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Jaclyn and Mark : Anytime

s it just me or is anyone else who attended WPPI in Las Vegas last week STILL trying to recuperate?! I'm not even exaggerating, I think I have an 82-year-old soul trapped in a 20-something year old body. While most everyone was off partying until sunrise, I was usually tucked in bed with a protein bar watching the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. And I'm STILL struggling backing into life away from clanging slot machines, cigarette smoke, and the hope for you others forwent sleep and partied is beyond me.

Speaking of early mornings, I had a lovely morning shooting Jaclyn and Mark of Jaclyn Marie Photo on the Las Vegas Strip. They flew out from Kansas City for the session and I'm so thankful for their willingness to be models for the Shoot Posse. Jaclyn and Mark are two of the kindest and sweetest people I met at WPPI and the love they share for each other is quite evident. We'd never met before the morning of the shoot, so while I worried they might be overwhelmed with the abundance of 20+ cameras clicking in their faces, they totally brought it. Hard.

I'd also like to personally thank the Shoot Posse for their sheer fabulosity. There were moments during the shoot when I begged God for a black hole to miraculously steal me away from fears of inadequacy, but I somehow remained intact. And--much to the love and support of The Posse--I'm thankful. We faced harsh circumstances (a quickly rising sun, being accosted by a drunk, bleak shooting backdrops), but everyone just laughed alongside me...or maybe at me. Either way, I'm humbled to have instructed such a talented group of people. Seriously, I've seen some of their photos and I'm blown away!

Here are a few of my favs from the shoot....

A few minutes into our shoot, I asked Mark and Jaclyn to follow me into an intersection...well, because...what says ROMANCE like speeding cars?! It was about 45 degrees and freezing, but this amazing couple didn't flinch a bit!

As I've been looking at other blogs, I find myself LAUGHING at how terrible I looked the morning of the shoot. Like, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE HAND ME A BRUSH? Or a new head of hair? I was kinda mortified at some of the pictures floating around on the web, but--ehh--oh well. Here are a few photos of me and JD in action...
Thanks to Kristen Leigh

Thanks to Emily of Lemon Lime Studios

Thanks to Daria Bishop

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Jeremiah Daniel - Don't know how I missed commenting on this post, love this series. Las Vegas is a fun place to shoot.   05.22.11 - 4:33pm
Adriana H.G. - I really love how you shoot in heels. I really can't even walk in them!! It's one of my 2011 goals to learn. You totally rock!  01.19.11 - 2:47am
Serge - Just love your work!!!!  03.27.09 - 9:14am
Lalon Karim - These photos look soooo beautiful! Seems like u do magic with ur camera. Wish we could view the EXIF data of the photos. And that Jaclyn girl looked like she was born to be photographed.... so pretty!  03.10.09 - 10:15am
Maya Laurent - I saw a bunch of photographers post on this. What a fun way to involve other photographers! Love all of the photos from the session!  03.02.09 - 9:43am
Cynthia Q. - These are such lovely pictures Jasmine!   03.01.09 - 10:38pm
Mandi - These are fabulous!. You are definitely an inspiration. Maybe someday I will get to meet you and attend one of your workshops or classes.   03.01.09 - 7:54pm
Cathy Crawley - Jasmine, your shots are fabulous! It's kind of weird seeing them considering I was there and shooting from a different angle to you, kind of seems surreal to me now, LOL. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity you gave to myself and the other 19 in the Posse, I'm so grateful. BTW, I have returned to the land of the living and have just got around to blogging mine :) xxx  03.01.09 - 2:49am
The Best Sister Ever ( Zoe ) - These are a good couple i like these ones. Good job JB! <33 Love U  02.28.09 - 10:35pm
