Here's a sneak peek, but check out the feature yourself at your local bookstore!

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caroline - How fabulous! I've always wondered, how do weddings get into such magazines? Does the bride submit them?  06.08.09 - 7:53am
Jessica - Congrats Jasmine! You deserve it Sweetie.  01.27.09 - 4:19pm
Brieanna Davis - So I fell a little behind in reading your blog but I just now read this post and I am so happy for you! Congratulations! OMG, Joseph Tessier! Hello!!! I may be one of the few who truly understands that one!  01.20.09 - 6:50pm
Pat - Congratulations on your Inside story. Love the really classy wedding images included in the article.  01.17.09 - 4:40pm
Nellie G - Dude that like hella rocks!!! Yay for you!  01.05.09 - 2:47pm
Stephanie Stewart - Way to go! That is awesome! So happy for you! I need to write my personal goals for 2009 as I really start my photography business...I'm so excited yet kinda scared and nervous! Your blog keeps me hopeful and inspired, thank you!  01.05.09 - 9:18am
Chandra - I just picked up my copy of Inside Weddings and it looks even more amazing in print! Congrats. You are shooting a friend of mine's wedding in July (Shannon & Matt) and I can't wait to meet you. Still want you for a day after shoot after my own wedding in September! Congrats on all of your success!  01.04.09 - 8:56pm
Drew - I met you while you were shooting Nicole's wedding (asked you about photo gear). Congrats on the publication! You deserve it.  01.04.09 - 8:17pm
Leila of Be Inspired PR - Well, look at you! So proud of you Jasmine (and JD)! It looks fabulous. Big things are coming in 2009!!  01.04.09 - 5:55pm
Hillary gardner - Congrats!!!! That is so exciting.... keep up your amazing work :) You are an inspiration :)  01.03.09 - 5:30pm
carissa jones - welcome to the "inside weddings" club baby!!!!! isn't it FAB?!?! i am so INSANELY proud of you and you deserve EVERY good thing that comes your way! the spread is gorgeous and so are YOU!!!  01.01.09 - 11:54am
Rhendy - WOW!! Congratulations! That really is a dream come true!  12.31.08 - 11:45am
clint - well deservered!! keep rock'n it out:)  12.30.08 - 9:30pm
Kris Leigh - WOW! Huge congratulations Jasmine, your work is gorgeous and it's wonderful to hear that one of your dreams have come true! Wishing for more dreams come true in 2009! :-)  12.30.08 - 1:21pm
Crystal - So excited for you!  12.29.08 - 3:07pm
jeramy - wow! congratulations. excellent work....i'm really happy for you guys.   12.29.08 - 1:06pm
Mo - congrats you are amazing.  12.29.08 - 11:53am
Krysta - That is so fun. I'll have to go pick m self up a copy. Congrats, Jaz!  12.29.08 - 6:53am
Tiffany - Woohoo! I love when goals get met! Well deserved and I'm so excited for you and all that is to come from you being published!  12.28.08 - 10:37pm
Trista Lerit - CONGRATS JAS!!! This is totally awesome news..we will definitely need to celebrate!  12.28.08 - 6:30pm
Melissa - Wow!! That is such an awesome accomplishment! You rock girl!  12.28.08 - 4:13pm
lucy - Congratulations! I hope to one day get published too. Thats on my goals list also.  12.28.08 - 2:46pm
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Congrats Jasmine! That is wonderful! I am so glad that one of your goals was realized.  12.28.08 - 1:15pm
nancyelizabeth - Congratulations! Your work is inspirational and the tone is pure jasmine. Thrilled for you: this is huge! :) be kind to yourself and soak up this milestone...  12.28.08 - 1:02pm
Terrah - What a beautiful article Jasmine! Congrats girlfriend! You deserve it. ;)  12.28.08 - 10:06am
Stacy - I'm so proud of you, Jas!  12.28.08 - 9:53am
Apple - Shine Jasmine Star!;)  12.28.08 - 4:29am
Vanessa - V3 Weddings & Events - Congrats Jasmine! That is soooo awesome and well deserved =)  12.27.08 - 9:10pm
Jen from Windy Ridge - WOOHOO! Congrats, beautiful photos.  12.27.08 - 7:24pm
Jackie J - I just picked up my copy. So beautiful and well deserving! Congratulations! Jackie J  12.27.08 - 5:37pm
Michael - I just saw your article at a CVS in PA. Great work!  12.27.08 - 3:24pm
Mariana - Congratulations! It is so much deserved... have a beautiful time in Costa Rica!  12.27.08 - 2:58pm
Shelia Stone - That is awesome blossom!!! Congrats girl!!!!  12.27.08 - 1:42pm
Amy Clifton - Congratulations! You certainly deserve to be featured in magazines all over the place! Thank you for always inspiring us to set--and reach--dreams and goals of our own....  12.27.08 - 1:40pm
