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Don't Blame Me

ola de Costa Rica! We've arrived and have adjusted to life in Central America quite well. Many thanks to the blog commentors who let me know Costa Rica was in CENTRAL!! America, and not South America as I had mentioned in a previous post. Yo, it ain't my fault I don't know much about geography...blame my mom...I was home schooled!! ;)

We're off to shoot the wedding today and experience Pura Vida in many new ways...I can't wait to blog about this amazing couple...I just love them! We flew into San Jose early yesterday and had to take a small plane to Tamarindo, which always scares the living daylights out of me, so here's a picture of me giving JD a last-minute kiss in case anything happened and we fell from the sky!

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AndreaQ - Hello Jasmine! I'm fan of you, and after to read this post, I say u, welcome to my beautiful country!!!!! Enjoy your trip and take any amazing pictures of my land, beaches and sky!!!  01.28.10 - 8:14am
Crystal - Ummm.. did you get the ring fixed? Isn't that the "infamous" ring from last New Years? You are a BRAVE girl. :-)  01.05.09 - 6:22am
Lorraine Daley - My week in Costa Rica:  01.02.09 - 9:52am
Riz Crescini - Hey, You make it sound like homeschoolers don't know their geography :) Enjoy Costa Rica!  12.31.08 - 2:37am
Jason - thanks a lot for stealing JD! Our meeting was awful without him. I cried through the entire thing.  12.30.08 - 2:28pm
Bekah - I was homeschooled too!!! I love your posts Jasmine! Enjoy your vacay!  12.30.08 - 2:16pm
Heather Espana - Have a blast! It's been quite a while since I made it to Central America -- so incredibly gorgeous. Can't wait to see photos!  12.30.08 - 1:01pm
Lucy M - Great work! I look forward to seeing more! I hope to meet you someday!!! :-)  12.30.08 - 11:57am
LaDawn - Jasmine, Please forward JD's phone number / contact information to me as I've misplaced his card from PhotoPlus and my husband, David Ziser, is trying to get into contact with him ASAP concerning David's Tour in 2009. Thanks.............  12.30.08 - 9:40am
Caitlin - The best part of this photo, even though you guys are really cute, is the guy in the background. He totally looks like he knows he's in your picture...  12.30.08 - 8:55am
cassandra m - Glad you had a safe trip! Your Papi's comment was funny. Bianca is with you guys? WOW...double the trouble...double the fun...ha.ha.  12.30.08 - 8:00am
Renee - awww you guys are so cute!!! Have fun!!  12.30.08 - 1:31am
Ashley Rose - Have fun J* & JD !!!   12.29.08 - 8:34pm
Mary V - Hi Jasmine. Love your blog! My DH and I went to Costa Rica for our Honeymoon. Our first stop (after flying into San Jose) was Tamarindo!! Did you see a ton of gecko's all over? They are everywhere!! Surfing was big in Tamarindo. Hope you have fun! Pura Vida!!!   12.29.08 - 8:10pm
Yuka photo art - Have a safe flights and if you have time, try Sky Trek!!!! You never forget this experience!!!  12.29.08 - 7:39pm
Holli True - Too cute!!! I hope you have a fabulous time! :) I totally giggled at the guy just behind JD's ear, he looks like he really wants to be in the picture, too. Hehe!  12.29.08 - 6:35pm
Raquel - J....girl don't talk about falling from the sky! That's horrible. What would blog every day?!?!? Er...I mean that would be awful if anything happened to you. I'm not selfish.....;)  12.29.08 - 6:14pm
Melissa - I was just in Costa Rica in October on a mission trip. I LOVE that country!!! I want to take my hubby there someday...have a wonderful time!!!  12.29.08 - 5:38pm
michelle evans - i am in love with your dad! SO CUTE!!  12.29.08 - 4:59pm
Jessica Wise - First, I think you and JD are adorable and you look like you are totally in love. That's awesome. Second, Congratulations on being published!! That's so awesome! And such a huge and amazing accomplishment. Enjoy Costa Rica =)  12.29.08 - 4:23pm
Fishgirl - How sweet your dad! he is concen about your sister and also doen't know well South and Central America History. LOL!!! Have fun  12.29.08 - 3:57pm