Alicia - Jaclyn is adorable and her look is so effortless! Fabulous shoot and at the crack of dawn no less. And p.s. the messy, bed hair look is SO IN right now. Promise.  02.27.09 - 1:30pm
allie - BEAUTIFUL! that black and white is sheer beauty. you and jd look too cute shooting, too!  02.26.09 - 9:32pm
jonathan - Awesome E Session. Thanks, for sharing. Jonathan  02.26.09 - 12:11pm
Carrie Hayes - I love the shot where you caught the reflection of the couple in the side of the dumpster!  02.25.09 - 1:54pm
Reshmi - I was just introduced to your site and your work is amazing!! I have never seen such crisp, natural pictures...looking forward to your updates.  02.25.09 - 8:27am
Lawrence @ Tofurious - I think your hair looked great! :D  02.25.09 - 6:57am
Amanda Key - Jasmine, as always...your images are amazing. I still "blog stock" you--and was/am so disappointed that I missed signing up for your workshop. Please offer another one!!!  02.24.09 - 7:39pm
kate - these came out sooo cute! I know she was really excited to see them--I'm sure she'll love them all!!!  02.24.09 - 7:05pm
Crystal - Who would have that to bring their snazzy new trench to Vegas! Congrats you little girl scout you!!  02.24.09 - 6:51pm
Christina - Gorgeous Jasmine. I recently heard your story and must say that you inspire me. I look forward to following you and your work.  02.24.09 - 4:50pm
Jessica Moores - #4 is insanely hot. i love it. ur amazing as always  02.24.09 - 4:46pm
Robin Dini - whoop whoop to Daria for some great action shots :) These are amazing Jasmine!  02.24.09 - 4:44pm
Stephanie - Jasmine! Your such and amazing photographer! Thank you so much for sharing you images with the world! I hope, someday, to be an inspiration to others as you are to me! Thanks!  02.24.09 - 4:04pm
Jen May - The red dumpster shots are fun!  02.24.09 - 3:37pm
jamie - one of my favorite shoots from you!   02.24.09 - 3:21pm
Leslie Roark - Sorry.. that should have been wonderful!  02.24.09 - 2:14pm
Leslie Roark - Jasmine, It was so wonderfully to finally have the chance to meet you at WPPI! You are an inspiration in so many ways. The number one way is by far how kind you are. Thank you for giving back, encouraging and inspiring so many others like myself! These images are great as usual. God Bless!!  02.24.09 - 2:14pm
lillian Toma - If that is a bad day for you!!! Life is good;) You looked great:) LIL  02.24.09 - 1:45pm
Kim - oh man! these are great! i haven't even had a chance to process mine yet. they sit there raw on my computer. =) thank you again for an incredible time! it was AWESOME & I learned so much.  02.24.09 - 1:33pm
Paula Emery - I swear, your "here I am in action" shots are my favorite thing to find on here. Makes me feel like I can see how you do what you do. Don't ever stop posting them no matter how much you hate your hair, okay????  02.24.09 - 1:11pm
Hanssie Trainor - FAIL! fav = fab... Yes, I am still recovering from WPPI! Too much partying....  02.24.09 - 11:41am
Michael Corsentino - Hey!! Great catching up with you and JD at wppi. Been way too long. Much love & many blessings - mc   02.24.09 - 11:41am
Hanssie Trainor - Seriously? Yes, you look TERRIBLE in your fav coat, fancy jeans and high heels...(whatever- I'm still bitter I missed you at WPPI!)  02.24.09 - 11:39am
Ashley - Omgosh! This couple is so adorable! And how could anyone EVER look terrible when they're wearing heels? Seriously Jasmine, even when you think you're ghetto, I still think you're a rock star.   02.24.09 - 10:22am
Adrienne Gunde - Looks like such a fun shoot! Love all the shots too - gorgeous couple!!  02.24.09 - 9:50am
Aileen - Hi Jasmine! I'm such a fan! I just have to ask... what brand of messenger bag are you and JD carrying??? Thanks!  02.24.09 - 7:43am
Carolyn - Hi, I Lurv (intentional spelling :) you site, the way you write makes me feel as though i'm sitting in the same room with you, watching tv and just chatting about life. This is the firts time I am posting, and I have a question on photography, as of right now I am worst than an amateur. My father just this sunday gave me his Nikon F3 and I have absolutley not clue how to use it, could you possibly give me some tips. I appreciate any response. Carolyn. P.S. The automatic on the camera isn't working, so only the manual option is available.  02.24.09 - 7:33am
