Joanna and Cooper : Engagement

heir paths were supposed to cross. A few times to be exact. But they never did. Joanna lived in New York City--complete with her stiletto heels and jet-set lifestyle--but just couldn't muster the strength to go on a blind date. So she passed. A few times to be exact. Joanna was over dating and she'd let her friends know when she was ready to let her heart wander the taxi filled streets of the Big Apple.

Cooper was in the city for business and though she didn't want to, Joanna agreed to meet him per the suggestion of a friend. Their spark was instantaneous and through the conversation, they realized friends had intended to set them up many times before, but fate had other plans. On that particular night, the stars over New York City aligned for the pair and they've been together ever since.

The couple now lives in Montecito, California and are planning their wedding just outside Santa Barbara. Joanna and Cooper planned to have their engagement session on one of their vast properties in Santa Ynez, but the rain had other plans. Most girls might worry and fret, but Joanna asked if we'd be able to shoot at their home early the following morning to avoid the inclimate weather. When I told her we'd have to start shooting at 7am, I thought she might change her mind, but she simply laughed and agreed to our morning escapades. But that's just Joanna. Caring, free-flowing, and kind. And the best part of Joanna is, well, Cooper. He just makes her better. And vice versa.

I'm thrilled for their wedding this April and the I'm stoked to be working with one of my favorite Santa Barbara based wedding coordinators, Maren Parsons for their big day! Here are a few favorites from their shoot and their engagement slideshow...

While we wandered around their beautiful home, Cooper's dog roamed along with us and made cameos whenever he felt like it! :)


Once the sun poked her pretty head into the sky, we shot indoors and had some fun...

As the shoot progressed, Joanna mentioned she and Cooper were "foodies" so we hung out in their kitchen as they made breakfast....