Papi Star - J*, hoping you're enjoying SOUTH AMERICA...I know you'll be blogging about the shoot, and of course, JD; I understand it...but if you want to ever see Polo again will want to post some pics of your twin sister,'s the only way Mami and I can feel reassured all THREE of you are OK....after all, you are acutely aware that the President of CR, Hugo Chavez, is not very happy with the Yankees...and the the Detroit Lions, for that matter! 143  12.29.08 - 3:11pm
Stephanie - cute picture.... cant wait to see more!   12.29.08 - 2:29pm
Nicole Mc - Were you really homeschooled? Not that you would just say that!! LOL But, i just started home schooling my kids this year and was homeschooled a little myslef. I'd love to hear more about your experience!! Oh, and i'm so jealous. I have good friends from Costa Rica and have never been!! :( Someday!!  12.29.08 - 2:14pm
Feuza - I cant wait to see the wedding pictures, so beautiful over there.  12.29.08 - 1:14pm
Regina - Note to self don't home school Ethan since I would have messed that up too (Getting South and Central mixed-up)! Can't wait to see the photos! Que Bueno!   12.29.08 - 10:59am
Fishgirl - J. Costa Rica is well known as the Suiza Americana, it is a beautiful country in Central America!!! Enjoy the tropical weather!!  12.29.08 - 10:48am
Geanette - The 1st time my 10 year old daughter went with my Mom and Dad, she called and said to sell the house, we are moving to Costa Rica. I guess she assumed we could live at the resort!  12.29.08 - 10:04am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Have fun and be careful!  12.29.08 - 9:59am
Carly Souders - You will absolutely fall in love with Costa Rica! I can't wait to hear about where you went, and see the usual upload of insanely beautiful photos. If you are anywhere near the SW part of the country, rent a few mopeds and cruise around playa tamarindo for a while. Pura Vida Jasime and JD!  12.29.08 - 9:50am
Sasha Rothwell - I can't wait to see these pictures! We love following your blog! I think that it's awesome that you were home schooled! I was too! Best of Luck! Cheers!  12.29.08 - 9:46am
Christina - Were you really homeschooled? That's awesome! For years when we have made silly mistakes my mom has said "Well, just don't tell anyone you were homeschooled!" Haha, you broke that rule!   12.29.08 - 9:44am
Christina9FandangoChica) - Haha....don't worry...Latinos are used to the mixup. And at least you knew which hemisphere you were talking about. When I went to Venezuela, I had THREE people tell me to have fun in Europe! Have a great time, and I can't wait to see pics!  12.29.08 - 9:40am
Isa - I can't thank you enough for your blog!!! I love photography and yours has been updated through the holidays which gives me the best treat when blog-stalking :o) And you will never believe how much I've learned from you and JD just going over your photos and entries. Enjoy and capture more sunrays for all of us stuck in Winter!  12.29.08 - 9:21am
Jamie Delaine - Ahahaha, I love the "don't blame me, blame my mom!" That's adorable.  12.29.08 - 9:19am
terri Z - glad you made it safely enjoy.... can't wait to see the images !!! i am sure they will be breathtaking!  12.29.08 - 9:02am
aletha :: pearls events - We were just in Tamarindo on Christmas day--gorgeous place. Best swimming we experienced while in Costa Rica. ENJOY your time there!  12.29.08 - 8:55am
Lydia - I didn't know you were home schooled! Can't wait to see the pictures from the trip!  12.29.08 - 8:54am
Katherine Bowman - You guys are so cute! :) Looking forward to seeing more pictures! Were you really home schooled?   12.29.08 - 8:52am
Michelle Moore - Glad you arrived safe! I can't WAIT to see the awesome-ness of a Costa Rica wedding!! Happy New Year!  12.29.08 - 8:50am
Luis Murillo - Hrmm...can't say I've gone to Tamarindo...but sounds like a hot place. Btw, the International airport in CR is not in San Jose...yes, I know the pilot and everyone says that it's actually in Alajuela :)  12.29.08 - 8:41am
Dennis Bullock - Glad you guys made it ok. Judging from JD's expression he did'nt seem worried much. But I think I would be with you. Is that the secret service in the background?  12.29.08 - 8:37am
Candace Prokopets - Adorable! You guys are so cute. I love the way you talk so sweetly about your husband or when you tease him. Hope you have a great trip in Costa Rica. Can't wait for more pictures!  12.29.08 - 8:24am