02.19.09 Photography

Fingerprints Make Me Proud

'm sitting in my hotel room and it's much too early to be awake in Las Vegas. JD is breathing softly under his pillow (yes, he sleeps under his pillow) and the window shades are cracked in such a way where i can see nearby buildings reflect golden light and an occasional plane leave McCarran airport. In a few minutes, I'll be packing our bags and heading home, and this makes me happy. I miss Polo.

From the seminars I've attended at WPPI and the conversations I've had with peers over the past few days, I've become a better photographer. It's nice to see and hear what other people are doing and I'm excited to spruce up my business. One of the highlights, however, was seeing my dear friends launch their new website.

Some of my faithful blog readers will remember fabulous clients by the name of Gabriel and Carlie (you can see their photos here). A few months ago, we took them out to dinner and spoke about their new photography business. We spoke about branding and how important a website is to define who you are as an entrepreneur. I, of course, spoke about how my Showit Site changed my business in ways I could never dream. They were thrilled to work on their site, and we clicked our glasses in a toast to the future.

The Future.

Yesterday, Gabriel and Carlie sat in the Showit Suite in Las Vegas and launched their NEW WEBSITE, and I was beyond amazed. They've come so far, they're so humble, and they're people I trust will change the face of emerging photographers. When Carlie showed me their site, a little piece of me was proud. Perhaps I had nothing to do with their dream catching. But, perhaps, I did. And I was proud for this glimmer of hope that I might have made a difference in two amazing lives.

Their website is a total reflection of them. As my website is a total reflection of me. Both sites are completely custom, unique, and have our smudgy fingerprints all over the sites. If you're a blog reader who fears your brand isn't adequately displayed, I challenge you to find ways to carve your path and start loving your business and brand!