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Kristi Midgette - These are gorgeous! Do you ever use an on camera flash and if so when? Your photos are always so sharp and the eyes always have catch lights. I am amazed.  02.28.09 - 7:30pm
Sean Wray - I love this whole set. I feel like I really get a sense of who they are even though i don't know them. Great work!  02.26.09 - 7:33pm
Pascal - I love the ones in front of the porch they are so great!  02.20.09 - 2:05am
Tony - Pretty photos  02.18.09 - 7:11pm
Whitney Gray - Jasmine~ I've got a sad, strange question that I've not seen asked before: what do you do when he's just not that into her? I mean, when the body language is all wrong and it's hard to hide it in the pictures? ???  02.17.09 - 4:55pm
Alex - These are adorable! You both look so happy! I am so excited for your life journey together!  02.17.09 - 12:40pm
Linda Morgan - love these. on your next Q&A could you comment on the indoor shots with the fabulous lighting and how you got those. especially the ones on the couch. thanks!!  02.17.09 - 12:09pm
Leah - OMG!!!! I LOVE your photography and your blog! I've spent like...hours on here going back through your blog history. I'm totally addicted! Ha! I'm just getting started in photography and enjoy getting ideas from your site! Thanks for sharing your excellent work!  02.16.09 - 8:05pm
Oana Hogrefe - I love the one on the sofa with her head on his lap -- so sweet and intimate.  02.16.09 - 7:10pm
Ashley Rose - I love the premise behind this shoot, so fun and casual yet so chic just making breakfast! I love it all! :)   02.16.09 - 12:45pm
allie - what fantastic images! gorgeous couple!  02.16.09 - 12:22pm
Carolyn - Is it just me, or is all this just incredibly sexy??? There's just something about couples in the kitchen... hot hot hot. You're amazing Jasmine!!  02.16.09 - 9:56am
cassandra m - great light at 7am! Worth getting up the inside breakfast series too. These guys are beautiful!  02.16.09 - 8:45am
The Last Forty Percent Photography - Brianna - I love the feeling of the photo on the couch.   02.16.09 - 7:03am
Lisa Holl Chang - I love the photos in the kitchen! ... the warm colors, and them being in a place they love ... great job!!!  02.15.09 - 5:24pm
Carrie Hayes - I love this set of portraits. It is always great to be able to tell what their personalities are like just by your captures!  02.15.09 - 2:40pm
Peggy Schiavon - Dear Jasmine, Joanna's father and I were so happy to see the engagement photos and how you were able to capture the true, natural essence of our daughter and Cooper and the love and fun and caring they have for each other. Thank you for these wonderful photos that we will all have to remember this awesome moment in time for our daughter and son-in-law to be.  02.15.09 - 12:37pm
Teresa K - Jasmine you are amazing! These images are perfection as always and I love that you did it all in their space. Of course it helps that their space looks straight out of a magazine!  02.15.09 - 11:14am
Irene Frankhouse - Jasmine, your work is amazing. I love the crisp look of all your images. I am truly inspired by your photography!  02.14.09 - 10:36pm
Jenny Sun - you continue to blow us away Jasmine! Just when I thought the last one was like, THE best, you bring it on (!) to a whole new level. I just love how personal this shoot is!! Thank you for another inspiring post! Though, you do make the rest of us look like we really suck at what we do!! haha! ;)  02.14.09 - 12:33pm
Jasmine* - @WhitneyGray: Thanks for your kind words! I shoot with only natural light. There was a large white wall behind me, so it naturally reflected soft light onto Joanna and Coopers faces. I usually try to place my subjects where natural and reflected light can be found. @BrittneyHale: I always set my white balance to Auto. @Kevin: No, I don't have guidelines for client wardrobe, but I think they always do a fabulous job!! @AshMcSorley: I used the 50mm, 1.2 and the 85mm, 1.2 exclusively for this shoot.  02.14.09 - 10:20am
Whitney Gray - I feel so stupid always saying WOW- you'd think I could come up with something original- but that's what I always say: WOW! Just gotta ask though, did you use flash on the inside shots on the sofa? Ocf? Portable softbox? I see the catchlights in her eyes and the outside is exposed perfectly instead of blown. Whatever you did, AWESOME! {I know you love weddings, but I can really see a commercial career in your future!}  02.14.09 - 9:10am
Bobbie Brown - FABULOUS!  02.14.09 - 8:49am
hongyi - wow. those r superb photos, j*. i'd love to travel to CA one day...just to get u to take pics of me one day when i get married ! ;)  02.14.09 - 12:21am
joanna - j* you rock! you are a dream to work with, we had such a great time hanging out with you. your talent continues to blow me away with every new shoot, and i am so thrilled you are the one documenting this special time for us. thank you for making it easy to be in front of the camera and for your kindness and generosity!  02.13.09 - 11:28pm
Cathy Crawley - Super sexy work Miss Jasmine! I can not wait for Tuesday :)  02.13.09 - 11:22pm
debbie - Hey Jasmine I am just getting started in photography and I am a big fan of your work. so I wanted to let you know that added a link to you from my blog. Thanks :)  02.13.09 - 10:10pm
Jeanette - Oh these are simply gorgeous!! She's a very beautiful woman!  02.13.09 - 10:05pm
Meg - The colors are beautiful here- and those skin tones- yum!!!  02.13.09 - 9:31pm
Amy Clifton - Wow, these are stunning. The image with her sitting on the arm of the chair is smokin', and I love the breakfast shots! And the chess series.   02.13.09 - 9:23pm
Kelly - Just found you. Don't think I'm ever gonna let you go. :-) (Said in a completely NON-creepy, UN-stalker-like way. Promise.) Truly your creativity is inspiring, your passion for what you do, er, inspiring also. New to the industry, I soak up all the inspiration I can get. Wishing you a lifetime of love and success, Your New Biggest (non-stalker) Fan Kelly  02.13.09 - 7:37pm
The Fabulous Claudia - Your lighting is just amazing!!!  02.13.09 - 7:32pm
nena - Ohhhhhh, how do I love these pictures! They're perfect! And the song is just perfect for them too! I want to live in their house! =-)  02.13.09 - 7:04pm
denise karis - beautiful! i love the one with the ring and the eggs - so cute!!!  02.13.09 - 6:56pm
Lorie - So since you delurked on mine I thought it only fair I delurked on yours=) I've read your blog for the last two years and am constantly inspired by how you capture love. And these are breath taking. I love how you moved in doors and captured who they are as a couple. Absolutely beautiful. So hello! And thank you for reading my blog=)  02.13.09 - 5:54pm
