Cool as a Cucumber

couple days ago, I blogged about making up my own words. With many thanks to my blog readers, I'm happy to report that I'm not alone in doing so. In lieu of this, I think we should create a dictionary filled with all our favorite pretend words. It'll be a best seller. I think I need to start practicing my autograph.

Speaking of words, I was chatting with JD today in car and I mentioned the world was his oyster. He cocked his head to the side, blinked a couple times, then asked me what it meant. You know, the whole oyster thing. It's funny because english is JD's second language and it wasn't until he entered the first grade when he realized spanish wasn't the lengua franca. Because of this, American idioms are sometimes lost in our conversation. Cool as a cucumber. She's a good egg. Straight from the horse's mouth. There are times when I find myself explaining these phrases and he looks at me like I'm speaking Xiaowiyhlasdnfp. Yes, like I'm speaking THAT language.

After explaining Shakespeare popularized the term (Why, then, the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open) and meant the world is where you seek your fortune, JD nodded in agreement and smiled. You know, Jaz, he said, you're a good egg and that came straight from the horse's mouth.

In other news, if you want to be as cool as a cucumber, I'd be honored to have you vote for my blog on the PPA Fresh Blog Contest 2009 website. My blog was nominated and I'm stoked to see so many cool entries. If you wanna swing on over and vote for my blog, I'll think of something grandiose to do for my readers. Ummm, like give up my lasagna recipe. Okay, maybe not...I'm not that nice! ;)

Many thanks to Kevin Fischer for pointing out that I'm entry 0005...there's a search icon in the upper left corner where you can type that in and it'll take you straight there. And I'm currently on second page of the website. Thanks! :)
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nicole - Hi Jasmine, I'm what one might call a blog-stalker, and have followed you for a while. You rock! So, naturally, when I saw that you were nominated for something to celebrate your radness, I had to swing by to vote! I must say, after checking out some of the other cool sites, I was compelled to comment on yours - none impressed me in the way yours does, and with such consistency. I love the way you write, the way you shoot, and your outlook on life. As a wanna-be photog, I am constantly inspired by your work. Thank you for creating a daily gravitational pull to your blog, and keep kickin' ass! : ]   02.16.09 - 6:42pm
cassandra m - Hey girl...You were on the first page when I just searched. YEA...I voted!!! GOOD LUCK! There are ALOT of amazing BLOGS shown, what a wonderful feeling to be among such other amazing people!  02.16.09 - 8:19am
Ron - I just voted. You got my vote!  02.13.09 - 1:33pm
Melissa ~ - I am laughing sooo hard....JD its cool, I suck at idioms too...each time I say them people give me these strange looks, and its then that I realize that I've managed to flip the words....LOSER!  02.12.09 - 9:56am
Jodi {In Any Event} - I love following your blog, you have the most glorious pictures I have ever seen! Congrats on getting entered into the Fresh Blog Contest, I just voted for you and hopefully many others are doing the same! Best of luck!  02.12.09 - 9:22am
V3 Weddings & Events - Voted! xoxo  02.12.09 - 8:47am
Kristin Mizo - I voted! Hard decision...but I love your blog the best :)  02.12.09 - 5:03am
Danielle Wang - I just cast my vote for your site! Good luck!  02.11.09 - 10:04pm
Lisa Love - My vote has been cast from Madison, Alabama and of course I "like totally" voted for ya!!! You're soooooooooooo going to win!!! =)  02.11.09 - 7:30pm
Rachel Darley - Hahaha. I soooo totally understand where JD is coming from. I suck at those idioms... and I always repeat them wrong too. I was once told that I looked "like the cat who ate the canary".......huh? Do i look like I have whiskers, lady???! No worries JD, no estas solo.   02.11.09 - 5:17pm