Araxi - Congrats!!! What a great feeling to see your dreams coming to life! You are so deserving of this!   12.27.08 - 12:23pm
Bobbie Brown - YAY!!! Congrats girl!!!! You totally deserve this and I am SO SO proud of you. It must feel amazing to be published in a magazine like this...   12.27.08 - 12:11pm
sherry boles - HUGE CONGRATS, Jasmine!! The photos look GREAT!!  12.27.08 - 11:56am
Tira J - Congratulations Jasmine! This is fabulous!   12.27.08 - 11:07am
Stephanie Fay - Girl you are amazing. Successful, beautiful, and working with your hubby. What feels better than that!! ? I cant wait to work with you. Love your work and pray the best for you in the future!   12.27.08 - 11:04am
Joyful weddings and events - Congrats Jas! That wedding was gorgeous and your photos were definitely magazine worthy, so I am so happy to see that they got published! That definitely was on my list as well for the year and I am so excited to see it next month!  12.27.08 - 10:17am
ashley - Congrats Jasmine! That is really awesome!  12.27.08 - 9:43am
hilary - that's awesome!! way to go jasmine :)  12.27.08 - 9:38am
Ann - Congrats, Jas! Way exciting.   12.27.08 - 9:11am
Dorelies - Oh that is great and you can be very proud of you. I always love to see your work on blog. Greeting from Vienna!!  12.27.08 - 8:28am
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - BIG CONGRATS!  12.27.08 - 8:26am
Bex - Herzlichen Glückwunsch! (that's 'Congrats' in German. lol) You rock! And this feature is simply wonderful. You deserve it. xox  12.27.08 - 6:40am
amy hathcock - what an amazing accomplishment! you must be so proud! i'm gonna go pick one of those baby's up. i can't wait to see it in person. congratulations! would you mind telling us how one goes about reaching this goal??   12.27.08 - 6:21am
christina LeMarr - CONGRATS Jasmine!!!!! I can't think of ANYONE who deserves this more than you!!! You are absolutely FAB!! I'm going to go find me a copy and say "See!! This is my fave photog! This is how it's done!"   12.27.08 - 6:19am
Jeff and Lisa Llarena - Congratulations, Jasmine! This is a fantastic way to end the year!  12.27.08 - 6:19am
Maegan - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment!!!!   12.27.08 - 5:27am
Jalene - Jasmine this is amazing! Congratulations!!!! :)  12.27.08 - 5:17am
SJ Styles - WOW JAZZ!!! Congrats girl  12.27.08 - 4:58am
whitney gray - woo-hoo! Isn't that the coolest thing??? I'm very surprised this is your first time being published- your work has such a commerical look to it! Get ready for an even bigger year this year- your phone is going to be ringing off the hook! (though it probably is already!)  12.27.08 - 4:45am
Bernadette - Congratulations Jasmine!!! I can't wait to pick up a copy!   12.27.08 - 4:15am
Sheree Taylor - Congrats Jasmine :o) You totally deserve it!  12.27.08 - 3:41am
Mario Brathwaite - J*, this is absolutely fab news. Congratulations. /MNB  12.27.08 - 3:27am
kevin Keefer - congratulations j* and to jd   12.27.08 - 3:17am
DawnB - Rock On!!! What a well deserved honor.  12.27.08 - 3:06am
Cathy Crawley - That is totally fabulous Jasmine, congratulations! I can't believe you haven't been published before! I just clocked my my first 12 months in business and recently shot my first magazine cover, sometimes dreams come true a lot faster than you expect them to :)   12.27.08 - 3:03am
Christina AKA FandangoChica - Awesome!!!! You rock! I can't wait to go pick up the magazine.....and start writing some goals of my own for next year!   12.27.08 - 1:05am
Brian Khang - Jasmine that's so awesome! Congrats!!! It's great to see your goals come true!  12.26.08 - 11:42pm
Holli True - Congrats, Jasmine! How amazing for you- although I'm so not surprised! :) I'm sure this won't be the last time we see your work in a magazine!!  12.26.08 - 11:35pm
Geanette - It is well deserved!  12.26.08 - 11:09pm
Joan Solitario - Can I get your autograph!? heheh CONGRATULATIONS JASMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  12.26.08 - 10:54pm
jeanette sanchez - You so deserve it Jasmine, you work hard. Congratulations!   12.26.08 - 10:41pm
Heather C. - Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding and stunning photography:)  12.26.08 - 9:34pm
Fabuluxe Photos - Congrats!! ;)  12.26.08 - 8:59pm
brandy - i love it. you deserve it. i am sure its the first of many.   12.26.08 - 8:57pm