Dominoe Imus - The images you took are gorgeous, I love the blue of the sky, Lake Tahoe has the same fantastic blue, and it never gets old. On another note congrats on winning the PPA Fresh Blog contest!! Yours is definitely one of my favorite blogs!  02.24.09 - 7:04am
Shannon K. - I LOVE the ones with the MGM behind them and them playing with the scarf. So romantic! Like a modern day fairytale!  02.24.09 - 7:00am
Kayla - These are great! I heard that you did an amazing job! So wish I had been there!  02.24.09 - 6:25am
Shuva Rahim - Awesome street shots! I love those pics!  02.24.09 - 5:32am
Erin Fults - So fun!! I love the close-up dumpster shot where you can see their reflection. One day I will make it to wppi! :-)  02.24.09 - 5:14am
Mollie Tobias - I have to say Jasmine you are pretty much my idol. Who ever said that you need picture perfect backdrops for kick ass photos, you made that dumpster look awesome! And props to your couple for the short sleeves in the cold. Burr....  02.24.09 - 4:58am
Foto Matrimonio - Really nice picture. I believe that is a really interesting workshop.   02.24.09 - 4:15am
Velia - You still look beautiful , no need for a brush. As always jasmin you are rockin it. These are all beautiful  02.24.09 - 4:15am
Pascal - I am really glad to read that your workshop went on well. The couple looks amazing and the pictures by the dumpsters are the best (on my opinion). I hope to be able to come to WPPI one of these years, it would be great to have the priviledge to meet you one of these days.  02.24.09 - 2:44am
J@KE - these shots are amazing!!!  02.24.09 - 12:41am
mrozaidi - Great Work  02.23.09 - 11:13pm
Kricia Morris Photography - They were TOTALLY ROCKIN' that dumpster! Awesome job as ALWAYS! Can't wait to meet you next year at WPPI :)  02.23.09 - 10:55pm
Holli True - Bleak background? I hardly noticed anything but the adorable couple! :) Personal favs (from top) #4, #8, #10. I also LOVE the image of you and JD both in your element! :) I just have to add that today was AMAZING- meeting you both was a real dream come true!! Your presentation was so fabulous and you are such an inspiration! Can't wait to connect again! :)  02.23.09 - 10:32pm
Linda Truong - You make bushy hair look spectacular... No doubt it's going to be a new trend... ;) ;)  02.23.09 - 9:18pm
Heather/OneShotBeyondPhotography - I'm bummed I wasn't there this year. I so would have attempted joining you guys for this! What a great shoot!!! Thanks for sharing the fun.  02.23.09 - 7:58pm
Nelly Chung - That looks like so much fun! It was a blast viewing them! Bella!  02.23.09 - 7:45pm
Audrey - HAAA. I JUST LAUGHED OUTLOUD! How 'bout some of those stories about being accosted by a drunk!!! And during the day......EVEN BETTER!!!  02.23.09 - 7:18pm
Jenny Sun - these are beautiful!!! I am astounded at the various different lighting conditions you used - indoors, harsh lit, backlit, soft light, and every one of them was nailed in such a lovely way. Been reading all the blogs by your posse and the comments are consistent - they all love you and are raving at how natural, easy going, and sweet you are. Its no wonder you are racking up an army of supporters. Totally deserved!! :D   02.23.09 - 7:18pm
cassandra m - I love shooting wide open myself...those are my favorite images here. WOW....great use of bright light! All the images rock though. on a side the shots of you in action. nice! I have a wool jacket very similar to what you were wearing...burrrrr.  02.23.09 - 7:05pm
nicole - you shoot in heels?? you are super woman!!  02.23.09 - 6:49pm
Dani D - How do you do it?? OMG you totally make a dumpster look HOTT! Keep them coming, love checking in each day.  02.23.09 - 5:37pm
Kali Corliss - So happy to say I was there! I learned so much. I have just now fully digested Las Vegas myself and have tried to provide a version of Jasmine's AM Vegas tutorial on my blog. I just didn't want to forget anything!   02.23.09 - 4:41pm