Happy Thursday!
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Cathy Crawley - I love those guys, Carlie is soooo much fun. I see big things for them in the future ;)  02.22.09 - 12:07am
barbara (soon to be dieppa) - I love Gabriel and Carlie! They are super cute! My fiancee is also using show it sites to redesign his new website too! He loves it!  02.21.09 - 4:34pm
allyson magda - great advice!  02.20.09 - 11:25am
Rachel - Super cool site! I just finished launching my own showit site last week - still tweaking a little here and there. Thanks so much for introducing the site to all of us - it really made my site building and updating easy!  02.20.09 - 7:42am
Tonya Peterson - I met them at wppi this year and they are about the sweetest people I have ever met. They were so cool!  02.20.09 - 7:38am
allie - how wonderful, their site is gorgeous ineed!  02.20.09 - 6:33am
Christy - I'm currently working on a website now and the whole branding aspect has been a major issue for me. I like a variety of things and I'm struggling to combine it all into one "image". I hit a block every time I try to "create" what reflects me best. AAHHH!!!  02.20.09 - 5:50am
melissa schroeder - inspire so many other photographers with your talent and beautiful outlook on life. Thanks for sharing this gave me chills. i loove it.   02.20.09 - 5:49am
Wendy Mayo - LOL! I just noticed my own mistake in my last comment. Duh!  02.19.09 - 8:15pm
Lesley - This is one of the cutest sites ever!   02.19.09 - 8:15pm
Wendy Mayo - Great new site! I really like the artsy-ness of it. (Is that a word?) One thing I would mention to them though is that in the section about them they used the word "their" instead of "there". Seems like this is a rather common mistake and I see it all the time on sites that I view. Not a bid deal, but if anyone finds errors on my site, I would want to know.  02.19.09 - 8:14pm
Cynthia Q. - love how amazingly supportive you! And thanks for letting us all know about the new look for Gabriel and Carlie :)  02.19.09 - 6:14pm
Brian Khang - Yay for Gabriel and Carlie! Their site is very them!  02.19.09 - 5:15pm
Jamie Delaine - Mmmhmmm!! Gotta love Showit! :)  02.19.09 - 4:45pm
brianna - i feel like i know carlie and gabriel as good as you do...except i've never met them! i just remember seeing them from the beginning and now, after taking a look at their site, i'm amazed at how far they've come. that's pretty fabulous!   02.19.09 - 4:30pm
Lydia - Their site is rockin'! It IS so them! I love how it totally goes with their client lounge (which I adore) too!  02.19.09 - 3:37pm
cassandra m - I just checked it out....AWESOME! It really gives me an idea of their personalities and I've never met them. I see your pics are on the website & blog. Both those shoots had beautiful images you captured. They look like really cool & FRIENDLY people.  02.19.09 - 12:32pm
Laurie - A new fave to add to the RSS feed. AWESOME!  02.19.09 - 12:26pm
Malia - Can you talk about branding more specifically in one of your FAQ posts? that is... if it is Frequently Asked about? I don't even know what to ask about or where to start as a new photographer. Thanks!  02.19.09 - 12:16pm
Hanssie Trainor - I was so sad I missed you this week in Vegas :( I really wanted to chat with you (even though I squealed -in a totally cool way- when I saw JD at Rouge last night). Have a safe trip home. See ya next year hopefully!  02.19.09 - 11:04am
Tracy - I'm attending my first workshop next weekend. I know this will be a part of it..(branding)so excited! Thank you to you and your friends for being inspirations.  02.19.09 - 10:19am
Carlie Renee - Oh my goodness jasmine!! You are such a blessing to us!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a huge milestone for us in our business with all your wonderful blog readers! Also just wanted to let your readers know, thank you so much for your emails about a couple cliches found. We are on our way home from an awesome week in vegas and will be working on the website when we are home. Thank you so much!   02.19.09 - 10:19am
Becka Knight - Love the whimsy of it. :)  02.19.09 - 10:13am
Krysta - Thanks, Jaz! That was the boost I needed.  02.19.09 - 10:06am
DJ - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!   02.19.09 - 10:06am
Ashley - I love Carlie and Gabriel! And I love both your of these days I'm going to get one...  02.19.09 - 9:47am
jeramy - inspiration is an amazing thing! give, give, give...  02.19.09 - 9:42am
Tira J - As someone who just launched her new brand to the cyber world on Monday, I will say that I owe a lot of my branding process to Miss J*. Since I went to the Freedom Tour - LA last summer, I knew that I not only needed a place to call home for everyone, but a place that reflected who I was as a photographer, woman of faith, wife, daughter and friend. Whatever venue you choose to showcase your brand and your work, make sure it not only reflects who you are, but how you want your business to operate. C + G's site is amazing, and you can do so many fabulous things with Show It. Thank you Jasmine for continually inspiring myself and others to follow our dreams. Love you.   02.19.09 - 8:33am
Nick - Their site is great, but how do you turn off that awfully loud music?!?  02.19.09 - 8:31am
Erica Velasco - I'm totally thinking about a ShowitSite...they look so amazing!  02.19.09 - 8:25am
Nicole Rogers - Their site is great! So clean, simple and fresh.  02.19.09 - 8:15am
Lydia Johnson - Hi Jasmine, I am a part time wedding photographer, and I just came across your site a couple weeks ago. And I have now named you in and amongst my photography heros! Your work is wonderful! And your site is AWESOME. You have defiantly inspired me to do something amazing as far as a website for myself! I'm really excited about it. I do have a random question for you, if you have the time: I'm dying to know what kind of stuff you wear when you shoot a wedding. You are so stylish and always look so pretty, I would love to know how you mix the need to be well dressed, and yet be comfortable and free enough to focus strictly on shooting. Thanks for being so cool. Its a huge inspiration! Lydia  02.19.09 - 8:14am
Stephanie Stewart - I have been thinking about this very topic of branding and websites, thanks so much for the inspiration. I'm sure Polo is so excited for you to come home to him!!! Today's my b-day, and I was so excited to see that you had an awesome post for me to enjoy! :)   02.19.09 - 8:01am
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Hey, I'm an under the pillow sleeper, too! It often has to do with a snoring spouse. ;-)  02.19.09 - 7:57am
Julie G - oh i saw their site last night and loved it, ive been wanting to get my hands on a wacom pen so i can handwrite everything, from my blog to my website, and doodle. When i saw their site and what they did I knew I need to get on this, i love them, and their site but was a little envious they beat me to the punch.. soo cool though! I totally love you too Jas, dont want you to feel left out on feelin' some love. I think it's wonderful that you guys all got connected and I'm happy Ive been able to follow along your journies. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.  02.19.09 - 7:56am
Becky - I'm so glad that you linked to were I could get an awesome website. I really have wanted to update mine. I love yours so much! Although, it's your photographs that make it great!  02.19.09 - 7:46am
Terrence Randell - You should definitely take some credit. People like you and them are inspiring a lot of people. I'm one of them. In just a few weeks I've gone from, "I could never do that.", to "Hell yeah, I can do that!" and it's all because of stories like yours, Gabriel and Carlie's and others. Thank you for the beautiful images that inspire me and your openness in sharing what you know and do.  02.19.09 - 7:45am
Erin - That is so encouraging! I love how that site has captured their personality...the design is so happy, fresh and even motivating! I want one!! :D   02.19.09 - 7:42am
Rich (nickel city studios) - Thanks for sharing, Jasmine, that's a really cool website they have! You can definitely take some credit for our site, too, thanks again for the advice - it all worked out great!!  02.19.09 - 7:37am
Jane - Gabriel and Carlie are one of my all time favorite couples featured on your site. The day after shoot in their house was simply, da bomb.  02.19.09 - 7:34am
Kayleen T. - I love ShowIt Sites!!! Gonna check out there site!   02.19.09 - 7:28am
ken kienow - dang're the best blogger i know. most people (including me) talk about blogging frequently but fail to're sure consistent and post great stuff! oh and love gabriel's new site. :)  02.19.09 - 7:27am
Nicole Monique Photography - YAY! I am so excited to see what they accomplish in the future! Congratulations Gabriel and Carly! Jasmine, you have touched so many lives in so many ways you truly don't know how much of an impact you have made! Thank you Jasmine for being such an inspiring photographer. You have definitely set the bar high! ;-)  02.19.09 - 7:23am