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Inbox Full of Curveballs

e said he needed a few photos from my portfolio. I said I was kind of busy and a wee bit stressed, so if he could wait, I'd owe him one. JD said he couldn't wait. Frustratedly, I sat in my office and my mood filled the air with charcoal fumes. I wasn't having a good day and a few things occurred in the morning that made me want to shout at my email inbox, Yeah, well, I didn't like you any way! And your head smells like brussel sprouts!

I was in a funk.

I emailed JD the requested photos and I apologized for my mood. I wrote I appreciated him and explained life can sometimes move too fast...I guess sometimes I can remain in a constant state of SPRINT!

Over lunch, JD asked how I was doing. I smiled. Everything that matters--truly matters--is wonderful. We have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, a fabulous dog, my mother is healthy, our families are happy, and we're moving toward our dreams. Life.Is.Good. Yes, there are moments when life throws a curveball, but if what matters most remains intact, I'll be fine. Regardless of what my inbox throws my way.

In case you're having a brussel sprout-smelling day, feel free to watch this video. It made me laugh until I cried.

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Josie Cole - I think I'll go see a dentist that's perfect for a bad day....LOL :)  12.07.09 - 3:55am
Heather Corporan - LOL x 10 That truly cracked me up. My 4 and 3 year old were laughing too. Thanks for a chuckle! HILARIOUS. If it were my kid, I would've video taped and taken pictures. Poor kids, they'll have a million 'oh not that picture' moments when they start dating. Ahhh, photography ; )   04.10.09 - 7:36am
Amanda - Ewww, i didn't like this video. That broke my heart :( I would be panicking to see my kid so loopy. I have an almost 2 year I can't imagine him having to be like that. I know it is just from the medicine...but still. Yuck. Sorry, not liking this one. I'm sorry you had a bad day though, Jasmine.   03.09.09 - 7:36am
Jamie Rogers - HAHHAHAHA!!! I can't wait until MY little man gets big enough to talk in full sentences! Kids say the FUNNIEST things! That was greatness!  03.04.09 - 9:15pm
Michelle - these are some really funny videos, so whenever you need cheering up watch them, two of them have made me laugh so hard that i start crying!  03.04.09 - 7:46am
juls - This is my friends son and let me just say when I first saw this...well I think I might have busted a gut laughing. I told her that she needs to submit this to Americas Funniest Videos.   03.03.09 - 6:31pm
Sue Jean Park - ahaahaha... dental anesthesia... is... AWESOME! This is exactly what I'll be dealing with!!   03.02.09 - 9:09pm
Jenny Sun - LOL!!!! That video was soooo hilarious!! my sister and I were watching it together and we were in fits of laughter!! :p Poor boy :p Anyhow, just wanted to say thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us. It makes you all the more real and accessible and we love that! I've had a rough patch too recently, and its encouraging to know I'm not the only one out there. Yay to husbands who always know how to make us smile regardless :)  03.02.09 - 5:30pm
JT Images - Awww, poor kid!   03.02.09 - 11:03am
ohana photographers - david & kimi - that was SO funny!! i can't stop giggling over here. that poor kid :)  03.02.09 - 10:36am
Leah Charbonneau - It's so hard to see the forest for the trees some days. Those little things sneak up and it's so easy to focus on them. Thanks for the reminder to stop and be thankful for the major (and most important) things.   03.02.09 - 7:21am
shane ward - Ah funny youtube videos, they make everything a little less serious!  03.02.09 - 4:51am
Events by Evonne - Ahhh... I've had those days before, and glad that I am not the only one! That You Tube video was funny!  03.02.09 - 2:31am
Joanne Mandel - I almost cried when I saw this...I remember my baby having his teeth extracted before broke my heart seeing him so loopy!! Now he's in college doing God only knows what!!!! :)   03.01.09 - 6:51pm
Zaida - Nancy, you aren't alone! I really didn't think it was that funny...sort of exploitive. I mean the kid didn't really have a choice as to whether this was going to be out there all over the web.   03.01.09 - 5:04pm
