01.26.09 Anytime

Amanda Zettel : Anytime

he must have noticed us from a distance. Two aimless shoppers hoping--hoping!--the right furniture would jump off the showroom floor and into our arms. She was sitting on a brown leather sofa in Z Gallerie when I plopped on the opposite side. Tiredly, I looked to JD and gave him a look that was all, THREE HOURS and we're just gonna settle on this?! I got up and walked around it for the umptheenth time and shrugged. That was when Amanda Zettel suggested looking for another that perhaps was a little more comfortable and functional. Out of nowhere, this complete stranger offered me her advice...and I took it. I guess it was something I had known, just didn't want to admit.

We spoke for less than four minutes before she had to dash from the store, but not before giving me her business card. I went home and discovered that this stranger knew exactly what she was talking about because she's a professional designer. Duh. I then discovered her custom design site for do it yourself spaces and I was sold. After perusing her site and completing the furniture choices and vibes, the site made it super simple for me to find the right things for my home...all from my computer. Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about...home shopping in my PJ's!

Shortly thereafter, I contacted her to let her know how much I loved her site and to thank her for stopping me from buying a truly heinous couch. We corresponded and have since become friends, so when she contacted me for updated photos for her website, I was honored. Here's the ever fabulous, Amanda with Home Made Designs...

Amanda took me to a few places where she finds unique furniture to incorporate into newer home designs and I was in LOVE...

I'll end with these two photos because they are the truest reflection of Amanda...they were also the last two frames from our shoot and I couldn't think of a better way to end our time together: Laughing.