Helga Schaefer - Crazy, Beautiful, lovely, your work!!!  02.13.09 - 5:17pm
Gina Meola - Love, love, LOVE the indoor shots and lighting. Fresh!  02.13.09 - 5:09pm
Christopher - The shots with her in the door are great. I love who they are side by side.   02.13.09 - 5:05pm
Dominoe Imus - Oh my gosh! Those images are gorgeous, and their house is even more gorgeous!! Wow! And a bride that doesn't mind getting up at seven for a shoot is a rare find. Great work Jasmine!  02.13.09 - 4:20pm
Cortnie Purdy - Joanna, you look insanely gorgeous! Jasmine, you captured them beautifully!!  02.13.09 - 4:04pm
Tiffany - such a nice clean feel to these photos! lovely home..lovely couple  02.13.09 - 4:01pm
brittney hale - This so looks like a spread in Vanity Fair- you are amazing!!! On these indoor shots what white balance do you set to?   02.13.09 - 3:37pm
Betsy, La Vida - Gorgeous morning light. Oh, and the ones in the kitchen on the counter... scrumptious!   02.13.09 - 3:18pm
Crystal - Gorgeous! And what a FABulous ring!!  02.13.09 - 2:30pm
Feuza - These so work! They are fun and fabulous! differant and so beautiful as always.  02.13.09 - 1:41pm
Charisse - Jasmine, these pictures are beautiful.I was wondering if you used a flash with any of these pictures?  02.13.09 - 1:18pm
jesi haack - who looks like that at 7am????? that's amazing! and how adorable is the little white dog! love it all....  02.13.09 - 12:49pm
Kyle - Beautiful photos Jasmine. I never would have thought about shooting in their home. What a unique look you gave them.  02.13.09 - 12:48pm
kate - hehe so cute! i love the kitchen photos!  02.13.09 - 12:17pm
Tanya Jose - gorgeous home & decor!! and that last photo is it!! can't wait to see their wedding photos in April!!  02.13.09 - 12:14pm
Adrienne Gunde - What a cute session! Loved the peek into their gorgeous home as well!  02.13.09 - 11:46am
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) - i love in-home sessions. They are just special.   02.13.09 - 11:29am
Kevin - Everytime...everytime I go to your site I get inspired. I checked the last 2 FAQ posts and I am not sure if it is already posted on your site. I was you have guidelines for your clients for wardrobe? Hope WPPI is a great time for you and the team meeting up with you.  02.13.09 - 11:22am
Erica Velasco - I love the ones in the kitchen...really shows who they are as a couple. I love the ones by the doors...the one on their home and the one that is outside somewhere...very cool!  02.13.09 - 11:19am
Navy Sou - Ah! I forgot and meant to ask what lens you primarily used for this e-session? Also, you always say that you shoot wide open. I'm wondering if you do the same with more than one person in the same focal plane. Inquiring minds wants to know! : )   02.13.09 - 11:10am
Lydia - Love the ones in front of the blue door and inside the house!  02.13.09 - 10:58am
Rich - Great post! I like the indoor work a lot - it's not something photographers often think of with couples during their engagement shoot....very cool.  02.13.09 - 10:56am
Yuka photo art - This E-session is so much fun! Beautiful couple! I love song in slide show!  02.13.09 - 10:54am
Navy Sou - This was truly a fab idea!!!! I absolutely LOVE this session and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her fabulous dress!!!  02.13.09 - 10:49am
Ash McSorley - Very nice!! Curious what lens you used the most? They turned out very beautiful! Thanks Ash  02.13.09 - 10:45am
Chris c. - Another wow!   02.13.09 - 10:16am
Halli - Love the pics in the garden... BEAUTIFUL!!  02.13.09 - 10:08am
Brooke Snow - Super great job! I love to see the variety with indoor and outdoor. The shot with the watering can is my favorite! So much character! Keep up the stellar work!  02.13.09 - 10:02am
Norma Cabrera - Sorry! I missed the 7 a.m. part. The last comment answered my question. HEHE...:)  02.13.09 - 10:00am
Adrienne Byrd - I always feel like by the time I'm done looking through your posts, I'm speechless! So then, I end up always saying the same thing.. "Beautiful". But seriously, your pictures are always just that.. absolutely beautiful!  02.13.09 - 9:58am
jeramy - what a gorgeous house! geez! so, at first...i did like a quadruple take because i thought that was andrea! cute non the less though. excellent shots as always. i'm assuming the 7am thing is for the light? yeah? also...4 more days!  02.13.09 - 9:53am
Norma Cabrera - Love the location, so personal. I like when clients rock it! ?4U Jasmine, what time of the day did you shoot this session, the indoor shots? Thank you!!  02.13.09 - 9:49am
Kristin Mizo - Loves it. I love the house just seems so personal!  02.13.09 - 9:46am
Fishgirl - Awesome Job!!   02.13.09 - 9:33am
Kari Dawson - 1. If only we ALL looked that good at 7 a.m. or any time of day really! 2. The 'rawr' one, shut up! 3. What a perfect location for their engagement shoot! I know you let your clients choose their locations and it makes it so personal.  02.13.09 - 9:32am
B - LOVE it!  02.13.09 - 9:30am
Brittnei - wow! that last photo is amazing!!!! not that all of them aren't anyway! you rock!  02.13.09 - 9:29am
Beth - Wow! Once again, really nice work!  02.13.09 - 9:26am
Stephanie Stewart - What a fun session! My favorite is the one with the watering can and newspaper as props. And the kitchen shots are sweet and fun. Awesome!  02.13.09 - 9:10am
todd scott ballje - great job Jasmine those are some of my favorite that you have done. Tons of personality shining through.  02.13.09 - 9:04am
Tara - love this session, and the expression of the couple's style and home.   02.13.09 - 9:01am
Dennis Bullock - Jasmine these last few engagement sessions have just been amazing!  02.13.09 - 8:59am
Jenn Best - What a wonderful shoot! Not only are the pics HOT but it feels like you really captured their personalities. Great Job as usual. Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th!  02.13.09 - 8:57am
Joan Solitario - I agree with first commenter! It's great how you make any location work! Loved that this session was so personal... having it done at their home.  02.13.09 - 8:55am
Holli True - LOL I guess Moondog beat me to the punch! ;)  02.13.09 - 8:51am
Holli True - Oohh!! I never get to be the first to comment, I am so excited! :) I love pics of them in front of the blue gate! The one of her feeding him is so cute, too! Great work as always, girl!   02.13.09 - 8:49am
Moondog Photo - Great pictures! Thats awesome how you make any lcoation work. See you at WPPI. Countdown has begun...  02.13.09 - 8:45am