02.20.09 Photography

Mile Grazie, Danke, Gracias, Thank You

ell, I'll be. Today I woke up and realized my little photography blog was voted as the winner of PPA's Fresh Blog Contest! Hollllllla! I, of course, had nothing to do with the win since all YOU did the voting, so three cheers to my blog readers for making me feel so blessed. Seriously, I never dreamed of making the connections with readers as I have and I'm incredibly rich having you in my life.

I've been thinking of ways to express my thanks, but I don't know how. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comment box and I'll see what I can do! :)

In other news, I'll be speaking in Portland, Oregon THIS Monday, February 23, 2009. The ever amazing team of the the PPO Convention has put together a fabulous event and I'm so honored to be speaking! If you're in the area, I'd love to meet you in Portland at the convention! Many thanks to those of you who've written and offered to take me and JD out to dinner...y'all know how to make a girl feel welcomed! Unfortunately, it's a turnaround trip for us, but we'll be there rocking it out all day!

If you'd like to check out a pre-interview PPO completed, definitely check out their blog!

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Melody - Congrats! Great job   02.26.09 - 6:39pm
JenniferJC - Wow, because of your win, I thought Id check out your blog. Sigh, Im addicted. I spent the last two days reading the entire blog!!! Stunning Photography, absolutely stunning, Im in such awe of you!! Thankyou for giving me back the spark I needed!  02.24.09 - 11:34am
XoXo - I think the best way you can express your thanks to us is to continue doing what you do and being an inspiration to all!! Congratulations J*!!!   02.24.09 - 10:45am
Megan - You're welcome ;)  02.23.09 - 12:23pm
Melanie Sikma - Congratulations Jasmine! You most certainly deserve this recognition.   02.23.09 - 10:19am
Stephanie Stewart - Congratulations, Jasmine!!! You deserve it! I'm so happy for you!!!   02.23.09 - 8:15am
ksen : ) - you deserve this hands down! you rock... so happy for you. :D  02.23.09 - 6:41am
Kimberly Hoang - Congrats Ms. Star! Your posts and work have turned this non-romantic believer into a diehard hopeless romantic :) Though marriage plans aren't in my future anytime soon (still in college!) your work makes my days of midterms, papers, and exams a little brighter! Keep blogging, you've got fans at the university level! Cheers!  02.22.09 - 11:56pm
Events by Evonne - Congrats, Jasmine! You totally deserve it... and keep blogging! :)  02.22.09 - 11:06pm
Michael Sablone - Congratulations! Your blog's unique design concept, your exceptional photos, your effective writing, and your devout readership makes your blog the clear winner. I think there are things we can all learn from and enjoy -- and that's what it's all about, right? Kudos! But ... am I crazy here? I seem to remember something about a lasagna recipe??  02.22.09 - 8:55pm
Cezanne - Congratulations Jasmine! You SO deserve it!  02.22.09 - 6:45pm
Carrie - I voted for you!! Congrats!! Your wit and amazing pictures bighten my day and give me ideas for hopefuly future projects.   02.22.09 - 5:38pm
Calvin Hill - Congrats on winning. That is fantastic.  02.22.09 - 4:13pm
Karen Stannard - Congratulations on your win. Your blog is da bomb! I'm subscribing, right now! Way to go and keep it up!  02.22.09 - 3:07pm
Val McCormick Photography - Congrats Jasmine! Of course you are the freshest blog! So many look forward to reading it. Your so inspiring to so many :-) ~Hugs~ Val  02.22.09 - 2:55pm
Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs - Congrats, J*! I knew you would win. Your blog is so awesome...It is a daily read for me.  02.22.09 - 2:42pm
Jen MacNiven - Your writing style, your personality and your amazing photography definitely reflect WHY you won! Congratulations! Wish I could come see you speak in Portland (since I live in SEattle), but I got the info a little late....bummer. Have a great time!  02.22.09 - 2:01pm
Karen - congrats jasmine, you are so talented - !  02.22.09 - 10:09am
Lindsi - That's awesome! Congrats! I definitely voted for your amazing blog :)  02.22.09 - 9:47am