Lissa - Sometimes, if you put yourself out there in the public, there are going to be negative responses from some people. I guess if you enjoy the positive responses from people, you have to expect the negative ones as well. It comes with the territory.   02.28.09 - 7:47pm
Diane ( - Thanks for a bright spot.... we all need to laugh, love and appreciate more! Thanks   02.28.09 - 6:05pm
DawnB - My son (who is 18) went through oral surgery this week to have his wisdom teeth removed...he talked all the way home,,,looney as a bed bug and a mouth full of gauze...AS IF I could understand a word he was saying! Hope your week got better. I've been in this funky life thing for a couple YEARS now. WHOAAAA. I'm so ready to have a life where I can say what you said in a previous post...I'm truly happy. Haven't gotten there yet...but one day it will happen!  02.28.09 - 6:02pm
Amy Starks - This clip is hysterical! There are tons of "David after dentist" remixes out there now, but this one has to be my favorite out of the bunch - - ridiculous! haha   02.28.09 - 6:01pm
David Manning - That certainly brightened my day! Coincidentally, I was having sort of a poo brown day as well... Thanks for the pick me up!  02.28.09 - 4:58pm
kate - i. love. that. movie.  02.28.09 - 10:37am
vanessa H - Girl! I about fell out of my chair!! That is the funniest thing ever!! I have to send it to my friends!! I really needed a good laugh! Thanks!!  02.28.09 - 10:25am
Oakstream Photography - OMGOSH I can TOTALLY relate to this sort of days! Glad to see even miss bubbly has them :-) It's no fun, but you are definitely right....what matters most is the only thing that matters & with this day & age of economic crap....we're lucky to have a roof over our heads & food in the fridge :-) Keep are totally loved by america!!!!!!!!  02.28.09 - 9:27am
Stephen Knuth - I love how the car was never moving. The dad shouldn't be driving and taping the kid talk at the same time either! I love this though. This video is great and I am thankful to have the internet to watch this right now :-)  02.27.09 - 9:40pm
Leah Mullett - I saw this video! He's so funny!   02.27.09 - 7:40pm
Lisa H. Chang - What a cute kid!  02.27.09 - 7:33pm
carla Ten Eyck - This is how I act in client meetings  02.27.09 - 7:26pm
Simply Modern Weddings - I LOVE this kid...I totally feel like that sometimes. ;-)  02.27.09 - 7:05pm
nancy - am I the only one who feels so sad for this kid who obviously is uncomfortable and upset? my heart is too soft I suppose! I see the humor but I see him upset much more, especially that scream and the tears that he holds back as he hopes this feeling won't be forever... that is why God only let me have two kiddos, any more and my heart would melt daily and I would never get the dishes done!! I hope his dad carried him off to bed and sat with him reading until he fell asleep; I'm sure he did. :)  02.27.09 - 5:45pm
rachel - I LOVE this clip- we saw it a couple of weeks ago and could not quit laughing!!  02.27.09 - 5:22pm
brittney hale - What a cutie! He acts like a few people I know after a few too many drinks!!! Oh J visiting your blog after a bad day can always put a smile on my face. I love how you put it all into perspective with what really matters in life. Thank you !!  02.27.09 - 4:36pm
michelle cunningham - hey jaz, i know what you mean. i've been having some bad curveballs myself lately. i have to constantly remind myself that i'm on a 6 month vacation and what could be so bad? grrrr... but when the mood strikes right? thanks for the share!  02.27.09 - 4:23pm
Jeanette Sanchez - HILARIOUS!  02.27.09 - 3:57pm
Justin lee - hey jas!! i literally just peed my pants a little laughing at that video!!! thanks, that was sooo funny.  02.27.09 - 3:15pm
Ashley - That video makes brussel sprout smelling days that much more worth it! Poor kid! Ha ha.   02.27.09 - 3:01pm
jasmine - i really like that blog  02.27.09 - 2:40pm
Erica Velasco - OMG this is great! I have had two brussel sprout days in a row...I had a break down yesterday...I thought I was going to have a panic attack this afternoon...your post couldn't have come at a better time =) I love when I'm not the only one feeling icky.  02.27.09 - 2:20pm
Joan Solitario - I'm having a bad week too... what is up with this week...?? That video is funny :)  02.27.09 - 2:19pm