Maele - This shoot session looks so much fun... and I was just thinking how cute you and JD are. SOOO cool! and I still feel like I'm recovering as well. I guess I'll know what to expect next year!!!!   02.23.09 - 4:25pm
Joshua Crigger - Hey, Love the images! Your hair is not horrible and you make up for it w/ making your subjects look so good. I appreciate that you are willing to put yourself out there like that.   02.23.09 - 4:14pm
lucy - she seems very familiar. hmmm. thats weird when you cant figure it out. Well its a small world in the photo buis, everyone knows everyone.  02.23.09 - 3:56pm
Jessica C - Fabulous images as usual!  02.23.09 - 3:16pm
Marissa Boucher - Yes! I knew you would rock it. You always do. I love the backlit images and congrats on the Fresh Blog contest.   02.23.09 - 2:53pm
Tira J - Nothing but fabulous images from Jasmine and the entire Posse! Cannot wait for March 10th.   02.23.09 - 2:22pm
Cristen (Autumn Olive Photography) - Wish I was there! It looked like so much fun!!   02.23.09 - 1:55pm
Dawn McCarthy - I absolutely love this session! I can actually feel the crisp cold in your images. They are fabulous, as usual! And I totally love the dumpster out of the box and memorable! I do have a question for you though...I know that you say that you shoot wide open all of the time but how in the world are you able to keep both subjects in focus if you are shooting at 1.2? And the running do you manage that? I thank you in advance for your insight. You are an inspiration to me and so many others! : ) And sister in law's name is Jasmine Star as well...isn't that wild? She lives in LA and is an actress/model.   02.23.09 - 1:48pm
Riz Crescini - Jasmine, I'm still recovering from WPPI. I caught a cold on the way back and still mending. But....bring on WPPI '10! It was so nice to meet you and JD. JD did an awesome job at the ShowIt Suite seminar.  02.23.09 - 1:34pm
jackie wonders - that looked like fun! super stoked for everyone that got to shoot with you guys :)  02.23.09 - 1:31pm
ERICA ADAMS - These images are so pretty. It's fun to see yourself working.... I was shooting in front of my friends the other day. Laying in wet grass to get a good pic and they are all saying "She's gonna get dirty"...LOL The shot was worth it though :) and also I just wanted to say how is it possible for you to make big dumpsters look glamourous.... Awesome. xoxo Erica  02.23.09 - 1:09pm
Sarah Myers - Jasmine you always look gorgeous! And you're shooting in heels - someone needs to give you a superhero cape asap! Beautiful work as always...   02.23.09 - 12:26pm
Megan - Jasmine, why are you shooting at dawn in HIGH HEELS? You're craaaazy!  02.23.09 - 12:21pm
Sarah Rhoads - looks like soo much fun, that early light is soo stinkin beautimus!   02.23.09 - 12:12pm
Lydia - Another dumpster reflection fan here! You're pretty much amazing!  02.23.09 - 11:47am
Patrick - I am so new to this blog and have been reading it for the past month. I am finally caught up and all I have to say is...uh can you repeat all that? I don't know what to say actualy. SO much and pretty much nothing. I love the blog and was hooked from day one. SO just add me to your list of stalkers and I apologize in advance.  02.23.09 - 11:07am
imthiaz houseman - So your hair looks great and apparently you don't EVER take a bad photo! LOL, Looks like it was a great shoot.  02.23.09 - 11:06am
Manuella Pararas-Hulbert - What fun, fresh, lovely pics Jasmine. I so wish I was there, wanted to be, but will definitely be there next year.  02.23.09 - 11:03am
Tina - How do you shoot in heels?!?! You continue to amaze me!   02.23.09 - 11:03am
Stephanie Stewart - What a fun, sweet and sassy shoot! Love the red scarf around the couple and the black and white photo of them hugging. How sweet!   02.23.09 - 11:01am
kristen - k.holly photography - Gorgeous, Jasmine!! It was SO so so great to be part of your posse, seriously was the best part of WPPI! You were fabulous, thank you again for having us! And you looked fab too, I don't know what you're talking about! I have a shot of you and JD on my blog, and you are too cute!  02.23.09 - 10:58am
Christopher - Do you ever take pictures that suck? These are full of awesome!  02.23.09 - 10:54am