de - Congrats!!!! You so deserve it! I voted for you and I'm glad my vote counted! I follow quite a few photography blogs and yours tops the list. When I see your name pop up in my Reader, yours is the one I always read first and right away! The combination of your talent of photography and capturing the essence of special moments is enhanced by your spirit, and caring nature. Your narratives are a work of art as well... thanks for sharing your talents with the world! You're an inspiration!  02.22.09 - 4:37am
Cathy Crawley - Congratulations Miss J*! It does however come as no surprise that you won ;) xxx  02.22.09 - 12:06am
mandi - I am so glad to hear that you won. You truly deserve it. You are truly an inspiration to those of us who are new to the business world. Your tips are great and I truly appreciate that you are willing to share with us. Keep up the good work!  02.21.09 - 6:36pm
cassandra m - CONGRATS girl! My heart is smiling for you. you deserve recognition for all your hard work. I will just dito all the other many many many well wishes. Heres to YOU making 2009 rock...keep inspiring!  02.21.09 - 5:48pm
Apple - I voted!!! :) I go with J and Marissa's suggestions. please? thank you!:) you know we love you!;D  02.21.09 - 4:51pm
imthiaz houseman - Congrats J*, its well deserved! Everyday the anticipation kills me waiting for you to update your blog to see what's on your mind that day.  02.21.09 - 2:00pm
Deyla Huss - WOW truly what an honor to hold the #1 most fabulous Blog and shall I say well-deserved! Your Blogs are inspirational and insightful and its fo fun to follow your posts. I will miss you guys while in Portland for the PPO, Not going to get a chance to go, went last night which was a blast but would have loved to hear you speak. Cheers to you J*! Oh yeah and I vote for a free photo shoot or seat in your workshop!   02.21.09 - 9:58am
christina Littleton - You own it girl!! I have shared your site with my non photography friends and they enjoy reading what you write. I always look forward to your RSS feed I get excited to see I have a unread message from Jasmine!! Your a ROCK star!!!  02.21.09 - 9:43am
Rita Clifton - Congrats J*! You so deserve this have given so much of yourself and have been blessed by an amazing talent and multi-tasking that you can do anything you put your heart into. Thanks for inspiring, teaching, and storytelling style that keeps blogger's like me addicted to your site!  02.21.09 - 8:58am
Gina Meola - SU-PA-STAR!  02.21.09 - 8:28am
Jamie - CONGRATS on the win!!! (though I am not surprise!) I am an avid reader but rarely comment. In fact, I read your blog daily often before my daily dose of headline news. Your site is inspiring, especially to the novice eye. Your work is brilliant! Thanks for all of your tips and witty posts!  02.21.09 - 8:23am
Maggie Hendrix - I'm with the others! You deserve it! However, it would be cool to see more of your post-processing recipes! I love them!  02.21.09 - 8:14am
Kevin Le Vu - YAY!!!! Congratulations Jasmine!!! You totally deserve it. Best, Kevin  02.21.09 - 8:08am
liam hennessey - yep. you deserve it. its the kind of blog where you stop in for a little photography and leave with more fluffy bunnies & rainbows than you can shake a stick at. congrats  02.21.09 - 6:17am
Christopher - Blog love is always good. Thanks for showing us some of the little tricks how to make life 1% better each day.   02.21.09 - 5:52am
Dawn McCarthy - You totally deserve that win J*. Congratulations!!!  02.21.09 - 5:42am
Tripping the light fantastic - Congrats Jasmine - I only discovered your blog recently after you were featured on Shutter Sisters. Now I'm hooked - your photos are gorgeous & I totally love the way you weave in your words. I would fly over from London for another workshop in a heartbeat! Thank you for the inspiration!  02.21.09 - 4:50am
Leo Bojesen - I love the design of this blog. Very creative. That alone would make me vote. Not to mention the great images and clever writing.  02.21.09 - 4:05am
Ruby Slippers - Congratulations! You deserve it. You know what I love? I love that you tell a story about every couple you photograph. It must be a pain writing all that stuff out, but it shows how much you care and how you really try to make a connection with every couple. That's why I voted for you...there are lots of photographers whose photos I love, but what you do makes your blog stand out from the rest.  02.21.09 - 3:48am