Hanssie Trainor - That is what my month has been like..."Is this real life?...Why is this happening to me??!"  02.27.09 - 2:12pm
Alicia - If you ever wondered what my bridal panic attacks look like, please refer to the "why is this happening to me?" portion of the video. And then smile and point and laught at me. :)  02.27.09 - 1:25pm
Cathy Crawley - Poor little David! I'm sure he'll feel like this a lot when he's older ;)  02.27.09 - 1:14pm
Jo LeFlufy - OMG! I just snorted water out of my nose while watching the video. "I feel funny. Why is this happening to me?" Don't we all have days like that. Poor kid. Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh just now. BTW, I love Brussels Sprouts - am I the only one in the world???  02.27.09 - 12:42pm
kelly beane - thank you always for the much needed laugh, inspiration, smile, everything you throw our way!!! hope you have a wonderful weekend!  02.27.09 - 11:51am
Jill - Hi Jasmine. I've never posted on your blog yet but I come here all the time for inspiration. Thank you for being so honest about photography and your life - it's really refreshing! It also gives me hope for my business that it can blossom into something amazing one day.   02.27.09 - 11:44am
Deyla Huss - WOW we must be having the same kind of funky day because My Inbox made me want to throw it back into Cyber space! Fabulous video because that is exactly how I feel today and instead of putting my finger in my mouth, I think I will just stick it in my nose! LOL Your weekend will be brightened with laughter and Love, Have a good one girl!  02.27.09 - 11:06am
Joyce - That's a funny video! Anyway, in the baseball game of ones existence here on Earth, we are given limitless tries to aim and swing the bat really hard to hit that curve ball. There will be tons of opportunities to focus more on how the ball was thrown so that we can be ready once we see it approaching next. Plus in real life, there is no umpire around to say, “Third strike, you are OUT!” anyway. ;) Ok I am mumbling now... :) Happy Friday!   02.27.09 - 10:55am
jeramy - hit the nail right on my head. :-) hang in there.  02.27.09 - 9:00am
Betsy, La Vida - Wow. Ms Jasmine... sometimes I feel like you're speaking directly to me! Dang, I've had a brussel sprout smelling kind of week too (with the exception of one fab photo venture day with my hubby). Thanks for the video. I needed some teehee!!! ;-)  02.27.09 - 8:47am
Meg - Too cute- my favorite is the "Is this gonna be forever???" .... I think we've all been there. Can't wait to have kids and start documenting all their madness.   02.27.09 - 8:33am
imthiaz - That's so funny! TGIF!  02.27.09 - 8:29am
Lacey - You know what I love about your posts? You keep it real! You seem to be an overall bubbly & charasmatic person, yet you are free to admit when things are not all sunshine & roses! Need another pick me up? Read the dozens of comments & fan mail from all your admirers & say to hell with the naysayers! We outnumber them by far! And thanks for sharing that hilarious video.......a great message to kids: DON'T DO DRUGS! :- )  02.27.09 - 8:06am
Candace Prokopets - That is so hilarious! I hope you have a better day today. It's new, it's fresh, a clean slate, and its TGIF! Feel better!  02.27.09 - 6:30am
Seini - Poor kid! Life is good when we keep things in perspective despite th curve balls.   02.27.09 - 6:29am
Stephanie Stewart - Hilarious! When/if you get tired of watching that video, look up the e-trade baby commercials on you tube - they are hysterical! We all get in a funk, but you have the right attitude and outlook to make it go away. You rock. Don't forget it! :)  02.27.09 - 6:26am
Christopher - My wife, the dentist, laughed out loud when she saw this. It is just perfect!   02.27.09 - 6:08am
erica - i'm so sorry about your inbox and the stress it causes (I'm partly to blame this round), but keep in mind, that your response made my day and my decision SOOOO much easier. Thank you times a million, -Erica  02.27.09 - 6:02am
Melissa - I am totally having a brussel sprout-smelling week. Love that video. Thanks for the smile! ;o)  02.27.09 - 5:30am
Apple - we all get that way jaz. hope all our blog-lovin will lift your spirits up too. thanks for sharing!;D  02.27.09 - 5:08am
Emily mason - Isn't he hilarious?! I saw him yesterday and my family and I watched him over and over again! Kids are so funny!  02.27.09 - 4:48am