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barbara ( soon to be dieppa) - You captured the unique charm in Old Town Orange, and the beauty of your model. What a beautiful pictures! My favs are the ones in the barber shop, and the one outside Caseys.   02.03.09 - 1:20pm
Tracy - I love this shoot. Would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share what lens you used and post processing? Thanks!  02.03.09 - 10:45am
Noel Del Pilar - Wow, beautiful picures... Wow, she has a beautiful legs!  01.30.09 - 2:38pm
Caprice - I'm Amanda's cousin, and so proud of all her hard work and business savvy! She's a beautiful person, inside and out! The camera loves her and you did a fabulous job capturing the "TRUE" Amanda, just as I know her! Blessings!  01.29.09 - 8:31pm
Pascal - I really like the shots with the umbrella: instant classic  01.29.09 - 12:52am
Leanne Thormahlen - These are adorable. I have to say I love the one in front of the Hair Studio sitting on the bench. Such a classic look on you Amanda! Can't go wrong with a classy lady. Awesome work! Kudos to the both of you.   01.28.09 - 3:16pm
Betz - Wonderful photos. I especially adore the photo outside Casey's.   01.28.09 - 3:07pm
Anna - Your shots of her are absolutely awesome and she looks gorgeous in all of them! Thanks for sharing :D  01.28.09 - 11:32am
adam @ shutterspeedster - She has a great smile!  01.28.09 - 9:10am
Charise (Photography By Charise) - Awesome images Jasmine. Not only do you rock behind the camera but you have such a great talent for bringing out and capturing real personality. Love it!!  01.28.09 - 8:21am
Sheri Zettel - Well, if the design thing doesn't work out for you, you could easily have a second career as a model!  01.28.09 - 7:38am
Lee Holmer - Jeff is one BLESSED young man to have you as his wife! I am so sorry that I missed your wedding. I want to go shopping with you! You will have to ask Jerry and Micki about me! Hopefully we will finally meet if I ever get to come back to So. Cal. for a visit! Blessings on your business, and if you ever happen to be anywhere close to Minnesota, please stop by and help us to decorate our home! Lee.  01.28.09 - 3:34am
Kate Noelle - I LOVE LOVE LOVE old town Orange! That antique garage/junk yard is one of my favorite places to look around! So cool!  01.27.09 - 9:42pm
cassandra m - fabulous!!!!! simply fabulous!  01.27.09 - 8:20pm
Jessica - Oh Jasmine, these are wonderful! I love the umbrella pictures, and the one directly above them. It is so hard to pick a favorite. They are all so FAB!  01.27.09 - 3:54pm
Emily Beaty - I love the umbrella ones, too! The last two are very cute. Wonderful job, as always. :)  01.27.09 - 3:13pm
Joan Solitario - The umbrella photos are my FAVORITE! Gives me a great idea to tell clients to bring props to play with during shoots ;)   01.27.09 - 2:25pm
B - I LOVE this shoot!!! She's adorable. Great color and composition.  01.27.09 - 12:54pm
Kirsten - WOW! What an awesome job you did capturing her true spirit!! And what a cush job...not all sessions hold THIS much joy :-)  01.27.09 - 12:50pm
Sam Williams - Wow! Very nice! A very nice looking lady, along with very nice photos..   01.27.09 - 12:33pm
Sharon - Darling! I love LOVE the second one! OH! I just love it! And the last two are priceless! Even with all that is around her Amanda shines in each and every one of these photos. Jasmine... you RAWK!  01.27.09 - 12:06pm
micki zettel - Lovely pictures. You are having way too much fun at your job! I want one of those fountains and a few more things. I will pass her name around. xoM  01.27.09 - 12:06pm
Leah - These are fantastic!!! She has an amazing smile, I can almost hear her laugh.   01.27.09 - 11:49am
Kellan - Schexy!!! These are so fun. I love the props in the background, really adds interest. Her putting the black tights on totally changes the feel of her outfit. She is so beautiful and photogenic! Great job as usual.  01.27.09 - 10:57am
Jen @ Green Wedding Shoes - Love these! So fun.  01.27.09 - 10:20am
Casey Figlewicz - Great Pictures!  01.27.09 - 9:39am
lisa - I love this story! How fun!  01.27.09 - 9:22am
Melissa Blue - Great pics! I was wondering if you used any sort of flash, or did you just use the natural light?  01.27.09 - 8:03am
ashley bugg - gorgeous...per usual.  01.27.09 - 7:00am
michelle cunningham - you always manage to get your anytimes looking like movie stars. this one looks like a star on a set!  01.27.09 - 6:52am
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Love them all! She is so photogenic!  01.27.09 - 6:17am
Daniele Florio - FANTASTIC SHOT MY DEAR ! :))  01.27.09 - 5:19am
carrie@urbanbaby - she is GORGEOUS and these photos are gorgeous. so funny, when my mother-in-law is here from nyc, we always go to that antique store in orange. off to check out her site! xo   01.27.09 - 4:47am
scott westerman - Hi Jasmine, awesome work as always ! you always seem to be able to drag out the persons personality, probably without them even knowing. good work. Pretty lady too !  01.27.09 - 4:40am
kelly beane - you always amaze me. those last two are just lovely!!  01.26.09 - 9:34pm
nena - auuuugh...another GORRRRGEOUS shoot! you amaze me! always! =-)  01.26.09 - 8:16pm