manon - finally someone who feels the same about laundry  02.21.09 - 1:34am
Affi - Jasmine you are the "bomb" girlfriend! That is absolutely fantastics news. No thanks required. You provide so much inspiration and share so much and that is more than enough of a "Thank you!" from you.   02.21.09 - 12:22am
Riz Crescini - You are well-deserving of this award! Congrats! I was glad to finally meet you and JD at WPPI. Good luck on your talk.  02.20.09 - 11:43pm
niccolew - Seriously, Jasmine, it's our turn to give you some thanks. Congrats.  02.20.09 - 11:42pm
Jollence - Congratulation winner!  02.20.09 - 10:35pm
Holli True - Congrats, Jasmine!! I would have been shocked if you hadn't won! :) Can't wait for Monday! Woo-hoo!! There is quite a buzz about you and JD coming to the PPO- we are all so thrilled to meet you! Oregon hearts you!!!  02.20.09 - 10:32pm
Susie Solorio - Congratulations Jasmine! Ever since I found your blog showcasing your amazing images & personality I've been coming back daily to see what's new! I'm glad our votes counted to show you how much fun we have reading. Keep up the great work!  02.20.09 - 9:48pm
denise karis - omg - congratulations! Thats great news :)  02.20.09 - 9:44pm
Shannon K. - Thank YOU! You deserved to win this. You inspire and entertain all of us! Congratulations!  02.20.09 - 9:41pm
Mel - Congratulations!!!  02.20.09 - 9:29pm
Carolyn - Congratulations on your Fresh win. You deserve it. I love your blog!!  02.20.09 - 9:24pm
Moondog Photo - Congrats on the win. I was so close to meeting you at WPPI. Maybe another time but I did catch some other blog readers getting the oppurtunity to meet you. I could see from a distance how much you inspire them. Also in Ann Hamilton's class during the video I could hear a fellow attendee whispering" thats her, the girl from the internet." It seems your blog is growing daily.  02.20.09 - 8:35pm
Mark Chambers - Congrats Jasmine! You deserve it! Keep up the great work.  02.20.09 - 8:32pm
wedding photographer - I kind of though you would win. Congrats!  02.20.09 - 8:26pm
Jessica Moores - you totally deserve it, you have the most awesome blog ever and you always make it so interesting. good for u.   02.20.09 - 8:20pm
Maria - AAhhhh!! Congrats! Many of the blogs I follow asked readers to vote for them, but I voted for you! :) Woo-Hoo!  02.20.09 - 8:08pm
Crystal - Congrats Girl!  02.20.09 - 7:30pm
Treva Tribit - Congratulations! I don't like to read many blogs but yours is by far my favorite!  02.20.09 - 7:23pm
Dawn - Thats awesome. Congrats!!!! = )  02.20.09 - 7:00pm
Los - holla  02.20.09 - 6:56pm
Nicole - Wow Jasmine... congrats!! You rock and we all *heart* you  02.20.09 - 6:27pm
sandy - cam on you forgot to had at!! great job just had same music and more slideshow on your wedsite and your blog.....  02.20.09 - 6:23pm
Rene Skrodzki - Congrats, you won. You going to Disneyworld ? LOL This really affirms the power of blogs though. Good work  02.20.09 - 6:21pm
Helga Schaefer - WAUUUUU!!!! I was thinking from the beginning on, that you will be the one of the *sweat-hard* blgerina!!! Yuppie!!!  02.20.09 - 6:17pm
Bobbie Brown - Whoohoo! Congrats girl! You totally deserve it, your pictures paired with your writing = one fabulous blog!  02.20.09 - 6:16pm
Oakstream Photography - Hey that's AWESOME...big congrats to a HUGE ROCKSTAR!!!!!  02.20.09 - 6:01pm
Tracy - Congrats! I figured you would win!!  02.20.09 - 5:57pm
Jamie Delaine - Congrats Jasmine! :) That's so exciting; you totally deserved it. Sweet to see you'll be in the Northwest--looking forward to the workshop soon! Can't wait to see you and JD again. -J  02.20.09 - 5:10pm
Lisa Love in Alabama!! - Jasmine "all" I have to say is *~*Yay*~*Yay*~*Yay*~* I just knew you would TOTALLY win!! Congratulations!!!!!  02.20.09 - 5:03pm
Jessica - I totally voted for you!! You deserve it, I love reading your blog! I'm so bummed I wasn't able to go to WPPI this year and meet you and JD! Hopefully I'll be there next year!! Congrats again!!  02.20.09 - 5:03pm
Mom - Congratulations Jasmine. We are so proud of you!!!  02.20.09 - 4:55pm
jenberry - Another Workshop. (period) before May  02.20.09 - 4:55pm
Kelly Braman - So Happy for you! :) Keep paving the way, J*!!   02.20.09 - 4:24pm