Ana Gabriela - OMG!!!!! That was soooo hillarious!! can't stop laughing  02.27.09 - 4:40am
Regina White - Now that just made my Friday morning. How funny! Dad is so bad....But I probably would have done it too! hahahaha! Hope your out of the funk chic.   02.27.09 - 4:29am
Manon - Oh and you should watch the remix. Its even funnier. I couldn't stand it.  02.27.09 - 4:22am
manon - I know that video is great. They brought it about a week ago in the news. But really in every news I have watched and I was crying everytime. to funny. Poor little guy.  02.27.09 - 4:20am
Megan - I love that you can actually see him trying to focus his eyes......Ha!  02.27.09 - 4:15am
Sarah Wellmeier - Oh my goodness......I LOVE that video.....priceless!  02.27.09 - 4:14am
Ruth Dias - So sorry the inbox was so cruel! I hope your weekend is much better (and less brussels sprouty). And, that highly amusing video is now making me question the better part of summer 07 when I had a series of fun surgeries. I know I hit on the anesthesiologists, but now I'm terrified to think what else I did! Eeeeeek!  02.27.09 - 3:47am
FELIX WU - Yeah...appreciate what life is about and all that God has given us. The video is truly entertaining!  02.27.09 - 2:07am
Gina Meola - I watched this a million times after I first saw it! The best is the yell... pass out... come back.  02.27.09 - 1:02am
Nancy Ramos - I love reading your postings. Regardless on how your day is going you always find something positive to keep you going.   02.26.09 - 10:53pm
Katelyn - today was one of those days....... just too much... i feel ya girl:) Thanks for reminder to see the big picture:) god bless:)  02.26.09 - 10:47pm
allie - so glad you found something to lift your spirits!  02.26.09 - 9:30pm
cassandra m - I love when he screams..oh my gosh, that was me in my car today...ha.ha. So I googled (cause I love to google) and this is what I found for Irish Blessing (maybe since March is bringing St Pats Day)...anyways here it is...“May God grant you always...A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.”  02.26.09 - 9:17pm
Heather Kincaid - Yick. I had dinner with family tonight and my mom made brussel sprouts. I always have hated those suckers... :)  02.26.09 - 9:14pm
liesa. - i got to tell you, had me in one of those awkward 'teary-eyed-laughing-snort' situations . . . (during a college lecture.) enjoy. :)   02.26.09 - 8:54pm
Donavan Freberg - I love that video so much! "Is this real life?" I feel like that all the time...  02.26.09 - 8:48pm
Nellie Guerrero - okay - so I have emailed you right.........hope that didn't throw you in a tizzy. LOL I feel like breaking into that Monica song "just one of them days..."  02.26.09 - 8:45pm
The Fabulous Claudia - hilarious ;)  02.26.09 - 8:29pm
jenberry - i want whatever he has TODAY. thanks for sharing. hysterical   02.26.09 - 8:20pm
Megan Beth - lol. too funny. Almost peed my pants watching that. I think you spread your funk to me's just been one of those days.  02.26.09 - 8:15pm
Lydia - That's what I felt like earlier trying to burn a cd for a client! Out of the mouth of babes!  02.26.09 - 8:08pm
Meghan - I've been in a funk too, hope tomorrow is better for us both!  02.26.09 - 8:08pm
Jenny Hsieh - Hope you feel better, don't let things that people say get to you.... Tomorrow is another good day !  02.26.09 - 7:59pm
Holli True - Boo!! Funks are bad. Unfortunately everyone goes through them at one time or another. Keep your chin up, Jasmine! Whatever your inbox is throwing at you- find comfort in the fact that you can always press delete. :P Wishing you a funk-free Friday!!   02.26.09 - 7:56pm
faye - "is this real life??" hahaha love it!  02.26.09 - 7:52pm
Kacia - ah! i was JUST showing my co-workers this today after a LONG day on-site. definitely a good one!  02.26.09 - 7:49pm
Jamie Delaine - Hahahah, saw that on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Loooove it!  02.26.09 - 7:41pm
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) - That is hilarious. I can't wait to have kids one day so I can video tape all their ridiculous moments too. LOL  02.26.09 - 7:12pm
ksen :) - omigosh. i needed that today. fabulous, just fabulous. i laughed SO hard. i hope your day is smelling more like chocolate chip cookies now... :)  02.26.09 - 7:06pm