Fishgirl - I voted for your already, I was bummed that I wasn’t allow to do a do over… ;-)  02.11.09 - 1:59pm
allie - I'm certain your blog will do great in that contest! It is full of GORGEOUS images and great, fun thoughts! :)  02.11.09 - 12:53pm
brandi - Of course I voted for you!! You are the most beautifumous person =)  02.11.09 - 12:52pm
Seini - You got my vote! Can't wait to meet you in Vegas!  02.11.09 - 12:34pm
Moondog Photo - 5D Mark II in stock at CA BestBuy stores. Ask for customer fullfillment check and theres only 8 left in CA. Just passing this info amongst friends. Thanks J* for bringing all these great people together.  02.11.09 - 12:32pm
imthiaz houseman - Good luck, I already, maybe we can get the lasagna recipe ;)  02.11.09 - 12:04pm
terri Z - my vote is for you jasmine !!! ;)  02.11.09 - 11:57am
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) - CUTE! I always wonder what people who didn't grow up speaking English would think of our strange phrases.   02.11.09 - 11:52am
Autumn Olive Photography - How fun! Good for you and the best of luck!  02.11.09 - 11:39am
Dee - My vote cast for you, darlin' Jasmine!!! And YES, you are that nice and so I'm waiting for your prized lasagna recipe complete with photos! :-) Ciao, Dee  02.11.09 - 11:10am
Raquelita - voted for you and hope you win :)   02.11.09 - 10:55am
Elisabeth Nixon - I too was there to vote for another person - but after taking a look through to make SURE you weren't on there (and then saw you were) I was unable to vote for anybody else. :) Good luck!!  02.11.09 - 10:52am
Mark Hayes - I was actually on the vote site looking for another friends blog, but when I saw you're there I couldn't in good conscious vote for anything but yours as the best.   02.11.09 - 10:43am
Lana - I voted for you!  02.11.09 - 10:40am
Lindsi Luffman - Voted for J*.... CHECK!  02.11.09 - 9:54am
Christa - Voting Completed...good luck. I hope you win :)  02.11.09 - 9:41am
Sharon - I reread my first comment... sorry. From now on, I'm going to make sure I am completely awake before I comment... I'll make sure Jeramy votes on his computer at work for me. I'm a dork. A lovable one, but a dork all the same.   02.11.09 - 9:20am
ashley o. - okay, so i don't make up as many upberfabulous words as you, but i do have a husband who i have to explain our american sayings too as well! english is his second language, and even though he can't even speak his first any more, he still doesn't know all of our little phrases. just wanted you to know i'm with ya!  02.11.09 - 9:15am
Moondog Photo - Voted. As well as the rest of the office who I forced to vote.  02.11.09 - 8:43am
Larry Reeves - Voted! Great story about your conversation with JD!  02.11.09 - 8:38am
Liz - Voted :)  02.11.09 - 8:33am
Amy Wenzel - I voted for you!!! You are sooooo going to win.   02.11.09 - 8:19am
Marissa Rodriguez - You and JD are too funny! Just voted!   02.11.09 - 8:18am
Erica Velasco - I saw that your blog was submitted...very cool. I'm sure you'll do well  02.11.09 - 8:05am
Terrra Dawn - I love those sayings!!! I need to find a good website that explains their origins. I'll post it if I find one.... Of course...Wikipedia probably isn't a bad place to start. lol.  02.11.09 - 7:59am
CL - Idioms are something that we are always having an issue with in our house. My 13 year old son has Aspegers (on the Autism spectrum) and interprets everything literally so what he thinks some of these mean is really quit funny. His teacher the other day forgot about his literal translations and told him they had a date after school and he was mortified. I headed over to freshblog and placed my vote for you because when it comes to photoblogs you are the cats meow! Cheers, cl  02.11.09 - 7:51am
Stephanie Stewart - Thanks for the amusing post! Need it here on this super rainy day in Indy! Will be casting my vote for your blog in a minute! One of my favorite sayings of my husband is "Six of one, half a dozen of the other!" It cracks me up every time!  02.11.09 - 7:50am