Amanda - Congratulations Jasmine! The award is well deserved. I am NOT a photographer but am a total stalker of your blog. I love it! You make me want to be a photographer someday!   02.20.09 - 4:13pm
Joan Solitario - YAY!!!! COOOOLLLNESSSS!! Congratulations Jasmine!!! -- Just reading your blog is enough! Thank you for all your posts and for your time whenever I e-mail you! You're so awesome! :o)  02.20.09 - 3:55pm
Christine N - Congradulations!! Why not post another FAQ? Or even post your wedding photos! We haven't seen any of those!  02.20.09 - 3:55pm
Roxie - I would so love to hear the story of you and JD. I know you all met at an early age and that's so awesome. And to throw in your wedding photos would be an added bonus! :)  02.20.09 - 3:33pm
Kevin - I agree with Chris that if you continue blogging that would be thanking us. The only other thing I could think of is since you inspire us....maybe you could share with us who inspires you.  02.20.09 - 3:13pm
Melissa Schollaert - Jasmine- Congrats on winning! Would love to get into one of your workshops soon! Please have another! Melissa :)  02.20.09 - 2:45pm
Rich and Alyssa - Congrats - since you launched the new blog, it's been one of our only truly regular reads. Keep it up!!  02.20.09 - 2:41pm
Chris - Your continued blogging is all the thanks we need!!!! Congratulations!  02.20.09 - 2:31pm
terri Z - congratulations j* !! you totally deserve this ..... your blog is so original, heartfelt, informative, unique and creative !!! you inspire many .... thank-you for all you do and share ! i hope to meet you someday and personally thank-you for all your inspiration ;)   02.20.09 - 2:22pm
courtney d. - YAY! I'm so happy for you! You DEFINITELY deserved it. Woop woop! You really are a STAR in every way. ;) I heart you big time!  02.20.09 - 2:21pm
Miranda Wasmundt - YEAH you won! I totally voted for you. SO your welcome! You are the most fabulous one! ;)  02.20.09 - 2:15pm
Whitney Gray - Congrats!!! Of course you won! Never doubted it for a minute! I sure would love a seat at your workshop!!!! Hint, hint...  02.20.09 - 2:08pm
Seini - Congrats! You deserve it! It was such a treat to meet you in Vegas:) keep on, keepin on Jaz! You and JD rock!  02.20.09 - 1:47pm
Marissa Rodriguez - I'm so glad you won! congratulations!!!!!! I really like the idea of you posting the story of you and JD complete with wedding pictures :) And by the way thank YOU for all of your amazing and encouraging words! You have no idea how much you have inspired me, just by reading your blog everyday I feel so motivated! Oh and P.S. I saw you at WPPI during breakfast on Tuesday and I wanted to say hi so badly but people kept beating me to it! :) Maybe next year! Keep doing what you do and thank you so much!  02.20.09 - 1:27pm
Lindsay Ernst - I love Kristin Mizo's idea of a free seat to your workshop..that would be amazing!!! Or I have another crazy to one lucky blog readers city for a day to be their side kick...I know, WAY OUT THERE, but that's how I roll! Something different, something fun, something crazy!   02.20.09 - 1:11pm
Kacy Jo - Congrats! I'm bummed that I won't be making it to PPO this weekend, would've been fun to see you speak. It's been sunny but it's supposed to start raining this weekend, so enjoy our lovely weather ! ;)   02.20.09 - 1:04pm
Cristy Cross - Uhh yeah you deserved it. I voted for you too. Why? Well, because you are one of the most genuine people I've ever met. So sincere, so real, and so fun! Your energy is so contagious and you have made me want to be a writer :) What a blessed year you are already having.  02.20.09 - 1:00pm
Jessie - Congrats!!! You have things backwards - we voted for you because of what you do for us already! There is no need to do anything more for us than to keep up with your beautiful images, inspiring words, and useful advice! You deserve all the best!!!  02.20.09 - 12:58pm
erica Velasco - Congrats!  02.20.09 - 12:56pm
Heather Kincaid - Congratulations, Jasmine! What a fun honor! It was really great to get to hang out with you and JD a little bit this week. I loved chatting with you a little and getting to pick your brain about photo stuff. :) Hope you're able to get some rest now after that whirlwind week!  02.20.09 - 12:55pm
jeramy - congrats! you can let sharon and i take you and jd to dinner as a 'thank you' gesture. let me know.... :-)  02.20.09 - 12:55pm