Ashley Mauro - Too adorable! Great locations!!!  01.26.09 - 8:14pm
Jonathan - Awesome photos Jasmine! I recognize the location, it's always a great spot to shoot at and then shop for antiques!  01.26.09 - 8:10pm
Greg Moss - All stunning images! I love the way you used the lights above the mirror behind her in the photo. Excellent.  01.26.09 - 8:05pm
Lydia - She is so beautiful and adorable! Jasmine, one day you are so doing my pictures! Until then, I'm working on my personality, 'cause your skill at bringing it out in pictures is like no other!  01.26.09 - 8:01pm
Amy Clifton - Ohmygosh, love the double mirror shot, and of course the last two are adorable! Haha, funny comment Rizza San Agustin. :-)  01.26.09 - 7:11pm
Rizza San Agustin - Geez Jasmine, can you just suck for one day to give the rest of us a break? These are absolutely gorgeous! Rr.  01.26.09 - 6:38pm
Misty Dawn - I LOVE your work! I follow your blog in my Google Reader and although I'm ashamed to say that I rarely leave a comment, I'm leaving one now to let you know that I'm giving you a Blog Luv Award! You can check it out here:  01.26.09 - 6:24pm
The Last Forty Percent Photography - Why is there nothing like this around where we are? These are the coolest locations. Love her shoes and earrings!  01.26.09 - 6:11pm
Anne Nunn Photography - My favs are the first one in the mirror and the umbrella. Very cute!  01.26.09 - 6:02pm
Amy Starks - The one in the barber shop is my favorite - so innovative! :)  01.26.09 - 5:46pm
Katelyn - I LOVE THESE!!!! They're so different, unique, classic, yet modern and chic! dang! They're good! real good! Looooove it!  01.26.09 - 5:33pm
Amy - How fabulous! I'm very excited to look at her site too as I'm redecoracting :)  01.26.09 - 4:35pm
Cathy Crawley - I love the locations you chose for these, especially the location with the gates, although that big beautiful brown door is pretty delicious too!  01.26.09 - 4:29pm
Bobbie Brown - Okay, I seriously LOVE this shoot! It is so different and so cool! That barber chair shot is off the chart!  01.26.09 - 4:27pm
Kevin - If these photos were on flickr I would fav that first one. I love that when you do not have photos for what is going on you paint pictures with your words. Thanks for sharing.  01.26.09 - 4:17pm
Jenny Sun - These are so ever fabulous Jasmine! I love how they are such a great fusion of fashion-forward AND naturale! :) The last two shots + the ones of her with the umbrella + the one on the ladder are my faves! You are SO doing my anytime shots when I head to the states sometime in the next 12 months! :D  01.26.09 - 4:16pm
Laura G - wow. i really love the setting. great ambience.  01.26.09 - 4:07pm
Tracy - Gorgeous job! By the way, I LOVE the architectural salvage store Amanda took you to! Whenever I have lunch in Orange, I always wander through it =)  01.26.09 - 3:34pm
Dennis Bullock - Fantastic Jasmine! The shots with the umbrella is great!  01.26.09 - 3:32pm
Lissa - Wow! These are awesome!! She is gorgeous! Love the last shot!  01.26.09 - 3:28pm
Abra Morris - These are GREAT! I think they are just perfect for her site.   01.26.09 - 3:27pm
Kelley Lee gin - Love her outfit...especially the Burberry umbrealla!  01.26.09 - 2:56pm
Kelle - Holy Crap. I've been following your site for awhile now...and you are just crazy fabulous. Your images have me drooling...what you do with light and the ubersharpness...and the angles and locations and...etc., etc. What the hey do you do to get your subjects to come out of their shell? You are truly an artist, and I enjoy my morning coffee lookin' at your new posts. Truly inspiring.  01.26.09 - 2:52pm
jamie - You always have the best stories.. best meetings.. best new clients :)  01.26.09 - 2:38pm
jeramy - cute shots....anytime! :-) love it.  01.26.09 - 2:35pm
Jen O. - Cool locations! Love the interlude to the photos!  01.26.09 - 2:29pm
Feuza - Wow, love the mirror shots and umbrella ones but my favorite is the BW one in fron of the hair shop.   01.26.09 - 2:21pm
Paula Herko - oh goodness, i really LOVE the pic with the big brown door. So beautiful... :)  01.26.09 - 2:13pm
Rodolfo Arpia - Hey J*, small world... I love that place in Orange! We did a bridal shoot there and it was awesome! Great stuff... cheers!  01.26.09 - 2:06pm
Kate - That old-fashioned mirror is superfabbbb times 23597! love the umbrella shots too :]  01.26.09 - 2:04pm
stephanie - Gosh, I wish I lived in CA so you could take awesome pics of me for my site! I guess I'll just have to settle for the whole turn-the-camera-around-and-get-part-my-arm-in-the-picture for now! ;) Superb job and narration!  01.26.09 - 1:58pm
Kristin Mizo - That dress is ADORABLE! Oh yeah, so are the pictures ;)   01.26.09 - 1:53pm
Stacy Cross - WAY cute, sister!  01.26.09 - 1:46pm
mary beth graff - she's stunning as are the shots. i never miss your blog posts! fabulous.  01.26.09 - 1:41pm
Amber Grover - Beautiful Jasmine! You can really see her personality and creativity from these photos. Makes me want to redecorate my house! Thanks for sharing!   01.26.09 - 1:11pm
Christopher - The last two rock. Talk about fun!  01.26.09 - 12:59pm
Tira J - Oh wow! She is adorable, and I can't wait to hop over to her site. Beautiful work Jasmine!  01.26.09 - 12:58pm