Amanda - I love your blog, so of course you got my vote. FYI the urban dictionary ( allows you to enter all your special words with the definition for others to discover and use. My friend has me hooked on his word: uncomfortafull - being so full that its uncomfortable. I ate so much for dinner that I'm uncomfortafull.   02.11.09 - 7:45am
Gina Ontiveros - Okay Jazz- just voted for ya.   02.11.09 - 7:36am
melissa stava - things to do today- vote for jasmine, DONE!  02.11.09 - 7:32am
J.D. - You are one of the most inspiring photographers and bloggers working today. Of course I voted for you, and I'll be nudging others to do the same. It's in the bag!  02.11.09 - 6:49am
Sharon - Jeramy voted here so it won't let me vote! Now he's gotta go to work and cast me vote for that computer!   02.11.09 - 6:43am
Jenny Sun - woohoo!! Congrats on the nomination Jas! You totally deserve to be there, although I have to agree with Brandy - its totally not fair for the rest! You'd win hands down. You know you are way cool in writing and photography haha :) Thanks for being a star! :)  02.11.09 - 6:06am
Susan P - so, another photographer's blog sent me to this context to vote for their blog the other day. But once I got there, saw your blog,, and realized i could only vote for one person, I voted for YOU! haha...the other photographer's blog will remain apologies to them for switching my vote at the last minute :)  02.11.09 - 6:02am
Feuza - Do you know your # to vote Jas, cause I am not finding it on that page you are showing,,, tx  02.11.09 - 5:46am
Feuza - My husband who is still learning English, asks me to translate some things and I blow it, I am so happy being bilingual to be able to explain many things if not in one language but in both. I know how hard to translate the idioms cause after all it is about a whole other culture. ofcourse I will vote for my favorite photographer and blog.  02.11.09 - 5:35am
Michelle - Your so funny, you crack me up! going to vote for you! hope you win  02.11.09 - 5:27am
jane button - hey jasmine: you should check out - you can enter all the words you create and view tons of words other readers have submitted. some are very clever, others not so much...but worth the visit!  02.11.09 - 4:28am
brandy - ok jasmine, you paved the way to blogging- you are the mother of cool photoblogs, i think this should exempt you from the competition. :) JUST KIDDING!!! you got my vote. as if the pictures weren't enough to drive folks here, the words! hilarious.   02.11.09 - 4:12am
Sarah Smith Photography - blog is just to the right of yours....i couldnt decide if this was a good thing or not since i have a feeling you will be getting all the votes :)   02.11.09 - 4:08am
Velia - I voted for you Jasmine, you def inspire me and your site has become one of my favorite places to come to. Best of Luck to you and congrats for the nomination..   02.11.09 - 3:32am
Bobby Earle - Thanks ALOT!!! Now I've got NO shot at winning. You're such a bully, Jasmine. First you try to take my wallet, sneak it back in DJ's library like you didn't take it (which means you CLEARLY crossed the line I drew), and now this?!?! Dems fightin' words... :P Bobby  02.11.09 - 2:46am
Hanssie - I totally would vote for you, but I voted for myself...heehee. (I think you have about 20x the readers I do, so I wouldn't worry :)  02.10.09 - 11:56pm
Cezanne - Just voted! Hope you win! You deserve it!  02.10.09 - 9:46pm
Joan Solitario - P.S. I told Ryan to vote for you too hahah so 2 votes from us :-D  02.10.09 - 9:11pm
Jo-Anne Kyle - Voted for you, of course! Something grandiose, huh? Well, if you won't give up your lasagna recipe, how about letting us see a rerun of your PhotographyMentor webcast. For those of us who tried (for over two hours!) and couldn't get on :)  02.10.09 - 9:09pm
Joan Solitario - I voted for you!!! You really do have THE BEST blog design and content Jasmine!  02.10.09 - 9:04pm