Dee - HOORAY! Congratulations! I was one of the millions who voted! I'm so glad you won!  02.20.09 - 12:54pm
Casey Figlewicz - Hey Jasmine when you built your show it site did you have a programmer or designer help you?  02.20.09 - 12:53pm
jason - congratulations. definitely well deserved  02.20.09 - 12:40pm
gina amin - Congrats! I voted! Oh, and I agree...a spot in a workshop would be phenomenal.   02.20.09 - 12:33pm
Fishgirl - WOW. Congrats.. well deserved!!!   02.20.09 - 12:30pm
The Last Forty Percent Photography - That's fantastic! Congratulations!   02.20.09 - 12:30pm
Karyn May - Girl you are on FIRE! I'm SO happy that you won, seriously, there was not a doubt in my mind! And I think it would be super cool of you to offer 1 free hour of your time to chit chat on the phone. I know I would love it being based here in Michigan. :)   02.20.09 - 12:27pm
promise tangeman - congrats jasmine. what was the prize???  02.20.09 - 12:27pm
Sarah Rhoads - HOLLA is right girl!! I am honored to be up there with you. You are amazing JStar. keep rockin' the free world sister!  02.20.09 - 12:20pm
Kim - I knew you would win. Congrats!!!   02.20.09 - 12:17pm
Cindy - ¬°de nada! Congrats! Your blog rocks!   02.20.09 - 12:17pm
Kate Callahan - I went to the site because you mentioned it on this blog. But, I voted for yours because I clicked through the pages and genuinely thought yours was the best : ) Congrats!  02.20.09 - 12:16pm
Crystal - How about a virtual pizza party? I'll sit here and eat my pizza, you sit on the other side of the country eating yours, and we'll pretend we're celebrating together. I don't know better way to celebrate than pizza.  02.20.09 - 12:13pm
Claire - YESSSSSS! i knew you would totally win! I love you, everyone who follows your blog loves you! AND of course Polo and JD love you! way to go Jasmine! I have a great way to show your appreciation...more photography tips.....please! You ROCK jasmine * and pretty soon the whole world will know it!  02.20.09 - 12:12pm
Kristin Mizo - I forgot to say CONGRATS!!! I was so excited to be the first comment that I forgot the most important thing :)  02.20.09 - 12:07pm
Faye - congratulations! you certainly deserve this! :D  02.20.09 - 12:04pm
Melissa Tomeoni - Totally stoked to see you speak Monday!  02.20.09 - 11:59am
Laura G - Congrats! Your blog rocks for a reason! I agree with Kristin-a drawing for a free seat to your workshop would be sooooo fab :)  02.20.09 - 11:51am
Darina - Congratulations! I think it would be awesome if posted some tips about shooting babies, and post processing tips. Also, pics of Polo would be nice as well! Congratulations, again!  02.20.09 - 11:50am
Jen Davis - Congrats! You certainly deserve it :-) So nice to meet you this week.   02.20.09 - 11:48am
Michele B - Congrats on your win! You rocked it girl :)  02.20.09 - 11:42am
tanni - You deserve it. I looked though many many of the blogs submitted and yours was truly the best.   02.20.09 - 11:36am
Jamie Lapeyrolerie - That's AWESOME!! Congrats!!!   02.20.09 - 11:35am
Jacqueline fronters - It is well deserved! You have an amazing blog! What about another post with your post-processing trade secrets? That would be very nice.  02.20.09 - 11:35am
Jacqueline fronters - It is well deserved! You have an amazing blog! What about another post with your post-processing trade secrets? That would be very nice.  02.20.09 - 11:35am
J - Congrats!!! Hmmm... how about the story of you and JD... complete with wedding photos? ;)  02.20.09 - 11:33am
Ava Martinez - congrats - that's awesome  02.20.09 - 11:32am
Lydia - Well, it would be AWESOME if you did another workshop and held it in San Francisco! ;-) Congratulations!  02.20.09 - 11:24am
Meghan - Congrats! I instantly fell in love with your blog and you should be awarded for all it's amazingness! Can't think of anything other than doing more FAQ posts :-) Those posts have been really helpful!!  02.20.09 - 11:23am
lucy - Congratulations Jasmine. It was nice meeting you at wppi. Throw a big party for all your readers...or we can amake it a pot luck.   02.20.09 - 11:23am
Chris c. - CONGRATS Jasmine!  02.20.09 - 11:17am
heidi @ indy photography - i'm all for giveaways. you know, as long as i win.  02.20.09 - 11:16am
Kristin Mizo - I think you should offer a drawing for a free seat to your workshop!  02.20.09 - 11:09am