Heather Ham - Congrats Jasmine. I just picked up my copy today!!!   12.26.08 - 8:29pm
Lou - Wow, congrats Jasmine! That's definitely a huge milestone, and definitely gives one the case of the warm-n-fuzzies. :D  12.26.08 - 8:26pm
cassandra m - F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S girl... Congratulations! I am soooo, soooo very HAPPY for you!  12.26.08 - 8:23pm
Tracy Grant - Cogratulations these are beautiful! As all your photos are. Have a wonderful New Year!  12.26.08 - 8:19pm
Feuza - It must be feeling really good right now at Jasmines and JD's!!! Achieving a Goal is Divine and wishing you more and more of these experiences. God Bless.  12.26.08 - 8:10pm
jenberry - well deserved. perfect!  12.26.08 - 8:09pm
Gabby - So happy for you!!!! not only are you an amazing photographer but an even better person. Congratz!!  12.26.08 - 8:06pm
frannie - congratulations jasmine!! You totally deserve this and SOOO much more! I pray that 2009 just explodes for you in an abundance of more blessings! You're awesome. :D  12.26.08 - 7:24pm
Melissa Koehler - I am so proud of you. I can't think of another person as deserving as you are! May 2009 bring an abundance of blessing and dreams your way!! Hugs xoxo  12.26.08 - 7:23pm
michelle pearson - Congrats!! Well Deserved!  12.26.08 - 7:22pm
yvonne lebrun - you go girl! holllla for being a rock star who is P.U.B.L.I.S.H.E.D!  12.26.08 - 7:21pm
Cynthia Q. - MARVELOUS!!! Love seeing not only the lovely couple but all the lovely wedding detail shots! Congratulations Jasmine! Time to celebrate!  12.26.08 - 7:12pm
Simply Modern Weddings - Congrats rock!  12.26.08 - 6:38pm
Katherine Bowman - YEAH!!!! Congratulations! Jasmine your work is fabulous! It's about time it's published in a magazine! :)   12.26.08 - 6:33pm
Jamie - What a huge accomplishment! Congratulations. Beautiful photos, emotion, moments. How wonderful to know that you followed your dream and success is now following you. You're Sssssssizzlin' girl!  12.26.08 - 6:10pm
Kyle - Keep goal setting and producing such amazing work. You are an inspiration!  12.26.08 - 6:06pm
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) - I'm so jealous. I've just started sending weddings off. I can't imagine how excited you must be. Well maybe I can, and I can't wait till the day I can feel it too! Bravo JStar! ;)  12.26.08 - 5:42pm
Carl johnson - Congratulations Jasmine. I'm so excited to get this copy now. Honestly, you could fill an entire book with your images. You rock!  12.26.08 - 5:41pm
Rich - Sweeeeet. You rock Jas!  12.26.08 - 5:40pm
Tracy (Serendipity Images) - Congratulations Jasmine! What an incredible accomplishment -- isn't it great when life knocks itself out to make your dreams come true? Congrats! =)  12.26.08 - 5:36pm
kymberli q. - I was published in something this year too, but THIS would be a huge goal for me! Congratulations Jasmine! That is awesome and honestly, it should have happened many times before this! You rock!  12.26.08 - 5:25pm
DJ - YOU GO GIRL!   12.26.08 - 5:22pm
Lydia - Congratulations Jasmine! With your superbness, I'm surprised it hasn't happened many a time by now!  12.26.08 - 4:56pm
mary beth graff - perfect in every way. celebrate your talent! congratulations!  12.26.08 - 4:38pm
Ashley Rose - WOW gorgeous! Congrats on getting published Jasmine :) that is a dream for me too (for my own wedding, and my photos) and we just found out our wedding will be published in Southern Weddings (Jan 6th!) woot! You and your Bride must be thrilled :) congrats again!   12.26.08 - 4:24pm
Annie - Congratulations! Your work looks fabulous on the pages!  12.26.08 - 4:15pm
Wayne Toshikazu - Man, I'll tell you what: your story just keeps getting better and better, Jasmine. Congrats on such an outstanding achievement and for achieving it in near record time! So awesome... :)  12.26.08 - 4:08pm
Tanya Jose - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Congratulations, you totally deserve the spotlight!! :)  12.26.08 - 4:03pm
denise karis - brilliant! congratulations!  12.26.08 - 3:34pm
Tim Nosenzo - Congrats! A well deserved feature, beautiful photos as always!  12.26.08 - 3:33pm
Amanda Herzberger - What a beautiful feature! BIG congratulations to you :)  12.26.08 - 3:33pm
brimelanca - we love you! we couldn't be prouder! now, champagne!  12.26.08 - 3:24pm
Tonya Peterson - That is so awesome! Just in time too! Congrats  12.26.08 - 3:22pm
Amanda - Congrats Jasmine!  12.26.08 - 3:19pm