Nicole (perfectlyposh) - Jasmine, I adore your blog! It is always fun and amazing and represents you and all of your fantabulousness!!!   02.10.09 - 8:57pm
jeramy - done. voted. what's the prize?  02.10.09 - 8:55pm
Katelyn - ohhhh definitely voting but this comment is for Stephanie and Steven's engagements! The comment box was overflowing so I thought I'd drop a little note in this one to tell you that their session is my FAVORITE! Yes! I think I have a favorite! Never before have a been able to pin-point a favorite.... but this one is the winner! Awesome! How do u luck out with fields of PERFECT yellow flowers!? gosh!  02.10.09 - 8:46pm
Meghan - You've got my vote!!   02.10.09 - 8:36pm
Kevin - If anyone is wondering Jasmine's entry number is 0005 to look it up quick.  02.10.09 - 8:29pm
SJ Styles - Voted!!!   02.10.09 - 8:27pm
Christina AKA FandangoChica - Obviously voting for you! And I'm laughing out loud about the idioms!! All my friends in college were int'l students learning English. And I work as a Spanish medical interpreter, so I still work between both languages and have to explain weird idioms all the time. They are generally pretty entertaining! ;-)  02.10.09 - 8:21pm
Holli True - My hubby's right- we both just went and voted for you!! Good Luck and Congrats!! :)  02.10.09 - 7:37pm
Amy V. - So great to see the "cool as a cucumber" quote... my Mom used that phrase alot when I was young (taking my temp). She passed away about a year and a half ago and recently my daughter was sick and what did I find myself saying... yep, "cool as a cucumber". Funny how a simple phrase can bring back great memories! I'm off to go vote. My husband and I LOVE your blog. He swears you're in the wrong profession - he thinks you she be a writer. He loves your prose! So... I guess you just need to "write" a "photo" book. Hmmmm... where does the line start?  02.10.09 - 7:34pm
The Last Forty Percent Photography - That's cool about your nomination. Great :)  02.10.09 - 7:23pm
Jeff True - You got two votes from Holli True Photography!!!  02.10.09 - 7:22pm
Jason - Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I do not agree with Rob. This is not a mediocre blog by any means. It's full of information geared to showcase the work of a VERY talented photographer as well as providing tons of information on equipment, style and the industry in general. And, she blogs nearly EVERY day. It's enough to keep my wife and I visiting each day.  02.10.09 - 7:14pm
Melanie - you're definitely not overrated :) I think you're fab. And I think you're PHOTOblog is fantabulous as well!  02.10.09 - 7:09pm
Marisa - Rob... its called a photoblog...emphasis on "photo" - Even though I think there is alot of good info on here, anyway I think most of us come for the amazing photos. Thanks for all of the inspiration Jasmine!  02.10.09 - 7:06pm
Rob Maxium - I think your blog is a little overrated. You provide mediocre information, people flock too. I think this contest illustrates better sources of information.  02.10.09 - 6:58pm
Chung Nguyen - As an immigrant with English as the second language, I, too, hate idioms sometimes. They drive me bananas! And the boyfriend - a bigger FOB (that's Fresh Off the Boat) than I am - is atrocious with the idioms. It's totally not worth it to explain it to him just to get my point across. Le sigh.  02.10.09 - 6:24pm
Lydia - What's funny is that I hadn't heard of the oyster expression before. Maybe because lit was a class I despised in college?  02.10.09 - 6:16pm
Whitney Gray - I already voted for you, OF COURSE!!!! You are the OBVIOUS choice!  02.10.09 - 6:10pm
Nicole Monique Photography - You totally have my vote! Your blog is the first thing I read when i turn on my computer everyday and I want everyone to recognize your fabulousness!  02.10.09 - 5:40pm
kasjr - You have my vote!!! Let just say your all over it!!! Lasagna is my favorite, okay what makes it so good? BEST OF LUCK  02.10.09 - 5:35pm
Bobbie Brown - I am laughing out loud!!!! Haha! Going to vote...  02.10.09 - 5:30pm