Yolanda - WOW! Jasmine, these pics are amazing. LOVE your work! What lens did you use for these shots??  02.23.09 - 10:48am
Seini - I hear ya! Its been almost 4 days since I left WPPI, and it still feels like yesterday. You look fine J! Jacly and Mark were definitely workin it and I love all the images:)  02.23.09 - 10:46am
Brad Peters - Jasmine. Thanks for your blog, I enjoy the images you take and as an "introductory photographer" I'm learning a bunch from your blog. Maybe this could be an FAQ post in the future: When your subjects are back lit, how is it that you manage the right exposure to their face/body? Obviously no fill flash taking place. Thanks!  02.23.09 - 10:43am
Natalie Shivers - Shut up! You can pose a couple by a TRASH dumpster and still make them look hot--you have totally arrived. Awesome. :) And congrats for the fresh blog win too--bet you haven't stopped smiling.   02.23.09 - 10:14am
Rylee - Congratulations to #1 Freshblog! I read this every day! Great photos from your morning shoot!  02.23.09 - 10:07am
Andrew Rozell - those are fantastic photos. las vegas seemed to be a great backdrop for the shoot. also, even as a guy, I am impressed that you shoot in heels.  02.23.09 - 10:02am
Lisa Whalen - LOL! Wait 'till you're trapped in a 43 year old body... I think that no matter what age you are, WPPI just Wipes You Out because of the incredible all-encompassing ENERGY of the event. I'm also still recovering but you know what? I CAN'T WAIT to go back next year! Love image #8 of the scarf pull...  02.23.09 - 9:42am
Sharin - That was such a great morning! I learned so much! Thank you! Thank you so much! Jeramy took our computer in to get fixed and I can only see a few of your shots, but the ones I see are amazing! I also loved looking at all the shots from the other photographers! Super cool! Thanks again Jasmine! and thanks to the other photogs and Mark and Jaclyn! You all are so awesome and talented! It was great meeting you all!   02.23.09 - 9:21am
Jamie Sheasby - I get nervous when I see pics of you and JD holding your cameras w/out the neck straps. I know, it looks totally touristy when you where the camera strap but I would be so afraid of dropping my 2K+ camera. I'm super clumsy too. I love the pics of this couple and how you made the backgrounds look so interesting.  02.23.09 - 9:17am
Tara Sharma - Love the ones in front of the red disposal bin much color! Great photos.   02.23.09 - 8:45am
Charlotte Wedding Photographer - Cheyenne Schultz - What a champ she was to brave the cold in that tank top! I'm impressed!  02.23.09 - 8:39am
Paula Herko - YUMMY!!! That is how I describe these images... scrumptious!!!!! (did I spell that right?) Please share MORE wisdom with us!! please??? Pretty please????? With a cherry on top????!!!!!  02.23.09 - 8:38am
Heather Kincaid - I'm totally feelin' you. You can't expect to go to WPPI and come back feeling as good as before you left. It took me a couple days to get back to normal.  02.23.09 - 8:22am
Erica Velasco - Love the ones with the scarf and by the dumpster! So wish I was there! You look like you were in a snow storm with that jacket! haha.  02.23.09 - 8:20am
Dorean Pope - Jasmine - An 80 year old trapped in a 20 something body?? Are you sure you aren't expecting a bundle of joy? That is TOTALLY how I would describe my morning sickness while preggo. lol =) Wonderful shots. Thanks for always inspiring!  02.23.09 - 8:08am
Jordana - WPPI gave me the flu! I think we're all still recovering... WPPI is hardcore, even if the Antiques Roadshow is your party time :-) Fantastic shots... adore the red dumpster!   02.23.09 - 8:07am
Nicole (perfectlyposh) - You rocked these and are gorgeous as always first thing in the morning. I am wearing a little envy that I couldn't it to WPPI and meet all of these great people!   02.23.09 - 8:05am
Oleksandr Photography - Nice series of pictures, full of life and love!  02.23.09 - 7:55am
Kelly Brown - Jasmine! We all had SOOO much fun shooting with you! It's so amazing because you given a reason for all of us to connect! Thank you! Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see all of your fabulousness in action!  02.23.09 - 7:52am
Liz Kausteklis Photography - These pictures came out sooo good!!! You did an amazing job capturing those intimate moments between them!!! I love it!!! :)  02.23.09 - 7:52am
jeramy - wow. jasmine! great shots. i love the reflection in the red dumpster. how did you do that? it sure didn't look reflective to me. :-) fantastic job. it was such a fun morning. sharon and i are still talking about it. so, so fun. it will be great to hang out again some time. have a great day!  02.23.09 - 7:51am
Jasmine - Could Jaclyn and Mark be any cuter? I think I'm the most impressed with their reflection in a friggin' dumster. Amazing! Any chance you'd expand the tutorial to those of us not part of the Shoot Posse and include your exposure details???  02.23.09 - 7:44am
Matt Dorroh - Looks like yall had a great time and the images are awesome!  02.23.09 - 7:22am
Heather - "45 and freezing"? You need to come to Ohio and shoot where the wind chill makes it 16! :) Gorgeous Photos!!  02.23.09 - 7:22am
Nancy Ramos - These photos are absolutely beautiful. On another note, I did not sleep at all Monday and Tuesaday night. I did join some parties and was afraid I would not wake up for Jay's lecture and the oportunity of shaking your hand once more. Following night stayed up helping Candince Cunninghum getting her Camera Slingers, fabulous double straps together.  02.23.09 - 7:20am
Miz Booshay - I love the behind the scenes shots!! You are so cool. You know ...the street shots... you were just going toward the light...that's all.  02.23.09 - 7:16am
Feuza - I get so teary eyes- must have been awesome. and the pictures, gee you make trash look good ( referring to that beautiful picture with the dumpster in the back) wish I was there.  02.23.09 - 7:14am
Kristen Leigh - :D I'm glad I wasn't the only one in bed by 10 every single night! ps. Thanks for being wonderful :D  02.23.09 - 6:59am
Marissa Rodriguez - These pictures are AMAZING!!! Your pictures are so crisp and clear and just full of love, I love it!!!! Thank you for all of your amazing posts!  02.23.09 - 6:58am
Bobbie Brown - These are fabulous! (but of course!) I love how sharp they are - and the intersection ones are way cool!  02.23.09 - 6:51am
Rachel - I was wearing my jealous face looking at these, but I just put on my excited face for those photographers who got to join u! U Rock J* for sharing to these lucky photographers!   02.23.09 - 6:45am
Regina White - These are so sharp! I don't agree with the hair comment I think you looked great and these photos show that you rocked it. Early and all!   02.23.09 - 6:43am
ksen : ) - jasmine, you are so fabulous. even on your 'worst' day, no one would ever know it because you are seriously beautyFULL. i love, LOVE what you captured (duh! who wouldn't)... so cool to see everyone's different take from the posse, too. :) thank you again for being so rad & making this experience happen for us. xo!  02.23.09 - 6:40am
emily griffith - I LOVE the ones in the intersection! And I LOVE that I got to be a part of this awesome group! Thank you, thank you, thank you! p.s. I'm still trying to recover too!   02.23.09 - 6:32am
Joan Solitario - That looked like so much fun!!! Now I really can't wait for the workshop in March.. to learn from Jasmine Star! I've been counting down! 15 more days!!!  02.23.09 - 6:32am
Julie G - I love what Kristen Leigh wrote about you! And you totally looked gorgeous for having no sleep and rocking a cold! Thank you for giving your time for all those photogs and new friends, they're so lucky!  02.23.09 - 5:58am
Becky Reed - I so wish I could have been there. I will make it a goal to be there next year. And I'll bring a comb for you...just in case.  02.23.09 - 5:48am
Jaclyn - JASMINE!!!! Could you rock any harder?! You're so awesome it's ridiculous, and we had the GREATEST time ever with you, JD, and the amazing posse!!  02.23.09 - 5:43am
Laura - Beautiful photos! I am just starting out on my photography journey, but hopefully I can go there someday!!  02.23.09 - 5:42am
Christa - I soooo wish I could have been there :) Great photos as always Jasmine!  02.23.09 - 5:17am